Monday, July 30, 2007

A letter to Hesse -Engelberg

My dear Major Feldkamp
Due to my notification of a recent ecclesiastical letter to my master the Voivde I must leave immediately for the Banat. I shall ride alone and swiftly. I ask if my hussars could be sent back under escort when able and I thank you for your aid in this matter.
Yours respectfully
Von Trenck
Please find enclosed some Gold coins as recompense for their behaviour

An Open Letter -sent to the Vatican

Your Holiness
I,Max,Voivde of the Banat of Torogas stand before you ,by letter, this day.I fear I do not recognise myself from your letter but there is indeed much to reflect upon. I await the outcome of your inquiry. I repent of that which I have done which was wrong.
I have kept the Banat as a living bastion against the Turk,I have legitimately pursued my birthright and I followed my conscience in all other matters.
If I have offended the Holy see then I run to him as a prodigal and await his forgiveness,fatted calf ,robe and ring.
Your loyal and humble servant
Voivde of Torgoras (and probably no where else)

Papal Legates Appointed to Banat of Togaras

Benedict, the fourteenth, by God's providence the universal pastor of Christ's flock, to whom by perpetual and lawful succession, appertaineth the care and government of the Catholic Church, seeing the pitiful calamities which heresy hath brought into the renowned countries of the Togaras, of old so famous for virtue, Religion, & Christian obedience; and how at this present, through the impiety and perverse government of the Turks and the pretensed Princes of their marches, with a few of their adherents, those lands be brought not only to a disordered and perilous state in themselves, but are become as infected members, contagious and troublesome to the whole body of Christendom; and not having in those parts the ordinary means, which by the assistance of Christian Princes he has in other provinces to remedy disorders, and keep in obedience and ecclesiastical discipline the people, for that many of these same Princes, did of late years, by rebellion and revolt from the See Apostolic, violently separate themselves and their subjects from the communion and society of the Christian commonwealth:

Therefore our Holy Father, desiring as his duty is, to provide present & effectual remedy, inspired by God for the universal benefit of his Church, moved by the particular affection which himself and many his predecessors have had to these nations, and solicited by the zealous and importunate instance of sundry the most principal persons of the same, hath appointed the following individuals legati missi for the purpose of enquiry into the Christian orthodoxy of the Voivde of Togaras, Max, the first of that style: to wit, Monsignor Baldesar de Chiaroscuro, Father Ferdinand Koncsak, and Father Ruggiero Boscovich.

And to notify to the world the justice of this act, and give full satisfaction to the subjects of those kingdoms and others whosoever, and finally to manifest God's judgments upon sin; His Holiness hath thought good, together with the declaratory nomination of these legati, to publish also the causes, which have moved him to proceed in this sort.

First, for that the current Prince is accused of obstinate disobedience to God and the See Apostolic, presuming to take upon himself, contrary to nature, reason, and all laws both of God and man, authority to offer masses for the repose of infamous heretical souls, including such heretics of condign condemnation as the late Kapellmeister of the Elector of Saxony.

Secondly for that he is accused of dubious authority to rule as Voivde, lacking apostolic anointing as Prince of that realm, contrary to the ancient accord made between the See Apostolic and that realm, that none might be lawful prince thereof, without the approbation and consent of the supreme Bishop

And further for that with sacrilege and impiety, he stands accused of stirring up to sedition and rebellion the subjects of other nations about him, against their lawful and natural princes, to the destruction of infinite souls, overthrow and desolation of most goodly cities and countries, as well as of harbouring and protecting to that seditious end heretics, fugitives, rebels, and notorious malefactors, with great injury and prejudice of divers commonwealths: and procuring for the oppression of Christendom and disturbance of common peace to bring in our potent and cruel enemy the Turk.

In witness of which appointment, the Holy Father has set his seal to these presents. Given at Rome, the 30th of July, Anno Domini 1757.

Laus Deo.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Von Trenck at Hinterwasser -a open letter to the Hesses-Engelberg Authorities

Firstly may I express my apologies for the localised disorder and pillaging by my hussars - I fear they know no other ways of conduct!Recompense will be paid to the local community in Banat coin.
Secondly the Voivde has asked how we might bring this state of enmity ,between our great countries ,to an end without resorting to the field of Mars. I enclose the documentation which relates to the Voivde's claim to the Ducal Throne. It merely states he is the current Duke's brother and therefore should be made his heir in light of what happened to poor Georg. I fear all has got out of hand. I have sent a copy of this letter to the Tradgardian Court also . I must close as I fear my hussars are up to no good once more
yours fraternally
Von Trenck

Out of Character: Map Generator Online

With Henry Hyde's kind permission, I've taken his random terrain generation system and built it into a web application, which is now the first significant tool of interest on my new wargaming website. Simply choose a height and width in "squares", and the generator will display a grid of the chosen number of squares, with each square assigned a major terrain type based on the die rolls in Henry's system. I'm hoping, later on, to modify this to generate a single image instead of the HTML-based grid it generates now, but I'm hoping this will help those of you struggling to come up with terrain for your fictional states.

I have another couple of tools already planned, including a web-based spying system to use instead of the little app I found, because I've had a number of ideas I'd like to implement to make the spy system fit our situations on the Emperor vs Elector blog a little more closely, with several more options and a wider range of possible outcomes.

The new website: Check it out and let me know what you think.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Out of Character..

I trust this finds you all in good health! I write requesting your potential interest in the possibility of extending this Blog into the realm of Colonies. There has been some debate/discussion in this direction on the OSW group. I wondered if we were interested in seeing what colonies our states had in America. They could interact there as they do in Europa...
It is merely a thought and I await your interest or otherwise.
Best Wishes

Spielzeugland is no more

Gentlemen, it is with regret that I must inform you that Spielzeugland is going to be deleted from the Imagi-Nations map.

However, don't think that this is me giving it up, oh no sir, in its place will be the twin Principalities of Leder and Hosen, collectively known as Leder-Hosen.

While offline with computer problems I gave a deal of thought to my Imagi-Nation and to do it justice I need to be able to not sit in front of Babel-Fish typing rubbish into it to get German words and I already had a bit of previous experience with Leder-Hosen from my 15mm private (ie, not public) venture of fictional country creation.

So, I am going to ressurect my old 15mm realms in the bigger scale and start again. Please bear with me and I will let you know on the Old School Group when the blog is up, so that if you will have me Jeff, I can rejoin this group, as I presume that when Spielzeugland bites the dust, I do too?

Sorry to all those who left messages which have remained unanswered and your support has been fantastic.

I have my order for Eagle figures arriving next week, by which time my first RSM's should also be here, so I will have plenty to go at on the painting front.

If anyone wants to get in touch in the meantime my e-mail is

Cya later guys,


Friday, July 27, 2007

All letter to the Soweiter league...

In spite of wars and rumours of wars dividing Europa we men of letters and Science must work together for the greater good,
I am requesting permission to mount an expedition of a scientific nature to the Soweiter league in order to ascertain the origins,habits and being of the Soweiter/Tradgardian boar.
The expedition will consist only of myself and a few guards accompanied by some of the Gamekeepers regt, five in number, for protection against the boars.
We await your permission and ascent
Von Kunselsau
The Ducal Society
(formerly known as the Tradgardian Academy of Science )

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A letter to Hesse -Engelberg

Greeting from your true Voivde!
At this time of disput we are sending you an emissary in order that our differences may be resolved. I enclose a miniature of him so his likeness may be known to you and no confusion occur. He is Colonel von Trenck - you may have heard of his older brother who served The Imperium well.
Von Trenck will speak for the Banat in all things and may be relied upon to accept your hospitality. He travels with a few associates for his and your protection.
yours cordially

A letter to the Duchy of the North

At this most grievous time I am writing on behalf of my husband the Duke.As I am sure you will be aware, for Tradgardland, the tides of war wash upon our shores from within and without. I am seeking your aid that we northern states may rely one upon the other in times of discord. I request you to send an ambassador forthwith to our capital to discuss mutual aid .
Fraternally yours

the Masquerade

I appreciate the suggestion below that folks post who will be there ...
A couple of people have already noted who shall be attending for them, and I'd love it if we all could "comment" under the excellent suggestion ... as I'll probably miss a couple of those who've already said they're coming.

A few things that folks would "know" about the gathering ...
First of all, Lady Cherish Masquerade and Lady Rosenschnauz have decided upon a theme of "Midsummer Night's Dream" ... the famous Shakespeare play, for which Moosart has composed an opera buffe version, a ballet, and few chamber pieces .... among other things, it will encourage a lot of "flirting" for the various conspirators and also to permit the Hurtshog to get many of the more important guests to incorporate body armor into their costume ... troubled times and all ...

I'm a bit cloudy on the dances of the period, but most cognoscenti will understand that the famous dance master "Pietro Fettuccine" is also a famous duelist ...

Of course, everybody knows that the prominence of Later In The Day Saints will encourage a rather excessive imbibing of the excellent potables provided (apologies to any real Mormons, the joke is a long standing one now). However, given the reputation of Frankfurters as excellent sausages, brats (yep, their kids are the wurst) (oh yes, the Duke will also take strenuous measures to ensure the quality), and potables; they will be surprised to find a wide variety of fish entrees (again, it's a religious issue, take a bite, be polite, and don't gag until you get out of the girl's sight). In consequence, not only do I suggest the white wines, but also there will be a number of chilled wine / citrus juice concoctions available.
The Duke has also been to some expense to import the better Gallian vintages for the palletes of his guests and the honor of the guests of honor, Ladies Pettygree and Masquerade.

Now, to take the Gallian OB that Bill provided and go mumbling into my figure boxes to see which units will actually be there ....
Hey, it's PARTY TIME!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gallian Lt. Col. Enigma Arrives At Frankfurt Am Main

The Morning of 25 July 1757
The Citadel within Frankfurt Am Main
Gallian l’Intendant l’Comte de Bastille (Military Governor of Said City)
Lt. Col. Enigma
Lt. Pierre: ADC to Bastille

Our vexed Intendant sits at his desk casting an eye out the window. He sees the final crowning atop the new jail just on the other side of the parade ground. A satisfied deep breath proves his satisfaction at its completion. Just then uncountable clip clops rising in intensity sound on the cobblestones below reverberating on adjacent building walls. Several horsemen come closer and stop below his office. Bastille rises and walks to the window to see an eye patched man with a scared and severe face in the officer uniform of the Royal des Carabiniers dismount from his large black charger, a stallion. ADCs scurry to open the heavy door to the building. Grenadier guards salute smartly. Bastille nods to himself saying, “He is finally here.” when….

Lt. Pierre: Monsieur l’Intendant, Lt. Col. Enigma has arrived requesting an audience.

Bastille: Certainement. Show him in. Welcome mon trés cher ami. How was your journey?

Enigma: Ah Bastille, it IS good to see you again. Fast. My journey was undelayed. My horse Rupert has amazing speed and staying power. He quite wore out the horses of my ADCs, the poor fellows but a good lesson for them in the necessity of intensity.

Bastille: Like you my dear friend. Allow me to serve you some Chevert wine, will you?

Enigma: Pardon, but no. May we move to the issue at hand?

Bastille: Oui. The situation is unchanged here. Confusion in every quarter. Only more Gallian soldiers will satisfy the problems both seen and unseen. Our Ordre de Bataille is:

In Frankfurt Am Main:
De Saxe Uhlans: 120 guarding Pettygree and Masquerade now housed here within the Citadel.
Militia Grenadiers: 480, in the citadel itself, the guards you saw here.
Brigade Flanders: Three battalions: 1,952 hommes.
Brigade Provence: Four battalions: 2,323 hommes here in Frankfurt Am Main.
Artillerie: 8 Battalion Pieces.

Now Just North Of The City:
L’Corps de Armée de Lt. Gen. de Poyanne is not far away. I believe he has some 25,000 hommes and twenty pieces of ordnance.

Arriving Any Hour Now:
Brigade Auvergne: Two battalions: 1,200 hommes (regulars).
Saxe-Raschstein Chevaulegers von Rutowski: 400 hommes.
Artillerie: 1 Battalion Piece.

Enigma: “Bravo. All good. And I can tell you the Auvergnes and Saxons were on the road just outside the west gate. They should be entering the city as we speak. I bypassed them on the road. Now let us speak about the afternoon parade and celebrations.”

Bastille: "Excuse me a moment my dear friend."

Bastille leans out the window. He can just see the first scarlet coats and black facings of the leading squadron of Saxe-Raschsteiners passing through the Citadel’s western gate. In a moment he is reseated to answer the inquiry, but for now dear reader we must suspend further prose till another time.

Roster of Frankzonia Masquerade Attendants?

With the masquerade nearly here, I thought it might be useful to create a thread to which we could reply to tell Frankzonia what personages from our various realms are expected to attend, and to which he could add those he is aware of.

Generalmajor Paul von Scheider and wife Roswitha von Scheider advise that they will be attending the maquerade on behalf of Hesse-Engelburg.

Additionally, Professor Henry DuBois, a Hesse-Engelburg citizen of Gallian ancestry and a respected professor of ancient studies at the respected Fürstin Katharina Universität Conradstadt is expected to attend as the escort of Helga Freitag, Under-Secretary for Minor Matters on Even Numbered Months, who is attending the ball as one of her last travels before resuming the duties of her office in August.

A Brief Synopsis:

A Brief Synopsis:

(Apologies if any of the mentioned powers are misspelled ... I’m offline at the moment due to the backwoods network I have to rely upon!)
At the instigation of the nefarious Marquis Roquefort, famous centers of cheese production such as Limburg and Munster had attempted to dominate the market for sausages which incorporated any cheese ... and “to encourage” all forms of sausage to include cheese as an ingredient. Vienna had exploited this disorder by ordering all non-cheese containing sausages, brats, wurst, and frankfurters to be classified as “Wieners” and under Wiener oversight.

Under these conditions, an highly unusual alliance had formed between the Frankfurter Bundt led by Frankszonia with Hungover and Hamburger. Bad zu Wurst, Wurstenburg, and similar stadts were being drawn into the conflict. Most of the fighting had occurred in Hesse Darmstadt and the Duchy of Nasau ... which of course highly alarmed Hesse-Fedora, Hesse-Homburg, Hesse-Inglestadt, and Hesse-Seewald. Due to the shifting allegiances of the emigre Jacobites following Broderick Woad, the Count of Hiccup, in his Black Skirts Brigade, the fighting had been indecisive (actually, my beloved but uncannily lucky with dice wife uses Woad as her command figure ... so the army which he commanded tended to win whenever there were equal odds ... the figure is a cuirassier casualty figure ... the guy is riding while grasping a sword stuck into his side).

At this point, the brewing discontent between Hesse-Seewald, an ally of Germania, and Gallia, whose king had kinfolk threatened by Hesse-Seewald ambitions (okay, that’s the party line, satisfied, m’Lord Bastille?) invaded. In its opening move, the relatively minor Duchy of Frankszonia, with most of its troops north of the Tann Hills is overrun and occupied. The Hurtshog Fahrtz dashed back to Frankfurt on Plain (which the froggies, with their snide ethnic bigotry about food call Frankfurt am Main ... don’t worry, m’Lord Intendant; an obligatory nod to national prejudices here) to protest.
To his dismay, the Hurtshog found Frankfurt occupied by powerful corps of Gallians under Gen. Chevert, who was rapidly establishing a depot for Gallia within Frankfurt’s walls. While the French gave him a formal apology for their abrupt invasion, they were scrounging for everything of military value which the Frankszonians couldn’t hide first. Further, their only movement of forces out of Frankfurt involved massive battles with Hesse-Seewald and its allies (reference the two battles of Fulda displayed in the folders at the Yahoo group, SocDaisy).

The Hurtzhog is quite pragmatic about the affair, and after sneaking an explanation and a sincere apology to his much admired military mentors and child hood friends in Germanian service, proceeded to collaborate with the Gallians. While he succeeded in obtaining their assistance in a few of his local ambitions (see the Battle of Bad Tannes in, his attempt to dominate the supply market for the depot backfired. A cabal of war profiteers, acting through the notorious Minister of Trade, “Cut-me-own-throat” Dilbert, provided a plethora of distinctly sub-standard provisions while diverting the better Gallian products to their own projects.

When this racket reached unreal levels, the Hurtshog exposed it and attempted to intervene. This triggered an attempted coup by the Guild Syndics. Though the Hurtshog was easily victorious, driving Dilbert and his confederates into exile, the French became sufficiently alarmed to transfer their enforcer, the Intendant Bastille, to Frankfurt in order to secure the depot while their armies took the field in the new season. Provoked by this insult, many officers and their friends who had previously been closely connected with Germanian military circles mutinied and led what followers they could into Hesse-Seewald. With the compliance of the Hurtshog, however, the Intendant seemed able to stabilize affairs.

Meanwhile, the Hurtshog and his exotic wife had celebrated their recent union by engendering little Graf Honker, a Ducal heir! They had joyously acted on a suggestion of Gen. Chevert and scheduled a Masquerade, to which they had invited the illustrious Gallian ladies, Pettygree and Masquerade. The fete’ seemed promising for establishing relations with Gallia on a more positive level. Just as the international celebrities were assembling, however, a much more serious crisis has erupted!

When the Cheese War was suspended by the greater Gallia / Seewald conflict, the Hurtshog had sent his erstwhile allies from Hungover / Hamburg away for their safety. Secretly, however, the Hungover / Hamburg forces had hidden in a forested area to the west of Frankszonia and had managed to unite with their erstwhile foes, the Cheddar Guild Brigades. Hamburg had always had a rivalry with Frankfurt. Now, encouraged by the failure of Gen. Chevert to break through the Fulda Gap and the discontent in Frankszonia, they had begun plotting with certain Frankzonian nobles and the Guild Syndics to overthrow the Hurtshog and to seize the Gallian Depot!

With the excitement and the glittering opportunity of the presence of the many notables attending the Masquerade, they have accelerated their efforts and inadvertently exposed their machinations to both the Gallian and Frankszonian agents. Having just crushed two actions against his throne, the Hurtshog is dismayed by this new resistance, and no longer can fully trust his army. Consequently, he has appealed to the Intendant to make the affair more obviously into part of the Gallian / Seewald conflict, and thus dampen the domestic disruption.

Meanwhile, the Frankszonia court hastens to establish favorable contacts with the Gallian notables gathering for the fete. Frankszonia is aware that the Intendant, almost paranoid about the murky Frankszonia situation, desires to send the whole packing on the instant. Further, he is quite disconcerted by being suddenly made the commander of the Frankszonian forces in their current state of disarray.

Even as the Ducal council confers with the Intendant Bastille and the harried ladies of the court attempt to begin negotiations with Ladies Pettygree and Masquerade, even more alarming news arrives! Stagonia, much despised for its frequent involvements in brigandry, fraudulent schemes, and other interference with honest trade, has issued an ultimatum to the Soweiter League of minor states. Since some of the League members lie in what Frankszonia considers its sphere of influence, Frankszonia has lodged a stern protest with Stagonia.

Now the Ducal court seems to be sitting on the cork of a rapidly fizzing champagne. How can it survive this volatile brew? Treason couples with a secret gathering of foreign foes almost within its walls, Gallian imperiousness threatens the time honored freedom of the city, unscrupulous neighbors are threatening valued trading partners, and furthermore, the Imperial divisions just south of the Main which had been intervening in the l’Affair Cheezer have yet to openly declare their intentions or to gather with their proclaimed allies, the Gallians.

Can the Intendant gather enough French forces before the Hungover expedition strikes?
Will the Imperials assist Frankfurter against either Stagonia or its internal foes?
Will the Intendant summarily dismiss the gathered notables “for their safety” before the court ladies can complete their intrigues?
How will the Frankszonian emigres and defectors be received by Germania and Hesse - Seewald?
Who is the mysterious lady who has recently appeared in Frankfurt?
What is much feared “M’Lady” doing?

Stay tuned to this station .....

Arthur,. scribe to the Hurtshog Stanken Fahrtz von Frankszonia ...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another letter..

Herzog Ignaz,Brother!
Fraternal greetings from Max to his brother ruler!
The Forces of Darkness are plotting my downfall- it is as if The Queen of the Night is upon the Banat. May I appeal for your support both morally and militarily in this time of trial!
I await your reply at your earliest convenience !
Voivde of the Triple Banat

The Banat calls to arms... An open letter to Europa

Following the hasty and unexpected declaration of war upon the Banat Voivde Max has called the most excellent forces of the Banat to readiness. The Borders of the Banat are now sealed to all - border posts have been checked and are manned all hours of the night and day.
The Voivde calls all men of good faith , especially those of Tradgardian or Togaras origins, to make there way back to the Banat in order to be integrated into the forces of the Banat.
The Beacons are lit. We have defeated the Turkish hordes now we are ready to defend the Banat once more- to victory or death!
Voivde of Togaras, Tradgardland and Hesse- EngelbergPeople of Europa

Flags & Colours

The Flags and Colours fly at full mast for the Duke of the North for the first time!

See more developments at The Duchy of the North.

Communication to the Soweiter League: Re: Stagonia

Your Lordships,
At the direction of the Hurtshog Fahrtz, we are communicating to you our concern over the recent "request" arising from Stagonia.
While it is true that perhaps not even Cut-me-own-throat Dilbert would have included the missing beast in his sausages, we do empathize with anyone concerned over a missing relative.
On the other hand, it is dubious that your some what loosely organized league could possibly produce this person in the manner required, especially given that Stagonian agents themselves seem to have misplaced him. Therefore, we are afraid that the Stagonian note is a mendacious request crafted to serve as a malaprop ultimatum.
At the direction of the Hurtzhog, we are prepared to offer you the services of a few battalions of musketeers which are currently being repositioned south of the Main for the defense of Offenbach, which we believe is the closest of your league to us.
Gen. Oscar Meyer, Frankszonian Minister of the Army

The Resistance Brews: Act II, scene 2

The Resistance Begins:

Act II, scene 2: Hochauzerschoff:


* Granny Loomis the Queen Mother (2) ... she has a great interest in artillery and has seen to a
reform and an improvement in that branch of service.
* Stuftliana (0) ... the newly wed Duchess of Frankszonia, an exotic and hopefully fertile little
dish. She has long, luscious, raven black hair, a slightly dusky complexion, and a hint of an Oriental eye slant.
* Lady Rosenschnauz; (1) officially lady in waiting for Stuftliana, but is used for discrete
messages and rendevous. Remarkably devoted to her husband's fortune ....
* Guiles, Count l'Beauphaup ... very Lace ....
* a page,
* a Feldwebel of the Sage Guard, a few musketeers, and some cavalry troopers.

*Foreign guest artists for the Maquerade:
a: Moosart: A young musical prodigy from some little village on the Elbow River, known for his exciting musical compositions, his bright church music, and his fascinating influence over rich, young women.
b: Fettuccine: An Italian dancing master and rake ... survives because he’s also a fencing master. c: Sir Tom, the count Saucie: the tall, dark envoy from Duke Alfredo of Bologna ... middle aged but in good shape, having established himself as a decent cavalry officer prior to this appointment.
d: Mistress Ewewarp: a plump master weaver and seamstress, is the contractor for the dresses and costumes for the masquerade.

*Lady Pettygree
*M. d’Charade , a youth acting as a page to the Gallian Ladies.
*Lady Masquerade
Lt. Gardier: Presumably the commander of the de Saxe Uhlans guarding Lady Pettygree.

The mysterious woman ...
Various girls, servants, and local ladies chattering in background ...

Scene opens in a lavish, large room in some palatial home ... in the foreground, several of the more elaborately dressed coifed women are seated around an elderly but wiry lady whose dress is noticeably severe by comparison. Behind their chairs, a foppish nobleman and his page stand in attendance. Various military figures can be seen near the walls.

Stuftliana: My dear ladies! How exciting that you are come. Mother (she turns to the elderly woman), you see? I told you that these Gallian ladies had daring!
Granny: (snort) Their mothers were daring enough in their day, I suppose ... or at least that’s what we heard.
Lady Rosenschnauz: Now, now, your Highness, these lovely women have traveled a long way to honor your grandson.
Granny: Don’t be pert, child! (Glowers a moment, then looks directly at Lady Masquerade ... and winks) I remember your mother, m’Lady Masquerade, quite well ... and your grandmother. Tell me, did her rheumatic pains remain cured?
Lady Masquerade: I’m proud to say she retained her health and faculties all her life, Your Grace. Granny: Ah yes, her faculties (humorous snort) ... I understand that your own faculties are quite accomplished as well, m’Lady (winks again).

Guiles: Excuse me, noble ladies; but the cool refreshments have arrived, would you mind accompanying us to the balcony? Lieutenant Gardier?

The party rises, and moves stage left onto the balcony, where a table with various bottles etc. and crystals is attended by uniformed servants. A small orchestra is playing a gentle composition. Soldiers along the balustrade, however, are alert and watching off stage. Drinks and sherbets are brought among the ladies ...

Lady Pettygree: That is lovely music, Princess. I’ve not heard it before, but it seems to fit this gentle evening breeze so well.
Stuftliana: Oh yes. The composer is quite a find. Moosart was working for the Wieners, but they didn’t take him seriously
Lady Rosenschnauz: Well, he had to leave Germania after they traced that hilarious air to him. (giggles).
Masquerade: Hilarious air?
Another lady, also giggling: It sang of, well, why certain rulers had to wear wigs ...
Lady Rosenschnauz: Lady Masquerade, my I present Mistress Ewewarp? She is a genius with cloth! You should have seen the polar bear outfits she made for the Ober-Bindlestaff troupe last year!
Lady Pettygree: Mistress Ewewarp?
Ewewarp, curtseying: Your Ladyships.
Beauphaup: Ah yes, perhaps this would be a good time to meet the rest of the team that her ladyship has assembled for the Princess ... Hansel, if you would?

(the page runs back into the room and returns with two men ... one is a young, earnest looking man in an unadorned outfit, while the other is a middle-aged, obviously Italian, fop. Lt. Gardier relieves the later of his rapier as he approaches. )

Beauphaup: Exalted ladies, may I present to you Wolfie, a musical genius; and Pietro, as nimble footed as they come. Moosart and Fettuccine, the Ladies Pettygree and Masquerade.
(The men bow .... Fettuccine fluidly and Moosart rather stiffly. At the ladies’ nod Moosart nervously starts to speak).
Moosart: I’ve composed several new waltzes, a fine minuet, and also a fun bransle for the event, your Graces. I hope you will be pleased with them.
Fettuccine, grinning: Fear not, damesoilles! I’ve heard the pieces, and they will be a joy to dance to!
Stuftliana: So you say, Pietro. But without your help, I would be lost. These European dances are so complicated ... and men and women dancing together!
Rosenschnauz (teasingly): Now Stuffy,, relax. Besides, I know that you and Stanken have been practicing. From what I hear, you both enjoyed it a lot!
(General laughter).
Granny, suddenly, loudly, and angrily: Schiezenhauffer! Watch yourself you, you ....
All, surprised: Your Grace?!
Granny, pointing at a somewhat surprised looking soldier / waiter holding a pitcher of beer: Diesen Klunkcopfen Hundende haf on me his beer gespillen!
Beauphaup shouts: Von Whizzen!
(a feldwebel comes from the main room at a run).
Feldwebel: Mein Graf?
Beauphaup: Since this Bauernklopft can’t walk and hold something at the same time, could you assist him back to the guard room?
Feldwebel: Jawhol, Mein Graf. Kommen Sie hier!
(both soldiers exit)

Granny: I am this happy meeting to disrupt so embarrassed! Frau Ewewarp, could you to a quick change assist me?
Ewewarp: Of course! Your Grace. Excuse us please, my ladies all (she gives Lady Pettygree a quick look).
Granny: I am myself forgetting. Perhaps these gracious Gallian ladies would also your deft hand at curing the damages of wind and of travel appreciate?
M. Charade, their youthful attendant: You are gracious, your Grace, I am sure that ...
Lady Pettygree, breaking in: We’d be honored, coming Michelle?

Out of Character: Request for Locations

If your little state or secondary state is not yet on the bubble map of Europe on this post:, I'll request a reply to this current message with an idea of your location relative to the other states.

In particular, I'm unclear on the locations of:

Banat of Togaras
Duchy of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn
Grand Duchy of Davidsberg
Principality du Lichtenbourg
Kingdom of Spielzeugland

And anyone else not on that map, of course. That's just the ones I've identified.

Hesse-Engelburg General Order #17

By the direction of Their Graces, Guntram and Sieglinde Blauerwolf, rightful Fürst and Fürstin of this Principality, and with the full advice and unanimous agreement of the Fürstentumrat advising, the following directives are issued to the armed forces of the Principality of Hesse-Engelburg.

As of this twenty-fourth day of the year of our Lord 1757, the Principality of Hesse-Engelburg declares and acknowledges that a state of war exists with the Banat of Togaras in response to its bellicose declarations against this sovereign state. As a result of this state of war, and the continued state of war with the illegitimate and illegal rebellious organization calling itself the Bad Nachtschwein League, the following orders are issued:

All vessels, property, and persons owing allegiance to either of these governments presently within the borders of Hesse-Engelburg or entering its borders until such state of war is ended are to be immediately seized and held pending review by such tribunal as Their Graces shall appoint to differentiate between military, spy, and civilian, and between government and individual property. Military personnel shall be held as prisoners of war. Civilians pertaining to these governments who are found to have no subversive intent may be required to execute oaths of allegiance to Hesse-Engelburg to the satisfaction of the tribunal or be provided safe escort to the border of Hesse-Engelburg so that they may return to their respective lands of allegiance. Those found to have subversive intent shall be imprisoned or deported at the discretion of the tribunal. Any individual initiating armed resistance against such lawful actions may be met with armed force as deemed appropriate by the most senior individual present at the scene.

Signed this 24th day of July in the year of our Lord 1757,
Generalfeldmarshal Baron Ernst von Krimm
Commander in Chief

Stagonia Calls on Soweiter League for Aid

Sometime last year our nephew, Georg du Vile, set off to visit the various states that make up your Soweiter League. He has not been heard of since . . . although certain rumors have reached Stagonia suggesting that he is being held captive.

We do admit that he is a veritable pig of a nobleman -- but we would like him returned to us. Therefor we charge the officials of the Soweiter League with the task of locating our nephew. He may easily be recognized by his extremely stout physique and very ruddy complexion as well as his horrid table manners. Please be aware that, like all of his kind, he is extremely belligerent.

If you are not able to find him, I'm sure that the Stagonian army will be able to do so. We hope that this will not be necessary -- but we are willing to send them into your small confederacy if you are unable to locate him.

-- Stagonian Jeff as directed by Koenig Maurice


Esteemed Members of E&E,
A few weeks ago I promised to provide my new website address.
It is:
The rules of war for the 18th C. are of course available here - that is if you want to be up to date. Otherwise ye will be mired in the archaic axioms and principles of the failed doctrines of the past. Gallia, Freyburg, Hesse-Seewald, Britannia, Russi, Saxe-Raschstein and The Imperium are all up to date. Are you? Don't be shy. Go ahead and buy!
Please pardon my humorous paragraph among friends.
Votre Serviteur,
Bill Protz

Monte-Cristan queries and worries about Reconstitued Byzantium

Monte-Cristan encyclopedists and philosophers were fascinated to learn that Empress Theodora is Commander of the Amazon Corps. As pioneers in matters of Liberation of Women and Equality between the Fair and the self-proclamed ‘Stronger’ sexes, we can only approve of such titles. But we wonder if the Amazon Corps is more than a Palace Guard, like the fabled Indian Maiden Guard of the Ancients. Are Byzantines ready to jeopardize the Charms of Aphrodite on the Fields of Ares?

Meanwhile the POPP and his councellors are worried by the Byzantine attempt to burn Paris. In Monte-Cristo the State is totally separate from the Church (and from any religious matter), but we are located among Roman Catholic states. Now, someone in Byzantium can discover that ‘Franks’ was a generic name for all Crusaders from western Europe, and that all Roman Catholics are to blame for the burning Constantinople in the 12th century. Reports that Byzantium is currently greatly increasing its fleet are received with some anxiety: are major naval, even amphibious operations in the catholic shores of the Mediterranean to be expected? In relation to this worrying subject, the Presipapal Academy of Sciences developped a devious steam engine to propel warships: our humble Presipality is too small and poorto built even a fregate-sized prototype, but is ready to sell the technical drawings and related rights to any wealthy naval Power. Send proposals to the Board of Lucrative Patents, the Presipapal Palace, Monte-Cristo.

Hesse Seewald

With the kind permission of Der Alte Fritz:

Hesse Seewald is a sister duchy next to Hesse Kassel.
Its approximate boundaries are (North) the Harz Mountains;
(West) the Werra and the Wesel Rivers with Munden being a part of the realm;
(South) the Werra River down as far as Vacha, where the Werra takes a 90
degree turn back to the east;
(East) draw a line from Vacha on the Werra north, just to the west of Gotha
(which is part of Saxe Gotha) and on up to the Unstrut River. Then continue the line northward
fromt the Unstrut to the Harz Mountains.

Recently, the duchies of HS and Saxe Gotha were united following the death of the Herzog of
SG. This will add lands including Gotha and Erfurt and place both banks of the Unstrut in the
HS domains.

The majority of the little duchies in Thuringa have banded together in a military alliance to keep
Saxony and Gallia from over running their lands. The members of the alliance include Saxe
Weimar, Saxe Coburg, Saxe Meiningen, Saxe Gotha and Hesse Seewald. The alliance
covers most of the lands that comprise Thuringia.

Other friendly duchies include Hesse Kassel, Brunswick, Hanover, Anhalt, and Prussia

The Duchy derives significant revenues from tolls from the canal that links the Unstrut to the
Werra. This allows barge traffic on the Elbe to cross to the west and into the Rhine tributaries, a
valuable trade route indeed. There are significant iron, silver and gold deposits in the Harz
Mountains and the nearby Herzeberg and Nordhausen Armouries are world famous for thier
armour and munitions production.
The duchy is quite self sufficient economically and always has a budget surplus, which allows it
to maintain a standing army of 30,000 men at arms. This makes the Duchy one of the most
powerful of the second tier of duchies in the Empire.

Monday, July 23, 2007

A hastily penned letter.........

A Carriage Central Europa

To Hesse -Engelberg .


This letter expresses my outrage at your recent letter.I cannot believe your support for the Tyrant of Tradgardland-Karl Frederick! Pray take this letter as official notification of a state of enmity, now and always , to exist between the Banat and Hesse -Engelberg! The Banat will take measures regarding Trade and otherwise to prosecute this state betwixt us!

Vlad O'Donnel

Inner Council of The Banat of Torgoras

Demand for Accountability

His serene highness, Prince Friedrich von Waldreck serves notice to the princes of Europe of the great risks to the general peace of Europe the grievous loss of order within the Duchy of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn occasions, and pleads with his peace-loving cousins to concert themselves to restore order to the Pfalz and the Mosel valley, even if the Duke von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn need be forced against his will to undertake his responsibilities to his people and to the rest of Christendom.


Prinz Friedrich von Waldreck
Schloß Bruttig, 23 July

Chateau du Prince du Charade 23 July 1757

It is very late on the 23rd. instant as we find l'Prince du Charade in his bed chamber seated at his writing desk. A solitary candle illuminates the agenda he has just completed for the days ahead. Sitting back gently, he slowly swirls and sips the last of some Chevert wine from a fine crystal glass. Though drowsiness now enters his mind, he rereads matters relating to the Foreign Ministry of Gallia one more time.

#1 Duc de Broglie's remarks about his advance to Minden to engage the Britannians for a second time.

#2 Lt. General Chevert's lettre concerning imminent proposed maneuvers into Hesse-Seewald or Saxe-Raschstein.

#3 l'Intendant Bastille's report on the state of the magazine at Frankfurt Am Main, requests for more garrison units, a particularly strongly worded demand that Regiment Auvergne (2 Bns.)and the Rutowski Chevaulegers linger in the city for a fortnight upon their arrival, the completion of the new large jail and of the shifting and multitudinous attitudes of local authorities, disaffected persons and emigrés. As a sidebar Bastille thinks it best the ball be cancelled and that the ladies Pettygree and Masquerade return home without delay.

#4 Report of the interrogation of the few survivors relative to the apparent Byzantium naval action to burn down all of Paris. Inquire if the attempt was government inspired or if the act was one of madness or vendetta solely on the part of the people involved. Scribbled on the side is a note to compose a demand to the Byzantium ambassador or his counterpart to explain.

#5 Interview with (Gallian) diplomat l'Comte de Rapprochement to learn the nature of the Britannian attack on l'Vengeance off the north coast, the state of the health and mission of the Tragardland diplomat von Bergman so cruelly injured in the aforementioned naval battle and finally Rapprochement's story of the river engagement with the Byzantium ships of Item #4.

#6 Formulation of a stronger response to Saxe-Bearstein should the latter persist in neutrality. Consider asking for monetary contributions for the expense of Gallian treasure and blood incurred in the repulse of Frederick of Germania at Lobositz last November.

#7 Report concerning the whereabouts of Lt. Col. Enigma.

#8 Dinner with the King at the Palace of Versailles.

The Prince sets the glass and agenda down. The candle is snuffed out. He rises, takes a deep breath and takes to his bed. His dear wife opens sleepy eyes, shifts a little and places her arm round his chest. The cover is drawn over them and in seconds both are asleep in the very early morning of the next day.

Beacons Burning...............

In light of the current turmoil sweeping across Europa the Duchy has taken the chance to rehearse for an invasion. The Beacon system proved successful and the infantry were able to muster when and where expected.The Duchy cavalry took to horse and only a few new conscripts were unable to control their mounts.
Duke Karl Frederick addressed the assembled Duchy forces and congratulated them on their endeavours which replaced those due to take place at Midsommer.
"Let he that has betrayed me come with his Eastern forces,we are ready!" ended the speech of Karl Frederick. His words met with resounding cheers prior to his departure for the Palace by Coach.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Official Announcement from Monte-Cristo

We, Louys, by Heirdom and Election POPP of Monte-Cristo, have the pleasure to announce that a special representation of Purcell's Faerie Queene will open the Season Festival of the Open Air Opera, among the roses and mimosas. We take this opportunity to remind People of High Breed, Wealth and Culture, that our famous thermal baths are again open to the discerning visitors. Traditional water cures using the hot thermal springs are now complemented by a whole range of nursings using the sea water and its products : exotic massages with sea mud, immersion in warm seaweed…what the modern doctors call ‘thalassotherapy’. And no healing sojourn in Monte-Cristo would be complete without an abundant consumption of our famous ‘MC Green’, a very strong liqueur and medecine, requiring 3 years of maturation (and at least 80% alcohol) following a recipe elaborated a millenium ago by holy monks devoted to the Welfare of Humankind. The range of illness cured is incredibly wide, and besides it is renowned as a sovereign help to digest heavy meals or disturbing surprises.
The heavenly weather of Monte-Cristo makes it the Pearl of the Cote d’Azur; the local specialities of candied fruits, pralines and nougat, accompanied by our typical Anised Absinth long drink and our bubbly rosé, provide an important contribution to the pleasure of our Guests. Additionally, our admirable sujects traditionally grow a peculiar smoking herb (not tobacco) with proven medicinal and relaxing properties. All in all, foreigners discover how much this little paradise is propitious to quiet conversations and peaceful, unpassionate exchanges. Tension, aggressivity soon disappear here. No surprise that the Constitution of our Presipality takes up only two short articles : -art.1 : Do no harm to your fellow man, -art.2 : This fairly understood, live as you wish. Art. 2 fully protects the intimacy of your Guests’ private life and dealings, as long as they do not make themselves obnoxious enough to blatantly transgress art. 1.
In the glamorous rooms of our Casino one will chance upon many interesting Characters and Personalities. Huge amounts of gold change hands daily here as gambling debts.
Totally renovated, the Paris H. (pronounce : Parish) Palace Hostel had been rebuilt according to the best local tradition to keep unclement weather and annoying noises from disturbing our Guests, i.e. with inner walls as extremely thick as the outer ones. Numerous boudoirs, smoking rooms and lounges (with free marquisetta, punch or sangria according to the day) are at the disposal of our Guests, all with several padded double doors opening in different corridors. The staff is chosen by the Presipality for its total discretion, ‘deaf and mute’ being the motto.
The Presipapal Bank for Sustainable Development and Constantly Increasing Profit is fully characerized by two keywords : Security and Secrecy. A complex system of multiple passages and double stairs insures that within the building you’ll only meet (and be seen by) employees of guaranteed total discretion. Additionally, a system of underground passages allows, if wished, to enter and leave the Bank from several innocent shops nearby.
A note of warning: according to the Law of Monte-Cristo « ugliness rather than nudity being obscene », young and faily built people can go all naked (though most still wear shoes, and some form of head protection against the sun at its hottest) : this is the traditional costume of the youth, weather permitting. Reciprocally, the whole year around people can wear masks as during the Venice Carnival, nobody would even notice it (by the way, the Mardi Gras parade on Monte-Cristo Bourbon Street is not to be missed).
While discretion obviously forbides to mention names, more than thirty-seven Personages of High Birth and Influence, coming from more than twenty-two Uropean Courts, are announced for the Opening of the Baths Season. Philosophs of insatiable curiosity such as Lady Pettygree, the Chevalier d’Eon and Milady de Winter a rumored to appear soon. It is hoped that such characters who, for professional reasons, tend to meet and interact in remote points of our planet such as the Bahamas, will find how much more convenient it is be to go no further than Monte-Cristo.
In the name of the Country and the People of Monte-Cristo, we, Louys, warmly welcome our Visitors.

Oh those Tradgardian Nights,tell me more...............

After the day spent upon the heath engaged in golf and intrigue , Karl Frederick and his court spend the evening at a Grand Gala Occasion.
The guest of honour is Cardinal Henry, Brother of Charles Edward Stuart, true King of Britannia! He mixes easily with the Herrengard,officers ,guild representatives and invited guests.This is a chance to promote the Stuart cause and cement relationships between the Court in Exile and the Duchy.
As the evening draws to a close,Karl Frederick, pledges his support and offers aid in event of another invasion of Britannia. The Scots community remains at the heart of Tradgarian society loyal to the Duke and the Exiled Stuart.
Tomorrow prior to his departure Cardinal Henry will celebrate Mass in the Cathedral along with the Prince bishop of Roskilde who will preach the Homily. The Mass will see the unveiling of a new Mass written by Duchy composer Johann Kogestadt, with the solo sung by a celebrated Italian castrato who will take up his position here in the capital as Court Musician.

Hesse-Engelburg to Voivde: Prove It

In an official letter from the Hesse-Engelburg government today, Their Graces are reported to have offered the Voivde Max an opportunity to present documentation of his claim to Tradgarland's throne, inviting an emissary to present such documents before Their Graces and a session of the Fürstentumrat, the Principality Council that advises the Fürst.

It is reported that the letter warned the Voivde against any attempt to move troops across Hesse-Engelburg lands pending ruling by Their Graces on the legitimacy of his claims. Given the close relationship between Hesse-Engelburg and the Duchy of Tradgardland, it remains uncertain whether Their Graces will accept the Voivde's claim. Even if Hesse-Engelburg were to accept the claim of Voivde to the throne, most of those in position to know seem inclined to believe the government will still honor its non-aggression pact with the Duke.

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Spies Like Us

I've received about six sets of info for the spying system. I know y'all haven't heard from me in a bit, so I wanted to post a brief update. The emails for this are currently sitting on my laptop, which has display issues, so I'm going to try to get enough access to print them out soon. It's been a busy couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I have been tinkering with some ideas to make this function more easily, which I will hopefully get some time to flesh out soon. Among other things, I'm looking at implementing something for counterspies to allow designating countries who spies, if you detected, you'd want to know about but wouldn't want to kill, since by default the counterspies will attempt to kill any spy discovered except your own.

An important and private letter.............

A most private and important letter............
My Dear Herzog Ignaz
Greetings from Karl Frederick!
I am concerned regarding information conveyed to me from my agents abroad in Europa. They tell of my estranged brother Max makes false claims regarding Tradgardland. I would be eternally obliged if he were to pollute your land by his presence would you place him in the lowest and darkest dungeon at your disposal and send word to me.
yours fraternally
Karl Frederick

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Inquest Query by Lettre-Cachet

To the Minister of Trade of His Grace Duke Karl Frederick of Tradgardland
cc: The Ministry of Fisheries of same:

In the course of investigating a matter of some delicacy within the court of His Grace Duke Ignaz, questions of a nature material to the investigation pertinent to the Duchy of Tradgardland have presented themselves. His Grace Duke Ignaz has entrusted your humble correspondent with the task of discreetly uncovering the answers to these questions by privy correspondence to your ministries.

Can either the Ministry of Trade or the Ministry of Fisheries provide the court of Duke Ignaz with a comprehensive list of firms trading in herring or other oilfishes processed in Tradgardstadt?

Can either ministry of your government provide insight into the sources of salt used by said firms in the packaging of their herrings?

Has any of these firms been suspected or convicted of the adulteration of such salt by use of impure mineral salts or compounds such as saltpeter, slaked lime or brimstone?

Grateful for your assistance in this matter, we rely upon your discretion and remain your humble servant,


Msgr. Baldesar del Chiaroscuro, SJ

[sealed by the Privy Seal of Duke Ignaz von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn]

Call to arms............

Voivde Max addresses his fellow rulers as he crosses Europa . He is looking for support against the vile tyrant of Tradgardland- Karl Frederick. Offers of arms ,supplies free passage for his army, wine and accommodation are most welcome!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Escape from Paris

Just before dawn, on the Seine quietly passing St. Cloud the crew of all three Piraguas are giddy with relief as off to the west there is a glow in the sky signaling to them of a mission well undertaken, Paris is burning to the ground.
Now to get to Harfleur and back out to sea for their rescue. Once the plot is unveiled they will not be safe. Now the question becomes is it safe to continue down river as the missing man knows the escape route, or should they temporarily abandon the river and move overland to Poissy and pick up the river once again. The decision is made plans are changed, the boats are tied together, the two best swimmers row all three across the river, beach the boats and swimming back across the river. They trek cross country to the west north west towards Poissy and the river again.
Somewhere near Bougival they come to a woods, delving deep into the woods Komnenos posts a guard while the rest sleep. The guard changes every hour, the second guard in his scout around the cold camp comes across the hideout of a trio of highwaymen. Word of them is passed from guard to guard until all have rested at least four hours then they surround the highwaymen's camp.
With no alarm given the Byzantines rush the camp, knockout the highwaymen before they awake, they supply themselves with 'new' clothing, a few weapons, food, and some coin of the realm. They tie up the highwaymen while they are unconscious and leave the camp with three horses. Not far down the road they come to a farm where they trade a horse and coin for a wagon.
By late afternoon it is 12 miles from where they left the boats when they reach Poissy. Three men go into town to see about obtaining a boat big enough for all. While the rest of the men skirt Poissy and move further down river towards Villennes and await the boat along the river bank.

l'Comte de Rapprochement On The Seine River

If the good reader will oblige by repairing to three scenes of prodigious interest entitled "Aboard l'Vengeance" (from late June), he will perhaps note with immense curiosity, the following remarkable, astounding and serendipitous chain of events. When we last read of the journey of the Gallian diplomat l'Comte de Rapprochement, he was aboard the forty gun frigate l'Vengeance en-route to Paris and Versailles with the diplomat von Bergman. Along the way von Bergman suffered a horrible wound in a naval action with the Britannian frigate Invincible. Lucky long gun shots disabled Invincible's foremast and bowsprit allowing the Gallian ship to resume her more important mission of transporting the two diplomats to the port of Le Havre at the mouth of the Seine River, the water road to Paris and Versailles. It is within this context we resume our narrative with l'Comte aboard an armed galley journeying up the Seine to Paris.

l'Comte de Rapprochement:
[Thinking silently to himself in his petite cabin late at night.] "Providence has protected us. However, I am not so sure of von Bergman. The decision to place him in the naval hospital back in Le Havre under the care of surgeons well-versed in these kinds of nautical wounds was a good one. Meanwhile his mission to the court is paused, perhaps ended pending success or failure of his recovery. I could do no more for the poor fellow. Well, in a few hours we should arrive at the dock below Paris and if my coach is waiting, onto Versailles. I'll go up on deck in a moment and see if the city of lights is coming into view. "

Bow Lookout:
[Tis dark. The bow lookout suddenly stands up straight calling for the officer of the watch.] "Monsieur, alarm, fire comes from the river into the city!"

Lt. Gregorie, Officer of the Watch:
"Where away? C'est MAL! ... Beat to quarters."

Within moments the drum calls all watches to their battle stations. The duty watch is joined by those awakened from sleeping below, bare feet thundering to their stations. Deck guns are unhoused from their ringbolts, powder monkeys bring bags of gunpowder, cannons are loaded and the few marines load their Charleville muskets taking up positions out of the way. The ships capitaine and Rapprochement arrive on the quarter deck simultaneously to see several buildings on fire ashore. The magnificent Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dame, Our Lady, the mother of Christ is illuminated by the blaze.

Lt. Gregorie:
"Monsieur, there are three vessels in the river heading downstream toward us a thousand toises ahead. Some of them have loosed fire arrows into the city. The bow lookout is adamant about it Monsieur. This is why I gave the order to beat to quarters. A portion of the city is on fire.

"Very well. I saw some of it ... I see ... and there they are ... the vile and infernal scoundrels. [A moment's pause to consider the tactical situation and....] Port oars rise. Starboard oars commence. Gun captains, run out your guns. Steady ... steady.... Starboard oars sweep. Gently now. That's it. Trés bon."

For those without sea legs, l'Capitaine has turned his galley to port (to the left) placing his starboard battery (on the right side of the galley) facing upstream crossing the bow of one of unsuspecting scoundrel vessels.

"Starboard battery! We'll fire as we bear and ..... FIRE! ..... FIRE! ..... FIRE! ..... FIRE! ..... FIRE! ..... FIRE! Oui, that's the ticket mon trés cher amis. RELOAD. Starboard oars UP. Port sweeps down and double speed, now. Lt. Gregorie. Run out your port side guns."

As the galley turned on a proverbial centime (dime), the port side guns now began to face the foe coming downstream.

Lt. Gregorie:
"Now men, steady. Ready. We'll fire as we bear on the second one. Oui Pierre, quiet. I see it. The first enemy ship is on fire. Vive le Roy! Now. FIRE! ..... FIRE! ..... FIRE! ....."

But the fourth shot was never fired for as Lt. Gregorie was about to order it, the first vessel blew up in a shocking thunderous roar. Gregorie and the whole crew save for l'Capitaine fell to the deck. Far upstream ignited debris and wreckage was cast high into the night sky, into the river and also onto the unlucky second vessel causing fires to break out there. As the new blaze spread the crew of the enemy ship jumped overboard some quenching the fire on their garments in the water of the Seine. Soon the second ship was a blazing inferno settling in the Seine. Muffled explosions occurred below decks and then she too was gone. There remained only the third enemy vessel now run hopelessly aground as she tried to escape the carnage with her life. As the fire in the city spread more closely to Notre Dame a downpour of rain commenced such as none had ever remembered then or since putting out the flames started in the city of lights. Angry townspeople converged on the stricken enemy vessel as the galley rowed near to cross her stern , he rstarboard guns run out with matches lit and ready.

"Ahoy there. Stricken vessel. Surrender or ....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Frankszonia: The Resistance Brews, Act II, scene 1

The Resistance Brews
Act two:
Scene 1: Street before Ducal residence in city ...

Lt. Gen. Oscar Meyer
Brig. Nathan
Lady Rosenschnauz
M. Gen. Ziegfeldt von Phaulie
Francios l'Marquise de Hottatrot
Guiles, Count l'Beauphaup
Oberst Pfennighalter
Herr Eberhard Kunegunde
Lord Moose Hunter
Page in service of L’Beauphaup
Various Burgomeisters

l'Intendant Bastille: Managing Gallian interests in the city, a tough master
Sgt. Dumas: Bastille's assistant.
Lt. Gardier: Presumably the commander of the de Saxe Uhlans guarding Lady Pettygree
Lt. Col. Enigma: A high ranking officer of the Royal des Carabiniers and something else.

Graf von Fusche de Bergerwart

A troop of the Porcelain Dragoons is drawn up beside the residence, the grenadiers guarding the doors are not in their usual formal poses but are standing at the ready, their muskets at high port.
Carriages are dropping off various well dressed men ...
A troop of Gallian cavalry trots into the area followed by several well mounted Gallian officers.
As the officers dismount, a young page, elaborate dressed and made-up boy, runs down the steps to meet them.

Page: My Lord Bastille! If you would please be so good as to accompany me sir?
Bastille: If it is necessary.
Page: My lord, the Count Beauphaup, has instructed me to see to your needs and to guide you about the palace, my Lord.
Bastille: (going into the palace with the page and his officers) And where is the good Count?
Page: he is helping the Marquise de Hottatrot into the council chamber, my Lord. The Marquis is not yet recovered from his wound.

The party enters into a series of side rooms and comes upon the Hurtzhog and his aides.

Hurtzhog: I am very glad to see you’ve come, my Lord.
Bastille: We are very curious as to the nature of this urgent meeting, your Grace.
Hurtzhog: Ah, yes.... well ... now that you are here, the briefing can begin.
Shall we go in, my Lord? (offers his arm)
Bastille: (remaining at attention does not take the arm) very well, your Grace.
Hurtzhog: (obviously upset at this curt refusal) very good. (turns and raps on another door)
The door is opened from the other side, and the page strides forward into a large room filled with people seated in various ornate chairs near a large table covered with papers.

Page: His Grace Stanken, Hurtzhog von Frankszonia and his Honor, the Intendent Bastille!
(All stand as the ducal party and Gallian officers enter. The Duke leads the Gallian party to the large table ... among the papers, Bastille might notice a rough draft of the plans for the jail).

Hurtzhog: Gentlemen! Before we undertake the serious business of today, I wish to present m’Lord, the Intendent Bastille. We believe that his interests and ours are very closely entwined in this matter.
Crowd: polite murmers ....
Hurtzhog: Richard?
(one of the present grandees, a robust, middle aged man, steps forward)
M’Lord Bastille, may I present the Graf von Fusche de Bergerwart? Richard, the Intendent Bastille.
(They nod curtly to each other across the table).
Hurtzhog: Gentlemen, let us be seated. von Fusche has important matters which he wishes with you to share.
(All others sit down again).

V. Fusche: Gentlemen, yesterday my company of dragoons intercepted a large wagon train. It was for Ficksnore headed, but we have for the trade of that scoundrel, Dilbert, been alert; and one of my officers noted that an agent of Muckiethaler was with the wagons. That agent, unfortunately, evaded capture. The nature of the wagon train itself, however, was most alarming.
(pause while sipping from a wine glass)

Barrels labeled as spices contained gunpowder
(some exclamations from the crowd, neither Hurtzhog nor Bastille changes expression).

Cases labeled “cast iron curios” contained cannon balls or shells.
(More muttering)
Bales labeled “festival bunting” consisted of good coat cloth, dyed in the red of Hungover and Albion.

Burgomeister: Treason!
Others: Caught red handed ... or clothed!
(Bastille notices that a very plump general whose arm is in a sling and another officer, however, confer quietly together. They obviously expected something like this from their mutual nodding)

V. Fusche: It was the nature of the wagons themselves which was most intriguing.
Fhartz: Jah?
V. Fusche: we found that the wagon boxes had been built over and to conceal caissons and limbers. There were enough for two full batteries of 12 pounders!
(Bastille notices that the Hurtzhog gives an angry twitch at this).

Hurtzhog: Thank you, Richard. Now I ask General Meyer to share with you some analysis.

Gen. Meyer: Danke. Gentlemen, these supplies were diversions from those ordered when the Gallian hosts first approached us. The fact that they have been diverted means that our other magazines may possibly also be taken by traitors. The question to be faced is, will this seizure cause them to accelerate or to delay their plans?
The Plump General (Rosenschnauz): (laughing) Hardly! the wives of these lords would kill them if the masquerade is interrupted!! My wife’s connections on that score are very sure!

An austerely dressed burgomeister shakes his head.
Eberhard: General, as much as I esteem your wife, the so called “resistance” is being manipulated from abroad.
A plainly dressed, swarthy, and very tall man rises in the back,
Moose Hunter: (thick accent) The presence of the red cloth confirms what General Rosenschnauz and I already deduced, my lords. This affair is probably being guided by the Hamburger bund.
(Expressions of surprise from many).

Rosenschnauz: Before the Gallian Seewald affair broke into open warfare, you may a brigade of Hungover troops recall that was sent to us against the interruptions of our trade by Limburger. I believe that they did not return to Hungover when we withdrew into the Tann Hills at the arrival of the Gallian hordes, but went into hiding in the forests near Russelheim.

Moose Hunter: They appear to have been reinforced to nearly divisional size. Hence the red cloth.

Gen. Meyer: (alarmed) If we were to try to take a pre-emptive strike on Koenigsberg, they would smash our left!
(Other officers confer in an agitated state).

Hurtzhog: There is other information as well, gentlemen, please.
(The crowd quiets but continues to show agitation)

Hurtzhog: First of all, we happen to know that the Hungover forces, whatever their size, are extremely short of horses and other draft animals. Thanks to the aide of Intendant Bastille, we’ve made a fairly good sweep of useful livestock and brought it under Gallian guard. Secondarily, the rebel forces are rarely battalion size, thus they must converge and organize in Koenigsberg before commencing any operations towards Frankfurt. Third, we’ve managed to disperse several good Hussar squadrons into the country side to provide an alarm should they accelerate their maneuvers.
(the crowd begins to quiet).

Hurtzhog: Now here is where the Gallian presence becomes important. M’Lord Bastille, these men are mostly Protestant adherents to Germania or currently Hesse-Seewald. Given the strength and closeness of Gallian arms as well as their disorganized state, we had not been too alarmed. Tbey’ve called us Gallian puppets, but you know well that we’ve managed to maintain more than a little autonomy so far.
Now, however, the presence of foreign regulars can only mean that some sort of attempt against the depot here is the true target. Our most reliable infantry is already with Gen. Chevert in the field. Due to the civil complications, we can rely upon most of the cavalry but only about four battalions of our infantry.
The documents discovered with these wagons implies that our enemies intended to concentrate on Ficksnore, which is much closer to Frankfurt than Koenigsberg.
We believe that we have three weeks to prepare, however.
Further, since this plot will obviously require Gallian power to thwart, we have gathered our more effective leaders presently in Frankfurt and place them and their forces entirely at your disposal.
(There are some mutters of protest, but the Hurtzhog silences them).
For family reasons, I must withhold the Sage Guard and a few squadrons of Cuirassiers. Until the time of action, however, they have been instructed to obey your orders for the safety of the great ladies coming to the masquerade.

Eberhard: My Lord, the Duke’s decision to hold the masquerade is a sound one ... among other things, it guarantees that several of the rebel leaders will not muster until afterwards ... by which time we will be able to intercept them, and by which time I hope that adequate accommodations may be available to ... ah ... entertain them?

Brig. Nathan: If we can make the battle to seem more a Hungover / Gallian event than some ersatz “free Frankfurt” uprising, pacification will be much easier, and the unrest in the troops much more easily cured.

Gen. Meyer: So, m’Lord, the first question has to be .... do we march on Russelheim right away, or wait until you and unfortunately the enemy can get all your pieces on the board?

(All turn towards the Intendant).

Sacre Bleu, Paris is Burning

On the next night, the first of the new moon, the three piraguas set their sails for the sea from the small dock at Charenton-le-Pont. One man is missing from the crew drinking or wenching is unknown.
Less than an hour later and just within the city limits Lt. Alexios Komnenos commands the crew to uncover their small copper barrels and make ready their bows and fire arrows and to light the torches. Nearing Notre Dame Komnenos calls out loudly in Greek "Now we will teach these Frankish defilers of Holy Constantinople a lesson they won't soon forget that we Byzantines have a long memory." Arrows are nocked and dipped in to the small copper barrels of Greekfire, "light, pull and release your arrows as far and widespread as you can." Twelve fire arrows fly into the night and before they touchdown another dozen are in the air. The arrows land and burn fiercely setting ablaze Paris in a line along the Seine River bank heading down stream.
Alarm begins to spread, the town awakens, "Sacre Bleu, Paris is burning." On the left bank is heard a manical laugh from mid-river as Alexios shouts out "Now my family and Byzantium is avenged." The piraguas continue down river spreading their firearrows.........

Who's Who, now with including What's What ..

Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf has updated his compendium of the States of Europa.

The work has been expanded to allow includsion of What's What - information on trade, geography, industries etc . After much consideration it has been decided to publish the new edition on the Wittenberg Wide Web, we hope that you are able to access and enjoy this work. You may browse at you lesiure at:

If you wish to add information please use the E-mail link on the website index.

Brother James hopes you enjoy his work.

Herr Hermann Schickler(editor, publishers - Marschalk and Lufft of Wittenberg)

[may be we could have a link to the above site on EvE blog ??]

Monday, July 16, 2007

Bitva u. Debnića

Again the forces of the North and the Duchy of Mieczyslaw have come to meet on the fields of Mars!

Again the North was sent away, suffering ignoble losses and captured officers and guns this time!

Fetted again was Pulkownik Koronowski and the veterans of Korona Korpus.

No more will the Counts of the North think that their force and arms can solve the disputes along the Baltic!

Request for Arbitration and Consultation

His Catholic Majesty, etc., Louis of Gallia;
His Serene Eminence, Prince Bishop Heinrich of Unter Gruntshuffen;
His Grace Fürst Guntram of Hesse-Engelberg;
His Grace Duke August of Saxe-Huack;

Noble cousins, greetings.

We have of late noticed a steady deterioration in the security both of our trade and merchants crossing to your lands, and, indeed, of our own customs officials operating along our frontiers, due to the unrest throughout the region occasioned by the destruction of the Bittburgbund, the occupation of Frankfurt, and the ongoing depredations of the Badnachtschweinbund.

Averse to unnecessary strife and bloodshed as we are, we have therefore undertaken measures recently to modernise and expand our military forces to deter and rebuke the lawless banditti preying upon our merchants and indeed our very retainers. We send notice therefore of these activities and soon-consequent military manoeuvres along our frontiers in the interest of peace and comity between the legitimate and law-abiding sovereigns of Christendom.

In addition to these independent activities, we seek also the opportunity to confer with our neighbouring cousins and princes to determine the common actions which might be taken to eliminate the unrest in the region and restore security and confidence through such measures as consultation on the movement of forces through the region and the establishment of commissions of review and arbitration for claims of damages resulting from such movements on or by signatory parties.

Grateful for your courteous attention, we remain, etc.

Duke Ignaz von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn



Reports indicated that the Hurtzhog Fahrtz is slightly indisposed ...
After attending the Holy Happy Hour with the Later in the Day Saints clergy, he was taken to the Summer's day Fish Fry held by the Holy Order of Fishermen, the Anglericans.
Shortly after this event, he was afflicted with a bout of Plumbitis ... in which the lead from all his brass precipitates and settles in the seat of his pants ....

An Announcement.........

The medieval clock has just struck Midday, the crowd is gathered and the Heralds open the tower door and gingerly climb the external staircase to the top.
After a florid fanfare the assembled people hear the Herald as follows-
" Good people of Tradgardland Duke Karl greets you one and all. He is ever aware of your loyalty at times such as these.
Following the tragic demise of his son Georg the Duke has cogitated upon the future of the Duchy. He has made contact,after many silent sorrowful years, with Max Voivde of the Banat. As we are gathered the Voivde is on his stately way across Europa to meet with the Duke in conference. Await further announcements upon the morrow. This message is being repeated across the Land.God save the Duke!"
The Heralds carefully retrace their steps and go to the vespers of herring and ale which await them.The crowd remain locked in discussions pertaining to the future of their beloved Duchy.

A lovely day to trade

Three piraguas drop their sail, ship their oars and glide up to the small dock in Charenton-le-Pont. One man from each boat is left as guard while the remaining crew head to the nearest tavern for food and drink. Next day is market day so they set up a small stall and sell a few trinkets and some fish from the River. They await the next night which is to be a new moon.

What is your country known for?

I was reading the latest post on the Duchy of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn about their institute's collection of Rhineland taxidermy, and it got me to thinking. What are each of our fictional states best known for? What are the hooks that draw those from outside to visit as well as fuel the engine of trade?

For Hesse-Engelburg, the obvious trade base is of course dairy-related, with their mastery of goat-based products, from goat's milk and goat cheese to goat-hair blankets, and their own special breed of dairy cows. There are some important mineral products as well.

But on a prestige basis, the important draws of the nation would be such things as the eminent Fürstin Katharina Universität Conradstadt, the Princess Katharina
University of Conradstadt. On the religious front, the cathedral of Conradstadt has a prominence derived partially from its connection to the school of divinity at the University and the high regard in which its Bishop, Ulrich Frankel, is held. Also of note are the old sanctuary of Ulrichskirche and the village of Nonnenzuflucht which served as a refuge for several orders of nuns during the religious wars, and is sometimes a site of pilgrimage for the sisters in training in certain orders as they learn their history.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Gift for Stagonia

A maid cleaning at the grounds of the Stagonian ruler's palace discovered a box left upon one of the verandas, which upon opening proved to be a bowl of figs floating in goat's milk. A note within was written in an unidentified hand, stating simply "Your interferences are unwanted." Curiously, the note was sealed with a crudely carved approximation of the personal signet of Count Rudolf von Drednoz, one of Stagonia's chief agitators in foreign affairs.

Drottigen Manor - the Ducal Appartments

"A ducal proclamation to be read across the villages and towns of the Duchy.
Tomorrow, at midday by the town and village clocks ,the people are to assemble to hear read an important Ducal Proclamation pertaining to the future of the Succession within Tradgardland. Each family within the land is to be represented by at least one adult male .
By order of the duke Karl Frederick."

Is this as your Grace wishes?

It is indeed Post Meister, see to its distribution post haste.

Very well your Grace I shall leave now forthwith.

Exit to awaiting messengers and horses


His very Catholic Majesty The Grand Elector Prince von Sthall von Lichtenbourg has dispatched Prince Lucas von Lo Concierge of the Grand Palace Conqueror of Bretzelburg as an observer to make an informal, secret and probatory information tour of the various states composing the Empire. His mission is to evaluate, inquire, and observe. No actions will be taken before proper observation. Let it be known that if attacked our fierce and unbeaten army will react with uttermost and uncontained violence.


Hector von Observant Baron du Chateau de la Mort qui Tue, Grand Sénéchal de la Cour, Minister of information and Announcements.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A proclamation.............

A proclamation from his regalness Duke Karl Frederick to the Duchy and beyond. Let it be known that the period of mourning for Georg has ceased. The Duke extends his greatful thanks to all fellow rulers who have supported the duchy in this terrible week horribalis.
The Duke extends a welcome to all who wish to recommence trade and negotiations or offer their allegiance to him.
The occasion is also hereby taken to reveal the official uniform and hair ornamentation of the Duchy's official messengers.All other messengers not so attired are impostors and loyal subjects are encouraged to report them to the authorities. Failure to do so will end in breaking upon the wheel.
Long live the Duke!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Battle Looms . . . Can No-one Stop This?

Some ten days ago, a Duchy of the North army was driven off by one from Mieczyslaw at the Battle of Saint Argard. But another clash seems to be brewing.

Intelligence sources have learned that the army under the command of Count Wrede has not only regrouped, but has been re-inforced not only with cavalry, but by a contingent from the Hertzogh of Burtzenia.

The danger is that, as more and more countries join in this fight, a general state of war could break out here in imagi-Europe.

Are there no diplomats here? Can anyone mediate this conflict? Or are we doomed to see blood running into all of the fields and rivers of our lands?

(note: another "Tricorne Wars" playtest is scheduled for Sunday)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Is your Blog Missing from Links ???

Fellow Rulers,

We have added a number of new member states recently . . . and I am not sure that I have every country's blog or website on our Links list.

Please check the list for your country. If it is not there, please email me and I will be delighted to add it to the list.

-- Jeff Hudelson
blog administrator

Princess Antonia of Tauroggen-Fiebus the New Ruler of Zichenau

Krankenstadt, The Grand Duchy of Stollen -- The Electorat of Zichenau woke yesterday morning to find that it had a new ruler: Princess Antonia of Tauroggen-Fiebus, mother of the deceased Ruprecht VII. Prince Ruprecht VII was found dead in his chambers Sunday morning with a bowl of half-eaten figs nearby. Royal doctors have not confirmed that he was poisoned, but foul play has not been ruled out. The whereabouts of Princess Valerie of Pillau-Zerbst, Ruprecht's common-law wife of the last year, are unknown.

Prince Ruprecht VII had only just returned from a year in exile in the city of Boston in the Amaercian colony of Massachusetts, to claim his rightful place as the prince elector of Zichenau. He and Princess Valerie eloped last year in late-May, in the face of her approaching marriage to the French mercenary General Philip de Latté, currently in the employ of the Electorate of Zichenau. It is not clear whether de Latté had anything to do with the death of Ruprecht, but the General's missing status is suspicious.

In the vaccuum left by Ruprecth VII, his mother, Antonia of Tauroggen-Fiebus, has declared herself Princess of Zichenau. By Sunday afternoon, she dispatched several regiments of infantry and cavalry to secure important points in the capital Hissig, ease civil unrest in several larger towns within the Electorate, and quell one small bread riot near the frontier with Stollen. No further news has come from Zichenau’s capital in the 24 hours since.

How the death of Ruprecht VII will affect the situation between Stollen and Zichenau, or other territories in the region, remains to be seen. No statement has been forthcoming from Krankenstadt Palace in reaction to the news of Ruprecht’s death. When informed yesterday of the new situation in neighboring Zichenau, Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II is said to have replied, “Yes, yes. . . Very sad that. I don’t think I will take any fruit salad with my midday meal this afternoon.” He then adjusted the olive branch wreath on his head, smoothed his Roman senator's toga, and returned to work on the latest chapter of his forthcoming history of the Etruscans.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Walls Have Ears, part 3

Well, I not only sent in a list of spies . . . I mean "inquisitive individuals", I also included six items of information that a good inquisitive individual might discover.

Why six? So that if a spy was successful, all Jonathan will have to do is to roll 1d6 to get an item to pass on. I suggest that all of us (whether we choose to have spies or not) should consider sending in such a list of "information bits" (or rumors).

I sent in a list of such items for both Saxe-Bearstein and Stagonia . . . even though only one of my countries send in any spies. (I'll leave you to guess which vile country sent the spies).

So, number your information items from 1 to 6 and send them to the address listed in "The Walls Have Ears, part 2".

And, of course, your spies (er, "inquisitive individuals") . . . if you have that sort of nation.

-- Jeff

Saturday, July 7, 2007

l'Intendant Bastille et Lieutenant Gardier

Frankfurt Am Main, Gallian Magazine Parade, l'Intendant Bastille's Office
l'Intendant Bastille: Managing Gallian interests in the city, a tough master
Sgt. Dumas: Bastille's assistant.
Lt. Gardier: Presumably the commander of the de Saxe Uhlans guarding Lady Pettygree
Lt. Col. Enigma: A high ranking officer of the Royal des Carabiniers and something else
That Woman: A mystery.
Nosiy construction of a large jail can be heard through the office window.
Bastille: [Silently thinking] "I must shut the window. Ordinarily I welcome the sound of that kind of construction project. It does wonders to assist in the peace of a disorderly place such as this. Rebels, deserters, many irregularities, food poisoning, fawning nobility, false faces, that fire destroying the sausage factory and all this with the enormous backdrop of the restarted campaign AND a masquerade ball within a fortnight. I should cancel the latter and send the ladies home. Yet I think there may be some here who can be counted upon."

Dumas: "Monsieur, Lieutenant Gardier has arrived." Shall I show him in?" [Bastille nods as he turns from closing the window."

Bastille: "Good Morning Gardier. I am very glad to see you. Sit with me beside the unlit fireplace. Allow me to offer you some Chevert wine, will you?"

Gardier: "Oui Monsieur l'Intendant. I would like nothing better. My compliments to you." [Pauses to sip, then.] I congratulate you on the speed with which the new jail is rising."

Bastille: "Thank you. The engineers and construction people, all Gallian you understand, are moving at a lightning pace. I think it is helping to slow the ardor of some disaffected elements here. Some of them even left suddenly for Bohemia and Saxe-Bearstein a few weeks ago when I arrived. [Chuckles.] Yet I think there are some hiding behind, shall I say masks of one kind or another?"

Gardier: "Monsieur, we must be on our guard. [Pauses] But I beg to praise you. Your reputation preceded your arrival. Indeed, some of the men, I am told, are quietly naming the jail after you."

Bastille: "Really, well, anything for the sake of order and to preserve the interests of our King but moreover to preserve the army using this magazine to supply itself. Now, if I may, let me mention something to you."

Gardier: "The ladies?"

Bastille: "Oui, Lady Diana Pettygree, whom you are charged with guarding, and her particular friend Lady Cherish Masquerade. Why the Prince de Charade allows them here, I will never know though I suppose you do -- Gardier? [Pauses seeing Gardier shake his head no.] Well, there are too many irregularities here. I want you to post double guards on the ladies round the clock and prepare measures to remove them to Gallia in a second on fast horses, no coaches you uderstand, should I give the order. Is this clear Gardier?"

Gardier: "Oui. Double guards round the clock, prepare fast horses to remove them to Gallia in the blink of an eye should you order it."

[The two men spend a few more moments in conversation, Gardier departs afterwards. Bastille then walks to the window to see his construction crews continue their task. He smiles as Dumas reenters the room with a note from the mysterious Lt. Col. Enigma of the Royal des Carabiniers. Slipping his hand into his breeches pocket, he smirks wondering where his gold Louis may be. On the dusty street below, he catches a glimpse of an old woman peering up at him. He blinks and she is gone. Shruging, he begins to read....]

The Walls Have Ears, part 2

Alright, looks like we've got enough interest!

Feel free to send the details to hesse-engelburg AT snickeringcorpses DOT C O M. Take out the spaces and change the emblems appropriately of course.

What I'll need are the name of each spy, the country that they operate for, the place they will operate in, whether they're functioning as a spy or as a counter-spy, and what skill level you would place them at on a scale of 1-6.

My one suggestion is that those who have narrative characters (such as the Lady Petigree), NOT put those characters in my system. The little program does allow for Counter-spies to kill spies, so I wouldn't want a mainstream character killed. Beyond that, have fun!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Walls Have Ears....

I acquired a little free program somewhere, though I no longer remember where, into which you input the following info about spies:

1) Country Employing
2) Name
3) Location
4) Focus (Either spying, or counter-spy)
5) Skill level (1-6)

Then you click the nice little button, and it rolls dice and adds skills and checks counterspies....and spits out a report.

This shows you for each spy whether they report or not, and how accurate their report should be. There's a chance, if there's an active counter-spy in the area, that they'll be supressed, preventing them from sending a report that round. Or even killed (which also prevents sending a report). For the counter-spy, there's a report of whether he detected any spies, and if so, it may or may not identify who the spy was he supressed/killed and who they worked for.

I say all this to there enough interest for it to be worthwhile for me to volunteer to take a list of the above info from each person interested, put it all into the system, and periodically request the data found by spies from the spied upon party and send it to the party doing the spying?

If there's enough interest, I would be willing to act as a clearing house for this. Thoughts?