Thursday, August 26, 2010

What were the paper flags for...

Just finished an article at my painting blog with some photos on my second "souvenir" model ship customization trial... sorry it's not in English! Thanks to this, I've had a best opportunity to essay with some of my recently designed paper flags.

Besides, I've also profiled a special "Who is who" in my Imagi-Nation blog, The two first characters featured there are those I've believed most popular, Mireia Perelló and Marquis of Vilana. From now on, this new section can be accessed in whole through a top menu bar while, if desired, every particular character can be accessed through another menu at the right side bar.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The POPP is delivered a new award

The Catalan/Galatan legate in Monte-Cristo, Marquis of Vilana, has been entrusted by the Parliament of his Principality to award to His Highness the Prince of Monte-Cristo with the recently set Cross of Sant Jordi d'Alfama, 1st class, as a sign of the immense gratefulness due by that Principality to the Prince Ovationné par le Peuple for His efforts in favour of Peace and fraternity among (Imagi)Nations.

A complete chronicle on the event can be read at

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Frank und Stein

Frankfurter merchants are seeking decorations and paintings appropriate for their new Health Bar conglomerate, the Frank Und Stein ...

Help sought

Gentlemen you are asked to have identify these stout fellows of the Duke of Tradgardland's Life Guard. Please go to the Ducal Blog directly and help in this important task...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Something on in Arborea

Just posted a new chronicle on the Principality of Galatea's blog. This time, the action is set in the Kingdom of Arborea/Sardinia, shortly after the arrival in Monte-Cristo of the Catalan/Galatan legate Marquis of Vilana; on his way to the Presipality, Vilana had left a mysterious missive to be delivered to the island's Imperial Viceroy, Count of Erill (a Galatan subject, by the way).

I've taken advantge of context for posting some supplementary sets of flags on my blog, this time devoted to the Holy Empire's land and sea flags. These come to increase my current collection, that can be freely downloaded from the National Library of Galatea.

Besides, a storm is about to break upon the Galatan battlefields, while the Two Crowns armies keep their slow but apparently unstoppable progression towards the Principality's capital city, Barcinona. Battle chronicles to follow shortly...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Austrian Allies arrive in the Beerstein training area

Reich Duke Wilhelm and his Guard Band salute his Austrian allies upon their arrival in the Beerstein training area. These marvelous troops are straight from the collection of Der Alte Fritz. Aren't they great?

2nd Capitania General de Florida Game Report

The 2nd Capitania General de Florida mini-campaign game report has finally been posted at the Jackson Gamers blog.  In it, the Britannians and their Murican colonists repulsed a joint Asturian and Gallian attack against the colony of Georgiana.  And for all of you who are familiar with Larry Brom's The Sword and the Flame rules, there is a unique (I believe) casualty card occurrence.

The advancing Gallians and Asturians.

The main attack on the Britannians and their Murican colonists.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Presenting the Beerstein Guard Band

The Reich Duchy of Beerstein presents the Guard Band. The local citizenry have turned out to greet the Reich Duke and hear the Guard Band's first concert.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a Battle? We hope...

The end of June in Unkerlant has found two armies in Middelhiem, one Borogravian and one from Franistover. Will there be a battle? Or, have secret negotiations already begun?
A quick refresher on Middelhiem:
The Electorate of Middelhiem is, not surprisingly, in the middle of the country. Middelhiemers pride themselves in being level-headed, steady, and even-tempered. Most Unkerlanters would describe them as mind numbingly boring. “As dull as a Middelhiemer” is a popular saying around Unkerlant. Even the food is bland.
But, all of these traits have also kept Middelhiem fairly stable, free of much of the turmoil and literal backstabbing that occurs in the rest of the country.
Unlike the rest of Unkerlant, the leader of Middelhiem is elected by the citizenry.
The citizenry though, only includes wealthy members of the guilds. No would think of letting common peasants vote.
Being Middelhiemers, these elections can often be a long, drawn out process as the relative merits and faults are weighed for each candidate. Elector Hans Leopold Jones, the descendant of a wealthy Welsh immigrant, is the current holder of the title. It took almost a year of debating for the plodding citizens to finally make him Elector. Jone’s election was a surprise to many, still being considered a “foreigner” by most Unkerlanters despite being a third generation citizen.
In battle, Middelhiemers are steady troops, but lack any kind of initiative, or anything that would be considered valor.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oversea (again)

First contacts, somewhere in the Pacific ocean (?), with a *very* advanced civilisation populating a whole 'Half-continent'.
According to Monte-Cristan geographers the other half of this continent is a 'tribal' wilderness 'that time forgot'.

Far closer to us (somewhere between Beerstein and Frankzonia?): Frankenberg.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News from Galatea

Allow me a few comments about the development of the defiant Principality of Galatea birth campaign. First of all, the Catalan/Galatan diplomatic legacy is already arrived in Monte-Cristo and has just been installed at Paris H. Palace Hostel. The Legate Marquis de Vilana is now resting in his rooms while waiting for a Presipapal reception at Palace (chronicle already written and available here).

On the battlefield meanwhile, a Catalan/Galatan quick reaction (2nd turn) has taken the Two Crowns by surprise, thanks to having gained initiative, thus being able to reinforce a couple of uprisings, besides of promoting a few else. One of the major invading Two Crowns' armies have been cut supply lines (chronicle to be written shortly).

This is not all. The Principality weblog has been improved both in appearance in functionalities, so that the National Library has now a page of its own, and is proud to announce to have increased its collection with a plate of Spanish/Hispannic naval flags. Two flags plates else are being prepared (Brittanny and Holy Empire). A "who is who" page is to follow shortly too.

...And more yet! Once finished our Spanish Imagi-Nation names poll, results are as follows: Eiberia 38% - Celtiberia 27% - Scandalusia 16% - Sepharad 11% - Oldspania 5%. However, as some of you already know, out of the poll I was suggested the name of Hispannia and I admitted to like it. Therefore, I'll be primarily using that latest name, although reserving the names poll winner (Eiberia) as some kind of synonim -just the same way as Spain and Iberia are used in 'real life'.

...And last but not least, our heroine Mireia has spared her skin -by now (chronicle already posted).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Imagi-Nation name Poll

I'm in the need to assign a name to the imaginary Spain my 'Defiant Principality' is fighting against. I've already decided upon the name of their other adversaries (an imaginary France, whose fictional name is to be Gallia, thus matching other EvE settings), but I'm feeling plainly uncapable to take a decision on that Imagi-Spain.

Please woluld you mind to help me deciding by placing your vote on the poll I've just set up in my Defiant Principality blog?


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eureka! Princess Haley's Hussars dismounted

The First Squardon of the Princess Haley's Hussars dismounted, complete with horse holders. These Eureka figures are really very nice!

National Library of Galatea

Following the suggestion of a gaming mate, I've just set up a new utility on my Imagi-nation blog's right side bar which, under the label National Library of Galatea, will list in a future a number of useful files for free download, always related to that Principality.

The first file I've listed in there is a PDF file containing a plate with the most outstanding land flags of the Principality during this 1713-1714 initial period, in a wargaming suitable format, as you can see by the attached image.

If interested, please

Monday, August 2, 2010


First detailed reports from a recently discovered Archipelago.