Monday, May 28, 2012

Begging your assistance

Due to reasons explained at my own Imagi-Nation's blog, my Defiant Principality project is risking to sink if I can't meet some help for sorting out a bad period I'm currently experiencing. Please read this post to know.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome Home Jeff!

Greetings From Mafrica

General Pettygree: "Report doctor."

Dr. Watson: "Jeff is out of hospital recovering Sir."

General Pettygree: "Thank God. Singularly prodigious - what."

"May God be with you and may his face shine upon you!"
Padre Michael, Dongolo, Mafrica.

Col. Villainovich: "Did you hear Consul General?"
Kuragin (right): "Da. Jeff is back in his dacha recovering. Let's drink to that!"

Consul General Graham Day: "Well done Jeff. Stop by for tea when able."

Mr. Wyatt: "Huzzahs and best wishes from us at the Dongolo, Consulate."

Fort Grant, Mafrica

Rose: "It's only been a little more than a fortnight and he is back home in his stable."

Annie (left): "This is wonderful news. We love you Jeff!"

Lt. Col. Lawford: "There he is. Let's invite him to dinner soon."

Countess Alexandra: "Jeff darlink, please honour us with your presence as soon as we return from Terra Incognita. You must bring your lovely dear 'vife too."

Greetings From Germania

"I'll dispatch your problem with two pistol shots! Come closer so I can help."
Colonel Enigma, Gallian Army, Frankfurt Am Main

Lady Pettygree: "Hello JEFF! We'll be in Frankfurt Am Main again soon."

Lady Cherish Masquerade: "Oh do come to town. We'll have a party; a masquerade ball don't you think Diana with Jeff as the guest of honour. July perhaps?

Lady Pettygree: "Till then dear, get better soon. God bless you and your wife."
Get well soon Jeff!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Post Rider - Bluebear Jeff Update

Greetings again my fellow imaginarians!

I come bearing good news of Jeff.

He has recovered much of his strength and when I visited him today (Sunday May 13) I met him standing in the hallway of the recovery ward, he had decided to take a walk and we met just around the corner from the elevators and his room.

We had a good 45 minute conversation, where I left him with all your good wishes (from the earlier posting) and did a short update with him about the blog.

Jeff thanks you all for your kind words and good feeling energies that were sent his way, keep sending them were his comments.

Lani, Ms Bluebear as some have called her, also had a message sent out today:

Jeff may get to come home on Tuesday ... everything is starting to work.

Thank you all so very very much for all that you have done and your thoughts and prayers there are no words to adequately express my gratitude.

Jeff was also willing to let me snap a photo and I share it here to round out the posting.

The Bluebear

Friday, May 11, 2012

Defense of the Bridge of Pultusk

Duchy of Mieczyslaw has successfully defended the bridge and ford of Pultusk against the Russo-Boyar invasion forces.

Borogravia defeated?

Read of Franistover's astounding victory over the foreign invader in Unkerlant's Civil War.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Post Rider - Jeff update

I have had the opportunity to visit with Jeff this afternoon.

He is not able to speak and as such is using note pages to write his thoughts and requests, some hand movements and other visual cues to communicate also.

He is really struggling to recover from the surgery and other procedures. He needs to get his lower digestive tract moving so he can get back on solid foods to regain his strength and heal. They are giving him nutrients via IV, but it is not enough for him to truly heal. 

Jeff asked about the EvE community and I gave a report about the recent naval and land operations.

He is also keen to accept any and all healing energy to give him the boost to press on in his own recovery.  Those who would send him good thoughts please take a few moments to do so.

 This was from the note page Jeff wrote.

I will likely be back in to see Jeff in a week and can carry your messages in to him.


Battles Complete

With the Russians taking a split.  One win in the Baltic, one stand off at the Bug and Narew Rivers in Mieczyslaw.

Now the focus will shift to the seas as Gran Bretan will be most active...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Russian Naval Raid on Stockholm...

Russian Mission: to attack the Swedish fleet at anchor in Stockholm (see this post)

Result of action: Russian victory

Swedish losses: 3 ships sunk, 1 immobilised;  Russian losses 1 ship sunk; 2 ships badly damaged.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post Rider - BlueBear Jeff Update

Greetings fellow EvE Imaginators. I have had request for an update of Jeff's condition. As of Sunday he moved out of ICU, which was a relief as there were follow up complications from the surgery. On Tuesday he was moved to a 'room with a view' of Comox harbour and is reported to be progressing well. Please do all continue with your Imaginative postings here on EvE, as Jeff will want to have plenty of material to catch up on once he is back home. Cheers MurdocK