Sunday, January 3, 2016

Which (if any) state did you base your Imagi-Nation on?

Was wondering about how y'all decided how big/what type of troops/etc your Imagi-Nations would comprise of? Was it a consciously planned structure or did you just start painting, or a bit of both?

For what its worth mine was roughly based on the idea of providing a Reichsarmee Brigade sized force + a few cavalry, light infantry etc units for my French army, and calculating a state & population size to maintain that.  I found the state of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel fitted the bill as a model", with a small Garde du Corps, 4 Infantry, 1 Fusilier & 1 Jager battalions, and for cavalry a Dragoon and a Hussar  regiment. (It also had the rather interesting "Voluntaire Auxiliaires" which I'm finally getting round to recruiting for myself in my own Imagi-Narrative.)

 *though my Imagi-Nation only has 1 battalion per regiment, not 2 as it is 1/2 the size of Brunswick population & land wise