Monday, December 31, 2012

The Vales of Lyndhurst

The rumour that an 11 year boy living in Lyndhurst may be a great-great grandson of  Charles I seems to be spreading. In a country run by a Council of Nobles, the sudden appearance of a new Royal line is welcomed by some and feared by others.

The Peers and Nobles within the council are already making choices even though the existence of the young Royal is still only known by a few.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Your Help Is Requested

Fife & Drum British Light Infantry

Fife & Drum British Brigade of Guards in campaign uniforms.

The Erbprinz Friedrich Karl of Hesse Seewalt humbly invites the other Electors of the Realm to travel to the virtual of city of TMP, where there is being held, the annual elections of the Best Historical Miniatures Range for the Year 2011. Your journey will begin by clicking on the link provided below:

TMP Poll Link

The Royal Haberdasheries of Hesse Seewald have developed and clothed a new range of figures/uniforms called:

Fife & Drum Miniatures. These are a new style of uniforms suitable for both the New World and Olde Europe for Imaginations armies, as designed by the famous sculptor, Sir Richard Ansell, the Earl of Minden.

The Erbprinz would be most grateful if the assembled Electors would click on the link above and cast their vote for the Fife & Drum Miniatures range of figures. There are two rounds of voting. The first round narrows the field down to the top 5 ranges, so we have to generate enough votes in the first round to make it into the finals.

If you have previously purchased Fife & Drum figures or have admired them from afar, then the Erbprinz would be very greatful for your support and vote in this election.

There is also a final vote on the Best Historical Figure for 2011. Someone has graciously nominated the Fife & Drum Militia Officer (A1 - stock number) and your vote for this figure would also be graciously accepted.

Best Individual Figure - Finals

Please note that the voting ends on January 3, 2013 so there are only a couple more days of voting left.

Your Humble Servent

Frederick von Hesse Seewald

Friday, December 28, 2012

Further help sought...

Many thanks chaps for the advice re Rafm,Minifigs and Dixons - I will have a look today.
I am looking for a specific figure in 25/28mm -  a French officer in indian kit,stripped to the waist wearing his gourget  round his neck.Do any manufacturers make such a figure?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Vales of Lyndurst

This is a new Imagi Nation story relating to the story of Lyndhurst County in Mid 18th Century England, it is an England that has not had a Monarch for a hundred years and is ruled by a dysfunctional Ruling Council of Nobles.

Yet amongst this chaos, from the Vales of Lyndhurst comes rumours an 11 year old boy with a lineage back to Charles I has been discovered.
Some of the Nobles will undoubtably wish to proclaim him King, while others will want him dead, this is the story of the Anders family and their efforts to protect him.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rafm compatible figures sought

Happy Boxing Day all!
I wonder if anyone could suggest manufactures of French Indian Wars figures compatible in size with Rafm figures? I found some today and thought I could use them for Tomahawks and muskets...
many thanks

Friday, December 21, 2012

Austrians Defending Leuthen

Austrians draw up battle lines around the Leuthen churchyard. Front Rank Austrians provide the garrison and support. Buildings, trees and roads scratch built by Herb Gundt. Click the picture twice to enlarge.

We received our first appreciable amount of snow last evening in Hesse Seewald, so even though it was but a slight dusting of the white stuff, my thoughts are turning to the Leuthen campaign in December 1757. I was scrolling through my iPhotos archives and found some nice pictures that I took of the Leuthen game that Bill Protz and I ran at the Seven Years War Association convention in 2010

I have also been reading Charles S. Grant's "Wargaming in History - Volume 4" covering the battles of Hastenbeck, Rossbach and Leuthen of late. I carry a copy in my brief case and read it during my one hour train commute from Hesse Seewald to Potsdam, which I do every day.

Charles S. Grant's book on Leuthen etc. published in 2011 by Ken Trotman Ltd.

I really enjoy the way that Charles tackles the subject matter: starting with a brief historical overview of the campaign, an order of battle for the actual forces and another OB that downsizes the historical forces into a manageable pair of wargame armies, and then finally, a summary report of the battle. Of course, each battle is illustrated with wonderful color pictures of Charles wargaming armies and I do enjoy the pictures of Charles' "big battalions"  (53 infantry figure battalions and 24 cavalry regiments).

I know that it is probably too late to order a copy of the book in time to place it under the Christmas tree this year, but if you do not have a copy then take it from me, you will truly enjoy Grant's presentation on how to bring these large battles into the home as easily played wargames. More later...

Merry Winter Solstice!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Bishopric of Egghünt

Mesdames et Messieurs, meine Damen und Herren, Signore e Signori,  Señoras y sSñores Ladies and Gentlemen of Europia.  The Bishopric Egghünt is to become vacant, the Bishop elector Rollo Hershzy is near death and the Wholly Roaming Emperor and the Papersee are to renege on a solemn promise made to the Hugenose in the Treaty of Westfailure

War is looming between that Cataholic/Wholly Roaming Empire instrument of war  von Goutstricken  unt defender of Prosterident freedom von  Muchhousen. Undoubtedly the looming kaotic nature of the conflict threatens to draw in the Raugraviated von ze Tittanmuff and the Erzherzogin.

Due to their somewhat nooboorish nature the preliminary details are not within the scope or the command of technology of the two von's to be a record of that august recorder of events known as blogger. They are however attempting to utilize the Odd Fellows Lounge to journal the preliminaries and I will be making notes of the campaign in the Hesse-Kassoulet Kronicle as time permits. Both of the belligerents are old campaigners yet new to our way of war and I hope you will join us in following the manoeuvring both diplomatique and on the field of Mars.

Izzak Grimnebulin
Chef du Whip and Kronicler

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

minor problem at H-K

Due to an unexplained event, or events the web address of The Hesse Kassoulet Kronicles has been changed. The populace are in a state mass coniption having gone to bed the previous night aligned in one direction they have awoke to find themselves getting out of the bed in the completely other alignment!

The greatest minds in the land have been summoned to explain this occurance, whilst the gendarmes have been summoned to keep the clergy safely behind lock and key whilst a rational explanation can be found.

Hesse Kassoulet can now be found in this alignment

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Changes related to Paint Pig and G+

I will not bore you with a re post, I simply wish to point out that due to google plus my usual blogger nom de plume has changed along with my profile picture. It was a bit of a shock to me but there it is. I altered both to fit in with my old blogger alias once it became clear the changes were permanent whether I stayed plussed or not. G+ may be worth pursuing for a Luddite like myself and have more relevance than face book.  The Complete Storey

Notices have been posted the length and breadth of Hess-Kassoulet und The Tittanmuff to prepare the citizenry.


I seem to have come to a limit with the pictures I can upload to my blog Duchy of Tradgardland! I couldn't post a picture this afternoon for this reason.Has this happened to any of you here in EvE land? What does one do. Mention came up of buying space.Answers in terms for the technologically challenged like me please ...
many thanks

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Count Peripatenko Dispatched to Hesse-Kassoulet

Count Pavel Romanovich Peripatenko
Ambassador-at-Large of the Court of Velikye Byelgorodniya

From the Court of Dmitry IV of the House of Mikhailov, Grand Prince of Velikye Byelgorodniya, Duke of Kapusta Zemlya, Hereditary Hetman of the Cassock Horde, Count of Novi Byelgorod, Grand Master of the Most August Order of the Golden Cockerel, and Companion of the Order of the Ancient Spoonbill;

To His Benevolence, Erzherzog Rudolf Dascher Hansuppen II von Hessiansacken hausen, Landgraff of Hesse-Kassoulet, Greetings;

Mon cher frère,

I being desirous to further the ties of friendship and amity between our two great nations, present our trusted servant, Count Pavel Romanovich Peripatenko, Diplomat, Famed Traveller, and Ambassador-at-Large of the Court of Velikye Byelgorodniya.

The Count speaks with my voice in matters diplomatic, and I trust that he will be able to make clear the road to closer alliance between Hesse-Kassoulet and The Principality during the course of his visit. Please afford him such courtesy and assistance as it is within your power to grant.

As an expression of my most sincere fraternal affection, I am pleased to confer upon Your Benevolence The Order of the Ancient Spoonbill, a chivalric honour within my gift. In the Heraldry of Velikye Byegorodniya, the Ancient Spoonbill represents the virtues of fidelity, steadfastness of purpose, and an assiduousness in sifting truth from falsehood.

In conclusion, I hold the highest hopes for the future of the relationship between the Principality and the Landgravate, and trust that this small token of my esteem meets with your approval.

Your good brother,



I would be most grateful if the Count were able to confer with your Court Astrologer, Signora Nareza Celeste. The Count is particularly interested in expanding his knowledge of the astrological aspects of the skies to the south of the Principality, a region in which we understand the talented Signora has considerable recent experience.




Please convey to Baron Von Der Trenck the best wishes of my beloved spouse, the Grand Princess Olga Anastasia, who sends her wishes for his speedy recovery. I have been given to understand that the good Baron overexerted himself while riding and put his back out.

Truly, the Baron is quite the raconteur, and has been a great comfort to the Grand Princess while I have been engaged with the unfortunate matter of the Nizhny Bublik Question. The Grand Princess has sent him a bottle of herbal liniment from her personal apothecary.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Die Reihenfolge vom Vergoldeten Herzog awarded to King Ivan of Syldavia

The Herzog Mikhail Johnann von Hollerenschaut IV of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz is most pleased to award the very first Reihenfolge vom Vergoldeten Herzog to King Ivan of Syldavia.

His majesty's victory over Hassan Muhtar Pasha west of Klow displayed cunning use of terrain, stoic defence, selfless courage and the inevitable triumph to which these attributes lead. The outcome represents the very essence of the order and it is the Herzog's greatest pleasure to make the award in due course.

Given the evident military prowess of King Ivan, the Herzog wishes to enquire if the exchange of military advisers would be possible, thus ensuring the ongoing improvement of tactical studies within both great nations. Stabshauptmann Gerhard von Blomphfart is ready to depart from Bad Übersetzung this very minute should His Majesty King Ivan agree to the exchange.

News of a battle in Syldavia!

Messengers bring you news of a dramatic event - a battle in Syldavia!  What does this mean for King Ivan or Hassan Muhtar Pasha?  You can read about the Battle of the Zileheroum Marshes here:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Flags for trial

Last weekend the great, mystical and blog shy von Goutstricken shew'd off some flags he had made for his Wineburg-Reisling forces which are gathering for an upcoming iNation campaign we have in the pipeline. His rather nice flags have prompted my sudden enthusiasm for my own Banner work, having had a bit of a turn (which necessitated an ambulance ride) recently I have had to give painting a bit of a miss, my hands and eyes don't seem to work on the same plane, dimension "what have you" and general Tom Foolery on the computer has been keeping me active and sane so why not sit down and work out flaggery. 

Most of the work has been done with gimp and also the utilities paintbox, both free!

Regimental colours in embryo, WIP

Colonels colours perhaps

I have had to reduce the image quality for posting (the files were big'uns) but you get the general idea. Click to view larger sample

Tried a couple of different styles with the lower one needing a photo of some wavy bed linen, the black sheets were definitely a non starter. I don't think I'm going to give David Linienblatt (NBA) any sleepless nights but they didn't come out too bad, Dave's still going to get my work.  It has been a useful exercise in determining which elements work together and layout, for instance I have had the Coptic image for some while (in B&W) and it was nice to get around to colouring it and seeing if it would work for my flags.

Of course I need to get off of my arse and get my design thoughts fleshed out and off to Dave for my medals............ might use the 'puter for that as well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A teary farewell?

A fine Chap indeed!
See more at:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcome Herzog Mikhail Johnann von Hollerenschaut IV

Erzherzogin Viktoria Ellen Hansuppen von Hessiansacken hausen wife of the Landgraff and Raugraffin of Die Tittanmuff-Wälder bids welcome to our cousin Herzog Mikhail Johnann von Hollerenschaut IV and the populace of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz.

We send you our very own court astrologer the renowned signora Nareza Celeste to prepare, with your help, a personal astrological chart which promises to be all things auspicious, or so she tells us.

Welcome Dimitry IV

Erzherzog Rudolf Dascher Hansuppen II von Hessiansacken hausen Landgraff of Hesse Kassoulet welcomes Dimitry IV of the Principality of Velikye Byelgorodniya to the table of Electors and Emperors. We send our trusted diplomat Baron Frederick von der Trenck with a gift of a pair of fine mares from the Erzherzogs own stables.

You are invited, as are all the EvE members, to join us at the Odd Fellows

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where are Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz & Velikye Byelgorodniya?

Gentlemen, dignitaries, great monarchs & etc, greetings!

With thanks to Bluebear Jeff our new imagi-nations blog Die Kriege des Zobelshuts has today joined all the other wonderful blogs here on EvE.

Ours is a dual blog, the Principality of Velikye Byelgorodniya being ruled by my good friend Evan as Dmitry IV, with the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Coburn und Buchholz being under stern rule in the guise of Herzog Mikhail Johnann von Hollerenschaut IV.

We have a detailed map of both nations, along with the disputed province between us, however beyond that we are currently adrift in the world of imaginary Europe. Our best guess based on ethnicity, political leanings, etc. is that we lie between The Duchy of Mieczyslaw and the Duchy of Vulgaria. Does that make sense? Please let us know...

In closing, we welcome visitors to the blog, diplomatic overtures and of course the much anticipated cut and thrust of imaginary international intrigue.

Yours &c,

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Portable imaginations...

Duke Karl Frederick iv of Tradgardland has asked me to write in the following terms-
Gentlemen you are invited to have a look at a small,portable and absorbing Imagination game -

This mini format has "kick-started" my gaming and allowed games to be set up and played in a minimum amount of time and space.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Figures sought can you help?

Afternoon all!
I'm looking for some 15mm Gustavian style uniformed figures made by Falcon figures for a wee project.Does anyone have any spare ones for me to buy? I find they are no longer in production.
Many thanks

Friday, October 19, 2012

Priecess Licha ??? (possibly Jerry?)

Two posts by a "Priecess Lichia" have mysteriously appeared. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Can you help?

Evening all!
I am looking for suggestions for a figure to depict a Catherine the Great type monarch.On foot or horse back  all suggestions gratefully received.
Many thanks

Sunday, September 16, 2012

 Latest dispatches from the interweb report a new gentleman's club for discussion by those Imagineers much attached to their Electors, Emperors and all manner of Imagined Upstarts. Generous spaces have been set aside for both the Old School and Classic gamer, Authors and Philosophers engaged in the further advancement of the Rules of War and uniform Outfitter's and Sutlers. Historical gamers who insist on lashing of lace on their figures are to be encouraged and very welcome indeed.
our eager staff are always ready to help
Only gentlemen of good standing, polite and courteous should apply, failing that cads and bounders of a polite and courteous disposition may also be permitted to enter providing they be honour bound to behave themselves.
well dressed bounders may apply
To view and become a member of THE ODD FELLOWS WARGAMING LOUNGE simply click the underlined coloured text.
trio off odd fellows discuss the latest rules while play testing continues at the table

Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thanks, Frank!

Lords and Ladies!

*Great* news from Minden for all of us wishing for such miniatures for their skirmish games and / or for characters of their Imagi-Nation: the 'Willie' from the 'Hunt' set, their 'Old school charm' notwithstanding, show the age (50 years) of their sculpting. And an enlarged choice is always good!

Ideally the very same minis should be available on foot and mounted, as was generally done for the 'dungeon adventurers' of old. Frank?

For us, perhaps an opportunity to get news of the Duchess of Saschen-Vindow and the (vile) Stagonian Queen Mother?

PS: Blogger does not adjust the photos to the size of the window? A new bug? Open the images in a new tab or window to see the whole of them. Grrrrr

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A quiet corner of the forum world

I hope I'm not overstepping the mark gentlemen, ladies. I would like to advise you of a quiet corner in which, those who wish, may discuss our imaginative world in relative peace. A place for those who don't like the hurley burley and excessive interruptus of the larger forums the "rum corp tavern" (das Rum Armee Taverne) has opened a section for Imagineering types to walk the talk.

Thank you for your time
Izzak the Chronicler

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mini-Campaigns Re-born

Back in early February I issued a "Mini-Campaign Challenge" for short campaigns using Charles Grant's various Campaign Scenarios.  Today another mini-campaign has been added . . . so I am reprising the list so that all of us can re-visit them and give them a try.

The most recent offering (listed first below) is from Prince Lupus.

Below are links (in the blog name) to responses so far to my call for "Mini-Campaigns" based on linking scenarios from Charles Grant's "Scenarios for Wargames".

What I think strikes me most about them is how different their choices and paths are . . . they should provide much fun for those who play them.

I would ask that if you play them, please post feedback on the creator's blogs . . . again, the URL links are in parentheses below.

After the initial scenario, those following are not in order since most chose the "tree" format where the result of the scenario affected which scenario was played next . . . so don't look at them as being in sequence . . . in fact, depending upon the results of various scenarios, not all will be played in any one campaign.

Note -- I will continue to endeavor to add future "mini-campaigns" to this post as they arrive.

Prince Lupus (The Wars of Wine & Cheese) is our newest entry with his Imagi-Nation mini-campaign
  •  initial scenario -- #40 Dominant Hill
  • other scenario -- #6 Rear Guard
  • other scenario -- #19 Assault River Crossing
  • other scenario -- #1 Positional Defense
  • other scenario -- #14 Reinforcing a Town
Steve (Steve-the-Wargamer) set his three-scenario Mini-Campaign in 1705 during the War of Spanish Succession:
  • initial scenario -- #9 Attack on the Camp
  • next scenario -- #3 Holding Action (1)
  • final scenario -- #16 Reinforcements in Defense (2) off table
Peter Douglas (The Single Handed Admiral) set his "Barolo" campaign in an "Emperor vs Elector" setting:
  • initial scenario -- #20 Reserve Demolition
  • other scenario -- #21 Bridgehead Breakout
  • other scenario -- #13 Last Stand
  • other scenario -- #19 Assault River Crossing
  • other scenario -- #16 Reinforcements in Defense (2) off table
  • other scenario -- #18 River Crossing
  • other scenario -- #1 Positional Defense (1)
  • other scenario -- #15 Reinforcements in Defense (1) on table
Ross Macfarlane (Battle Game of the Month) set his "Comox Valley Campaign" in a Colonial (or Ancients) setting . . . but it could be played as Horse & Musket too:
  • initial scenario -- #30 Ambush (1)
  • other scenario -- #4 Holding Action (2)
  • other scenario -- #13 Last Stand
  • other scenario -- #3 Holding Action (1)
  • other scenario -- #34 Swampland Action
  • other scenario -- #32 Wagon Train
  • other scenario -- #33 Convoy Action (2) -- Evacuation
  • other scenario -- #42 Advance Column
Jim Pitts (Col Campbell's Barraks) has posted his "Linked Mini-Campaign" on his blog. Like most it has a flexible order, so don't take these scenarios as being in order.
  • initial scenario -- #41 Chance Encounter
  • other scenario -- #3 Holding Action (1)
  • other scenario -- #4 Holding Action (2)
  • other scenario -- #1 Positional Defense (1)
  • other scenario -- #2 Positional Defense (2)
  • other scenario -- #5 Rear Guard (1)
  • other scenario -- #6 Rear Guard (2)
Conrad Kinch (Joy and Forgetfulness) has posted his 1804 mini-campaign based on a British force in France trying to fight its way to safety with yet a different starting scenario.
  • initial scenario -- #42 Advance Column
  • other scenario -- #50 Horse and Foot
  • other scenario -- #8 Dead Ground
  • final scenario -- #6 Rear Guard (2)
Ed Youngstrom (Landgraviate of Hesse-Fedora) started his "Ladder" campaign using the "Table Top Teaser" from Battlegames Magazine, then used Grant's "Scenarios for All Ages" to complete his "ladder".
  • initial scenario -- (Mag) Pontoon
  • other scenario -- (Ages) Rearguard
  • other scenario -- (Ages) Assault on Prepared Position
  • other scenario -- (Ages) Hot Pursuit
  • other scenario -- (Ages) Chance Encounter
  • other scenario -- (Ages) Making the Best of a Bad Job
Dr. Vesuvius (The Axis of Naughtiness) used Grant's "Programmed Wargames Scenarios" for his "Continuing Diplomacy" mini-campaign for solo play!
  • initial scenario -- (PWS) #11 Crossroads
  • other scenario -- (PWS) #18 A Hasty Blocking Position
  • other scenario -- (PWS) #5 The Weak Flank
  • other scenario -- (PWS) #1 Hill Line Defense
  • other scenario -- (PWS) #7 Two Sides of a River
  • other scenario -- (PWS) #6 Crossing Point
  • other scenario -- (PWS) #8 Fighting Through
  • other scenario -- (PWS) #9 Island Stand
Ross Macfarlane (Battle Game of the Month) has also posted a Horse & Musket mini-campaign for solo gamers using Grant's "Programmed Wargames Scenarios". Interestingly enough it also starts with the same scenario as Dr. Vesuvius' mini-campaign above . . . although it then proceeds differently.
  • initial scenario -- (PWS) #11 Crossroads
  • possible scenario -- (PWS) #1 Hill Line Defense
  • possible scenario -- (PWS) #2 Broken Ground
  • possible scenario -- (PWS) #3 Pass Clearance
  • possible scenario -- (PWS) #5 The Weak Flank
  • possible scenario -- (PWS) #6 Crossing Point
  • possible scenario -- (PWS) #7 Two Sides of a River
  • possible scenario -- (PWS) #8 Fighting Through
  • possible scenario -- (PWS) #9 Island Stand
  • final scenario -- (PWS) #4 Holding Action
Conrad Kinch (Joy and Forgetfulness) has also crated a "Table Top Teaser" mini-campaign using Charles S. Grant's original "teasers" as published in magazines back in the late 1970's. Fortunately Steve-the-Wargamer has (with permission) posted these online so that anyone can use them without needing Grant's later Scenario books.
  • initial scenario -- (TTT) #3 The Advance Guard Action
  • second scenario -- (TTT) #5 The Dawn Attack
  • third scenario -- (TTT) #10 Rear Guard
  • possible scenario -- (TTT) #4 Hold Up in the Badlands
  • possible scenario -- (TTT) #8 The Hasty Defense and Relief of a Town Additionally Cesar Alfredo Paz has created another "Mini-Campaign" using "Table Top Teasers" which is available here.
-- Jeff

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Looking for a few more Followers

Advance token on the Reading Railroad to the Fife & Drum Miniatures Blog and sign up as a "Follower" on the blog. Each month I will make a random drawing from the list of Followers and the winner will receive a $50.00 certificate good for the purchase of any Fife & Drum Miniatures.

British Brigade of Guards on the march for Fife & Drum Miniatures

The elves are working on the moulds for the artillery equipment and crew, so it shouldn't be too long before they arrive across the pond from Old Blighty.

Next in the queue: Continental infantry in hunting shirts and tricorne hats (plus some head sprues so that you can make your own hat conversions).

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No time for crying

Almost simultaneously to the dramatical military setback experienced at Montblanc battle --whose two parallel scenarios were proxy gamed and thoroughly reported at MurdocK's MarauderS blogsite--, the authorities of our what-if Principality have already started the process of raising a new regiment. This will eventually fill the void left by one of the two veteran units destroyed at Montblanc --albeit partially, for there's no real replacement for a lost tough, battle-hardened regiment through conscription...
More details on the new unit in this posting. Comments and suggestions welcome!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3rd Montblanc AAR

General Bellver of Catalonia
The proxy battle for Defiant Principality has been played out and the AAR will soon be posted to MurdocK's MarauderS.

Montblanc AAR - Proxy Report

Spanish Guard (seen here - looking exceeding Russian) brush aside Catalonian Horse north of Montblanc.

For full report see MurdocK's MarauderS

Monday, May 28, 2012

Begging your assistance

Due to reasons explained at my own Imagi-Nation's blog, my Defiant Principality project is risking to sink if I can't meet some help for sorting out a bad period I'm currently experiencing. Please read this post to know.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welcome Home Jeff!

Greetings From Mafrica

General Pettygree: "Report doctor."

Dr. Watson: "Jeff is out of hospital recovering Sir."

General Pettygree: "Thank God. Singularly prodigious - what."

"May God be with you and may his face shine upon you!"
Padre Michael, Dongolo, Mafrica.

Col. Villainovich: "Did you hear Consul General?"
Kuragin (right): "Da. Jeff is back in his dacha recovering. Let's drink to that!"

Consul General Graham Day: "Well done Jeff. Stop by for tea when able."

Mr. Wyatt: "Huzzahs and best wishes from us at the Dongolo, Consulate."

Fort Grant, Mafrica

Rose: "It's only been a little more than a fortnight and he is back home in his stable."

Annie (left): "This is wonderful news. We love you Jeff!"

Lt. Col. Lawford: "There he is. Let's invite him to dinner soon."

Countess Alexandra: "Jeff darlink, please honour us with your presence as soon as we return from Terra Incognita. You must bring your lovely dear 'vife too."

Greetings From Germania

"I'll dispatch your problem with two pistol shots! Come closer so I can help."
Colonel Enigma, Gallian Army, Frankfurt Am Main

Lady Pettygree: "Hello JEFF! We'll be in Frankfurt Am Main again soon."

Lady Cherish Masquerade: "Oh do come to town. We'll have a party; a masquerade ball don't you think Diana with Jeff as the guest of honour. July perhaps?

Lady Pettygree: "Till then dear, get better soon. God bless you and your wife."
Get well soon Jeff!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Post Rider - Bluebear Jeff Update

Greetings again my fellow imaginarians!

I come bearing good news of Jeff.

He has recovered much of his strength and when I visited him today (Sunday May 13) I met him standing in the hallway of the recovery ward, he had decided to take a walk and we met just around the corner from the elevators and his room.

We had a good 45 minute conversation, where I left him with all your good wishes (from the earlier posting) and did a short update with him about the blog.

Jeff thanks you all for your kind words and good feeling energies that were sent his way, keep sending them were his comments.

Lani, Ms Bluebear as some have called her, also had a message sent out today:

Jeff may get to come home on Tuesday ... everything is starting to work.

Thank you all so very very much for all that you have done and your thoughts and prayers there are no words to adequately express my gratitude.

Jeff was also willing to let me snap a photo and I share it here to round out the posting.

The Bluebear

Friday, May 11, 2012

Defense of the Bridge of Pultusk

Duchy of Mieczyslaw has successfully defended the bridge and ford of Pultusk against the Russo-Boyar invasion forces.

Borogravia defeated?

Read of Franistover's astounding victory over the foreign invader in Unkerlant's Civil War.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Post Rider - Jeff update

I have had the opportunity to visit with Jeff this afternoon.

He is not able to speak and as such is using note pages to write his thoughts and requests, some hand movements and other visual cues to communicate also.

He is really struggling to recover from the surgery and other procedures. He needs to get his lower digestive tract moving so he can get back on solid foods to regain his strength and heal. They are giving him nutrients via IV, but it is not enough for him to truly heal. 

Jeff asked about the EvE community and I gave a report about the recent naval and land operations.

He is also keen to accept any and all healing energy to give him the boost to press on in his own recovery.  Those who would send him good thoughts please take a few moments to do so.

 This was from the note page Jeff wrote.

I will likely be back in to see Jeff in a week and can carry your messages in to him.


Battles Complete

With the Russians taking a split.  One win in the Baltic, one stand off at the Bug and Narew Rivers in Mieczyslaw.

Now the focus will shift to the seas as Gran Bretan will be most active...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Russian Naval Raid on Stockholm...

Russian Mission: to attack the Swedish fleet at anchor in Stockholm (see this post)

Result of action: Russian victory

Swedish losses: 3 ships sunk, 1 immobilised;  Russian losses 1 ship sunk; 2 ships badly damaged.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Post Rider - BlueBear Jeff Update

Greetings fellow EvE Imaginators. I have had request for an update of Jeff's condition. As of Sunday he moved out of ICU, which was a relief as there were follow up complications from the surgery. On Tuesday he was moved to a 'room with a view' of Comox harbour and is reported to be progressing well. Please do all continue with your Imaginative postings here on EvE, as Jeff will want to have plenty of material to catch up on once he is back home. Cheers MurdocK

Friday, April 27, 2012

Proxy Battle Search - Naval Raid - Tipplebruder Partisans

To continue the 'Seben Year Warz" that I started last year, now another move across the board.
The Russians have broken out across the rivers into Mieczyslaw and have sent a raid into the Duchy of the North. The raid is at odds of 2:1, with the intent and orders to destroy or damage military naval vessels in the port of Stockholm. The Russians want to have local naval supremacy in the Baltic before winter sets in.
Further to the south in central Uropa Saxe-Bearstein has been overrun by the Altmoranian forces. Now Wein comes within the grasp of King Billiam of Brandenburg. The Austrians have massed forces to cover the capitol and maintain a flank force to press across the Danube should the Altmoranians take action against the fortifications. More forces are being pulled back from the Dobrudshiva borders across the Hungarian plains. Will the Brandenburgers be able to take Wein before winter proper sets in?
Stagonia, having torn off their mask and fully supported Prussian aggression into Saxe-Bearstein, is now facing a pressure force from Gallia, these Frenchies mean business and the Stagoians only have some hastily raised militia and 4th drill battalions to defend the royal holdings. While the army has settled into the mountains including Tipplebruder in their supply lines. While not the center of operations the town of Tipplebruder is facing a stripping of local supplies to feed the Stagonian forces preparing to support Prussian advances on Wein. In the Atlantic, Spanish and French fleets have re-deployed, to support a Spanish blockade of Gran Bretan fleet in Gibraltar. This has pulled many Britannia ships from patrols and released pirate activity in the Mediterranean. All communications with Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt have been cut off. I have no naval game assets, so if there are EvE active members that would like to do the 2:1 odds Naval Raid at Stockholm - again this is a raid and the aim of the Russians is to sink, burn or damage as many Swedish ships as possible. Not a landing of troops. For those with skirmish forces, or an interest in doing a mountain raiding party sort of game (or games) then Tipplebruder militia could be active in messing with the Stagonian supply lines during autumn and early winter in the mountains around Tipplebruder. (Maybe a new storyline?)