Monday, August 31, 2009

Interesting days...

An army of occupation and liberation from the Imperium has marched into Saschen-Vindow today. They have been met by cheering crowds who have given them flowers, bread and bottles of the local schnapps.
The local populous have long fretted that they were to become part of the Duchy of Tradgardland since the death of their beloved Duke Peter.
The Imperium commander, Graf von Apfelstrudel, told all who would listen the following-
“As far as the Imperium is concerned Saschen-Vindow is, and always has been, part of the Imperium. We look forward to a long and glorious stay here and hope to pay a visit into Tradgardland to reclaim territory that was once ours!”
Interesting days ahead…

Saturday, August 29, 2009

18th Century"war-games"

I am looking for information on how "large scale" manouvers/training excercises took place in the 18th Century. Questions of importance to me are wheter or not they used umpires,live firing,firing ranges and the alike. Any pointers on where to look would be great...

Monday, August 24, 2009


My Dear Lords and Ladies
The CO of the Yarra Militia, requests that you cast a vote for what you feel is the Best Regimental Colour (Flag) for his Regiment, (pictured below).
Please visit HERE and cast a Vote!

Militia Flags for viewing.

Interested in Flags?
You can read all about the Militia Flags thet are carried with pride by the Militia regiments of the HMKoNW! Click HERE!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


There is cause for celebration amoungst many of the subjects of King Phillip I. But for some in the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales, their King and Church has created the beginings of civil war.
What has caused such strife? Visit the HMKoNW and find out!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Real Loss - For those of you who do not know but Ed Studer, owner and operator of Tradition USA, has passed away. I do not know the details of his passing, just that his wife, Miriam, informed me that they would no longer be operating their miniatures business. I don't know how many of you purchased miniatures from Tradition USA but for the several years that I did, I found Ed to be a real gentleman as well as a great businessman. He was always there to back up his product and to answer questions. I had occasion to call him a couple of times and those phone calls never seemed to be inconvenient or for that matter anything but cordial. The world of wargaming needs more entrepreneurs like that. I know I'm going to miss him a lot. - Mike

Friday, August 14, 2009

Diplomatic Affairs

Great Ball last night in the Palace in honour of Countess d'Anis, just returned from a pilgrimage to La Santa Bauma, Mary Magdalene's Holy Cave in Provence.
On her way back to Monte-Cristo the charming Cavenderian ambassador visited the military harbor of Toulon, touring at length the defenses of the town. Given her perfect mastery of the French tongue, the Gardes escorting her (in civilian clothes) did not have to explain why the 'locals' claim the huge naked statue on the main wharf to be that of Amiral de Cuverville.

Some maliciously noticed that the nature of her escapade did not prevent Lady Patronelle and Herr Hermann Geldversteckt of rationalist Herrschaden from spending most of the evening together.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the first battle of the Unkerlant camapign

The post battle report of the Battle of Salzenmund awaits your leisure at the Baron's blog:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Diplomatic Report from Cavenderia

To: his Majesty Reich Duke Wilhelm of Beerstein
From: His Majesty's most devoted Ambassador General Graf Joffery von Silz
The Royal court has been a vibrant and chaotic place upon news of your near arrival. I and all of Cavenderia look forward to seeing your Majesty. The Prinz, if I may be so bold, had demonstrated notable adjustments to his emotions daily since my arrival. However, upon hearing of his esteemed cousins immanent arrival has been nothing but joyous and exuberant in his pursuits this week.
The Prinz has personnaly inspected every detail of the royal itenerary. Many battalions and garrisons have been called up to provide the utmost security during his Majesties' visit and should prove very relaxing.
The Prinz has told many a tale of your Majesty's exploits at his Uncle's sea manor and has planned a relaxing time there at the conclusion of the trip. So it is with heavy heart that I must relay some disturbig news I have ascertained recently.
In my capacity as diplomat I have heard rumours of Cavenderian privateers attacking Morean vessels and a terrifying coup attempt upon her Royal person, Theofilia. I truly believe no harm will befall Young Basil but have a feeling that Cavenderia may not be as pro-Morea as first thought. I will stay vigilint in my pursuit of information at this time all of this could be only healthy economic coersion. There is one more matter of interest, there seems to be a schedule for two distinct events of important persons visiting on the horizon. Of course, your Majesty and young Basil's visit is certainly spoken of publicly the second visit seems to be of great secrecy and brings an almost euphoric mood upon the Prinz in the brief instances I have overheard the discussion.
We look forward to your arrival,
Your respectful and faithful servant.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Achtung! International Ansage Nr.5


"Attention Nations"

Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden warmly announces the completion of docks along the Oester river. Already, Regt Ostbanhalt has been dispatched (under authorized Direktion, code OIIIIIIIO), to travel the Oester north-east to the Baltsee.

Direktor Walther Picklesturm has surveyed and therefore direkted the establishment of a Freidistrikt, for the creation of a land-corridor, between Herrschaden and the sea, for trade and tourism.

All non-belligerent nations are welcome to apply korrektly (in writing), to use this facility for the peaceful purpose of commerce. Nations should also be aware, this district is now Direkted by Herrschaden and in due course will become a main centre of ship-building and a provider of all raw materials produced by Herrschaden.

Furthermore, travel along the Oester to, through and beyond Herrschaden, is now subject to a tariff. Exemptions from this are to be forwarded korrektly (in writing) to:

Unterdirektor Maximillian Weiss, c/- Der Direktorate aus Untersuchung
Blitzenkruz, Central Distrikt,
Herrschaden 0110

In addition, the following nations are exempt from tariff and are invited to dispatch a delegation of personnel to overseer the construction of their trade chapter-house:
Presipality of Monte-Cristo
Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Princedom of Cavenderia

Nations wishing to invest in the establishment of a trade chapter-house, should do so as soon as possible. This new construction developement (yet again, another Direktorate innitative), is selling off-the-plan fast.
Prime sea-side real estate, with views, wont last long. Dont be the 'last-of-the-nations'....

An officially authorized announcement by Nelneih Trebor, on behalf of trade relations, kontrolle and anweisung , Herrschaden.

"Go ahead - make a nice day"

Authorization Code ID: OIIIIIIIO

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have kindly been invited to join the Emperor vs Elector site to report upon my attempts to create two fictitious states, that of Scotia-Albion and its historical enemy the Grande Duchy of Comyn. Progress can be viewed at This site has been an inspiration and driving force to get this project off the ground, hope I can live up to its high standards.
Graham C

Achtung! International Ansage Nr.4


"Attention Nations!"

Herrschaden announces the appointment of Unterdirektor Walther Ansbach-Hoffen to the post of attache to Hermann Geldversteckt, currently in The Presipality of Monte-Cristo.

In addition, Direktor aus Kavallerie, Rupert de Perignon 'Le Poupre', is posted to Oesterschaden, to assist Direktor-Fraulien aus Nachtmitfahrer Katarin Lahmia, in animal-husbandry techniques and the raising and training of a stout body of men for the formation of light-horse regiments.

Unterdirektor Kurt Peiper, of the Liebgarde Kurassier regt, will take position as cavalry commander, during Direktor Perignon's new duties.

That is all......for the moment".

Direktor aus Information Nelnieh Trebor, under authority from Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz,
(Authorization Code ID: OIIIIIIIO)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Battle of Minden: 1 August 1759/2009

Go here:
Scroll down on the lower right side if the link above is not clickable.
Find Campaigns In Germania blog there.

Part 1: Minden 250th, 1st. Cavalry Wave, Action At Hahlen, Map and Allied Reserves

A few photos with brief captions are on The Campaigns In Germania blog. General Sackville's cavalry on the Allied extreme right rear.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More "Goings On" in the Holy Mormoan Kingdom Of New Wales

More "goings on" are afoot in the Kingdom of New Wales! The Prophet is meeting with the Queen with news of a Holy Proclamation!
Visit the Blog and see for yourselves.