Friday, July 17, 2009

Richtungweisend Nr.21


The Direktorat aus Herrschaden announces Directive #21, as follows:

"Diplomats have been appointed to attend on the following governments, to open relations in regards to present and future relations:"

1. Hermann Geldversecht to attend on the Presipality of Monte-Cristo.
2. Professor Jochaim Biergeliebter to attend on the Reich Duchy of Beerstein.
3. Doktor Ernst Glatte to attend on Cavenderia.
4. Hans Grossekugeln to attend on the Electorate of Vulgaria.

Lietung-Direktor, Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz

Authorization ID: OlllllllO


Prinz Geoffrey said...

We will welcome Herr Doktor Glatte to our royal court he may arrive in time to witness the Festival of the Conception of Saint Anne in Twinj and the Royal Reich Dukes visit to our land. We will arrange to dispatch one of our own diplomatic corp to your land.


Your Diplomatic exchange is most welcome. Be assured our security is tighter than the legendary Madame of Eckward...

Capt Bill said...

Reich Duke Wilhelm is most pleased to accept your Ambassador, Professor Jochaim Biergeliebter. All Ambassadors are invested into the Order of the Goblet and we eagerly await his arrival. Our roving Ambassador, General Graf Ludwig von Ostendorf has been dispatched to your realm to establish diplomatic relations...


An honour to receive the legendary General Graf Ludwig! His many works entitled "Warfare Now!" are compulsory reading for all Herrschadener students, from age 5. Without the ability to quote from his works verbatim, no Herrschadener may graduate from the officer Academy.