Saturday, July 4, 2009

Grand Tour arrives safely at the Beerstein Embassy in Frankzonia

Despite the machinations of the VILE Stagonians, Reich Duke Wilhelm and his retinue arrived safely at the Beerstein Embassy in Frankszonia. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the ancient cathedral (with its adjacent beer garden), the Bastion de Bastille, and the new state of the art Sausage Mill. Oompah bands and fish fries are high on every one's list of recreations available in Franszonia!

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Frankfurter said...

Yes, yes,
and there's been quite a bit of hectic excitement preceding their arrival too.
Tonite, light dancing, a few drinks, and some famous ladies whose influence in state matters covers all the Continent!
There's a post of the prequel now on Frankszonia ...
and plenty of excitement to come ...
A grand fireworks display is being prepared!