Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good You Tube Movie: F&I French Army At Fort Niagara's 250th

May I direct your attention please to:


There you will see part of the French Army at Fort Niagara's 250th commemoration
of the 1759 Siege this past weekend. I am so very proud of my fellows. From
small beginnings over twenty years ago we have a large, competent, companionable
and cohesive force.
1. Part of the Army including our artillery was out in the works outside the
covered way: two lunettes and one ravelin. Others were on guard duty within the
2. You will see me at 14-17 seconds immediately after our musicians. My
near-white coat now has sun-bleached blue cuffs and a blue collar; Rgt. Royal
Roussillon. The officer dressed similarly but with red cuffs and collar to my
left is from Rgt. de la Reine.
3. There is a way to stop the motion picture and if one is clever there is a
button to click to expand all to completely cover your monitor.
4. On this occasion I was second in command of Army units; roughly 50 soldiers.
I say it this way because we were divided into divisions; Army, Marine, Milice
(militia), Artillery, Native Americans and Boats.
5. I had a wonderful time. Stories to follow over the next few days.
Votre serviteur,


Robert said...

Thanks for posting that!

Recently I have been re-thinking my paint job on the French infantry, thinking they were still too "grey" looking, so I tried using Ceramcoat Sandstone as a base, highlighted with Antique White (a very light ivory).

As it turns out, it matches the colour of the justeaucorps nicely, if the coats in the video are anything to go by.

And clearly my well-rounded Front Rank miniatures are more than well-proportioned enough for the job! (not that I am in any position to comment myself, mind...)

tradgardmastare said...

Stirring stuff - it looks great...

Capt Bill said...

Great fun, thanks!

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Fantastic film, I noticed that the gaiters appeared much whiter than the coats, breeches, etc. Any thoughts as to why the gaiters are much brighter white than the rest of the clothing. I have been painting up my French minis this way, any thoughts?

Gallia said...

Gaiters, officer's belts, shirts are white; canvas sort of. Breeches and big outer coat (justaucorps) are near white/ cream. Figure an antique white mixed with a smidgeon of leather brown.
Bon chance,