Saturday, July 18, 2009

International Ansage Nr.2


"Attention nations. Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, Lietung-Direktor aus Herrschaden, announces that Herrschaden has agreed, after request, to extend the responsibility of Direktorenschelle to the district of OEBEL. This region is now integral to The Direktorate.
The nature of geography also endorses Herrschaden to take immediate responsibility for the Schwerwald to the south of district Erbach and Oebel. District Schellenberg has also formalised the area along the Oester riverline, to now include the east-bank of this feature. District Banhalt has developed a trades-road network north-east towards the same river, this region will now be known as Ostbanhalt.
Direktorate Cartographers are currently surveying and mapping these regions."

Direktor (Science) Walther Picklesturm

Authorisation code ID: OIIIIIIIO

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