Monday, January 31, 2011

Galatan Army Flag plates

Yesterday night I proceeded uploading a complete, revised series of printable flag plates of all the currently active Regular Regiments in my Imagi-Nation's army. There are 6 different plates, one of which for Horse squadrons, another 4 devoted to Infantry of the Line and a last one for Citizen Militiae. These flag plates have been uploaded into our National Library page, along with those already existing on Land and Sea flags of Galatea and their neighbours. Hope them will be useful to those proxy gamers waiting for a chance to fight any of the battles our 1713-1714 campaign is about to produce shortly!

Please read it all at, if interested.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Austrian Army Additions

Minden Miniatures SYW Austrian grenadiers form two converged battalions, supported by the newly raised Regiment Botta (in the third rank). Painted by Der Alte Fritz. Click pix to enlarge.

The Austrian Minister of Defense has been busy recruiting new forces for Marie Therese's army. They expect to clash at the annual Seven Years War Association Convention in South Bend, Indiana on March 21 - 23, 2011.

You can find out more information about this year's convention at the following link for the Yahoo group:

The Austrian artillery park has also increased in size, as shown below. Minden Austrians artillery crew figures fire cannon provided by Berliner Zinnfiguren.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Proxy RPG game, currently held in Galatea

A group of RPG gamers have co-ordinated with us Galatea Imagi-Nation wargamers, to start a sword & musket RPG scenario, set up in our Late WSS 1713-1714 campaign for the subjugation (or Liberty) of Catalonia/Galatea. Their scenario is being played simultaneously with our wargaming campaign, so that they both can potentially influence to each other.

The scenario itself is set around the initiative of a couple of survivors to the Tivissa Battle for rescuing their comrades in arms, who have been captured by the Two Crowns. During their adventure they'll have to face not only Spanish Bourbon troops but also unexpected, legendary threats. However, they're going to enjoy some not less unexpected aids...

The adventure has been given the name of The Rescue, and we have published 3 chapters of it so far. In the next days, we'll be publishing the rest of this highly thrilling and emoting adventure. If interested, let's follow it at

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An article on Imagi-Nations...

...wot I wrote last year for Compost, the South London Warlords in-house magazine, is over here on 4-Share. You have to download the .pdf, so click on Download (left hand side blue button on page, the other one takes you to the Buy Our Software stuff)) then "Download Now" just above the timer on the next page (wait for the timer to finish - yes, its a cr*ppy system, will excoriate Editor accordingly....).

Article starts on Page 21.

Anyway, the Powers That Be have decided to possibly publish a version of it in the Salute magazine for 2011 (Salute being the biggest wargames show in the UK) with some more pix of people's Imagi-Armies in action (inaction?) - accredited to said blogs of course - in it. I thought it was best if I looked for pix that worked and asking if those blog authors were OK with using them.

I hope the article captures the flavour.... suggest changes/other stuff and I can think about adding it in (the despotic author's decision is final....)

Rapid refund

Meanwhile, in the highlands of northern Britain, King George's men go about the thankless task of collecting taxes. Here we see the sassenach escorting the tax wagon through the Scottish market town of Crag Bannock. Concealed nearby, Red Dougie MacArdo and friends await their opportunity to collect a tax refund on the sum so recently extracted.

This was prepared as a backup game to be played by the King of San Maurice and the Elector if time allowed after campaign moves were made in their most recent war. Since time ran out before we could get to this we'll never know if the lads among heather got their coin back or not. Most of the houses in the town (and all of the really nice ones) were made by King Louis Phillipe. He's the artistic one, I'm the good looking one.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Jolly Highwayman

Word has reached the Akim of Oobleckistan that the notorious bandit leader "Don" Dharko has been causing trouble along our souther border with New Byzantium. We take such reports with the utmost of concern and shall imediately dispatch such men as may be required to bring justice to the frontier.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Roleplaying in an Imagi-Nation

Under label of "The Rescue", from now on you'll find at the narration of a RPG adventure played by a group of gamers -none of which has nothing to do with the wargaming Imagi-Nation itself-, who are following the evolution of our 1713-1714 Campaign of Catalonia refight and would like to contribute to the slow building up of our Imagi-Nation's alternate history. The gaming group is using a variant of GURPS ruleset and consists of 4 players, directed by Marc -their GM. They started gaming on last weekend, and expect to complete it in the next weeks. In he meanwhile, we'll be translating into our most decent English the gaming chronicles they're delivering to us. If curious, you can already read the introductory chapter at: The Rescue (1).

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Uniforms & Colours webpage, re-modeled

I've taken some advantage of these latest days of reduced activity to completely re-build the webpage of my Imagi-Nation weblog ( listing the Catalan/Galatan WSS Army. In place of completely replacing the old stuff, at the moment I've chosen to add a new webpage ("1713 army") without deleting the old one ("army old stuff"), so that eventual differences can be easily seen. At a later stage that "old stuff" page will be deleted, or re-used to host a Later Army listing... (congenital optimism, this of mine)

If interested, please read this posting at my weblog.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

War! Well, the holidays are over and that can only mean one thing. The monarchy of St. Maurice and the Duchy of Ardoberg-Holstein have managed to get into a disagreement about something. So it's boots and saddles and the opposing armies are on the march. The little map here will give the membership some idea of where the fighting will occur. For more information, take a look at the latest reporting from the Ardoberg Inquirer ("Less than it could be, but more than you wanted to know." ) at

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to the New Year

We may not be sure just which Eighteenth Century year it is . . . since some of us game in the early part, most in the middle and some at the end.

But it really doesn't matter.

It is a new year; and that means that it is time to decide just what we want to game in this new year.

What does YOUR army need?

More troops? More terrain? More games played?

Well, now is the time for "new year's resolutions" . . . what can you do for your Imagi-Nation? Decide and get cracking on it. Just think, you have 365 days ahead of you to act upon your resolutions.

Happy New Year, everyone.

-- Jeff

PS, The photo is from the Battle of Wollmitz, as the vile Stagonian cavalry initiate a charge against the valiant Saxe-Bearsteiners . . . a charge into a "killing zone" that saw them smote down. Murdock and I were on the vile Stagonian side (the "bad guys"), while Ross Macfarlane (visiting from the other end of Canada) and his friend played the "good guys" and won a resounding victory. (as usual, click on photo for larger view). By the way, Ross also has the wonderful "Battle Game of the Month" blog.