Monday, January 10, 2011

Roleplaying in an Imagi-Nation

Under label of "The Rescue", from now on you'll find at the narration of a RPG adventure played by a group of gamers -none of which has nothing to do with the wargaming Imagi-Nation itself-, who are following the evolution of our 1713-1714 Campaign of Catalonia refight and would like to contribute to the slow building up of our Imagi-Nation's alternate history. The gaming group is using a variant of GURPS ruleset and consists of 4 players, directed by Marc -their GM. They started gaming on last weekend, and expect to complete it in the next weeks. In he meanwhile, we'll be translating into our most decent English the gaming chronicles they're delivering to us. If curious, you can already read the introductory chapter at: The Rescue (1).

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