Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to the New Year

We may not be sure just which Eighteenth Century year it is . . . since some of us game in the early part, most in the middle and some at the end.

But it really doesn't matter.

It is a new year; and that means that it is time to decide just what we want to game in this new year.

What does YOUR army need?

More troops? More terrain? More games played?

Well, now is the time for "new year's resolutions" . . . what can you do for your Imagi-Nation? Decide and get cracking on it. Just think, you have 365 days ahead of you to act upon your resolutions.

Happy New Year, everyone.

-- Jeff

PS, The photo is from the Battle of Wollmitz, as the vile Stagonian cavalry initiate a charge against the valiant Saxe-Bearsteiners . . . a charge into a "killing zone" that saw them smote down. Murdock and I were on the vile Stagonian side (the "bad guys"), while Ross Macfarlane (visiting from the other end of Canada) and his friend played the "good guys" and won a resounding victory. (as usual, click on photo for larger view). By the way, Ross also has the wonderful "Battle Game of the Month" blog.


tradgardmastare said...

And a Happy New Year to you Jeff and all at EvE!
Looking forward to another year in the company of such genial and inspiring fellows as youself and all in our 18th century band of brothers...
best wishes
p.s I was looking today ( with a view to posting upon it...) for the old Imperium blog which dealt with Austro-Hungarian affairs. I can't seem to find it Jeff - if I have missed the link my apologies.

tidders said...

the old grey matter is ticking over; perhaps more palace rooms for Wittenberg, more troops for my armies ...

happy new year to all

-- Allan

Prince Lupus said...

1735 again!

A J said...

A Happy New Year to one and all! Wishes: More figures to complete my ImagiNation armies, and progress with my Africa Station colonial project.

freecloud said...

Of course, in New Byzantium we use the Julian calendar so its not New Year yet, but we still wish you all a happy 1756 :)

As to new projects, the resolution is not to start any until the old ones are done:

- Fill in my 7YW French with the New Byzantium Imagi-Nation units

- Paint all the 15mm Austrian 1809 lead remaining

- Finish the WW1/RCW Greeks aka Back of Balkan Beyond outfit

- Finish the VSF British army

- Start and finish their opponents, the She Who Must be Obeyed/Lost Valley Darkest Africa outfit

- Finish the WW2 US 5th Army IV Corps (a mix of Italians, South Africans, Free French, Brazilians and Americans Buffalo soldiers and US-Japanese)

- Start and complete the WW2 Russians plastic we have.

Should keep me busy....

Fitz-Badger said...

Happy new year to all!

My main goal will be to finish off the figures I need for the exploration of Afrodesia (nearly there), and then to actually start playing games. I will also add more creatures for the explorers to encounter as I find them (bought a few recently for Christmas). And then I can add more stuff (like lizardmen) as time permits and as I find suitable figures.

MurdocK said...

Return to the tabletop.