Saturday, January 15, 2011

Proxy RPG game, currently held in Galatea

A group of RPG gamers have co-ordinated with us Galatea Imagi-Nation wargamers, to start a sword & musket RPG scenario, set up in our Late WSS 1713-1714 campaign for the subjugation (or Liberty) of Catalonia/Galatea. Their scenario is being played simultaneously with our wargaming campaign, so that they both can potentially influence to each other.

The scenario itself is set around the initiative of a couple of survivors to the Tivissa Battle for rescuing their comrades in arms, who have been captured by the Two Crowns. During their adventure they'll have to face not only Spanish Bourbon troops but also unexpected, legendary threats. However, they're going to enjoy some not less unexpected aids...

The adventure has been given the name of The Rescue, and we have published 3 chapters of it so far. In the next days, we'll be publishing the rest of this highly thrilling and emoting adventure. If interested, let's follow it at

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abdul666 said...

A very interesting aspect of a multi-faceted campaign -and a very promising mix of characters!