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In the Duchy of Tradgardland ( pictured here in ceremonial costume ) the current holder of the Ducal sinecure - Master of the Aviary or Papageno as he is known , is concerned about rare visitors to the Duchy , namely a pair of Hoopoes. Underneath this innocuous role he serves another purpose as a recorder of dubious visitors to the Duchy. He arranges for such undesirables to be followed ,observed and recorded in his tomes. Strangers have been observed in profusion over the last few days.......

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Otto men?

Given the lively developments ... I probably missed this already,
but ...
does anybody actually HAVE any Ottoman units ready for gaming?

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More Mappe thoughts

Hello again everyone!

Whew there are many more names to work on here, and I thought I should try to see what consensus there is before pressing on.

I have a VERY ROUGH draft map started based on the Empires in Arms (EiA) map from the Avalon Hill game of the same name.

It covers the same primary territories and has really great detail, I am only going to upload a 'fuzzy' version right now, but rest assured that the bigger one has great detail and plenty of room for us to 'adjust' it.

What I am asking is for our good moderator here, Jeff, to perhaps post in a little poll so that those here can have some time to ponder and respond.

Simple question, perhaps not so simple an answer (at least as I had first thought).

"Do you want to have a detailed map for this part of imaginary Urope?"

answers of Yes, No and Maybe or conditional could be put in I suppose, but I shall leave that to Jeff and others who might want to respond to this post.

принц of Boyardvina

setting: drawing room of fashionable home east of Vitebsk, a celebration of spring dinner party has many of the notables from the Tsar's realms gathered, the sounds of thier after dinner conversations rise and fall in the distance...

A smartly dressed gentleman is pacing in the drawing room, evidently he has not wanted the company of his fellow diners.

Presently another man slips in from the dressing room nearest the coach-house, his dress is that of a road traveller and shows much wear from the season past.

"Excellency," the older road traveller addreses the well dressed paceing diner, with a curt bow and flickering aversion of his eyes around the room.

"News?" is the response from the well dressed man.

"It would seem that the Habsburg court is somewhat distracted by a combination of expanding military actions to both their south and north. The Vizier in Constantinople is sabre rattling while the Prussians appear to be ready to defend their recent gains." The traveller removed a paper from his coat.

"Parts of Gallian holdings are ready to support the Germanic holdings and may participate against the Ottomans were they to press on with their apparent plans to capture more reich territories." The older man read from his notes, while the younger poured them both a glass of wine.

"Nothing seen in Dobrushiva suggests that they are preparing for action, however this campaign may be driven by the Vizier or his henchmen in Constantinople directly, with the main force still far from the border regions." The traveller took the offered wine glass.

Nodding the Prince considered this news, for a moment there was a roar of laughter from the dining rooms. When this subsided the Prince turned to his messenger,

"Take fresh horses in the morning, ride south and inform Admiral Padorin to make reconnaisances by land and sea along the Black Sea." The prince turned away for a moment more to write a quick note, he sealed it with his signet ring using wax from one of the candleabra's lights.

"This is for General-Major Sytoparov. Tell him to make all preparations slow and careful. We may even catch the opezdol looking the wrong way!" Chuckling to himself as he drained the wineglass принц of Boyardvina watched his messenger depart with the latest dispatch towards the south. Back to the dinner party and finding out how much of the Tsar's wealth could be spared for another stab at the Ottomans.

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A letter and its response...

At the Palace in Istanbul- early morning ...
This letter was brought to me prior to the first sherbert of the day- if it had arrived as I ate I would surely have choked to death and be in paradise now!
Monsieur Secretary to the Ottomon Vizier Evidya,I have the honor to receive your letter of this month from Istanbul regarding Ottomon interests within The Imperium. His Majesty King Louis XV of Gallia asked me to disclose his answer so that no one will misaprehend him. The King desires me tell you that Gallia is an ally of The Imperium. Therefore, we can not view land acquisition from the realm of the Empress within our interests. The domain of the Empress, its disposition and its management is solely her sovereign right. Therefore I regret to inform you Sir we cannot support the interests of the Vizier in this context.The King also desires I inform you that he demands the payment of 2,768,025 livre for damages caused by the arsonist in your pay for fires set in Paris last summer. Those whom we captured linked your Vizier directly to that mad combustible attack designed to burn down the entire city.The King expects your Vizier will do the honorable thing and make payment within this year as I remain,Your Humble Servant,Prince de CharadeGallian Foreign Ministerin Versailles
Well can you believe this Gallian nonsense ! I the Vizier will not be party to such lies ...... I will begin preparations to call our soldiers from all corners. I shall pour over my maps, I shall plan and make preparations.....Now an idea has struck me like the desert winds strike an oasis of peace. I shall call for my loyal assassin - he of the dagger and the poison - quick slave fetch him forth NOW!!!!!

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To the Empress ....

Hey guys, is there an active player for the Empire???
I'm sure that Mr. Protz had a friend running that side of things, didn't he?
All the info I can find right now is a minister kauntz?

Dawn March 4, 1758 Off Shetland

Narrator: As the sun slowly illuminated the cold northern waters south of the Main Island in the Shetland group, the wind began to stir again with the slight warming of the atmosphere. The Gallian fleet was sailing to the southward in three lines abreast. The eastern most line consisted of the four flutes. The two other lines to the westward had four 74s each. In the middle aboard the flagship Impenetrable....

Gallian Admiral Suthren to himself: "There they are ... dead ahead ... to the southward. I make out seven ships of the line and one frigate. We have eight ships of the line, our frigate and little Alerte. The Britannians mean business. [He looks astern.] Ah. Good. The Hesse-Engelburg squadron has exited Bressay Sound on a southeasterly heading. They will come up to seaward of my flutes. I wonder what the Britannian Admiral will think. He can't know what Kommodore Mueller will do."

Flag Capitaine Aigle: "Admiral. The odds are nearly even if the Hesse-Engelburgers do not engage."

Suthren: "They will only engage if attacked. We do not have enough of an advantage unless somehthing happens in our favour. This means we will have to disengage since our primary mission will fail if we are sufficiently shot to pieces. Signal the fleet to make for the southeast to take the advantage of the wind on our staboard stern quarter. Fall off on a bearing for Denmark."

Narrator: For an hour the wind rose slowly allowing a gradual increase in speed. Each fleet contined on these headings. Britannians heading straight north for the Shetlands and Bressay Sound. Gallians still far to the north of the Britannians angling away to the southeast. The Hesse-Engelburg squadron farther to the north on a southeasterly heading which would bring them to seaward of the Gallians, they being faster wih all frigates and one unloaded merchantman.

A Lookout Aloft Aboard Impenetable: "Deck there. DECK! Three sail of the line hull up to the eastward."

Aigle: "What flag do they fly?"

Lookout: "Tradgardland Suuuurrrrrr."

Suthren: [Looking through his perspective glass at the new arrivals.] "Well then, that gives us eleven sail of the line to their seven not counting frigates."

Aigle: "Admiral. The Britannians have shifted to the nortwestward. I think they mean to disengage with these heavy odds against them. A slower tack too."

Suthren: "We shall see. Order the fleet to make for the Tradgardland squadron. An easting Capitaine Aigle. We will join our ally and see. We must not lose our valuable cargo."

The order of battle as we know it was:

Tradgardland Squadron
Duke Karl Frederick
Wild Strawberries (90) Flagship Duke Karl Frederick commanding
Fanny (64) Captain Ulmann
Alexander (64) Captain Ekdhal

Hesse-Engelburg Squadron
Kommodore Hans Mueller
Gewitter (40) Flagship
Fechter (36)
Donnerkeil (36)
Gielfalke (20)
Johannes Sebastian (8) merchantman

Gallian Fleet
Admiral Suthren
Impenetrable (74) Flagship (Flag Capitaine Aigle)
Courage (74)
Vexation (74)
Discombobulator (74)
Audace (74)
Poseidon (74)
Acheron (74)
Mars (74)
l’Vengeance (40)
Alerte (20)

Warships en-flute carrying battalion Albany

The Britannians
7x Sail of the line
1x Frigate

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A letter

A letter from Istanbul...

To their florivorios Majesties of Europa,Greetings in the name of Right ! To her fragrentness blossom Maria Theresa and the heads of states insignificant and petty I send the greetings of my master Mustapha Sultan of the East and master of all!I write,once more and with the greatest urgency demanding that ambassadors be appointed and sent forthwith to His Excellency's Palace in Istanbul that relations may be made known regarding the handing over of what land is rightly ours since 1739! We have waited long and desire only peace and land that is our by Laws divine and human! The land once known as the Banat of Torgoras is once more under our control and so we wait upon the border of Austria and Europa herself!An ultimatum is being sent forth to Europa - if no ambassadors are forthcoming by the next Full Moon , accompanied by endeavours to surrender lands once more to us then we shall call the full force of our armies will be asked to meet, from all the ends of the earth, with a view to war !We wish peace and justice to flow between our lands and Europa as well as the Eastern territories of the Austrian Empire to be ours once more . Failure to do so will regretfully mean the sounding of the shrill flute of conquest! That which was stopped at the gates of Vienna will not be stopped this time!

RespectfullyEvidya Secretary to the Vizier- blessed be his name for ever!

The Cardinal arrives upon dry land

Today the Cardinal landed at Le Harve and has taken a galley down the river Seine . He will be the guest of Cardinal Richielieu at Versailles. He looks forward to his stay amidst the glittering Gallian Court and hopes for Diplomacy and Pleasure in equal measure .....

Naval Matters

With high tide , The Duke of Tradgardland left Althavn to sail Northwards to restore order upon the Isles of Shetland. He sailed upon the man of war " Wild Strawberries" accompanied by the Frigates "Fanny " and "Alexander." He left the Duchess and Alisona to oversee the interests of the Duchy while he is gone.
The Duke made landfall at the Shetland Main Island on the morning of March 4th, 1758.

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See these posts for background:
March 12, 2008 Interlude At Sea
March 13, 2008 Intermission Ashore
Locations mentioned below may be seen and are described on the internet.
All are real and fun to see and read about.

Admiral Suthren
Lt. Général Pierre l’Duc de Galantier
Flag Capitaine Aigle
Admiral Suthren’s Coxswain
Hesse-Engelburg Ambassador Colonel von Heiner
Hesse-Engleburg Kommodore Hans Mueller
Tradgardland Rebel Leader Van Olsen
Tradgardland Emissary Alisona
Capitaine Tojour: Officer in command of the Gallian shore party

Narrator: May I recall your vicarious contemplations back to March 3, 1758? In the early morning darkness a Gallian shore party of 100 regulars with Lt. Général Pierre l’Duc de Galantier off loaded from the frigate l’Vengeance (40). They stormed in from the sea on the Main Island of The Shetlands. Their mission, to rescue the lovely widow and emissary Alisona of Tradgardland who had already made her escape.

Meanwhile, Gallian Admiral Suthren’s two squadrons of 8 x 74s entered Bressay Sound to demonstrate and distract Tradgardland rebel forces in the main town of Lerwick. Upon arrival a squadron of Hesse-Engelburg warships was observed to lie peacefully at anchor in the harbor. Signals were exchanged resulting in Admiral Suthren being rowed to the Hesse-Engelburg flagship Gewitter for conversation, news and fate. And now….


Admiral Suthren’s Coxswain: Barely grinning and quietly inquiring, “Will you be using the fine entry port Sir or trust your legs to the steps up the tumble home?”

Suthren: [Smiling at his old friend] “The entry port is for my elders whose dignity would otherwise suffer. Up I go. [Jamming his tricornerd hat more snugly on his head, the Admiral ascended outward and then inward arriving at the main deck. After saluting the Hesse-Engelburg flag with his upraised hat, he turned to Kommodore Mueller grasping the latter’s outstretched hand.]

Mueller: “Welcome aboard Admiral. I am glad to meet you. Allow me to escort you to the quarterdeck where l’Duc de Galantier and Oberst Ambassador von Heiner are waiting for us.

Capitaine Tojour: “Shore party! Prenez gard a vous! (Attention) Presentez …vos arms.” [Simultaneously the Gewitter’s marines also present arms to honor their surprise guest.]

Narrator: After introductions to the ship’s officers, courtesies and compliments on the quarterdeck, our main characters go below to the Kommodore’s day cabin for refreshment, conversation and news. After the last toast….

Suthren: “Kommodore, no doubt you are as surprised to see us as we are surprised to find you here. Let me begin saying certain information was passed to my government that a Tradgardland traitor named Van Olsen had seized control of the island, convinced the Tradgardland soldiers here to join his cause and afterwards imprisoned the Duke of Tradgardland’s daughter Alisona who came here to rectify matters. My squadrons with the King’s nephew l’Duc de Galantier were temporarily diverted from another mission to see what we could do here…if anything.

Galantier: “Yes. A Shetland fishing boat captain informed us at sea that Alisona was being held in a fortress named Broch of Clickimin on the southwest side of the town here, Lerwick. We hatched a plot for me to come in from the sea via a hidden inlet to recover the maiden while the Admiral demonstrated in Bressay Sound to occupy Van Olsen’s thoughts. We were obliged to act as if there was not a minute to lose.

Mueller: “Ja. Bold. I like it. But of course you had no notion the girl had made her escape before your arrival. Loyal Tradgardland soldiers at the little fortress where she was being held took her to Scalloway Castle a few miles west of here. Afterwards she boarded a small boat at the nearby fishing village of Hamnavoe for home. When Van Olsen heard this the rebellion ended with his suicide. A messy and tragic business, may God rest his soul.”

All: "Amen."

Von Heiner: “And Admiral, after l’Duc de Galantier and party captured the Broch of Clickimin one of our Hesse-Engelburg officers discovered your people there and under a flag of truce brought them here to explain things. Since we are not at war with Gallia, I thought it best to find out more…and here we are.”

Galantier: “Excuse me. Admiral, I sent a message for l’Vengeance to come round the point to pick us up. She may be appearing any moment in the Sound."

Mueller: “That just about explains it all gentlemen except our purpose here. We left the continent bound circuitously for these islands for reasons the same as yours…to see what, if anything, we could do. The Tradgardlanders are not known as a naval power with so many gallies and so our Sovereign ordered us here with carte blanche authority. We were shadowed by a Britannian frigate but lost them in a ruse at night.”

Von Heiner: “The soldiers stationed here remain loyal to their Duke but somehow were discombobulated by Van Olsen. We’ve rounded up a few of the traitors. There are hardly any. We think it best to bring them to Tradgardland when we weigh anchor in the morning for home. For the moment they are locked away in Fort Charlotte. There are enough loyal Tradgardland officers who have already assumed command.”

Suthren: "Well gentlemen. That seems to be the end of it. We shall weigh anchor in the morning as well and resume our original mission. But first, may I raise a glass to the Duke of Tradgardland and his lovely daughter Alisona?

All: “To the Duke AND Alisona!”

Narrator: That was NOT the end of it! Moments after the toast, Capitaine Tojour arrived at the doorway, hat under his arm. Suthren turned to inquire why he came aboard.

Toujour: "Capitaine Aigle is signaling from the flagship Sir. Enemy in sight! And Sir, l’Vengeance is flying up the sound round the point from the southward under all sail signaling the same.”

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Easter Eve

It was Easter Eve in the Duchy of Tradgardland. The Ducal Family attended the Vigil at the Cathedral. From outside, the newly kindled Easter Fire was brought into a darkened Cathedral. By the time the Cardinal came to the Altar , the light of hundreds of candles illuminated the ancient building. Christ has Risen!He has Risen indeed! The ancient cry and response was heard once more!

A Happy Easter to all of you from the Duchy of Tradgardland and Alan,Jan,Zoe ,Anna and Freya !

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Battle at Greenford

Gentlemen I have heard from the French ambassador that their expeditionary force to Ireland has won another victory and is marching on Kinsale.

The British envoy claims that this is purely a raid and nothing of consequence ever happens in Ireland

The Frundsberg Zeitung claims that the victory was won by their forces without French assistance.

For more information link

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Out of Character...

With the recent rise of the Ottoman Empire,once more setting her eyes Westwards ,I feel it would be useful to know where our nations lie- especially those who have a border with the Ottoman Empire!
Am I alone in wishing we had a map of our relative positions as the campaign season comes forth. Any volunteers or views?
best wishes

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A letter...

An Ottoman Letter to Maria Theresa may be read at
Is trouble looming out of the East - Reader beware!!


It is now 12 days since Von Bergmann met the highwayman who turned out to be a Bow Street Runner. Having been taken before the Judge Von Bergmann now languishes in prison awaiting being put upon trial for spying. His morale lies shattered in the fetid cell that has been his home for nearly two weeks.

His clerical disguise has done him no favours and his friends within the Royal Society have been unable to secure his release so far . So he waits for there is little else to do...

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The Battle of Olmosbach

As the sun slowly began to set, Norris rode up to the Landgraf. Bogey was urging on the survivors of the Leib Regiment. Through the smoke of the day’s battle, Imperial battle flags and white coats could be seen approaching.

“Your Excellency!” Norris shouted over the din of another volley.

Bogey seemed not to notice, instead glaring from his horse over the heads of the regiments as the answering volley felled more soldiers to join the piles on the ground.

“Excellency!” Norris grew bold and grabbed the Landgraf’s reins as he shouted.

“I know,” Bogey said softly.

“Excellency, the cavalry did their best, but they are driven from the field. The jagers are intact, and one of the Germanian battalions is intact, but they cannot hold for long. We must withdraw!”

“And my infantry?”

“The Blaine regiment is holding, but reduced. Von Earle has been savaged and run. They lost their cannon. One of the Germanian battalions is also gone. We have enough for a rearguard, but only if we withdraw now.”

Bogey drew a deep breath and sat taller in the saddle.

“Give the order. Fall back to our side of the border. You take the rearguard. I’ll rally what I can find.”

Norris saluted briskly and watched the Landgraf and his small suite ride back across the valley toward Fedora, then turned to the Leib Regiment’s commander.

“Fall back, but keep them in control. You’re the only thing keeping them back. Give me until an hour after dark. But don’t lose control!”

Norris didn’t wait for the salute, but turned his horse and galloped to his jagers. They had given an Imperial grenadier company a bloody nose, but would be cut off by the dragoons if he didn’t hurry.

Across the battlefield, Feldmarschallieutenant von Blei-Sammeln saw what was left of the Fedoran line begin to retreat. A sneer curled on his lips as he turned to General von Stein.

“They’re done. Stein, get me some wine. This calls for a celebration!”

“Immediately Herr General! Her Imperial Majesty will certainly promote you for this day!” said the immaculately dressed Homburger. Even his horse was still clean.

“Stein, you have a remarkable grasp on things. Feldzeugmeister does have an admirable sound to it!”

For an after action report, please visit

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Admiral Suthren
Lt. Général Pierre l’Duc de Galantier
Flag Capitaine Aigle
Admiral Suthren’s Coxwain
Ambassador Colonel von Heiner
Hesse-Engleburg Admiral

Narrator: Admiral Suthren’s two Gallian squadrons are deep within Bressay Sound nearing the town of Lerwick on the main island of The Shetlands. Aboard the flagship Impenetrable (74)….

Admiral Suthren: “Flag Capitaine Aigle, I would be obliged if you would order the hoisting of flags to speak with the Hesse-Engleburger commander.”

Flag Capitaine Aigle: “Oui Monsieur l’Admiral. At once.

Narrator: Aigle passes the orders. Within minutes flags are hoisted to the main and foremast tops signifying, “We wish to speak, accented by the black and red pennant of Hesse-Engleburg.” To call attention to the signals, one cannon is fired. The boom of the discharge cannot be unheard in the town of Lerwick as it reaches the shore. Not one eye was looking anywhere else but at the eight Gallian 74s anyway; one squadron of four coming from the south and the other from the north. Moments later no doubt anticipating an exchange of signals….

Aigle: “Monsieur l’Admiral, the Hesse-Engleburger flagship is signaling “Repair on board flag and … Welcome!”

Suthren: “Bon. [Good]. Prepare my barge crew and I would be obliged if you would remain in command during my absence.”

Aigle: “Helmsman bring her up into the wind but do not get close to irons or I’ll know why. Send for the Admiral’s coxswain to prepare and lower away his barge.

Narrator: As the Impenetrable comes up into the wind her yards begin to shiver as the wind spills from the impossible angle. The great ship is losing way but not entirely. She maintains minimal steerageway in case of need to fall off the wind to regain speed. Soon the marines stamp to attention as the Admiral passes before them to drop down into the barge. His barge crew smartly clad in their number one uniforms hold their white oars aloft and never look anywhere but straight ahead. The coxswain casts a steely eye on the crew. They all know the formula and would not miss this pomp and ceremony for the world.

Coxwain: “Welcome Admiral. {Suthren nods approving with a hint of a smile to his old friend, then sits in the stern sheets.] Barge crew. Give way all!”

Narrator: With this order, the barge drifts a little from the Impenetrable. When enough room allows, every oar drops to the water as one and begins its stroke. Thus, Suthren is on his way to speak to the Hesse-Engleburg commander or his counterpart, whomever he may be. Suthren is wearing his number one uniform too with gilt presentation sword studded with emeralds given to him by the King for his victory in The Indian Ocean a year ago. As they come within a cable length {200yards] of the Hesse-Engleburg flagship…..

Coxwain: “Admiral Sir. They are preparing a reception. There appears to be no mischief about and Sir, I see Lt. Général Pierre l’Duc de Galantier's detachment at attention with fixed bayonets on the dock. The Duc, himself, is smiling while shaking the hand of a prominent looking man, a civilian, methinks, on the quarterdeck.”

Suthren: “Bon.”

Narrator: In moments the Admiral will be aboard the Hesse-Engleburg flagship. Pipes there are already twittering. The marines reminiscent of Gallian marines are at attention and the flag of Gallia has been hoisted to the mizzen as a gesture of friendship. I believe I see Ambassador Colonel von Heiner of Hesse-Engleburg waiving his tricornered hat. We have now arrived at an intermission ashore. All is well, but of what will the men speak? No doubt their thoughts will turn to Alisona and the rebel leader.

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Interlude At Sea

Narrator: After the “Versailles Preludes”, the reader was left in the dark. Hopefully more than a brace of you have been anticipating the morning of the 3rd. instant when Gallian Admiral Suthren’s two squadrons arrived at their destination. Did you contemplate too, the orders for the King’s nephew, Lt. Général Pierre l’Duc de Galantier, aboard l’Vengeance (40) and why he was abruptly ordered from imminent service in the opening of the 1758 campaign in Germania to sail the seas? Let me start a little farther back in time. It is the 2nd of March aboard the flagship, Impenetrable (74). The Admiral and Galantier….

Admiral Suthren
Lt. Général Pierre l’Duc de Galantier
Grenadier Capitaine Tojour
Van Olsen
Flag Capitaine Aigle
Tradgardland Guard


March 2, 1758

Suthren: “I am honored to attempt your plan Galantier. It is bold, strong and has the promise of success.”

Galantier: “Oui. Merci but I am the one honored by your approbation. Our little play beckons success but fate or destiny will perhaps laugh. Still, let’s go over the plan for the last time.

Suthren: “The isles of little horses. The Shetlands. Here on the map is the capital of Lerwick lieing roughly at the center of the main island. Notice the bastion of old Fort Charlotte in the town and the fortification named Broch of Clickimin to the southwest. Surely the Tradgardland rebel Van Olsen has batteries sited to fire from these to the eastward into Bressay Sound and possibly onto Bressay Island slightly to the eastward. We must be careful not to expose my ships needlessly so early in this campaign. We have it on good authority from the fishing boat Captain Grant we spoke to yesterday that the prisoner is held inside the Broch of Clickimin.

Galantier: “At 4am the ships boats of l’Vengeance will row ashore beyond this point, here, landing the grenadier and piquet compagnies of Battalion Albany in the small bay, an inlet really. We will quietly assemble and then be led by the Monsieur Grant to the Broch of Clickimin storming it from the rear. The guard is said to be disheartened and will not fight. I hope this to be true and that the prisoner will be given up without bloodshed. Afterwards we race back to the boats and row hard for l’Vengeance.”

Suthren: “At sunrise the two squadrons will enter the sound. Half from the north and half from the south saluting the town thereby removing their attention from inland to seaward. I will send in a ships boat demanding to speak with Van Olsen to explain the situation and to safeguard our interests. The supply vessels will remain far offshore mimicking a third squadron of warships. Indeed, it will not be difficult as they are as we say en-flute. This show of strength will I hope collapse the rebellion especially when Van Olsen learns the prisoner has been rescued. Now let us a drink a toast….

Later: 6:00am March 3

Narrator: As the sun begins to illuminate the cold northern sky Galantier’s body of elite fighting men consisting of 43 grenadiers with 41 piquet’s from Battalion Albany seconded by 16 shipboard marines have arrived at a low hedge line behind the Broch of Clickimin and….

Grenadier Capitaine Tojour: “Monsieur l’General, the sally port gate is wide open. No one appears to be present. We could…."

Galantier: “Capitaine, charge the sally port with your grenadiers and the marines. The piquet’s will remain here, give covering fire and a provide a place to rally back to if in need.”

Narrator: Moments later Tojour and his men are inside the fortification. Only one Tradgardland guard is present. He is prostrate across a bed in a cell perhaps in a drunken stupor or some other collapse of excess. Tojour sends for Galantier who arrives in moments.

Tojour: “Tradgardlander! Awaken!”

Guard: “Noooooh.”

Galantier: “SOLDIER! I command you to awaken.”

Narrator: The guard sees the uniform of a general. He sits up, blinking and finally stands.

Galantier: “Where is SHE, the Tradgardland daughter of your Duke?”

Guard: “She has gone Sir. The rest of the garrison here defied our commander Van Olsen, took her to a secluded cove and boarded a small fishing vessel to return her to Tradgardland proper. That is all I know. Alizoniah is gone, Sir, Your Generalship.

Even Later: 7:00am March 3

Narrator: The sun has barely risen in this high northern latitude as the Gallian squadrons enter the Brassey Sound heading for the town of Lerwick. One from the north and one from the south. The eight 74s are cleared for action in case of trouble when….

Flag Capitaine Aigle: “Monsieur l’Admiral, there is something unexpected. Here is my perspective glass. It appears a squadron of warships from Hesse-Engleburg are in harbor. Their flag flies over that of Tradgardland on Fort Charlotte.”

Suthren: “What have the fates allowed Monsieur l’Capaitaine? What indeed? I think Galantier was right when he said fate or destiny might laugh at our efforts. Hoist the King’s Naval Ensign and lets go in.”

Narrator: Fate or destiny? Random chance or plan? Mischief or madness? All the Gallians ashore know is that Alisonia is not on Shetland bound for her homeland. Suthren knows the warships of another nation are in harbor apparently subduing the rebel Van Olsen. But dear reader the Scottish reel is not played out. For what of Galantier ashore at Broch of Clickimin. Indeed what will Suthren make of the squadron of Hesse-Engelburgers anchored close into shore? He has no orders for this eventuality. Finally, if I may discombobulate your senses more, this is only half of the Gallian plan of campaign and as before when I said certain events were in the past, so too are these. Indeed, the second portion of the orders for Suthren and Galantier are already operative. But I am ahead of myself. Let us first find out what is next ashore in Shetland before the Finalé.

In Shetland Harbor....

Finding the gun batteries apparently too busy with their own matters in the wake of the suicide of their would-be ruler, the Hesse-Engelburg squadron has sailed into the harbor, anchoring broadside to the batteries but as yet offering no bombardment or threat. A mixture of small boats and rafts have been let down from the ships to ferry a landing party to the shore.

The ambassador, Colonel von Heiner, disembarks in one of the small craft with his personal banner flying, while around him the other vessels disembark an honor guard of the pink and purple clad Hussars of the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude, the distinctive uniforms gradually more and more ubiquitous in affairs both diplomatic and military. Other vessels disembark trade goods of goat and dairy products, moving towards such merchant buildings as may exist in the harbor, while still more disembark infantry in white coats and blue trousers....uniforms curiously similar to Gallian marines, though the flags are those of Hesse-Engelburg.

Their first mission is a diplomatic one....find Von Olsen and convince him to place Alisona in their charge. In days without the benefit of radio and aircraft, the news of his death and Alisona's departure has naturally failed to reach the squadron. Meanwhile, aboard the flagship, an aide to von Heiner burns the newly opened sealed orders.

Will von Heiner learn of the fates of Von Olsen and Alisona? Which set of forces will he find in control of the port? Will he support one side or the other with the troops he is landing? And what of the Gallian vessels sailing north some days behind them? Will they appear off the harbor mouth later, or are they bound elsewhere? Much remains to be seen.

A new Venture...

Gentlemen ,you are welcome to join me for news of the Ottoman Empire at

A visitor in Scarlett..

The brother ( a Cardinal ) of the true king of Brittania has arrived once more in the Duchy of Tradgardland. His is on a pastoral mission to visit the Archbishop of the Duchy to offer his encourage in the face of a difficult year for the Duchy and her people. However time has been lain aside to celebrate Mass for the Duke and his family in the Ducal Chapel . Afterwards he takes Alisona aside to offer consolation as well as his gratitude for her endeavours in supporting the Duke and his allies upon Shetland.. He hears of her desire to marry once more and assures her of his support in this matter. He tells her that he leaves tomorrow for Gallia where he intends to speak of her at the King's Court.

With the early morning tide the Cardinal sails for Gallia in a spirit of hopeful expectation

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Court Mourning

21st March 1761

It is with deep regret that the Margraf Johannes II of Ober Nord Westfalen announces the passing of his Mother, the Dowager Margrafin Katerina at the age of 82 years.

"The Dowager Margrafin departed this life two nights ago, peacefully while sleeping. She was much loved, and I know that those of you who are married to her daughters will wish to join me in mourning her passing.

She will be interred in the ancestral vault on the 25th March.

I have decreed a six week period of official mourning, and during that time will maintain seclusion.

Given under our hand this 18th day of March in the Year of Grace 1761

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Captions, Captains?

Captions have been posted to the Tipplebruder battle pictures on the Frankszonian blog.
Sorry about the delays.

Friday, March 7, 2008

On the road again

Von Bergmann has once more bluffed his way out of trouble. The French officer confessed to his secret Huguenot sympathies and let Von Bergmann go upon his way.
And so , still in disguise, he makes his way Southwards in order to get to a port and a passage to the Duchy. He feels his mission in Briton is ended. The Jacobite cause appears fragmented and needs to regroup.
Such a disguise has its compensations as he hears the views of dissenting clergy and laity wherever he goes. They act as a barometer of underground feelings in Britannia.
On the road ,dawn having just crept over the damp countryside, von Bergmann sees a horseman galloping towards him. The black cloaked figure comes nearer and nearer, only one outcome is inevitable! Yet at the very last minute Von Bergmann throws himself into the safety of a ditch - he is shaken but has survived . After a minute he gingerly lifts his head over the ditch's edge only to stare into the muzzles of a pair of exquisite pistols held by an intense looking youth with eyes that have seen too much......

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Alisona, by the Grace of God, has taken passage upon a friendly fishing vessel and will arrive in the Duchy by morning . Her escape is yet another excitement in the Tradgardland year. As she awaits landfall she muses upon the events of the last year- marriage, widowhood, celebrations and sorrows. The fishermen will be rewarded from the Duchy Treasury and Alisona will be reunited with Family once more.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


May I hope? No, I beg your forbearance regarding my unforgivable taciturnity these past four weeks. I shudder hoping for mercy. Yet, I now brazenly continue onward hoping to believe gentlemen with the greatest interest, if not acute reason to follow my last commentaries, may slightly recall seeds planted weeks ago in a quest for chivalry, glory and honor.
“That Woman”
Lady Cherish Masquerade
Minister de Guerre l’ Duc de Formidable
Cardinal Richelieu
Lt. Général Pierre l’Duc de Galantier
Admiral Suthren

February 5, 1758:
Cardinal Richelieu in conference with the Gallian King Louis XV promised to visit the King’s nephew recently returned from The Carnatic. On the Cardinal’s mind is old business of the Tradgardland Diplomat von Bergmann. The latter inquired a year ago about possible suitors for a certain Tradgardland beauty. The King wondered if his brother’s son might be interested and if his former enchantment for Lady Cherish Masquerade still fills his heart. The Cardinal will inquire of the young officer as part of a visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres. Not far away at the estate of Galantier, the young officer is already packing for new service with the Army in Germania.

February 8, 1758:
On a snowy evening Lady Cherish Masquerade was summoned by the one-eyed, poorly dressed and mysterious peasant woman who said, “Gallantry is needed in the watery north on an isle full of disfavor to rescue one not known to thee. Your Gallantry is needed lest she crosses from one to the other.” Then in a moment when heads were foolishly turned, “That Woman” vanished leaving no footprints in the newly fallen snow.

February 9, 1758:
Next day, Lady Cherish Masquerade rushed to inquire of her confessor, none other than Cardinal Richelieu about the enigmatic “That Woman” and what her warning might portend. After describing several encounters with “That Woman” within an absorbing continuity of unusual and helpful remarks of warning followed by inevitable, immediate and inexplicable disappearances, the Cardinal remarked…. But, the seal of the confessional prevents me knowing. Thus, you and I must labor on with our speculations.

February 12, 1758
The King’s nephew arrives in Versailles on his way to Germania. He is confirmed with the rank of Lieutenant General. His new orders surely composed by fate place him at the port of Le Havre the next day without a moment to lose. His orders read….

For Your Excellency Lieutenant Général Pierre l’Duc de Galantier,
You are required and directed by His Most Christian Majesty to proceed without delay to the Port of Le Havre and there board the frigate l’Vengeance (40) placing yourself under the orders of Admiral Suthren. When at sea and at a moment convenient for the Admiral you will be given sealed orders regarding your mission. There is not a moment to lose.”
Votre Serviteur,
Minister de Guerre l’ Duc de Formidable

Narrator: On Sainte Valentines Day, February 14, 1758, Admiral Suthren’s two squadrons in company with supply ships set sail from the Port of Le Havre. The two squadrons sailed parallel to each other, each ship at a cables distance from its next in line. Eight 74s, our fast frigate l’Vengeance (40) and way out in front on the horizon the familiar dispatch vessel Alerte acting as the eyes of the fleet searching for the foe. Where are they going dear reader? But, I should ask instead where have they gone? Why? Simply because I am writing tonight of things from the past. Consider this! As you read these Preludes, Galantier has been contemplating his extraordinary orders for more than a fortnight and Suthren has already arrived at his destination in the pre-dawn hours of March 3rd. What they planned to do has already happened. Success? Failure? This knowledge must be delayed for another time. Pause now, if you please, as I beg your continued patience to wait upon me to learn what was dealt by the hand of fate, for tis already done.

Next? "Interludes At Sea"

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stagonian Anthem?

Heard in passing in an undisclosed tavern somewhere in MittelUropa (to the tune of Rule Britannia):
"Viiiile Stagonia,
Stagonia is so vile"

"That decides it."

Scene: the meeting hall of Schloss Schlüssel-Largo, Fedora

That decides it," Landgraf Bogey nodded his thanks to the assembled officers and glanced back down at the map spread out on the table. "Based on the news of von Blei-Sammeln’s intentions, we have no choice but to open the campaign early."

Bogey looked at his Minster for War and Quartermaster General. "General von Larrabee assures me that he can logistically support a small corps in two weeks time."

The Landgraf shifted his glance to a different pair of officers. "General von Marlowe, you will lead the cavalry. General Norris, you will honor me by leading the infantry. I will command the expedition myself. You other gentlemen will continue outfitting your units in anticipation of the main campaign further north. Gather round the map."

As the officers moved to the table, Bogey’s left hand swept over the northeastern borders of his country. "Here is where we want to campaign. The ground is open, we have access to our fortifications and depots, and we threaten Homburg and their depots." He turned and pointed with his right hand. "But here, where the Olmosbach is crossed by the road to Balcones, the Homburgers already hold the bridge and threaten our southern flank. We will seize Balcones on the 15th to prepare an assault on the bridge on the 16th."

"We probably will not be able to get the whole corps in place by the morning of the 15th, so you can expect to receive reinforcements during the day as they march up from Fedora. Are there any questions?"

None of the officers answered. But they all looked directly at their sovereign. No wavering, no looking down, no second thoughts. He nodded to the servants who entered bearing trays of brandy.

"Good! Gentlemen, a toast: To Victory!"

"Hear! Hear!"

Scene: Von Blei-Sammeln’s office, Homburg

"That decides it," Feldmarschallieutenant von Blei-Sammeln looked at the assembled officers and pointed back down at the map spread out on the table. "Based on this news of the Landgraf’s intentions, we have no choice but to open the campaign early."

Blei-Sammeln looked at his Homburger Quartermaster General. "Herr von Spatzel assures me that he can logistically support a small corps in two weeks time."

The Imperial general moved his glance around the room. "I will command the expedition myself. You other gentlemen will continue outfitting your units in anticipation of the main campaign further north. Gather round the map."

As the officers moved to the table, Blei-Sammeln’s right hand swept over the northeastern borders of Hesse-Fedora. "Here is where we want to campaign. The ground is open, we block the route to Homburg and threaten the rebels’ depots." He turned and pointed with his left hand. "But here, where the Olmosbach is crossed by the road from Balcones, the Fedorans already hold the town. We will seize the bridge on the 15th to prepare an assault on the town on the 16th."

"We probably will not be able to get the whole corps in place by the morning of the 15th, so you can expect to receive reinforcements during the day as they march up from Homburg. Are there any questions?"

None of the officers answered. Blei-Sammeln, who didn’t know any of them, didn’t really care. He was already mentally composing his dispatch for the court at Vienna. A smile spread across his face. He gestured to the wineglasses on the table.

"Good! A toast, gentlemen: To Victory!"

"Hear! Hear!"

Monday, March 3, 2008

In the valley of the shadow

Von Bergmann is still lying low in Scotland . He has assumed the persona of a Presbyterian cleric with extreme antipathy to the Jacobite Cause. This has served Von Bergmann very well as he remains around Scotland gleaning information to aid the True and Rightful Monarch , declared for at Holyrood .

However his skulking has aroused the suspicion of a French sentry who has apprehended him and taken him prisoner. Vonn Bergmann has attempted to reveal his true persona but to no avail. He sits in a dungeon , amidst straw and rats awaiting the arrival of a French officer. Awaking from a day dream he hears a key turn in the door......

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Update on Our Personal Blogs


This is (I hope) a gentle reminder to be sure to keep up your personal blogs. Some of us are very good at this and others are less consistent.

Following is a list of our member blogs (and if yours is NOT here, please let me know). The color of the listing indicates how recently they've been updated. Bolder colors mean that you've not updated in a while (so you might want to do so):
  • Light Gray indicates updated in the last 2 weeks -- BRAVO!
  • Dark Gray indicates updated in the past 2 months -- still active
  • Blue indicates updated between 2 and 4 months ago
  • Purple indicates updated between 4 and 6 months ago
  • Red indicates that it has been over 6 months since the last post
So here is a list of our personal blogs in the order listed at right. The date is the most recent post:

  • Abbey of Kempten -- September 11, 2007
  • Bishopric of St. Vignobles -- February 28, 2008
  • Bishopric of Uber Gruntshuffen -- 29 February 2008
  • County of Zolms -- December 25, 2007
  • Duchy of Alzheim -- February 21, 2008
  • Duchy of Clove-Hamhock -- January 16, 2008
  • Duchy of Grandson -- 27 February 2008
  • Duchy of Lagerburg-Slobbovia -- July 4, 2007
  • Duchy of M'Uedail -- December 24, 2007
  • Duchy of Mieczyslaw -- February 15, 2008
  • Duchy of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn -- February 24, 2008
  • Duchy of Saxe-Huack -- February 24, 2008
  • Duchy of the North -- September 3, 2007
  • Duchy of Tradgardland -- 24 February 2008
  • Electorate of Vulgaria -- May 25, 2007
  • Entente Concordiana -- February 21, 2008
  • Frankszonia -- February 18, 2008
  • Frundsberg Frei Stadt -- 26 January 2008
  • Grand Duchy of Davidsberg -- 29 February 2008
  • Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg -- 2 March 2008
  • Grand Duchy of Kitschberg -- 24 February 2008
  • Grand Duchy of Noverre -- 8 August 2007
  • Grand Duchy of Steglitz -- February 22, 2008
  • Grand Duchy of Stollen -- March 02, 2008
  • Hesse-Seewald -- March 2, 2008
  • Imperium -- 22 February 2008
  • Kingdom of St. Maurice -- February 24, 2008
  • Kingdom of Stagonia -- February 29, 2008
  • Kingdom of Wittenberg -- 27 February 2008
  • Landgraviate of Hesse-Fedora -- March 2, 2008
  • Landgraviate of Ober-Schweinsberg -- February 25, 2008
  • League of Potzdorf -- February 21, 2008
  • Markgraaf of Raubenstadt -- February 15, 2008
  • Presipality of Monte-Cristo -- February 3, 2008
  • Principality du Lichtenbourg -- 12 février 2008
  • Principality of Hesse-Engelburg -- February 28, 2008
  • Principality of Jordvicken -- 17 September 2007
  • Principality of Saxe-Bearstein -- February 29, 2008
  • Skavenberg -- 1 March 2008
  • Soweiter League -- March 1, 2008
  • TEXAS "Big Battalion" blog -- January 7, 2008
  • Town of Tippelbruder -- February 20, 2008
  • Uniform Templates -- 2 March 2008
  • Union Real de Scandalusia y Cuatrofenia -- November 28, 2007
  • Österreich Über Alles -- February 27, 2008

I must say that I'm pleasantly surprised by the above results. Look at all of that light gray . . . since I generally check all of the blogs twice a day, I get used to not much changing. This actually makes me realize that we're more active than I was thinking we were. Good work, my fellow rulers.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein