Friday, March 7, 2008

On the road again

Von Bergmann has once more bluffed his way out of trouble. The French officer confessed to his secret Huguenot sympathies and let Von Bergmann go upon his way.
And so , still in disguise, he makes his way Southwards in order to get to a port and a passage to the Duchy. He feels his mission in Briton is ended. The Jacobite cause appears fragmented and needs to regroup.
Such a disguise has its compensations as he hears the views of dissenting clergy and laity wherever he goes. They act as a barometer of underground feelings in Britannia.
On the road ,dawn having just crept over the damp countryside, von Bergmann sees a horseman galloping towards him. The black cloaked figure comes nearer and nearer, only one outcome is inevitable! Yet at the very last minute Von Bergmann throws himself into the safety of a ditch - he is shaken but has survived . After a minute he gingerly lifts his head over the ditch's edge only to stare into the muzzles of a pair of exquisite pistols held by an intense looking youth with eyes that have seen too much......


abdul666 said...

Has Milady de Winter be cloned?
Does she have a younger sister?

Bluebear Jeff said...


Why did you learn about "cliffhangers"?

-- Jeff