Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A letter

A letter from Istanbul...

To their florivorios Majesties of Europa,Greetings in the name of Right ! To her fragrentness blossom Maria Theresa and the heads of states insignificant and petty I send the greetings of my master Mustapha Sultan of the East and master of all!I write,once more and with the greatest urgency demanding that ambassadors be appointed and sent forthwith to His Excellency's Palace in Istanbul that relations may be made known regarding the handing over of what land is rightly ours since 1739! We have waited long and desire only peace and land that is our by Laws divine and human! The land once known as the Banat of Torgoras is once more under our control and so we wait upon the border of Austria and Europa herself!An ultimatum is being sent forth to Europa - if no ambassadors are forthcoming by the next Full Moon , accompanied by endeavours to surrender lands once more to us then we shall call the full force of our armies will be asked to meet, from all the ends of the earth, with a view to war !We wish peace and justice to flow between our lands and Europa as well as the Eastern territories of the Austrian Empire to be ours once more . Failure to do so will regretfully mean the sounding of the shrill flute of conquest! That which was stopped at the gates of Vienna will not be stopped this time!

RespectfullyEvidya Secretary to the Vizier- blessed be his name for ever!


Frankfurter said...

Frankszonia should already have a purchasing factor in Istanbul, as it is an excellent source for some of the more esoteric spices and condiments.
However, even though there are Muslims living in peace and prosperity within our demse, as putatively loyal subjects of the Empress, we must protest this reopening of old wounds even as sacred Deutschland is again torn by conflicts among the great powers.

Hurtshog Fahrtz von Frankfurter

abdul666 said...

Hopefully the (Western European) Empress will push back the Ottomans and liberate Togaras. Then the (bitter rivals) exiles of both the Togaras Liberation Front and the Togarasian Freedom Fighters will come home, and maybe we'll read again from the Banat.

The situation is less simple -specially for the Ottomans- than they care to mention. Vularia fought them recently (and with some success) as an ally tp ther (Eastern European) Empress.
And there is a wild card there: the mysterious Neo-Byzantine State. If and when Bob XXII has the leisure to divert His attention to this area, what side will he choose, given His hatred toward Catholics? If He has a choice, actually: I guess the Caliphate (or whatever) see Moon Worshippers as worse 'Infidels' than the Christians, who follow 'a Faith from the Book'?

Gallia said...

Monsieur Secretary to the Ottomon Vizier Evidya,

I have the honor to receive your letter of this month from Istanbul regarding Ottomon interests within The Imperium. His Majesty King Louis XV of Gallia asked me to disclose his answer so that no one will misaprehend him.

The King desires me tell you that Gallia is an ally of The Imperium. Therefore, we can not view land acquisition from the realm of the Empress within our interests. The domain of the Empress, its disposition and its management is solely her sovereign right.

Therefore I regret to inform you Sir we cannot support the interests of the Vizier in this context.

The King also desires I inform you that he demands the payment of 2,768,025 livre for damages caused by the arsonist in your pay for fires set in Paris last summer. Those whom we captured linked your Vizier directly to that mad combustible attack designed to burn down the entire city.

The King expects your Vizier will do the honorable thing and make payment within this year as I remain,

Your Humble Servant,
Prince de Charade
Gallian Foreign Minister
in Versailles