Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A visitor in Scarlett..

The brother ( a Cardinal ) of the true king of Brittania has arrived once more in the Duchy of Tradgardland. His is on a pastoral mission to visit the Archbishop of the Duchy to offer his encourage in the face of a difficult year for the Duchy and her people. However time has been lain aside to celebrate Mass for the Duke and his family in the Ducal Chapel . Afterwards he takes Alisona aside to offer consolation as well as his gratitude for her endeavours in supporting the Duke and his allies upon Shetland.. He hears of her desire to marry once more and assures her of his support in this matter. He tells her that he leaves tomorrow for Gallia where he intends to speak of her at the King's Court.

With the early morning tide the Cardinal sails for Gallia in a spirit of hopeful expectation


Gallia said...
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Gallia said...

Happy Saturday Allan,
I'm curious to establish the approximate number of days sailing time between Tradgardland and Le Havre, Gallia (same location as Le Havre, France at the east end of Normandy). The Cardinal set sail on the 10th so...?
Ditto for Tradgardland to The Shetlands too, in case we need it.
Same length of time as it took Alisona to return home I suppose?
Votre Serviteur,