Thursday, March 27, 2008

To the Empress ....

Hey guys, is there an active player for the Empire???
I'm sure that Mr. Protz had a friend running that side of things, didn't he?
All the info I can find right now is a minister kauntz?


MurdocK said...

Thus the reason for starting Österreich Über Alles since to my knowledge there was no one taking on that post.

I have tried to set it up as a collective thingy so that those whom chose to speak out for the various factions in the Court(s) of Vienna could do so.

Martin said...

Has anyone alerted Captain Bill a.k.a. the Duke of Beerstein about this?



Gallia said...

Here is some backgroud on this question:
About two years ago our local BAR group set up what we called The Imperium - meaning The Austrian Empire under Maria Theresa. Only Der Alte had any Austrians at that early stage and as of today he has the equivalent of 3-4 brigades of horse, foot and lights plus some artillery. Randy is also raising forces and by year end will likely have about a brigade of foot and horse and some arty.
I do not say these things to lay claim to controlling Austria except in our own minds with occasional references over at OSW, here on EvsE and also on Der Alte's blog. Currently there is an armistice between The Imperium and Germania (Prussia). The armistice will end, if I guess correctly tomorrow, at the Seven Years' War Assn. Show since all of Der Alte's Austrians will be there in the Saturday BAR game.
There is a Gallian Corps just east of Frankfurt Am Main with orders to move east into Bohemia. In conjunction with this I am raising Saxon cavalry to go in there and then all turn north to discombbulate the Germanians who may force their way into what we now call Bohemia anyway.
Since last year Jeff here at EvsE created Saxe Beerstein located in Bohemia. More recently Alan of Tradgardland also created an Austrian entity.
Close by is Saxe-Raschstein (Saxony) which is a staunch ally of Gallia and facilitates my old desire to have Saxons again.
We've created a lot of characters for Gallia and Germania with fewer for The Imperium, Saxe Raschstein and Britannia. We also have some Russians from Russi. Randy has also created Freyburg which is kind of a French/Austrian entity.
A year of so ago when The Imperium with Gallian and Russi forces defeated Germania at Lobositz, Bohemia, Jeff (Saxe-Beerstein = Bohemia as I understand it)and I had a few emails here about his neutrality afterwards.
In my mind Saxe-Beerstein exists witin The Imperium phasing in and out of our local ideas and games as part of or completely independent.
This got long!
What does this mean?
There are three (sort of) Austrian entities now. However, the Austrian Empire was diverse enough to allow for our collective needs.
Votre Serviteur,

tradgardmastare said...

I write with no claim over Austria either. I had fun with my characters in 44 Schottland Strasse and the Banat at one time. As I have introduced the Ottoman Empire recently perhaps it is to the good of all if someone else represents Austria. Whoever it is I will delighted to support them ( out of character , if you know what I mean!) and oppose them /negioiate in my Ottoman character.
Life at EvE continues to become more and more complicated as well as more and more interesting - something I am sure we will agree. The main thing is to continue to have fun and support each other to have even more fun!
So I guess we look for a unified Austrian presence to move things forward- any ideas?

MurdocK said...

In my reading of the 'near end' of the Habsburg 'empire' there were at least 4 factions vieing for control of the Imperial Court.

The Empress' was generally neutral, wiht a mind to using less absolutist means to gaining control, or at least influence, in the European courts outside Vienna. She would rather have used marriages (in the Feudal tradition) and open alliances rather than the, relatively newer, written treaties.

The Hawks were ready to fight -> seemingly all the time to gain their ends.

The Doves held sway over much of the populace and they also tended to support the Empress in 'slower' (read older) diplomatic methods.

The Absolutists, a bit of a mixed bag really, but primarily concerned with maintaining the supremacy of the Catholic faith and in keeping the 'monarchic' rule in power. This small and politically nebulous group could switch from Hawks to Empress to Dove's factions as fast as a battaltion can load and fire.

I say all this to point out the difficulty in having a 'single' entity 'speaking' for Austria, quite often the Historical Austria was speaking out of three sides of its collective mouth at the same time!

Frankfurter said...

Perhaps, I think we each should take the role of one of the ministers etc. at the Imperial court then ....
Indeed, I hope this gets copied back on the Oysterrich blog ...

These days, I don't actually own any of Duffy's books except for Fire and Stone which is temporarily inaccessible.
I remember reading at least one of his books on the Empress and her army ... and recall that there were also several factions we need to be aware of as wargamers ...
There was a sort of manipulator who tried to run the Empire for her singlehanded, whose name I forget ...
There were the few good generals, Brown and Daun being prominent that she relied upon for independent ideas.
There was some sort of military council which seemed dedicated to preserving whatever didn't work and inhibiting any effective innovations.
All this is quite dim ... suitable for me, I suppose, as my friends imply that I'm quite dim on occasion.
Now obviously, I'm playing more for the yucks than the solid history at the moment, so I'm not the guy to draw up a list ... and there is the roster of characters I created for the Wieners ...
How's about somebody drawing up a set of ministers or whatever and we each stake out a position ....
BTW, Frankszonia, while obviously loyal, wishes that the Germanians and Wieners would get their act together so the Gallians would go home ... on the other hand, we'd also LOVE to see everybody occupied with somebody nastier than us so we can quietly continue to enhance the qualities of local sovereignty ...