Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Battle of Olmosbach

As the sun slowly began to set, Norris rode up to the Landgraf. Bogey was urging on the survivors of the Leib Regiment. Through the smoke of the day’s battle, Imperial battle flags and white coats could be seen approaching.

“Your Excellency!” Norris shouted over the din of another volley.

Bogey seemed not to notice, instead glaring from his horse over the heads of the regiments as the answering volley felled more soldiers to join the piles on the ground.

“Excellency!” Norris grew bold and grabbed the Landgraf’s reins as he shouted.

“I know,” Bogey said softly.

“Excellency, the cavalry did their best, but they are driven from the field. The jagers are intact, and one of the Germanian battalions is intact, but they cannot hold for long. We must withdraw!”

“And my infantry?”

“The Blaine regiment is holding, but reduced. Von Earle has been savaged and run. They lost their cannon. One of the Germanian battalions is also gone. We have enough for a rearguard, but only if we withdraw now.”

Bogey drew a deep breath and sat taller in the saddle.

“Give the order. Fall back to our side of the border. You take the rearguard. I’ll rally what I can find.”

Norris saluted briskly and watched the Landgraf and his small suite ride back across the valley toward Fedora, then turned to the Leib Regiment’s commander.

“Fall back, but keep them in control. You’re the only thing keeping them back. Give me until an hour after dark. But don’t lose control!”

Norris didn’t wait for the salute, but turned his horse and galloped to his jagers. They had given an Imperial grenadier company a bloody nose, but would be cut off by the dragoons if he didn’t hurry.

Across the battlefield, Feldmarschallieutenant von Blei-Sammeln saw what was left of the Fedoran line begin to retreat. A sneer curled on his lips as he turned to General von Stein.

“They’re done. Stein, get me some wine. This calls for a celebration!”

“Immediately Herr General! Her Imperial Majesty will certainly promote you for this day!” said the immaculately dressed Homburger. Even his horse was still clean.

“Stein, you have a remarkable grasp on things. Feldzeugmeister does have an admirable sound to it!”

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Bluebear Jeff said...

It looks like it was a great game, Ed.

I hope that your ribs are feeling better . . . that sounds like a very nasty fall that you took Friday.

Get better soon.

-- Jeff

PS, to learn about the fall, scan back on his blog to the post prior to his game report.

Martin said...

Hi Ed,

Was there any thought given to changing the name of the battle to "Oh My Back!", (and Elbow, and Ribs, etc.)
So von Stein still lives eh? Well that will be fun when that particular chicken comes home to roost.
Don't try to do too much. Pace yourself on your recovery.


MurdocK said...

Sounds like you are 'recovering' as much as your 'imagi'-nation needs to!

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Ed Youngstrom said...

Thanks everyone (except Mr. Spam the Wireless Man),

As I just said over on my blog, the game was great fun! If you get a chance to do something similar with your group, or even with strangers, go for it. It will be worth it!

Ed v. H-F