Thursday, March 6, 2008


Alisona, by the Grace of God, has taken passage upon a friendly fishing vessel and will arrive in the Duchy by morning . Her escape is yet another excitement in the Tradgardland year. As she awaits landfall she muses upon the events of the last year- marriage, widowhood, celebrations and sorrows. The fishermen will be rewarded from the Duchy Treasury and Alisona will be reunited with Family once more.


abdul666 said...

Poor Alisona! She has more misadventures than 'The Two Orphans' together.
Reminds me of late 19th C popular novels (appearing a page daily in newspapers) - and it's a compliment.

Snickering Corpses said...

Good for Alisona's safety. :)

We have still left, however, the question of whethr the Hesse-Engelburg ships were fired upon, or able to enter the harbor.

Byrhthelm said...


A site that fits in my idea of fun! How do I join/Register my own blog?

MurdocK said...


contact Blubear Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein with your email address and he will send out your 'connection invitation'.