Friday, March 21, 2008

Battle at Greenford

Gentlemen I have heard from the French ambassador that their expeditionary force to Ireland has won another victory and is marching on Kinsale.

The British envoy claims that this is purely a raid and nothing of consequence ever happens in Ireland

The Frundsberg Zeitung claims that the victory was won by their forces without French assistance.

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Frankfurter said...

Nice little fight.
Reminds one that not all games need to be so big, and that interesting actions can be had at the brigade level!
You mentioned units being "left without orders" ... which is why I like a standing orders matrix in some games to permit the local officers to be awake ....

abdul666 said...

An interesting encounter indeed, and pleasantly illustrated!

Byrhthelm said...

A neat, concise account of a small action. Well done, both for the fight and the write up. I loved it. I hope you get your C&C wrinkles ironed out.