Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Shetland Harbor....

Finding the gun batteries apparently too busy with their own matters in the wake of the suicide of their would-be ruler, the Hesse-Engelburg squadron has sailed into the harbor, anchoring broadside to the batteries but as yet offering no bombardment or threat. A mixture of small boats and rafts have been let down from the ships to ferry a landing party to the shore.

The ambassador, Colonel von Heiner, disembarks in one of the small craft with his personal banner flying, while around him the other vessels disembark an honor guard of the pink and purple clad Hussars of the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude, the distinctive uniforms gradually more and more ubiquitous in affairs both diplomatic and military. Other vessels disembark trade goods of goat and dairy products, moving towards such merchant buildings as may exist in the harbor, while still more disembark infantry in white coats and blue trousers....uniforms curiously similar to Gallian marines, though the flags are those of Hesse-Engelburg.

Their first mission is a diplomatic one....find Von Olsen and convince him to place Alisona in their charge. In days without the benefit of radio and aircraft, the news of his death and Alisona's departure has naturally failed to reach the squadron. Meanwhile, aboard the flagship, an aide to von Heiner burns the newly opened sealed orders.

Will von Heiner learn of the fates of Von Olsen and Alisona? Which set of forces will he find in control of the port? Will he support one side or the other with the troops he is landing? And what of the Gallian vessels sailing north some days behind them? Will they appear off the harbor mouth later, or are they bound elsewhere? Much remains to be seen.

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Gallia said...

Hello Snickering C.,
Email me off list for something about our mutual adventure. I apologize for not knowing who you are tonight. I'll post something on OSW about, umm, EvsE and Fun. Then from there simply send me a personal email.
Jeff? Is ther a way for us to write to each other off list from here?
Bill P. (Gallia)