Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stagonian Anthem?

Heard in passing in an undisclosed tavern somewhere in MittelUropa (to the tune of Rule Britannia):
"Viiiile Stagonia,
Stagonia is so vile"


Peter Simplissimus said...

Sounds like the work of Jacob Bumsen to me.Father of the illustrious composer, he wrote such well-remembered ditties as

"Who ate all the Wurst?
Who ate all the Wurst?
That draconian fat Stagonian -
He ate all the Wurst!"


"Come and eat a pie if you thin you're hard enough!"

MurdocK said...

sung to the modern tune
"who got the juice?"

Who ate the Wurst?
Who ate the Wurst?
That vile vile Stagonian.
HE ate the Wurst!

Lets get mad, lets get powder
fill the barrels, load the lager
get back the Wurst!