Sunday, September 30, 2007

complicating the map question

There are several problems with using ANY map with "definite" boundaries in our situation.
First of all, as someone has pointed out, the different gamers here, dealing with imagi-nations and hysterical reality, quite often will superimpose the "territories" of their countries.
This problem is compounded by the fact that many of us will never, ever meet face to face (actually, that's one major cause of serious depression problems among cyber relationships). Therefore, satisfactory resolutions via wargaming of these territorial difficulties simply doesn't seem plausible.
There was a proposal to have such combats resolved by isolated solo gamers such as myself (an idea I joyfully seconded), but it seems to have gone no where.
When this blog first began, I remember commenting to my wife that at that time, I knew of at least two other gamers who were using Frankfurt am Main as the center of their imagi-nations. Her response was that given the high population and emotional stress factors, such environs were sure to develop dimensional folds ... so that MY Frankfurt did not need to be really their Frankfurt at all ... even though they seem to be the same space to a third observer.
Hence, whatever movement control system is devised, ultimately, the "bubble map" concept ... which shows the relative positioning of the various entities still seems to be the most viable to me.
However, there are two map resources which are simply fantastic for both our gaming and our period which I have not seen mentioned here: \
The first is a map drawn before the Franco-Prussian war or shortly thereafter, and thus the major towns would have period names, and the major routes be clearly demarcated (as opposed to the vast plethora of new roads in the last century)
The second is a lovely map resource which not only offers decent road maps, but areal photography of the areas in question and can be examined close up or way out as you wish ... furthermore, their program permits you to sort of overlay one on the other to obtain a feel for the area ...
I actually challenge you all to check those sites out!
I haven't found a good way to copy the multi-map stuff onto my own drives yet ... but I know there are computer savvy folks in this group to help an old fuddy like myself ...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tactical Mappe

Since many of the 'imagi-nations' are from the German States region, it only makes sense to concentrate a map for this region.

Also, the centerpiece of the time period that Gallia and others seem to be focussed on is that of the Seven Years War. Prussia was the leading combattant of that period, with north central europe the location of the primary battlefields.

be warned! This is a very large map file and it may take a moment to download into your system.

To that end I have borrowed a copy of the map from "Fredrick the Great", again this one does not have the lat/long but once again it has been game tested and can easily be 'morphed' into something useable by us.

Empires in Arms mappe

The mappe discussion resumes.

Here is a map from the Empires in Arms that could be converted for use by us here in the EvE blogsite, complete with 'game tested' boundaries, cities, rivers, industry and major ports of call already marked (all we need do is 'rewrite' with our names etc).

Sir William, of the maps you pointed out only:
were of interest, mainly due to the names stamped over the top of all of the other ones, making inserting our places really hard.

Also both of these maps were rather small (large scale), again making the insertion of the multitude of imperium states along the Rhine and into germany very difficult (if not downright impossible).

Take a close look at the Empires in Arms map, I think it can be 'reworked' for our purposes here.

Duchy of Fenwick - The Battle of the Bands

Extract from the Wittenberg Times .....
The Duchy of Fenwick's military band contest was held recently at Polstoffen. As usual it was well attended with bands representing most of the states of Europa. Each band had to play a meddly of marches for the first round; in the second round each band had to play two pieces especially written for the occasion. The winning band receives a handsome money prize of 1000 thalers and plays a private performance to the Duke of Fenwick.

The first round went well; the judges were divided and undecided on the candidates for the best band at this point. Before the second round started the event was marred by an incident between the Monrovian and Wittenberg contestants at the Boars Head Inn. Locals say a man dressed in an old black hussar's uniform wearing an eye patch was involved when the fight started. The two bands got into a protracted fight and the local militia had to be bought in to restore order. As a result both bands were disqualified and sent home; bills for the repairs were sent to both Monrovia and Wittenberg.

The second round was well attended, with the Duke of Fenwick in his ducal box specially built for the occasion. So many people came this year that the Duke's Grenadier Guard were posted to maintain order. There was an outcry and commotion in the crowd when the Stagonian band played their piece;

order was restored and the contest continued.

After all the bands had played the judges deliberated and the winners and runner's up were announced:

1st: Saxe-Bearstein, with their rendition of "Do Bears Tra-La-La in the Forest"; especially written for the event by their band leader - Frederick Hofmeister

2nd: Duchy of Stollen, the judges liked their piece 'The Dancing Lobster'.

3rd: Duchy of Noverre, one of their pieces which the impressed the judges was 'Nowhere Man'.

Prussia came 5th; and Hanover 12th. On a final point Stagonia came last, the judges found their playing to be awful, vile and out of tune.

The winning band of Saxe-Bearstein:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Request

Gentlemen and Kind Sirs,

I seem to recall seeing a map of Greater Europa somewhere on one of the blogs, possibly this one, that showed many of our territories. These territories were represented on the map by colored "orbs" and failed to define any specific geographic boundaries. As our ranks have grown considerably, and as many of us have used reasonably accurate cartographic representations to show our dominions, I believe that it is time for a new map to be commissioned. I humbly offer my own representation, based on a map of Greater Europa in 1780 (but still somewhat accurate for earlier periods) that has two advantages: (a) It is in public domain for non-profit use, and (b) It does show the primary meridians of latitude and longitude, as well as most major rivers and cities, making the exact definition of territories more of a possibility. I have found that in many cases I can relate this map to more modern maps that I have to include other significants cities and states as well.

I feel that such a map would be of value to us in determining who and where our potential allies and opponents are. It would also be valuable in determining where land claims or grants overlap, resulting in disputed territories that may lend themselves to active campaign and diplomatic fodder for our humble group. I would willingly provide a clean jpg file to a designated cartographer, or would be willing to attempt the assignment myself (through the appropriate minions of course!). Your thoughts on this proposal would be greatly appreciated.

Sir William of M'Uedail

Great Minds Think Alike!

Gentlemen of the Mess,

Let's send an invitation to A.J. Matthews, who is developing his own imaginary 18th century country -- The Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg. Check out A.J.'s work so far at: He's designed some great uniforms and infantry standards to go with them, plus an interesting narrative. Seems like a good idea to establish "diplomatic" ties, don't you think?

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Von Bergman-
Friends, if I may be so bold, I am overwhelmed by the kindness I have been shown since I left the Duchy. I am well recovered and able to pursue my,or rather our, aims for Europa. Gallia and Tradgardland stand as twin bastions of Catholic Europe in the north and in the New world too. It is within the order of things we should work,pray and plan for a common goal.
I have been touched by your sympathy for the unfortunate end to our endeavours regarding Shetland. How we have laughed at how the Duke made sport of the Brittanian King by seeming to be his friend. Friends, let us stake our claim for Shetland and England, by working together to make a trip in force once more. I look forward to your thoughts later this night on the matter.
As for the Duchy herself we seek a mutual exchange of information,of knowledge public and arcane. We are willing to welcome Gallian officials to our land as well as the sound of Gallian marching songs. We wish to be partners also in the New world too. Relations betwixt our settlements have been beneficial but more can be achieved. Friends I have spoken enough, I will take my ease and listen now.....

Dinner At Chateau Charade

Narrator: When last I wrote, we were in expectation of a dinner on the 26th. instant hosted by the Gallian Foreign Minister l'Prince du Charade at his formidable chateau outside the capital of Versailles. (Paris is a suburb.) The guest of honour as events transpired was none other than the wounded but recovered Tradgardland Diplomat named von Bergmann. Other guests included Gallian Diplomats l'Comte de Legerdemain and von Bergmann's intial contact, l'Comte de Rapprochement. Also in attendance was Lady Cherish Masquerade. She, lending charm, beauty and grace dressed in a stunning ankle length white gown fitted decently to the collarbone, laced in Polish crimson, hair as blond as can possibly be, a necklace of large blue-white pearls, white satin shoes with Polish crimson heels and bows, all accentuated with elegant elbow length white gloves. If I go on much longer she will be even more of a pleasant distraction than she already is. Rounding out the gathering was Charade's Secretary Bernard, takig notes when required. And so....
Charade: Lady Cherish and Gentlemen. As we commence the premier course, let us raise a glass of fine Chevert wine to toast and honour the presence of His Excellency von Bergmann of Tradgardland. Sir! We welcome you and are indeed honoured by your presence after your fateful first landfall, cruel wound in the naval battle of June, by your later recovery and finally by your determined arrival here. You honour and give meaning to the principles of duty.

Narrator: Glasses are raised by all. The Gallians express their sentiments with smiles. Von Bergmann in response rises and bows with great dignity. He then offers his own toast.

Von Begmann: Dear Lady and Gentlemen. You honour me too much but I accept it none-the-less. Allow me to respond with this. Please join me in a salute to Your King and to the journey we are about to undetake in what I think we can metaphorically call The Undiscovered Country.

All: To the King and The Undiscovered Country!

Narrator: The dinner moves through several courses and by nine the time has arrived for the business at hand.

Charade: As the cake is served, Germanian I believe, tres cher Monsieur von Bergmann, may we come to learn something of your mission's purpose? Perhaps only a hint if your wound is becoming tiresome.

Narrator: All turn politely to attentively listen to the Tradgardland diplomat. Lady Cherish leaning in his direction adds an enchanting smile to encourage him to commence. And....

A.G. please take over for as long or short as you like.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Narrataor: It is early on the 25th instant at Chateau Charade, home of the Foreign Minister of Gallia. The Prince de Charade is up very early dressing when his Secretary Bernard arrives carrying a silver salver.
Bernard: "Excuse me Your Excellency. Correspondence from Monsieur von Bergmann of Tradgardland and and another from the Fortress of Louisbourg Governor-General l'Duc de Silhouette arrived after you went to bed last night. Here on the silver salver."

Charade: "Open them and read aloud, if you please."

Bernard: {Opens Silhouette's message.] 'My Dear Minister, I have the honour to hope you will find my news of some importance from the colonial Administrator of New Tradgardland. You will be the better judge. Yet I find information from him very attractive because it may potentially serve the mutual interests of both Tradgardland and Gallia to the disfavour of the foe, Britannia, here in The New World. The frigate l'Vengeance sails within the hour with a message from the New Tradgardland Administrator with his shall I say, points de view, which I trust will arrive in your care as I remain, etc. etc. etc."

Charade: "And the note from the New Tradgardland Administrator Bernard?"

Bernard: "Not here Your Excellency. Perhaps the message from Monsieur von Bergmann will answer your question. [Charade nods as he straightens his neck cloth. Bernard opens von Bergmann's envelope and reads.] Your Excellency. I beg to be forgiven for this dreadfully brief message, but I hope you will agree a personal meeting will be of more advantage. I am delighted to have finally arrived here at Versailles to continue my diplomatic mission. I have news from my Sovereign and also a message from our Colony of Ny Tradgardland given to me at the Naval Hospital of LeHavre when its means of conveyance aboard the frigate l'Vengeance arrived in harbor. May I beg to hope for an audience to explain ideas of mutual importance to our two nations? Awaiting your reply when convenient for you at my apartments in Versailles, etc. etc. etc."

Charade: "Bernard, go the Monsieur von Bergmann's apartments after the noon hour to convey my personal and sincere compliments and greetings. Express my joy at his recovery from the wound inflicted on him in the battle at sea in June. Finally, tell him I would be pleased to receive him if he finds it convenient, on the 26th instant at seven in the evening to hear his vital news. He is invited to dine."

Bernard: "Anything else Your Excellency?"

Cahrade: "Oui. When at Versailles, please pay my compliments to Lady Diana Pettygree and I will be honoured to receive her in audience with the Frankzonian missive on the 27th. at three in the afternoon."

Bernard: "I beg your pardon Your Excellency. She sent a note saying she is called away to the Isle Pettygree to see her father. He was suddenly taken ill and requested her to return home at once. The Frankzonian note is with her particular friend Lady Cherish Masquerade. Lady Pettygree left in some haste when she learned the galley conveying Monsieur von Bergmann had arrived in the capital. She took advantage of its return to LeHavre and thence to hire a boat to go to her father's Channel Island. I believe she departed yesterday."

Charade: "Very well. Ask Lady Masquearde when she would find it convenient to bring the Frankzonian note to me."

Narrator: And so the busy and dear reader, we must now leave the Chateau of l'Prince de Charade awaiting the arrival of von Bergmann and Masquerade at another time.

Gallian Foreign Minister: Prince de Charade
Charade's Secretary: Bernard
Gallian Minister of War: l'Duc de Formidable
Gallian Diplomat: Comte de Legerdemain
Gallian Diplomat: Comte de Rapprochement**
Rapprochement's Doorward: Pierre La Port
Saxe-Raschstein Prime Minister: Graf von Bruhl
Imperium Foreign Minister: Count von Kaunitz
Gallia: Col. Enigma (??)
Governor-General/Fortress of Louisbourg: l'Duc de Silhouette
** Rapprochement was the Gallian diplomat sent to initially receive von Bergmann last June at a secret seaside rendezvous. He was also aboard l'Vengeance taking von Bergmann to Versailles when the unfortunate naval battle with the Britannian frigate Invinceable fired bow chasers at long shot range. It was one of these shots which damaged the foretopgallant yard of the Gallian frigate causing splinters to shower the deck of l'Vengeance. One splinter cruelly wounded von Bergmann. The latter was taken to the naval hospital at LeHavre. Recovery was not expected but in spite of this, he did recover with a small disability. If you go back to June's BLOG correspondence you will find several strands of correspondence about the rendezvous and the exciting naval battle.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Von Bergman has filled his days with thoughts of the past and hopes for the future. He recalls the evenings spent with the Duke and fellow men of natural philosophy. He dreams of a golden age when men will discover the meaning of the whole created order under heaven. He understands the heavy responsibility which weighs upon his shoulders regarding the dialogues about to begin with Gallia. He truly hopes that the forthcoming meetings will usher in that golden age for Tradgardland....

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cannon fire and burning buildings at Seifriedsburg

Since early morning, cannon fire has been heard from Seifriedsburg. By noon, billows of smoke indicated that buildings were on fire, though the cannon fire continues ....
Rumors abound ....

One: Frankszonians wiped out, Gallian forces taken heavy damage, but Hesse Seewald and Germania have basically expended an entire corps, though a cavalry division is rumored to be descending on Gemunden already.
Two: Frankszonians held the crest of the plateu and slaughtered the brigades sent against their barricades, but Hesse Seewald managed to flank the position.
Three: Seifreidsburg is burning, the Allies force has been split apart, but Von BallPark and Gen. Sorbet are rallying troops on the edges of Seifriedsburg to challange the lodgement gained by Hesse-Seewald ...
Four: Official disaptches in the early morning, initial Hessian assault repulsed, but Frankszonian position has been flanked and the force is falling back into the town proper Messengers galloping into camp are smoke smudged and occasionally injured ... rumors that Ballpark has said position is lost without reinforcements by nightfall ....

PS: The noted artiste Dame Edith has been making swift sketches of the conflict which may accompany the official report later ... Which will be on Frankszonia.blogspot

Wittenberg - foreign involvement in brigandage ?

An extract from the Wittenberg times.....

Corp of Observation deployed in Upper Belgravia

In an initial sweep of the border area by the Uhlans, five highwaymen were apprehended and a band of about 50 brigands dispersed with many of them killed, those captured have been handed over to the civil authoritites for the execution of justice.

Sources close to to the privy council have revealed that one of the brigands killed had on his person documents which originated in Monrovia; in addition letters from Stagonia were also found.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Von Bergman Resumes His Mission

May I beg to remind very busy readers about two diplomatic notes en-route to the Gallian Foreign Minister l'Prince de Charde? Aboard l'Vengeance is a New Tragardland message in company with another from the Gallian Fortress of Louisbourg Governor General. On the 20th. instant....

Scene #1
Surgeon General's Office. LeHavre Naval Hospital.

Surgeon General M. de Suiture: Monsieur von Bergman, I am very pleased to release you from our care today. Your grievous wound has healed nicely though the remaining disability is to be regretted. Still I give you joy to return to duty and more.

Tragardland Diplomat von Bergman: Yes, oui, I did not think survival possible, but with the care here and prayer, I am restored. Eager I am to ... but, wait....

Narrator: Both men rise from their chairs moving to the window overlooking the roadstead. The frigate l'Vengeance has entered the harbor firing a broadside salute. They watch and listen to twenty cannon discharges, see the guns being secured and finally observe the ship rounding up into the wind. She slows, momentarily loses way and at that moment her anchors are let go. As she drifts backwards sails are tightly furled, anchors are set and the ships cutter drops smartly into the water.

Von Bergman: That was my ship, you know.

Suiture: Oui, where you sustained the wound with the Britannian Invincible. Well, let us have a parting glass of Chevert wine and I'll bid you adieu.

Scene #2
von Bergman's private suite. LeHavre Naval Hospital. One hour later.
Enseigne Bargot knocks on the door and....

von Bergman: Enseigne Bargot! How good to see you again. Come in. Come innnn. I did not expect to see you. Excellent.

Bargot: Bonjour Monsieur Your Excellency. l'Capitaine sends his sincere compliments and begs to be forgiven he cannot see you at this time. He is with the Port Admiral as we speak.

von Bergman: Oui. Naturally. Please do not be troubled. Kindly tell your commander it is no inconvenience to me and that I should be very pleased to see him when and if duty permits. Meanwhile come and sit by the window. You can see your ship from here. A beauty to be sure. May I offer some wine?

Bargot: Thank you, if I may, but first I have a dispatch my l'capitaine thinks you should have. It is from your colonial administrator in the New World. [Pauses to open his pouch and retrieve the dispatch.] Here it is Monsieur. We carried it all the way from the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island.

von Bergman: Merci, my young friend. I will read it later but meanwhile let us have that glass and tell me of your voyage to the New World and back.

Scene #3
LeHavre Office of the Port Admiral. Three hours later.

von Bergman: Thank you Monsieur l'Admiral for seeing me on such short notice and granting my request.

Admiral: Very pleased to do so. I've ordered the galley to be ready to row up the Seine to Versailles at sunup tomorrow. The capitaine will expect you aboard at your convenience this evening. He is a gallant fellow. A month ago he engaged madmen on the river bent on burning down the city. Engaged their vessels, two exploded in fire and a third was grounded. All survivors though not many were rounded up and jailed. Some escaped though I don't know how. Still, most of 'em paid the final price.

von Bergman: I heard about it. Glad I will be to be in the care of that Gallian crew. My original mission to see the Prince de Charade must not be delayed further. Now I find additions to it from our colonial administrator.

Admiral: Well then, I'll wish you bon voyage et bon chance monsieur. With no luck at all you will be at Versailles on the 23rd. instant. Oh, and Enseigne Bargot will accompany you with a message from the Governor General of Louisbourg. Busy times.
Narrator: We close until another time. Perhaps we will once again meet at the Chateau of 'lPrince de Charade. Adieu.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

To: Tradgardland, Monte Christo, and Other Territories of Imaginary 18th Century Europe

From: Representatives of the Grand Duchy of Stollen

At this point in time, the Grand Duchy of Stollen wishes to preserve, further, and maintain peaceful relations with (most of) its neighbors in Apocryphal 18th Century Europe. For now, our collective troubles and challenges lie closer to home with the scheming and bellicose Princess Antonia of the Electorate of Zichenau on our southern frontier, who covets the slice of territory known as the Mark of Schleiz, long ago lost to Stollen in the War of 1693 and contested ever since.

Indeed, as many of you are aware, we have had a small expeditionary force stationed along the Greater Zwischen River in the Mark of Schleiz for most of the summer, in an observer role. Our officers there report that there has been a gradual build-up of white-coated Zichenauer forces across the river. At present, our generals and Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II are struggling both day and night in Krankenstadt Palace, debating ways to meet and repel any threat emanating from the Electorate of Zichenau. We trust that you understand our immediate concerns, which must take precedence over any relations and commitment of troops further a field.

As for our Grand Duke. . . Recent weeks have shown a dramatic improvement in his demeanor. Indeed, he seems to have largely abandoned his lobster costume in favor of his blue-coated general’s uniform. How long this change will last is a question we have left to the Grand Duke’s personal physician; however, we are hopeful that our ruler’s lucidity will last until the question of Princess Antonia and her claim to the Mark of Schleiz has been resolved. . . one way or the other.

We Remain Your Humble Servants,

Herr Udo Dirkschneider von Pfeffernuβe, Foreign Minister

Herr Hans Karl von Wilkowiczeske, Senior Member of the Stollenian Cabinet

Herr Heinrich-Schatzi von Pelznikkel, Minister of War

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Karl Frederick

Setting to one side the prospective assassinations and the ongoing concerns over Alisona , Duke Karl Frederick takes himself off to the stables surrounded by a cloud of attendants. This year, after an absence of some seasons, the duke will lead his own team " Sons of the Golden Herring" in the prospective jousting.
He is helped into the saddle ,fingering his old and trustworthy ash spear . His mount takes up the gallop and they speed across the field to the ring- missed!
The Duke realises his thoughts are elsewhere but endeavours to put aside affairs of state and improve his aim. Perhaps today his fellow Rulers may reply about the impending threat upon all...

at your service

Dear Sirs,

as a largely neutral nation it would be wrong to take sides at this point, however as our Chancellor has informed me that the royal bank may be in a little trouble due to the fall of the Southern Stone company,we would be willing to come to the aide of any worthy nation, for say the price....... indeed it would be wrong to discuss such thigs here. feel free to contact our Minister Arturo Scargillovich to talk terms


Nicoli Betts-Davittovich

A public reply from Monte-Cristo

To all Our Brothers,
Rulers of Europe and Other Lands.

Our Cousin Karl Frederick of Tradgarland had, this We acknowledge gratefully, the honesty to lead You to a copy of the Private Letter he so inelegantly comments on the Public Place. Thus, please read it and judge by Yourselves how Philosophically Correct are Our Words & Motivations.
Indeed Our very Civilization would be jeopardized by the uncontrolled introduction of ‘machines’ in everyday life, but more specially on The Fields of Mars. «Progress» lures Us with its benevolents & charming aspects (see left), but is worse than a two-edged sword: the positive edge is blunt, the negative razor-sharp.

Brother Rulers, do You want Your Armies –these Mighty Forces You patiently built, Your deserved Pride– thrown down into obsolescence? Do You wish to have to spend fortunes in building War Balloons? And, in order to counter those airboats of your rivals, to stoop so low as to mount quadruple Puckle’s machine guns on fast carts as ‘Flugzeug Abwehr Maschinengewehre’? Do You wish to raze to the ground all Your forests (endangering many animal species, and depriving You of the pleasures of the Hunt), or to poison the Air, then Water and very Earth with deleterious coal smokes, merely to move Your steam-powered new frigates or cannon-armed heavy warwagons? Do You wish to see Your gallant Cavalry riding ludicrious ‘velociferes’? Do You really wish the greasy cranks & cogwheels to get the better of the chivalrous Sword?

Indeed, Brother Rulers, how far are you ready to accept the alienation of Our ‘Lace Wars’ by the mechanists and enginneers?

No intention could be more foreign to Ours than any attempt to suppress the Curiosity & Inventivity of the Human Mind –which set Us apart of all other other Creatures. All of Us, Enlightened Rulers of Our Time, are justly proud of encouraging & supporting them. But the step between single prototypes and ‘industrial’ production& use is where We put the impassable barrier.

With Our Fraternal Affection,
Louys of Monte-Cristo

An open letter to Europa

My Fellow Rulers
I write filled with horror and dismay . I received a letter from Mote-Cristo this day threatening all in Europa who further their knowledge of the Art of Mars. It talks of unspeakable horrors and potential assassinations to fall upon those who desire to gain knowledge and lore to improve their defence!
I call therefore upon Europa to agree upon stratagems to counter this horror!
Karl Frederick
Duke of Tradgardland

a copy of the letter may be read on the comments posted to the "Advice Sought " message

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tradgardland's Jousting Season

The season of Autumn sees the commencement of the Tradgardian Jousting Season. This sport , whose origins lay in the middle ages, sees riders attempting to remove a ring suspended from an iron figure ( some say the figure represents a Stagonian King of times gone by) whilst galloping at full speed. Each village, town or herrengard has its own team . Competition is fierce and the teams compete in a series of elimination matches until the Grand Final in the Capital.Defending champions are the Mackay team from Smegby who tragically lost their captain at sea this year off the coast of Brittania. It is rumoured that other nations of Europa intend to compete this year. Only time will tell the truth of this matter. The first round will be announced prior to the Full Moon on the 27th of September.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Advice provided

To Col D'Rockett (Director Barabara Powder Mill and Military pyrotechnical fabricators)

Sir, thank you for your query, I have the honour to enclose a copy of the Kreigsacademie prospectus. The academie director Herr Dr Griffin O'Patrick will be more than pleased to discuss any particular needs.

Being a small country based on the Rhine we have little experience of the oceans outside of our small trading post of Ste Barbara on the island of San Serif in the Caribbean. However General Deloup, who is still convalescing locally, following his latest trans-Atlantic adventure, may be amenable to providing his insights for a suitable fee. Additionally we may still be able to contact General Tiezhen to advise on cavalry tactics or General G.R.I. Beauval on artillery (references available on request) as we understand that the are between commitments at this time.

With highest felicitations
Baron Hardegg (Minister for Foreign Relations) Frundsberg Frei Stat.

Advice sought..

Baron Hardegg (Minister for Foreign Relations)Frundsberg Frei Stat.
Sir I send the greetings of the Duchy of Tradgardland to you. We are most interested in your Military Academy and what services you are able to offer. We are but a small Duchy yet one proud of her martial traditions. We wonder what expertise you are able to supply in the area of artillery and cavalry tactics. In exchange we can offer our unrivaled knowledge of naval technological endeavours.
I await your reply with great interest.
yours fraternally
Col D'Rockett
Director Barabara Powder Mill and Military pyrotechnical fabricators

Frundsberg units for loan and other services

Princes, Electors, Landgraves, Barons and other Notables.

May I take this opportunity to acquaint you once again with the range of services offered by the Frundsberg Frei Stadt
  • Provision of all types of military equipment, in particular the foundries of Pappenheim produce a range of cannons, muskets and rifles.
  • Hard wearing uniforms produced from the wool from the sheep of the Stocwold and Pidnem hills
  • Overlooking Sonnenbad is the world famous Kriegsacamedie, where officers can attend various courses to improve their military art.
  • The Stadt can also provide high professional military units for loan and also acts as agents for a number of generals.
  • Suitable facilities for organising conferences with facilitators skilled in producing mutually satisfactory peace treaties.

With highest felicitations

Baron Hardegg (Minister for Foreign Relations)
Frundsberg Frei Stat.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cannon fire heard from Seifriedsburg since dawn

From: Gen. V. Ballpark at Seifriedsburg
To: Gen. Chevert at Gemuden

Sir, in my previous post, I reported the following situation after several days of manuevering:
As the position at Aschenroth seemed to offer the foe too many manuever options with his superior forces, we have concentrated on the plateau at Seifriedsburg, The enemy appears to be deploying directly against us, but I have ordered the squadron at Weyersfeld to remain there as an outpost should they attempt another flank march, as this would put them on the Wursburg route again and thus evade our position entirely.
Our left flank is covered by the defile between Schonau and Wolfsmunster. This is barricaded and covered by some light guns and dragoons ... and the hillside is mined to cause blocking landslides should the foe attempt to force it.

This morning before light, a force of enemy grenadiers rushed the bridge crossing the wooded gully between Aschenroth and Seifriedsburg. As I write, Hesse Seewald forces are crossing the bridge and deploying on the scrub covered slopes and pastures below us. They appear to have at least twice our strength in this assault. Unfortunately, the morning fog prevents us from discerning their position and strength more accurately, but we can see over the mists that further forces are moving out of Aschenroth towards us. It appears that the northern forces have committed to gaining this plateau and its direct access towards your camp.

I have concentrated my brigade, your 4th Laura Ann regiment, and a battalion of jaegers at the crest before Seifriedsburg. We are supported by some squadrons of dragoons and hussars, I have ordered the squadron at Weyersfeld to join us in haste. The enemy appears to be weak in artillery at this moment, so I have hopes of at least delaying them with some cost at this position.

If we are forced off this plateau, the defile at Schonau will be outflanked, and the troops there will have to fall back to positions near your piquets.

Your servant,
V. Ballpark

Pettygree to the Prince du Charade

Note from Lady Pettygree to the Prince du Charade:

My Lord Charade:

I cannot be more specific on the contents of this note, as the package contains further packaging for a further note, which I believe may be an appeal directly from Granny Loomis to the Royal Family. She is, after all, related on the female side to the Gallian royal house. Lady Rosenschnauz, however, has given me several points which the letter may concern.

First of all, the family Fahrtz is extremely concerned that Hurtshog Stanken’s commitment to Gallia may actually doom their reign in Frankszonia, an area notoriously Protestant and pro-Germanian in sentiment. Therefore, their court is extremely desirous that Gallia be much more visible and prominent in its co-operation with and esteem for the Hurtshog.
Towards this end, they have frequently requested a detachment of a military training cadre.

Secondarily, I believe that they are desirous of written commitments of refuge and support should Germania prevail and the family Fahrtz be driven from Frankszonia.

Thirdly, even the loyal officers are enraged by the Intendant Bastille’s treatment of prisoners as “rebels” ... with the implication that they are rebelling against Gallia. Such treatment denies the autonomy of Frankszonia as well as ignoring that Frankszonia is an Imperial Frei Stadt, not a vassal of the Gallian throne.
I believe that they wish these prisoners to be designated rather as prisoners of war, and thus accessible to normal exchanges and ransoms. Further, if a “rebel” designation is still needed, that such cases be submitted directly and supremely to the Hurtshog himself, whose focus is entirely on his dynastic legacy now that his exotic Princess has presented him with an heir.
Unfortunately, the Hurtshog is a young man, and all he perceives in the Intendant is a very capable officer, and thus is not active enough to prevent the growing perception of him by the Frankszonians as a Gallian puppet. Furthermore, during a recent crisis, all of the battalion commanders have begun to station piquets and other safeguards to prevent their units from being disarmed by some sudden coup. Already, as you are aware, several high officers and their entourages have fled to join Hesse Seewald.
The Hurtshog values the experience and skill of the Intendant, and considers his own leaders to be either too elderly or too inexperienced to be effective in the Kaiser Schacht that is forming. Providing these men with Gallian adjutant / advisors should balance the concerns of the Hurtshog and maintain Frankszonian pride.

Given the sacrifices and risks which the Stanken family has already made on behalf of Gallia, I believe that a prompt and courteous reception of their message may be required.

Alas, it seems that I will be unable to personally discharge their commission unless your Highness acts promptly due to a family crisis.

Your devoted friend, Lady Pettygree

Come ye thankful people come...

The Tradgardland Harvest is nearly safely gathered in - one day of decent weather will see the task complete. It is a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving . Tomorrow will see Holy Cross Day , when the people will gather for Mass prior to gathering the last sheaves.
The Ducal Court will process to the countryside to be presented with the last sheave to be harvested. This will be borne aloft to the Cathedral where it will adorn the High Altar.
The Church bells of the Duchy will ring out and the festivities will commence.The year's cycle has turned once more bringing new joys and sorrows to Europa...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Divers News From Gallia

Esteemed Gentlemen,
Mostly to keep me on track, may I offer this news?
Gallian Armée du Marshall de Broglie:
Near Minden, Germania where the Britannian Army and her allies are posted.
Broglie pursued the Marquis of Granby after the latter was defeated in June at Gütersloh, Germania.
Gallian Armée du Lieutenant General de Chevert:
Adjacent to the fortress of Gemünden awaiting Der Erbrpinz von Hesse Seewald. An Avant Garde of Frankzonians blocks the main road northward from which Der Erbprinz must march, if he marches south. Chevert retreated to this location after his defeat at the hands of Der Erbprinz at Salzungen in August. The army is just about fully recovered. The fortress anchors Chevert's flank. Confidence is returning. The armée of Lt. Gen. de Poyanne is near at Frankfurt Am Main and Lt. Col. Enigma and his cavalry are returned to the theatre.
Gallian Magazine At Frankfurt Am Main:
l'Intendant Bastille's paranoia has subsided regarding mischief, confusions and intrigues everywhere. Calm has been restored especially since Lt. General de Poyanne remains close by with his 25,000 Gallians. Rebels were scattered by the latter some weeks ago making things more peaceful. It also helps Bastille's digestion that the Ladies Pettygree and Masquerade left under the care of a massive brigade of cavalry commanded by Lt. Col. Enigma at the very height of politcal distress. The latter has just returned to Frankfurt Am Main awaiting orders. The new jail is filled to near capacity with rebels.
At Versailles (Gallian capital):
The party of Lady Diana Pettygree and Lady Cherish Masquerade arrived at Versailles and are recovering from their lightning fast jounrney from the Gallian magazine of Frankfurt Am Main. Lady Pettygree has requested an audience with the Gallian Foreign Minister, Prince du Charade to present to him a letter from the Frankzonian government. So far the Prince has not asked Lady Pettygree to attend him with the letter.
Gallian Foreign Ministry:
The Prince de Charade issued an opinion to the King that the perpetrators of the fire attack from a certain nation of the Orient be tried as spies. He further noted a declaration of war at this time would be pointless. Time will allow some action another day. The war in Germania and alarms from Governor General l'Duc de Silhouette from the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island in the New World are keeping Gallia busy enough. Charade is about to write a letter full of thanks to the the Gallian ally Freyburg for reinforcements en-route into the Gewrmania theatre of war.
Aboard l'Vengenace:
Enseigne Bargot reported to l'Capitaine that the frigate has logged an amazing 1,200 miles in six days from Louisbourg in the New World bound for Le Havre. The frigate is amazingly fast and was aided in this journey by convenient sea currents some navigators say come from the eastern seaboard of America and the Gulf of Mexico. Our voyagers do not know the wind of an approaching but distant hurricane to said eastern coast also added significantly to their journey. At this rate they will reach Le Havre on the 20th instant or thereabouts. The ship carries important diplomatic dispatches from Ny Tragardland and the Gallian Governor General of the Fortress of Louisbourg, l'Duc de Silhouette.
Naval Hospital at Le Havre:
The chief surgeon is about to dismiss the recuperating Tragardland diplomat von Bergman. He thinks the 20th instant will be the day. Von Bergman is understandibly in earnest to resume his mission to Versailles to court the Prince de Charade into an alliance with his country. Von Bergman's gruesome wound suffered in the naval battle between l'Vengeance and Invinceable has healed miraculously. Lucky fellow.
Aboard Britannian Frigate Invinceable:
Damage suffered by lucky long shots in the naval action of mid-June with l'Vengeance is repaired. A new bowsprit and foremast have been fitted at the naval yard at Portsmouth. The captain desires permission to resume cruising off the Gallian coast, especially to return favors with his nemesis aboard l'Vegeance.
Channel Isle de Pettygree:
Lady Pettygree's father is very ill. He may request that his daughter and son return home to his care.
That Woman:
Wherabouts unknown. Presumably she will appear in an intant to advise Lady Pettygree how to preserve herself from next dangers.
The Mysterious Nemesis!:
Her wherabouts also unknown.... Who? What? Why? Where? Does she exist?
Colonel Bauer:
The enigmatic Hesse-Seewald Black Hussar Officer. Wherabouts unknown but is presumed to be with Der Erbprinz or the Mysterious Nemesis.
Der Erbprinz:
No doubt massing for the next battle. Where will he strike?
Votre Serviteur,
Bill Protz

Battle in the offing along the Nahe

Reports from both Hesse-Fedora and Hesse-Homburg indicate that the long-delayed campaign to return the Fedoran lands to Homburg control has begun. Fedoran sources, who believe their actions are in accord with the Reichsdiktat of 1576, state that their brave Landgraf Bogart stands ready to repel the invaders, while Homburgers openly brag of the thrashing the separatists will receive.

Wolf Kibitzer, intrepid reporter for the Homburg Fortnighter, was able to sketch a portion of the Fedoran army as it departed Fedora en route to the border.

More information is said to be available from Fedoran sources.

The Magic of Crop

There! Couldn't resist and it looks much better now, don't you think?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello All,
I'm practicing adding an image. If this works, I'll explain it in another email. If it does not work, never mind and please move on with my apology.
Votre Serviteur,


In his study Duke Karl Frederick pours over the latest edition of the Ducal Society papers. He observes with great interest the world of the optical instrument - in this case the microscope. The world of the minute and unseen will become open to him and all others.
He thinks too of the optics used in the Ducal Observatory where the wonders of God's creation can be observed .
If only the affairs of state would disappear and he could give more of himself to the wonders of the created order.....
A knock at the door brings him back to the present. A note from the Outer Council summons him to discuss the sending of ambassadors to other Duchies and beyond. Duty calls the plans are folded away and the Duke makes his weary way to Duty. He muses that he awaits a word from Gallia...

Bringing in the sheaves..........

On the road to the Harvest Festivities something has occurred to shake the Banat to its core! For further details see the Banat Blog...

Ready to serve

good day to you , may i introduce

Count Nicoli Betts-Davittovich, the commander of the army of a little known principality not many miles from the north east of your own fair lands. a deeply wooded valley has made possible our neutrality from the coming and going of the wider Urope nations for many years. Now sadly ,due to economic need, we seek to unleash ourselves as the latest mercenary arm for higher in the area. wood and wodka just isn't balancing the books.

those wishing any direct diplomatic approaches, contact myself or indeed the minister for war

Peator von Haxbistein

, or of course the crown prince himself

Prince Olav Muirvicken

your in good faith


Armed Incursion in Leder-Hosen

Yellow coated Horsemen crossed the western border of Leder-Hosen last night in what appeared to be a sheep raid. A flock of ewes was removed across the border and a shepherd was mortally wounded while attempting to defend his flock.

King Rupert, while not wishing to jump to conclusions has been advised that the only dragoon type of troops who wear yellow coats within the vicinity come from a principality whom we considered to be friends and allies.

Further investigation is being conducted and Jaegers are being moved into the border region to patrol the area in case of a repeat attack.

His majesty hopes this was not a state sponsored act of aggression . . . . . .

We are now 30 Strong

With our most recent additions, "Emperor vs Elector" now has 30 contributors. The three newest imagi-Nations are the Abbey of Kempten, Duchy of M'Uedail and the Principality of Jordvicken.

All of these are listed to the right -- and I encourage you to check them out. Indeed, I suggest that we all check out ALL of the links to the right so that you may keep abreast of what is happening throughout our fictional 18th century nations.

-- Jeff

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nighttime River Battle in Hesse-Engelburg....

Reports are sketchy at present, but witnesses claim an active cannonade between vessels on the main river of Hesse-Engelburg this eve, on the route up from Ober-Schweinsberg. Speculation is high that Bad Nachtschwein ships may have attempted to break the Hesse-Engelburg river blockade.

An Open letter from the Tradgardland Society to Europa

Sirs !
May we express our dismay and sorrow at the lack of interest in the forthcoming Natural Philosophical Meeting on Holy Cross Day. As a result the Duke has informed us to cancel this glittering meeting of Minds and Souls. He asks us also to convey His thanks to the participants who offered their support. He regrets any inconvenience given but cancels now to avoid travelling beginning.
Yours Fraternally
Secretary, Under Secretary and Under Under Secretary
to the Tradgardland Society

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fictional America

First of all, I'm a tad lost ... who is where in this newest world???

Now I've got a pile conquistador figures and Aztecs ... but still, I'd need to be located somewhere around Appalachia to be an effective participant, right?
But I'm NOT going to invest in appropriate figures at this stage ...

So, given that we now know that several huge, urban civilizations were wiped out by disease and crop failure after De Soto's relatively late passage through the area, I'm going to assume that instead, these cultures survived ... and thus have major trading interests with the coast and down the river ... especially with the North Eastern, Mountain, and Southern coastal tribes.
We Cherokee preserve several tales of taking in refugee communities from these peoples after the Spanish plague swept through ... so it would make sense to a far fetched degree ....

I'm going to be awfully slow getting on board, however. First of all, I've the secret letter to reveal for Gallia / Frankszonia, a battle to resolve (very tentatively scheduled for next weekend), and then get past the chiefs (Three Feathers (to the Wind), Big Moose Noises, and the very revered White Raven.)

Life has its moments of intervening too ... which really has slowed me down this last couple of weeks ...


Ny Tradgardland Ranger Company

The small, yet effective, ranging company from the Ny Tradgardland settlement is vital in being the eyes and ears of the Duchy in the New World. They are made up of the hunters and volunteers from the settlement along with local Indians. Their knowledge of the locality is legendary as is their woodcraft. Gallia is indeed fortunate to have such potential allies in the struggles ahead.


The meeting between the Ny Tradgarglanders and the Indians has begun well. They have decided to break to play Lacrosse . The men of the colony try valiantly but are out- run and out-skilled. Bruises may have been given and taken but friendships have been deepened between the communities. They share food , fellowship and aches together.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Meetings near Ny Tradgardland

Some distance from Ny Tradgardland the Militia have set up a camp. They wish to meet with their Indian allies and friends in the light of the Clouds of Mars which threaten the obscuring the Sun of Peace. It is vital that the past good relations be retained and reinforced.
The Indians have traded,hunted and co-existed with the Ny Tradgardlanders since their arrival in the New World. They have served together in the small Ranger company which scouts the borders and beyond. Much depends on the outcome of the forthcoming meeting.......

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Technological Breakthroughs of Military Interest in Monte-Cristo

The Bureau des Sciences Appliquees et de l’Ingenierie, a Branch of the Presipapal Academy of Sciences, is proud to reveal some of the recent innovative creations of the Institut Munchausen. Named after the well-known Baron who greatly honored us by working one full year here as its Consulting Director, the Institut, now under the enlightened and dynamic direction of Pr. Otto Sigurd Nemopholist, Ph D, with Dr. Albert Robida as Maitre-Assistant, is actually the *Internal* Reserach and Development Section of the B.S.A.. The ‘Service des Recherches Exterieures’ is indeed an independent Agency directly under Presipapal control: very little is known about it, other than that it could be also bear an other name (an often whispered acronym is generally quoted).
Among these new devices of warfare let us mention the ‘Carabine Culassiere’, the ‘Crache-Mitraille’, the ‘Canon-Obusier Culassier’, the ‘Artillerie Volante’, the ‘Taupe-Behemoth a Vapeur’, the ‘Petardier Subaquatique’, the ‘Esquif Aerien’…..

Please go to the Monte-Cristan Board to discover their illustrated descriptions.

All these Engines of Apocalyptic War and Horrendeous Destruction being totally alien to the "Peace & Love" ethos of Monte-Cristo, each of the 20 projects will be sold anonymously by mail auction. Neither the names nor the total number of the bidders will be published. The entry fee is fixed to 1,000 Louis d’Or (or the equivalent in Swiss currency) for each of the 20 auctions. Outbidded (even id indirectly, when two patents are auctioned separatly but have to be attributed together) competitors will know by how much, so they can improve their proposals. All auctions to be closed by the day of Saint Michel, the Warrior Archangel, at noon.
The winners –once their payment accepted by the Presipapal Bank for Sustainable Development and Constantly Increasing Profit– will receive (in a plainly brown-wrapped, unmarked, parcel) all relevant technical drawings and descriptions, building instructions and directions for use, together with the certified acts of intellectual property. Their identity, and the amount paid, will be kept secret.
Send serious proposals to the Board of Lucrative Patents, the Presipapal Palace, Monte-Cristo.

A letter...

Governer of Ny tradgardland to l'Duc de Silhouette:

the Duke has bid me write to you in these terms:
I was most gratified by your recent communication.
"Speaking bodily and plainly we wish to negoiate a Treaty of mutual interdependence and aid - friends in times of war and peace, mars and concord. We wish our purposes to be as one. We wish to labour together as Catholic Monarchs . We wish your aid , working in hand with our Jacobite friends, to further our claim upon the Shetland islands- to the discomfort of Brittania. We offer safe haven to ships and troops here and in Europa."
Please convey theses sentiments to your foreign Minister and ask Von Bergman to intercede for us in Versailes.
Your Servant in Faith and Friendship
Goveernor of Nt tradgardland.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nearing The Chateau of l'Prince de Charade

Narrator: Lady Pettygree, as the dear reader may recall, left Frankfurt Am Main, was thereafter escorted to Coblenz and from there travelled to Versailles, Gallia with an important message from the sovereign leader of Frankzonia. What is in that message, we can only guess.
Lady Pettygree: "Lt. Gardier?"

Gardier: "Oui Mademioselle."

Pettygree: "I observe we are a day's coach ride from Versailles. It would be a blessing if you would dispatch an escorted messenger to l'Prince de Charade, at his chateau I should think, announcing our imminent arrival. Please to mention we carry an important dispatch from Frankzonia which he must see at once, if he so pleases. Kindly extend my compliments as well and my desire to see him upon my arrival at Versailles."
Narrator: And so the story moves along a little more. Perhaps next time, we shall enter the library of l' Prince de Charade and read the message together.

l'Duc de Silhouette To Governor of Ny Tradgardland

May it please Your Excellency Governor of Ny Tradgardland,

I am gratified and honored to receive your inquiry regarding closer ties with Gallia. The Britannians, as I beg to hope you concur, are voracious in their appetite for aggrandizement. Indeed we are on constant alert here at the Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island.

I will be pleased to receive your ideas when convenient for you. Should these arrive sooner than later, I am of the opinion the frigate l'Vengeance recently arrived in the harbor with news from Gallia and the War in Germania could speedily take your letters to l'Prince de Charade, our Foreign Minister for review.

You may be pleased to know that a portion of the news from Gallia regards your diplomat von Bergman. I am very pleased to say before his voyage to Louisbourg, l'Capitaine of l'Vengeance visited von Bergman in the naval hospital at Le Havre. The wounds he suffered in the vexing naval action of last June have healed to a miraculous extent perhaps allowing him to return home or to resume his mission to Versailes as soon as, well, now. Praise God.

We await your correspondence with pleasure and more as I remain,
Votre Serviteur,
l'Duc de Silhouette
Fortress of Louisbourg

New Duke-Abbot Installed

God's Good Grace

Today, The Lord our God has seen fit to raise to the Abbey and Patrimony of Kempten, his Grace the Duke-Abbot Alois-Friedrich von Dietmann.

In God's name he has taken the mantle of authority bestowed upon him by The Holy Father and the election by his peers.

A noted biblical scholar, the new Duke-Abbot has arrived from Rome after spending twenty years teaching Rhetoric at the University of Pavia.

All good Catholics across Europe are invited to rejoice at this news.

By God's Holy Order

Father Gumbolls
Secretary to his Grace the Duke-Abbot

Duchy of North Suffers Losses


Having been forced to surrender the two Saxe-Bearstein cities (Polkfurt and Stinz) that they had taken, the field army of the Duchy of the North returned to its Pomeranian holding only to discover that forces from the Duchy of Mieczyslaw had captured the Norden city of Barva.

The latest reports on the battles of Stinz and Barva will bring no joy to the Norden capitol as both times the southern armies prevailed. What will this northern nation do next? Stay tuned for the latest reports.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Stinz Relieved; Battle of Barva Looms

Saxe-Bearstein successfully relieved Stinz, the second of the two cities previously captured by the Duchy of the North. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the absence of the Nordic field army, the Duchy of Mieczyslaw has invested Barva . . . and the Nordic forces are attempting to regain the city.

Accounts of these battles should soon be available on their various blogs.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A personal letter...

Details of the personal letter penned this very night to Gallia by the Duke can be read on the Tradgardland Blog directly .

After Mass - a letter to Gallia

After Mass, whilst escorting the Abbe from Louisberg back to the Fort, the Govenor of Ny Tradgardland takes the chance to speak to the Gallian Officers.
He asks them to convey a letter back which asks as follows-
Sir ,
May I present my greetings to you and express our thanks for the service of the Abbe. May we also take this opportunity to make overtures of a diplomatic nature to you. In the light of wars and rumours of wars we wish to draw closer to Gallia and her new world representatives. We wish to work together , for defence , for aid and for mutual up building in perpetuity. I await word from you in haste due to the nature of the age.
Yours fraternally
V H Neison
Governor of Ny tradgardland