Saturday, September 29, 2007

Empires in Arms mappe

The mappe discussion resumes.

Here is a map from the Empires in Arms that could be converted for use by us here in the EvE blogsite, complete with 'game tested' boundaries, cities, rivers, industry and major ports of call already marked (all we need do is 'rewrite' with our names etc).

Sir William, of the maps you pointed out only:
were of interest, mainly due to the names stamped over the top of all of the other ones, making inserting our places really hard.

Also both of these maps were rather small (large scale), again making the insertion of the multitude of imperium states along the Rhine and into germany very difficult (if not downright impossible).

Take a close look at the Empires in Arms map, I think it can be 'reworked' for our purposes here.


old-tidders said...

The empire in arms map has great potential. Looks like a good starting point.

-- Allan

Fire at Will said...

Looks an easy map to place our states, though as said we may have conflicting claims, but this might add to the fun!.

Frundsberg lies about midway between Wesel and Franfurt on the right (east) bank of the Rhine.


Sir William the Aged said...

I agree that its a good starting point, if we can remove most of the "game specific" symbols and nomenclature that's already on it. I hate to beat a dead horse, but I really would like to see latitude and longitude indicated, as this would be the "proper" method for defining a territory unless its totally bordered by waterways.

Sir William (its easier than saying "the other Bill" or "the other Will" all the time)

MurdocK said...

Sir William,

as your other map researches have probably shown, the use of longitude and latitude was not common on maps of the period.

in fact, exact positioning of anything using such methods was very close to a 'state secret' (the court of the sun king was most unhappy to find that after a comprehensive survey of the kingdom they lost some 1/5th of the total surface area!) and displaying them (such as on a map) could see you executed for espionage.

Actually I like the maps that do not go into the extreme detail of having the lat/long any more than 'on the sides' of the map, as only the very small scale maps that cover very large areas of the earth surface (like the GNC or ONC series) really need the 'lines' of lat/long going across them.

So long as WE have a system to ID who/where then I think the EiA map will work out quite well.

Actually the "game symbols" are needed by us also...though they may need to be moved about a bit (to satisfy the players descriptions of their own 'imagi-nation').

I for one have been hoping that others might become more interested in making Emperor vs Elector a giant kreigspiel, rather than a story-telling only device.

Frankfurter said...

I sort of like your idea of a giant Kriegspiel ... having enjoyed such a campaign recently. (I made a major blunder and blew it, alas).
Unfortunately, such long term and regular commitments too often falter ...