Thursday, April 30, 2009

A remarkable artist

Louys of Monte-Cristo just discovered the outstanding dioramen war scenes of a German artist.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Farewell dinner for the Grand Tour

Louys, the Palace and the People of Monte-Cristo celebrate a Farewell Dinner for the Grand Tour. Reich Duke Wilhelm, young King Basil, and the entourage have many wonderful memories of Monte-Cristo and are loath to leave such lavish hospitality, but alas they must leave on the morrow

Sunday, April 26, 2009

After Math, Reeling, Writhing, and Rheumatics?

Murdock's Muraaders did an excellent game and report on the Battle of Neu Isenberg.
Of course, both imagi-nations have excellent forces nearby to renew the conflict, should St. Maurice decide to continue.
But as we're both fairly loyal to the Gallians (Frankfurter perforce, St. Maurice by choice), I'm wondering if Bill Protz doesn't want some excitable Gallian adjundants dashing around and demanding everybody play nice???

However, I just noticed that we don't list a link to Murdock's blog here at EVE ... I'm not sure if that's an oversight, as it is a nice sight ...


PS: Ive finished another couple of regiments of my 15's ... and am able to game a number of different scenarios with my wife's aid (she's also our shutterbug, so when she's down sick, I can't post pretty reports like Murdock's) ... would be glad to haul out the board and cloth and stuff too!

(Yes, my support of "proxy gaming" is not at all altruistic!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Principality of Andorronia sends battalion to Beerstein Foreign Legion

Dom Eutanasi Aymerich of the Principality of Andorronia has approved Colonel Dom Geordi Tallaferro to lead the First Battalion of the Royal Almughavars Mountain Fusiliers in service with the Beerstein Foreign Legion. The nickname of these fierce warriors is "Los Morents". All of Beerstein awaits their arrival!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Greeting the Ambassadrix

Louys, the Palace and the People of Monte-Cristo warmly welcome Lady Patronelle d’Anis, the new Cavenderian Representative.

To chose a member of the Fair Sex as Ambassador to the Presipality reveals tact, taste and sagacity. The wisdom of this choice indeed goes deeper than it appears at first. While greatly appreciating many aspects of Monte-Cristan culture, such as the lack of any sexism / machism, foreign women are generally less... mesmerized (and thus made easily influenced) by the atmosphere.
In truth Prince Geoffrey is blessed to have such a sagacious and subtle Counsellor. Unfortunately, when… overexcited His Highness sometimes turns deaf to the voice of Reason.

The timely arrival of the Ambassadrix provides the Palace with an opportunity to prolong the series of subsidied performances, free public concerts, public and private feasts, and banquets organized for the Royal Tourists. Lady Patronelle comes just in time to be the Honour Guest of Victoria’s Secret’, the annual ‘catwalk’ runway show of Victoria Aubade-Chantelle, our famous Lingerie de Haute Couture fashion designer and a Monte-Cristan ambassador in her own way.

A few small-minded ones may point out that the real name of Lady Patronelle is ‘Danis’: a commoner name. The point is meaningless here, so-called ‘blue’ blood doesn’t count much («less than a rabbit’s fart», according to the traditional phrase) for Monte-Cristans - and for us all Daughters of Venus are noble. The spelling is to honour the Lady in the eyes of those foreigners harboring such archaic prejudices. As is the Countess coat-of-arms («Argent, a scorpion sable» - suggested, it is said, by the ‘Service’ to cock a snook at Milady de Winter) granted her by our College d’Heraldique.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Frankfurter Battalion to join Beerstein Foreign Legion

Hurtshog has pledged Frei Herr Hurlup Braunswieger-Yech, Inhaber of the The Bad Rotten Muskytears, to join the Beerstein Foreign Legion. Three cheers for the Frankfurters!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Frundsberg Frei Stadt sends battalion to join Beerstein Foreign Legion

Baron Wilhelm of the Frundsberg Frei Stadt will provide an infantry battalion to the Beerstein Foreign Legion Brigrade. Three cheers for Baron Wilhelm.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Holy Mormoan Kingdom sends artillery to the Foreign Legion

King Phillip I of the The Holy Mormoan Kingdom has approved two troops of the Bree's Battery, Royal Regiment Of New Wales Artillery to serve with the Beerstein Foreign Legion. Reich Duke Wilhelm has commissioned a new flag to honor Bree's Battery in their service with his army. All of Beerstein awaits these heroes and seeks other realms to nominate units for the Foreign Legion.

Introducing Another Unit!

Unit Name: Bree's Battery, Royal Regiment Of New Wales Artillery
Date Raised: 10 Aug 1705
Motto: "Saint Barbara Is With Us"!
Unofficial Motto: "Saint Barbara's Vengeance Is Delivered By Us"! and "Beware the 7th"
Nicknames: "Barbara's Boys"
Battle Honours: Ubique (Everywhere)
Brief History: Initially raised as a Militia Artillery Unit in 1701 by a Elder (Clergyman) of the Mormoan Church, named Elder Thomas Rassmussen.
Most of the Gunners came from German (Saxon and Hessian) colonists, and their uniform is distinctly Saxon in appearance.
Read more about this unit here!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Battle of Neu Isenberg

The reports from the battle of Neu Isenberg are finally in!

See them at Murdock'S MarauderS.

Young Ludwig comes into his own

It had been a long day of training. Ludwig V had been drilling with the men of his regiment. This would be the last season that he served as a Freikorporal carrying a musket amongst the common soldiers of the regiment that bore his name. The next year he would assume the commissioned rank of Leutnant, and Hauptman, the year after that.

Little did he realize that he would soon have an "close encounter" with a major European power. To learn more, click here to go to The Margraviate of Ost-Pommern.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diplomacy in The Republic

"Diplomacy" is a word. But what one person considers to be dipomacy may be very different to what another believes. President Rapp and Major Rashid, 2nd Horse, show their diplomatic credentials. Or what they think are diplomatic credentials. And on the way, Saxe-Bearstein and Über Grunthoffen are "bestowed".

Who's been a busy Little Bee?

King Phillip is pleased to receive a title and gift from the Republic Of Neues Sudland. It has started him thinking however,...
You are invited to to read of the latest goings on!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

(OT) Your EvE Inhaber is Back Online


After almost three weeks off-line I now once again have a working computer. So if you have any "issues" which need my attention . . . or if you wish to join our group blog . . . please email me at . . .

As for my health, I'm now well over my pneumonia and popped rib and my gout has subsided. It isn't gone, but the inflammation is much reduced.

Now let us get back to the Eighteenth Century.

-- Jeff (wearing his EvE Inhaber hat . . . a tricorn, of course)

Reich Duke Wilhelm establishing a Foreign Legion Brigade

President K. Rapp of the Republic of Neues Sudland has approved his 4th Regiment of Dragoons as Reich Duke Wilhelm first unit in the newly authorized Foreign Legion Brigade. The 4th's Dragoons nicknamed "The Ponces" raised on 26 January 1713 from the sons of well to do personages in Ekaterinsburg and appropriate volunteer gentlemen from the German States, France and the United Kingdom. The colonels and senior officers of this regiment are only drawn from the best families of the republic. Despite this, the regiment also has a very good combat record. This regiment will be the senior unit in our Foreign Legion. Reich Duke Wilhelm envisions this legion to grow to four infantry battalions, two cavalry regiments and a battery of excellent artillery. Any nation wishing to volunteer a unit can be assured they will be provided the finest uniforms, flags, and equipment of the native country.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Reich Duke's Grand Tour arrives in the Presipality of Monte-Cristo

Reich Duke Wilhelm and young King Basil are met by Jean-Louis and representatives of the the Presipality of Monte Cristo at City Hall

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today Easter Day 1759 two men met in the Palace of the Dukes of Saschen -Vindow. They shook hands upon the promise of Everlasting Peace between Tradgardland and Sasche-Vindow. The men were Duke Peter ( recovering from his recent illness and still unable to leave his bed) and Duke Karl Frederick of the resplendent Tradgardland. In the light of Easter a new age is secured,one to be celebrated in the days ahead...
Pax Vobiscum to you and yours this Eastertide from Alan and Family

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A hellish night in Morea

The last of the revelers had embraced sweet Morpheus. The party had ended several hours ago. Theofilia had kissed good-bye young Basil who left an hour after the party. She had spent some time going over expenses with Anne and Sotiriadis. She then had retired to her bedchambers. Her servants ease her to her nightclothes, while Ahmed the Bektashi sung her a soothing hymn. The day had been long, and the party had not helped. Oh it was a success, but rumors from the absence of the Reich Duke were prelevent. Also Radu had not returned yet. Anafli was searching the city for him. Uh well, not much to do and she shooed everyone out of her bed-chamber. She dimmed the lights and waited for thirty minutes. A light knock and the door opened. The ambassador of Hetzenberg entered in his own nightclothes...........

To continue reading please go to

Konstantinos Travlos

Danger for the Reich Ducal Party

As the Reich Duke and Duchess and young Basil depart Carpania on their way to the Presipality of Monte Cristo, their trip will soon be interrupted by the most vile sort of danger.

See ColCampbell's Barracks for the details.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Waiting for the arrival

Monte-Cristo is ready to welcome young King Basil, Reich Duchess Lynda and Reich Duke Wilhelm with our ceremony of official greeting.

Our prestigious guests could not come and honour us at a more favorable time: the weather is fine but not too hot, as happens sometimes in the deep of summer despite the proximity of the sea (everywhere in the Presipality "On sent la mer d’ici! "). Thus the young and fair Monte-Cristans are wearing their traditional costume, the (in)famous «trikini» (becomes the ‘monokini’ when barefooted).

As part of the Season Festival of the Open Air Opera, this week offers each afternoon a representation of Purcell’s Faerie Queene after an appetizer of -diverse - of his other pieces. Our special guest of the Year, the Bluebird Ballet from Mitteland, performs on several on them.
Given the taste of our welcoming population for music and enjoyement, by a decades-old unwritten tradition foreign musicians, players of bagpipe or hurdy-gurdy (and any instrument if they play good music) come to Monte-Cristo at the time of the festival –from whole Europe and all around the Mediterranean Sea- to perform for free in the streets and squares and in the Grand Parc Recreatif (somewhat to the annoyance of the timid animals in the attached Zoo).
A special this year, the Palace has invited the Mehter Takımı as part of the ‘cultutal exchanges’ covering our convoluted diplomatic efforts to revive the alliance between Versailles and Istanbul.

The Great Hall of the Musee des Arts et Sciences currently harbors our famous Annual Exposition d’Arts Orientaux, enriched of new pieces. The staff of the Presipapal Library is selecting the portfolios and books our Guests will receive as souvenirs.

We hope Her Highness Reich Duchess Lynda will greatly honour our gentle People by kindly agreeing to tour the City and Peninsula as Special Head of the jury for our Spring competitions of Flowered Streets, Squares, Hamlets and Villages. Hopefully Her Highness will not be disturbed by the fact that here, even when presenting their works to the Jury, most of young gardeners wear only a straw hat (for the boys, respectuously held in hands), a green apron and wooden shoes.

In the meantime, given their ruling responsabilities facing serious matters related to our troubled times, the Prince and the Reich Duke will be given demonstrations of our recent achievements in military research and development.
They will also have the unique opportunity to witness the drill and evolutions of the Peshawar Lancers, an exotic mercenary outfit at the moment in transit on our peninsula.
Each of your Guests will be presented with an annotated copy of Maurice de Saxe’s Reveries: the Marechal gave us several copies of of a ‘secret’ edition printed under his direction (and far better than the posthumous edition).
As a mark of trust and friendship, various pieces of information recently gathered by our Service will be revealed and the march, 12 ‘Secret Synthesis’ commented upon.

Then to end the days on a relaxing tone, we offer for instance the Musical Plays at the Casino: while at the Great Theatre & Concert Hall a gothic drama retelling a popular German legend is performed in alternance with an amusing (if somewhat controversial by foreign standards) comedy, a smaller theatre offers more sophisticated shows.
But, honestly, we would not encourage our Guests to gamble in this establishment…

We have to confess to be less well equipped as for answering the possible spiritual needs of our Guests. But they would benefit, if they wish, from interviews with another honored visitor: Cardinal Maximilian von Roskilde is still our wiling ‘prisoner’. As we understand it, this Holy Man sees his sojourn in our jail as the fulfilment of some kind of ex-voto, a self-imposed mortification in thanksgiving for the happy conclusion of his chaotic sea journey.

We will invite Young King Basil to open the last night Grand Bal d’‘Au Revoir’.

Thus we are waiting for for the arrival of Reich Duchess Lynda, Reich Duke Wilhelm and Prince Basil in full confidence to offer them a pleasant –both enjoyable and and instructive- staging stage in their Grand Tour, in a peaceful and secure haven sheltereed from obscure plots and away from all wars, known or occult

We’ll leave to our Sovereign Guests to comment, if they wish, on their sojourn in our Country.

Grand Tour heads for the Presipality of Monte Cristo

Reich Duke and Duchess von Beerstein, young King Basil, and entourage head the for the Presipality of Monte-Cristro next. Everyone is excited to visit such an exotic an enlightened realm.

Reich Duke Departs

Read about the departure of the Reich Duke of Beerstein from his visit to Potzdorf, capitol of the Margraviate of Carpania at: ColCampbell's Barracks .

Oh no!!!!

The Duchess has gone and done it now!
Read on at:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do ask for Dukas...

“Three Xebecs and a couple of gun ships?, this can not be beneficial to our cause,” thought his lordship, La Chevalier De’Corfu

“Captain Valieri, I have a confidence in your ability to protect us and our cargo should this rag-tag flotilla prove hostile”

Captain Valieri answered, “I have faith in our guns and crew also, my lord, the ships are not moving to intercept and have struck colors of truce, we could ignore them and try to sail around but I feel with this mediocre breeze and there smaller size they could close if they wished.”

“Well I suppose we should prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

“Agreed, my Lord, all hands full alert!”

“One of the ships is leaving the line and approaching, it is the Sagittario!”

What fate awaits the Maria-Louisa and her crew, what could this small flotilla require? Could this incident spark a war? Read more at

A Star is Born and the Lady is the Ambassador

After a lot of travel (see the photo I took of the sign, below), the world's ugliest decoration has been sent to various rulers in Europe. And the troop ships are loaded, ready to take the troops off to Europe. Will they find employment?

Who gets the gongs? See the RNS blog at

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Entertainment for the Reich Duke

As the night's festivities begin for the Reich Duke and Duchess, young Basil, King of the Romans, kicks up his heels!

Please see ColCampbell's Barracks for more details.

help needed

can someone help i dont know what to do??? i cant post pictures to my blog

Monday, April 6, 2009

From a letter (deathbed?) written by Duke Peter of Sascen-Vindow to Karl Frederick of Tradgardland...

In spite of years of enmity betwixt our Duchies, and even in the light of my lamentable decisions of late regarding infernal engines,I implore you to take care of my beloved Duchy. I have amended my will in these past days to make it known that I desire above all else you to succeed me as Duke . For you to rule as Duke of Tradgardlad -Saschen-Vindow is my most earnest desire. My estranged Duchess must not,I repeat,must not get her hands upon this sacred soil...
In the event of my recovery I pledge eternal Concord and Harmony betwixt our Duchies that we might resist the Duchess and the Vile Stagonians...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

F M Reich Duke of Beerstein Arrives in Carpania

His Excellency, Field Marshal the Reich Duke Wilhelm of Beerstein has arrived at the Courland border for his visit to the Duchies of Courland and Sachsen-Wachsenstein and the Margraviate of Carpania.

Accompanied by young King Basil of the Romans, the Reich Duke approaches the welcoming party. You can read more about the first posting on his visit at: ColCampbell's Barracks .

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ambassador Ostendorf relates harrowing adventure in Morea

Ambassador Graf Karl Ostendorf and Captain von Eickweist arrived at Reich Duke Wilhelm's camp near the frontier of the Margraviate of Carpania with a fantastic tale. The Ambassador related how King Basil's Hussars were ambushed and killed by a band of Kleftes. Wilhelm was astounded to hear that roaming bands of thieves and cutthroats would be so bold. Captain von Eickweist related how he and the Ambassador were also accosted by these Kleftes as they tried to leave Morea. As the Ambassador make a run for his life, Captain von Eickweist turned about to fight four of the brigands. His bravery allowed the Ambassador made good his escape. The good captain killed three of the Kleftes in single combat while the fourth coward fled into the forest. Although wounded, Captain von Eickweist was able to catch up with the Ambassador. They were assisted by a group of loyal Morean border guards. The Reich Duke was so moved by their harrowing adventure and the heroic action of Captain von Eickweist that he promoted von Eickweist to major. He further entreated Ambassador Ostendorf to return to Mystra and to resume his duties at the Court of Theofilia. Considering the extraordinary circumstances, Reich Duke Wilhelm instructed the Ambassador to inform young Basil that he would be pleased to have him join his entourage on the Grand Tour. To ensure Ambassador Ostendorf's safety, Wilhelm provided the Ambassador an escort of his personal body guard.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Assasinatoin attempt against our King!!!

Well it took time but this thing happended. At same day when col Traffe blew himself up one guy shot king Hendrik. King was taken to palace where Mrs Migg give him some tee for his leg wound but resolt was this that king become blue. Yes he turn blue. Picture of blue king can be seen in Bestonian blog