Saturday, January 31, 2009

Answering the Call

Hearing of the request for Gentlemen to join the Tradgardland Life Guard, our Grace Lord Heinrich attendwd upon his own household unit and requested a volunteer who would be willing to answer the call.

To the suprise of none of the court, Captain Heinrich v. Wolfenbuttell strode forward and offered his services. Our Grace Lord Heinrich was, as always, moved by the honour and devotion shown by his eldest son.

His departure should be during February, allowing time for him to be outfitted in a new uniform, and collect his new back and breast plates which are not a feature of his regiments attire.

Here we have an impression of the brave Captain, as drawn by the court artist Herr P.I.M. Gnu.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Discreet Enquiries

Amongst Herr Stechung's charges as Waldreck's Consul-General in Monte Cristo was responsibility for gathering intelligence of activities likely to affect Waldreck's prestige and trade in Monte Cristo. The sensational news of the abrupt and bloody end to the Tavora Affair in the kingdom of the Portugee had only arrived in the past week, and still resounded throughout salons and quays of the Presipality. Herr Stechung had in his brief particular orders to report on the attitudes of the gentry of the Presipality towards the Jesuit Order and other secret societies, so he made extensive enquiries into the opinions of his associates into the likely prospects of the imprisoned Fr. Malagrida during his attendance at the following days' levers and salons.

On the very next day, a courier arrived from Arles, bearing precise instructions from Chancellor Baron de Montglace for Herr Stechung to initiate enquiries with the Procurator's Office of the Presipality to determine the history of the process against one Cardinal Maximilian von Roskilde, who was known to have passed through the Presipality some months earlier, but who had been detained for violation of the Presipality's remarkable sumptuary laws when he disembarked in the habit of his office and attempted to travel to the Chancery of the Presipality to present his Papal credentials. Uncertain of the significance, but sensing a connexion between the resolution of the process against the Cardinal and the trial of Fr. Malagrida, Herr Stechung donned his court dress, called for his caleche, and prepared his demarche.

Diplomatic Report from Cavenderia

To his Soveriegn Majesty Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein,

Am happy to report that I have arrived safely at your cousin's court. Although our party arrived in the pitch of night, his Lordship's advisor, Herr Detlev Eberhardt, greeted us with much warmth and civility. Upon a days rest I was called upon to present your lord's official papers to Prinz Geoffrey. The Prinz inquired about your lordship and the current state of Beerstein, thanked us for our service and provided us with a private secretary for dictation, errands and such. If I may be so bold, the Prinz seemed somewhat distracted during our encounter. This was by no means a slight to Beerstein, as the Prinz conducted himself in a most gracious manner, but there was a palpable mood of anxiousness about the court. After a few nights of receptions and discussion, I was informed that a courier from Saxe-Bearstein had delivered some unsettling news to the court only moments prior to my presentation of papers. I will look further into this matter and report what I can in future correspondence.

As always your devoted servant,

General Graf Joffery von Slitz

Pictured above: General Slitz, Painted by Capt. Bill, delivered to Cavenderia via U.S.P.S. thanks,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another request...

If anyone would like to add a figure to the growing Tradgardland Life Guard let me know. I have this mad idea of raising a guard unit ( recruited from gentlemen of fortune from across Europa) of a number of figures with a figure from each imagination ( on loan of course)wishing to join in. They would be in the same uniform to some degree yet with their owners unique contributions - let me know what you think of the idea.
As befitting such a unit of importance it is hoped that the gentlemen volunteers will be equipped with a fine mount and back&breastplates . Sturdy boots are of course vital and a martial and brave spirit too.Offers of kettle drummers and trumpeters would be welcomed too. The unit size will ideally be within the Guard specified in the " Charge Rules".
I await your pledges with interest and enthusiasm Gentlemen. The drums are beating and we await your reply...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein has directed the College of Honors to invest Louis-Phillippe of the Kingdom of St. Maurice into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard.

Frederick the Great's Birthday

The grand review of the regimental flags of the Prussian army.

Yesterday, January 24th, was the anniversary of King Frederick II of Prussia's birthday. I had not forgotten the date, but I simply did not have my wargame table cleared off in time to hold the annual review of the army by the King. So instead, I copied an idea from the Funcken Lace Wars book and set up a photo shoot showing the parade of the regimental standards. I had to leave 3 of the standards out due to limited table space. However, this gives a nice representation of the same picture in the Funcken book.

Please visit my blog for even more pictures of the review of the standards.


Across a windy and wet Caledonia The Giant Piper has asked Von Bergmann and the Duc de Padirac to accompany him to see something of the Country. They have travelled across to the West to the vicinity of Ayr. There they depart from what passes for a main road and make their way to Alloway.
The Giant piper has distant relatives in the village , namely William and Agnes Burness.He has been unable to contact them for some time with all the campaigning of recent times. Von Bergmann and the Duc have been left in a local inn whilst The Giant piper goes ahead. He returns some time later with the news that Agnes has just given birth to a son, is exhausted but offers hospitality to these esteemed guests. The father of the child has brought a lamp and pony and will guide them to the cottage. Our gallant Tradgardlanders follow filled with joy at the birth and a sense of who will this child grow up to be and what sort of world will he know…

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Frankfurters on the Boil, Again!

Frankfurters on the Boil Again!

After a muted celebration of the minor victory at Ginnheim, the Burger Masters are concerned with the closeness of the Hesse Seewald army. While Marshal Broglie’s forces are still extremely strong, there is no escaping the fact that the Seewald generals have had a string of successes. Given the strong anti-Gallian and anti-Imperial sentiments among parts of the population (especially the Anglericans), the situation is very unstable. The town leaders are grateful that the anti-Gallian resistance and the odiferous Cheezers are retreating!

An angry deputation, however, has come to the Intendant Bastille. They are supported by an irate crowd in the streets. Ragged refugees have arrived in Sachsenhausen across the bridge. Raiders from St. Maurice are ravaging farmsteads in the southern forests! The Frankszonian landholders demand Gallian action to control this insidious backstabbing which is so similar to the Stagonian vileness!

Once again, the Militia drums are beating and forces are being led south by the flamboyant Marquis d’ Hottatrot. The Hurtshog is racing back to the city with his Guard corps and some other troops.

While Col. Brattman is dispatched to the Kingdom of St. Maurice with an angry protest, l’Comte d’Beauphaup has all merchants from St. Maurice called into the palace. “Due to the current outrages, murders, and devastation occurring in the Teuische Heeren Waldt,” he announces, “all assets of subjects of the Kingdom of St. Maurice are being appropriated at this time.”
After the outraged protests of the merchants have been somewhat stilled by the cocking of the gendarmes’ carbines, he continues, “your property may be redeemed by ransom, and anything not dispersed during this emergency will be returned when proper reparations are obtained from your King. In the meantime, it is highly advised that you depart Frankszonian territory by nightfall.”

This brings more protests, as the roads south are now closed by Frankszonian troops. Beauphaup, however, points out that Offenbach is but a few hours ride away on the south bank of the Main and would be an excellent refuge. The skeptics in the group are also grimly aware that the Soweiter League and Frankszonia have become very friendly since the Tipple Bruder affair.

The farsighted in Frankfurter’s church steeples can discern plumes of smoke rising above the wooded hills a long way to the south .....

(Note: by and large, the place names used here are actual places near Frankfurt ... we’re hoping to generate a new proxy game ... arising from the fact that the zombie outbreak in St. Maurice is in an area close to the Frankszonian territory).

Friday, January 23, 2009

Deletion Request Please

Hello Jeff,
OS SYW CAMPAIGN no longer exists. Please delete it for me. Thanks, Bill P.

A request...

The Duke of Tradgardland greets his fellow rulers and craves an indulgence from them. He is looking for a command for one of his aspiring young officers - Aeneas Von Bergmann, youngest son of the illustrious Von Bergmann currently engaged in Ecosse on God and the King's business. This is in order that the aforementioned young man may gain knowledge and understanding of the arts of war to his benefit and that of the whole Duchy. Correspondence upon this matter and offers of employment are awaited upon with urgency in the light of the gathering of the clouds of War.

If required and desired a 25mm figure will be provided to represent this young man upon the miniature field of Mars...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A request

Their Graces ,The Duke of Tradgardland and The Duke of Saschen-Vindow ,have asked me to seek the council of their esteemed members of the greater family of Europa in a matter of some import. They wonder if it is appropriate, if not essential, to field a vivandere (please excuse my ignorance of the French tongue) upon the miniature field of Mars with each unit. They look for guidance as to the historicity of such a custom in the modern age that is 1759 and how to depict such a female upon the aforementioned miniature field of Mars.The practice of diverse nations would be useful to ascertain also. Your aid is much appreciated in advance.
with grateful thanks
A.M Gruber
Secretary to their Graces ( independently of course and unknown to the other...)

Not so sobering news...

Prinz Geoffrey was just finishing a lunch of Risotto Nero and white wine when his most-trusted advisor Detlev entered the dining room. Detlev bowed from the neck and approached the Prinz with a bound satchel. The Prinz gestured for his advisor to sit. Detlev, immaculately dressed as usual placed the satchel on the table and spoke, “Your first order of diplomats have been dispatched and I have brought you a list of suitable candidates for the diplomatic order, and information concerning the civilized courts which we have exchanged correspondence with but currently maintain no permanent presence.” Prinz Geoffrey leaned close, “Detlev, could you pleashz tell us again, why diplomzy with our allies and kinsmen is of such importanz, surely we do not need to spy on our friends?” Detlev could smell the Pinot on the Prinz’s breath. “If only he showed as much interest in governing” Detlev thought. The advisor adjusted his vest and explained, “Your Lordship, do you remember the old Monte-Cristan proverb; Tell me whom he frequents and I will tell you who he is.”? “It is about courtesans, yes?” the Prinz said with a naughty smile. Detlev provided a polite smile and continued, “It has been interpreted that way yes, however, our diplomats in the court of such civilized company does a great deal for Cavenderia’s image and influence.” The Prinz leaned back looking bored, “well then we shooze continue diplomzy, let us see your lisht.” Detlev untied the documents and began to read the names,

“Bernardino Alberti, this man is one of the wittiest poets I have ever had the pleasure of listening to, he will be dispatched to Tradgardland. We have heard reports that the court is need of some entertainment.”

“Kaspar Maynard, a man with the unique ability to disseminate his vast scholarly knowledge in a concise and coherent manner enabling even the less learned in the room to feel at ease conversing and learning from him. He will be dispatched to Hesse-Seewald, were he may further his studies of northern culture.”

“Lucio Bianco, is known for his pleasant demeanor and devotion to the Catholic Church, his family has been in this land pre-dating the Imperium. His even temper and ability to diffuse a situation have made him an ideal candidate for your diplomatic corp. Signori Bianco will be sent to Frankszonia.

“Goffredo Tedesco, a brilliant writer, his novelettes have earned quite a fortune and following. Already his readers are protesting his departure, however, he feels the opportunity to study in Hetzenberg will only make his writing better.”

“Tomaso Fontana Tartaglia, perhaps our most inspiring linguist, he seamlessly converses in over 12 languages. His command of language makes him very valuable as a diplomat. Signori Tartaglia had plans of studying in Bizerrca and was preparing to leave when hostilities between the Imperium and the Dey began, thus making it unsafe for any Christian to travel there, instead he will be dispatched to the Duchy of Pfalz Kognat Obersayn.”

“Baldassarre Pergolesi, is renowned for his singing voice and charm, due to his rising fame I was somewhat surprised when he approached us for a diplomatic posting to the Soweiter League, however rumor has it that he has his eye on a particular lady of the court in that land.”

“Patronelle Danis has the grace and appearance of an angel, her beauty has earned her the adoration of many a nobleman, yet none have tamed her. Combining beauty and free-will is a recipe for envy, with the concoction fermenting in the bosom of scorned lovers and scheming courtesans. Recently, rumors have arisen that she has secretly been involved with thespians, it is even been said that she played the main character in the Flight of the Duchess, a new comedy being performed in Miso. I can think of no other more suitable candidate for Diplomat to Monte-Cristo.”

“Finally, Gabriele Carosone, a formidable scholar and copyright clerk, it is said that he is using his time in the publications office to write a definitive study of the Social History of Skalds, he will be sent to the Grand Duchy of Stollen.”

“If it pleases his lordship, we will start acquiring the paper work for your new diplomats”, Detlev looked up from his papers to find the Prinz asleep, his head tilted forward his wig slightly akimbo. Detlev gave the Prinz a slight nudge, “Yes, we look forward to entertaining!” the Prinz said nearly hitting his head on the table. “If you will just sign these documents my lord I will leave you to your studies.” The Prinz reached for the quill, “We truly appreciate your devotion and council.” “I say Detlev, have you heard the latest rumors about Lady Danis?”

A Place to Report

A moment of your time gentle readers while we step out of character.

With my project list for 2009 I wanted a site to post reports on in a simple to follow manner. Blogger does not give quite enough control, so a web site was called for! Having got the basic site set up, admitedly with no content as yet, it struck me that many interesting conflicts are being waged through our imagi-nations. If you are reporting one on your blog and want to put it on the site in an easy to follow format, send me an email and I will put you on as a contributor.



I now rerturn you to your usual programs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bavarian General in the SYW


Here is a picture of a Bavarian general officer that I found on the Sturm Cigaretten Card website. This is for Cavendaria.

Ambassador Moretti arrives in the Reich Duchy of Beerstein

Ambassador Sgnori Vittorio Moretti of the Cavenderian Diplomatic Corp. (CDC) arrives by special carriage. He is greeted by the Reich Duchess and a group of selected dignitaries. The group is being served some of our famous lager, however, the new ambassador seems to prefer something stiffer in his cup! Our Ambassador to Cavenderia, Gen Graf Joffery von Slitz plans to depart on the same carriage when the ceremony is concluded.

Blues and Royals...

I guess I called this post for two main reasons - firstly I am reading a superb account "The Horse Guards" by Barney White-Spunner which is a history of the British Guard Cavalry from foundation to the present and secondly I am feeling rather Blue at present...

Perhaps its weather , perhaps pressures at work maybe these and more I don't know but I have to say that following the events at EvE does lift my spirits each day somewhat. I may be too tired to paint,post or to do much but I do love to follow the Royals@ EvE and your own diverse and super blogs! So Blues and Royals the post is tonight. Fare well gentlemen wherever you are and thanks for the fun and inspiration!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Technical Problems?

Is anyone else having problems opening any of the blog pages to the Imagi-nations listed on the right hand side of the page. I can open the "other" sites below the Imagination links, but not the ones up top. Also the "updated times" seem to be missing. I use Firefox if that helps. Maybe something happened to my settings. I don't know.

Monday, January 19, 2009


F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein approves Chain of Honor to designate Sir David's appointment as Grand Master of the Order of the Goblet.

Further help...

Some trawling upon the web leads me to believe that there were toy soldiers sold in the 18th century. I would dearly like to find a picture of them - can any of you help?
many thanks
p.s any info re makers etc would be most interesting as I wish to use it in a storyline upon one of my blogs...
p.p.s thanks for book ideas - more to buy I fear!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aid requested...

I am currently reading a book I got for Christmas called " Night in the Middle Ages" and it is one I would recommend to you all. It is fascinating and full of day to day details (for all levels of Society ) which enthrall me ...
It got me thinking about the vast ,collective knowledge that makes up EvE. Could you suggest to me books which would give me detailed information on 18th century life- food,illumination,manners etc etc. I am particularly interested in those of Northern Europe but cannot read other languages apart from a smattering of French. All ideas, the obscurer and detailed the better!
many thanks

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Diplomats Away...

Detlev walked to each man grasped his hand and offered his thanks and prayers for their safe voyage. Upon reaching the end of the line Detlev turned and spoke to the assembled diplomats, "always remember, you represent Cavenderia, every action you take and every word you speak reflects upon our people, yours is a most important task." Detlev continued. "you are his lordship's voice in your new foster homelands and his ears in the courts. You have each been selected for your social graces and eloquent speech, serve Cavenderia proudly and enjoy your new posts." Detlev gave the ambassadors a tip of his hat, turned to the dragoons present and said, "Protect these men as you would the Prinz himself." The crisp spring green coats and rose cuffs of the dragoons' uniforms contrasted with the snow fall upon the ground creating a memorable scene for the young artist observing and putting to memory this image for a future canvas. "You are Cavenderia's first diplomats, represent her well and report often of the events you observe, Godspeed to you all."

More details on

Friday, January 16, 2009

Final Fitting

The coffeehouses of Hunsruck are all abuzz over the heated scene which developed during the final fitting of the Prinzessin Sophie-Vittoria's wedding gown and trousseau upon the Prinzessin being informed by her mother and the Dowager Duchess of the final wedding settlement, reached by ministers of Waldreck and Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn earlier this week. It is understood that, in addition to the revenues of the Moselzoll accruing to the Herrenschaft von Dolmen, which will be given back by Prinz Friedrich during Sophie-Vittoria's life as her dower, an annuity of 45,000 pfalzthalers per year is to be settled upon the marriage as dowry, purchased by the Dowager Duchess' revenues from her own dowry.

On learning of the wide disparity between the value of the dowry and her dower, the Prinzessin is said to have called into question the wisdom of the entire match, focusing at some length on the personal appearance and carriage of Prinz Friedrich as well as his well-known patronage of and hospitality to the female entertainers of the Bruttig Opera and theatres. The Duchess attempted to console the Prinzessin with a rehearsal of the history of the arrangement of her own marriage to the Duke some 20 years ago, but the Prinzessin responded sharply, and the Duchess withdrew to her chambers complaining of "une mal de tête la plus doloreuse" and has cancelled her levers for the rest of the week prior to the Prinzessin's departure for Bruttig next week.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


F.M Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein is proud to approve the recommendations of the College of Honors to invest the following worthy individuals into our sacred orders:
Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard
Herzog Georg Ludwig von Hesse Seeland
Campbell of Argyll
Margrave Ludwig V of Markgraviate of Ost-Pommern
Duke Peter of Saschen-Vindow
Jean-Louis of the Presipality of Monte-Cristo
Grand Duchess Maria Marlene der Grolstein

Order of the Goblet
Signori Moretti Ambassador of Cavenderia
Gen Graf Joffery von Slitz Ambassador to Cavenderia

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Duda is on his way!

One time Aide de Camp Miecek Duda, most noted for his 'unusual' symphonies and loud presence on the battlefield, has been selected to command a foreign contingent.

Read all about his adventures at The Duchy of Mieczyslaw

Awards and Acclaimation.

Grand Duke Karl of Hetzenberg is pleased to announce the first twelve recipients of the newly-created Freundschaft Order, given to those fellow rulers and potentates throughout Urope and beyond who demonstrate friendship to his realm.They are -

Irwin Amadeus II, Grand Duke of Stollen. The Honorable Fitz-Badger of the Soweiter League. Prince Bruno V of Saxe-Bearstein. Prince Geoffrey of Cavenderia. Duke Augustus of Saxe-Huack. The Estimable Jean-Louis of the Presipality of Monte-Cristo. His Grace the Bishop of Uber-Gruntshuffen. The Estimable David of Tippelbruder, and his Esteemed Cousin David Linienblatt. Prince Gerd of Aschenbach. Herzog Ignatz of Hunsrucker. A dual award to Princes Arnold and Ansgar of Ober-Schweinsberg has been made in the hope of promoting reconciliation and amity between the two contending factions.

Count Ostenberg, Chancellor of Hetzenberg for His Grace, Grand Duke Karl.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Duchess & Factions Scenario

It seems to have been agreed by both Saschen-Vindow and vile Stagonia to "suspend" the storyline of the Duchess of Saschen-Vindow's journey to unite with Koenig Ludwig. Instead it will be played out on the table top during the SYWA Convention in March, 2009.

Currently the Duchess is in rooms at The Crooked Kobold, just over the border from Stagonia. She has pistols in hand and . . . there are horses beyond the walls, shouts in the courtyard and the sound of heavy boots on the stairs.


Herzog Ignatz proposed a scenario with four factions (beside the Duchess herself, of course):
  • Schinderfranz's chauffeurs
  • Mme de Winter's Black Legion
  • Raubenstadter Frei-Hussars
  • Stagonians (but which ones?)
Numerous other factions were proposed as well, including:
  • Ludwig's Stagonian Dragoons
  • Rotefort, agent of Stagonian Queen Mother (a de Sade with her own agenda)
  • Duke's loyalist Dragoons (i.e., her husband's forces)
  • Duchess' Noble supporters (from Saschen-Vindow)
  • Local militia looking for smugglers, etc.
  • Rowdy Nobles looking for fun
  • The Inquisition
  • Count l'Beauphaup & Unter Gruntshuffen malcontents
  • Witch hunters OR vampire hunters
  • Friendly hunters who will help Duchess (as a lady in distress)

So now it is more-or-less up to those who will be attending the SYWA Convention to decide just what rules to use, how many factions (and which ones) to include, etc.

Others are of course welcome to suggest "agendas" for the different factions decided upon (although controlling Imagi-Nations will have the last word on this).

Gentlemen, we await your various comments.

-- Jeff (as "EvE" Inhaber)

Suspended animation...

Gentlemen I am amazed at all the comments at the previous post. I propose the following-
1. The game be indeed played out at the swya meeting in March.
2. The storyline involving the relations betwixt Tradgardland and Saschen-Vindow be put into suspended animations until the sywa convention - after which I will post the next installments to the latest posting on my two relevant blogs.
3. I will post domestic or hobby/painting posts only til then - nothing that affects the big storyline.
I ,as ever await your reactions with interest...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

At the sign of The Crooked Kobold

A rather angry woman paces back and forth in her attic bedroom in the inn. She has been engaged thus for many hours. The bottles of wine have long since been finished and she has grown bored of shooting ( much to the horror of the innkeeper,his family and sundry guests) at the myriad rats entering and exiting a hole in the wall near the corner! It is,of course, the Duches of Saschen -Vindow...
She escaped potential troubles in the woods nearby and now awaits word form the King of Stagonia upon whose borders she waits. A noise ,outside in the inn's courtyard makes her stop in her tracks. Horses can be heard,shouting too and heavily booted feet are upon the stairs...

Dear Reader,if you are still with me, I have a task for you. Please suggest ideas of who has just arrived and what they do ( motives would be great too) in order I might include your ideas in my next post over the weekend...

A Message Arrives

Scene: the faculty rooms of the University of Saxe-Bearstein.

A special messenger from the Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg is finally admitted to the presence of Doctor Iago Knappenburger, who has been busily engaged in establishing the legal faculty of the university.

However, upon examining the seals on the thick packet that the messenger carries, the good doctor sets his current work aside and opens the packet. After reading for a while he calls for his secretary to cancel all further meetings for the day . . . he has much to research and much to think about . . . the situation presented in the Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg is one of grave import for the peace of all Uropa.

A letter ( heavily scented in the extreme) to the King of Stagonia

Your Majesty
I am part way through my journey to be with you. Our stars are in the ascendant. Together we are destined to rule in Stagonia,Saschen-Vindow and beyond. I pledge my love and loyalty to you. I ask for you to send an escort for me in order to hasten my arrival and offer me protection for my final leg of the journey. I shall be at " Crooked Kobold " inn just outwith the borders of Stagonia. I will await your reply at your soonest convenience.
Your loving Duchess

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

News From Hesse Seewald

(Munden, Hesse Seewald) January 7, 1759

The Munden Times has learned of a remarkable discovery today, by a
Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Tippelbroder, of an important document
that may have far reaching effects on the Duchy of Hesse Seewald.

Friar Aelred Glidden discovered an old parchment in the abbey's
archives indicating that the ancesterial lands of the House of Seewald
were never incorporated into the Holy Roman Empire. This means that the
County of Munden, owned by the von Seewald family since 1156 AD, is not
under the jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Munden Times editorial board speculates that the Herzog Georg
Ludwig I may emulate the House of Brandenburg and declare himself "King
in Hesse Seewald" at some future date. While other land holdings of the
Herzog lie within the boundaries of the HRE, the exclusion of the
County of Munden leave the Herzog free to take any title of his choice.
Could our country soon become The Kingdom of Hesse-Seewald?

In a related story, the Munden Times confirmed reports that our Herzog Georg Ludwig plans to move his court to the larger, and more central, city of Gotha. The citizens of Saxe-Gotha, whose domains passed on to the House of Seewald following the untimely death of Herzog Karl V, are excited to have the seat of government in their fair city.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On the Road...

It is the middle of the night. A figure ,dressed in black and muffled against the recent cold, crosses the border. Her garments disguise her radiant beauty of appearance and the evil of her soul. It is none less than the Duchess of Saschen- Vindow herself. She quietly slips across the border in the rough direction of Stagonia. Travelling alone and light-except for a brace of pistols and extreme foolhardiness or courage some may say! She has resolved ,with utter clarity of intention, to go and meet her soul mate the King of Stagonia. The journey may be long and difficult but the Duchess is certain that she will survive upon her wits and enter Stagonia within the week

Monday, January 5, 2009

Har and Humph !

Okay, just to make quite a bit clearer here ...
I've had fun with proxy games, but there's been nothing this fall.
I figure the Events and the Texas big battalion game swallowed everybody's attention.
But now we need to get some more actions going ...
Since Ludwig of Stagonia hasn't clearly started anything yet,
I'd volunteer to have a boundary dispute with the Kingdom of St. Maurice, Unter Grufthunsen (I still can't remember how to spell that right ... next time I'll remember to write it down) or even an ecclsiastical row with somebody (since I've got folks resident of all kinds, their local heresies could be used as an excuse)
just to get the action going.

If I get to feeling better, I'd even love to resolve a struggle for somebody else in a month or two. Unfortunately, the Doctors haven't cleared me for the March trip to the convention yet (sigh).

Meanwhile, the idea of sending figures to participate in each other's campaigns (espeically when a good portrait artist can make pictures) seems to have caught on, and I hope expands ... it'd be a way of knitting together our cyber community even more.


A further proclamation...

Further to the previous proclamation Duke Karl Frederick also confers a command within the fusilier company of the Tradgardland Legion to Miecek Duda. He ,likewise, is asked to present himself in full uniform at the Ducal Palace at his earliest convenience.
God save the Duke!
6th January 1759

A proclamation

Upon the most holy Feast of the Epiphany , His grace Duke Karl Frederick , confers the vacancy of the Tradgardland Regiment upon the highly promising Maj. Andreas Trimbach. He is expected to present himself in full uniform at the Ducal Palace at his earliest convenience, accompanied by the aforementioned coin.
God Save the Duke!
6th January 1759

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grand Map # 7

Somehow, I missed the wonderful achievement on the Duchy of M (oops, I didn't write it down and can't spell the Slavic). The work was done last August, so I figure it's already out of date some.
Given the incredible intermingling of holdings in the era, however, this is a great achievment as a generic map.
But ...
Of course, Stagonian Jeff and I are always open to some sort of scuffle.
The Soweiter League's St. Maurice would include Offenbach on the Main, the site of the contretemps way back when ... but Frankfurt / Frankszonia has considerable holding south of the Main as well as to the north up to the Nidda River (more on that later). Perhaps some territorial squabble with either Ubber or Unter Gruntshofen (spell again?)or with the Soweiter League?
Given that Frankszonia is officially "Catholic" and actually quite "Protestant" some kind of tensions could be invented there?
given that both Frankszonia and the Soweiter League are very commercially oriented, some sort of squable about fees and tarrifs?
Nothing lethal in any of these cases, more just a trial by combat among otherwise friendly entities?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Moon Rising

Alisona and her Lady in Waiting accompanied Duke Frederick on a walk by the seashore to watch the rising of the moon. The Duchy has moved through the Feast of Christmas and Epiphany approaches. The Duke and a friend have walked ahead and stand transfixed gazing at the moon. Alisona and her companion rest upon a rock and gaze Heavenward too. Alisona interrupts her reverie in order to read once more the letter she received this very morning...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Crowns and Pounds and Pfennigs

Those vexed or perplexed by confusing lectures by their Hoffaktors on quotidian rates of currency exchange are invited to consult: to double-check the maths of their clerks.

A letter to the Rulers of Europa...

To all Rulers of Europa,New Year greetings on behalf of my Master The Duke of Tradgardland!
I am requested to convey to you that ,following the tragic demise of the late Colonel of the !st Tradgardland Infantry Regiment during a hunting accident upon the Feast of St Stephen, a vacancy has occurred for the position as Colonel of the aforementioned regiment. Interested parties are invited to write to his Grace the Duke directly stating the money they are willing to pay, experience of the Military Arts they possess and sundry autobiographical details as seen to be necessary. The Duke Himself will select the fortunate candidate upon the Feast of the Epiphany-6th January1759.Whereupon the gentleman will asked to present himself in the Duchy directly.
Hans Riietmeyer, private secretary
By order of Duke Karl Frederick

p.s it is hoped that the lucky gentleman will provide a mounted figure ( on loan of course) to represent himself upon the tabletop in battles betwixt Tradgardland and Saschen-Vindow during the coming year...