Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Sleeping Wolf Wakes

It was the dream of Ullo Chubakov to bring his people into a new era of unity and prosperity. It was his dream to end generations of infighting, vendetta, and petty warfare. In this dream the wide expanses of the Alcovian Steppes were be bathed in endless fields of golden wheat and not blood.

The Sleeping Wolf would wake and it would make the world hear it's howl!

Further movement in a seven years warz game

The Grand Mappe after three major moves ...

This time the big battle actions took place:

The BIG BATTLE was for Pilsner, the capitol of Saxe-Bearstein, facing odds of 1.4 to one the Austrian armies under Daun and Bearstein forces fought hard, even having a successful round in the middle of the day, some 4 hours after the first artillery barrages though the Austrians and Bearsteiners were in retreat. Indeed the pursuit was fierce enough to wipe out the remaining Bearstein forces. With some 60% casualties overall the allied force under Daun, who narrowly escaped injury when a battery nearby exploded, has consolidated in Burtzenia. A new all-Austrian line now faces the Altmoranian hordes. In the same battle Prince Henry of Altmorania was badly wounded when thrown from his horse following a charge that the had successfully led. Though sill with the army Prince Henry is not able to effectively take command.

On the east front of Altmorania, the siege of Miastokrol is over, with some 25% casualties the Altmoranian forces have withdrawn leaving Russians in control of the defences under the command of General Solikov.

East of Tipplebruder a Stagonian army was repulsed by the forces of the Empress.
Those retreating Stagonians will now be seeking shelter and not in any mood to be rebuffed...

Further Stagonian aggression was into Vienna! Again the results were terrible for Stagonia ... 55% casualties and the rest were taken prisoner.

Other actions were at sea with the Britannains utterly destroying Dutch shipping off the coast of Ober Nord Westfalen.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pragmatica Sanctio

Vienna, 1st October 1713

...or how Emperor-King Charles VI intentions are finally unveiled after the development of parallel conversations respectively held by Eugene of Savoy at Rastatt and Marquis of Vilana at Monte-Cristo, and how these do affect our graceful Lady Elisenda Folc de Cardona. With a last minute starring appearance of Herr William, first Baron of Beerstein.

If curious, you can read the event thoroughful report here: Pragmatica Sanctio

Friday, November 18, 2011

Franistover Triumphant

I am but  mere chronicler of these sad times. As Unkerlant stretches into its second year of war for Succession, our focus shifts to the northeast, where duchy of Zlobenia has invaded the Principality of Franistover...
See the battle of Derlopp over at the Baron's Blog.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Frankfurt Am Main Tête-à-tête

Date: 11 November 1761/2011
Location: Frankfurt Am Main - The Largest Gallian Magazine in Germania
Specifically: l'Intendant l'Comte de Bastille's HQ
Situation: Tête-à-tête
The war between Gallia and Hesse-Seewald is now in its sixth year. Activities in 1761/2011 once again resulted in a stalemate on all fronts. Cost has been staggering for all parties. Gallia has turned to allies Russi and Saxe-Raschstein to raise and pay for new Army units. Hesse-Seewald sent almost half of the Army away as mercenaries to replenish its coffers. Meanwhile on 11 November....

Lieutenant Général Chevert ascends the stairway of l'Comte de Bastille's headquarters at the Gallian magazine for a private tête-à-tête.

Bastille: "Bonsoir Chevert, mon ami de guerre." (Good evening my war companion)
Chevert: "Oui Monsieur l'Intendant ... bonsoir."
Bastille: "This way, if you please ... into my office."

Bastille: "What news Chevert?"
Chevert: "The most astounding opportunity has developed to end the war!"
Bastille: "We've stalemated for six years. What could it be? "

Chevert: "I will tell you. The Czar has significantly increased his Army raising new units and by bringing more regular and reserve battalions and squadrons closer to East Prussia. Prinz Wilhelm of Saxe-Raschstein recently pledged to field additional cavalry, infantry and artillery as well to oust the Germanians from his electorate. Finally our old foe, Hesse-Seewald has sent nearly half it's Army away as mercenaries."

Bastille: "I am taken aback Monsieur l'Général."

Chevert: "You must be ready Bastille to bring all supplies to maximum proportions and insure that our hosts, The Frankzonians - especially Der Gross Herzhog Artur - cheerfully cooperate."

Bastille: "Oui. Surely they will if they realize with the possibility of the war ending, we will depart for Gallia leaving them to rebuild their industries and their Germanic lives."

Chevert: "Let us hope so. Meanwhile, we will soon commence a winter surprise. Let us now look at the map and the infamous Fulda Gap."

Closing Remarks:

{1} Arthur if you read this, let us hear from you ... my dear fellow! Arise.

{2} Our annual light troop game is scheduled on 3 December. The above is a preamble to that game day.

{3} The annual winter terrain game will further the story sometime in February at Der Alte's Fritz's new and fabulous game room.

{4} A month or two later we will resume the BIG Battalion Game Day at a venue in Woodstock, IL on three tables each sized 6'x28'. Shocking amount of space, I know.

{5} Further information about The Fulda Gap will be available in a week or two on The Campaigns In Germania Blog.
Adieu, mes amis,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Catalan-Occitan Imagi-Nation


For those specially interested in this 'Eveuropean' area and, having already accepted alternate / 'what-if?' History, then 'original' political geography (Poictesme), are willing to go one step beyond (would it be madness?), adding a limited geographical alteration.