Thursday, July 31, 2008

Proposed Itinerary for His Eminence von Roskilde

Overland from Roma to Civitavecchia-2 days

By sea
Civitavecchia to Marseilles—3 days

By Coche d'eau
Arles to Lyon by coche d'eau—3 days
Lyon to Chalons sur Saone—2 days
Chalons sur Saone to Montbeliard—1 day

Overland from Montbeliard to Basel—1 day

By Rhein barge
Basel to Kognat via Bad am Bingen—1 day

Arriving on the eve of the Assumption, his Eminence will be greeted by the canons of the Kognatdom for Vespers, prior to the High Mass on the morrow. The balance of the feast day will be in meetings with the Bishop of Kognat and with the Duke's court in attendance with the Ducal household. On the following days, a journey to the Augustine monastery at Kloster will be followed by a meeting with the abbot, as well as a trip to the hospice at Bad Sankt Nikolaus.

Reich Duke Wilhelm wins Great Victory over dreaded Prussians at Blatzberg, Maj Gen von Coors vindicated

Maj Gen von Coors deployed his Corps of Observation in a strongly prepared position, in front of the village of Blatzberg, to await the on coming Prussians. Although greatly out numbered, he was willing to fight to the death until Reich Duke Wilhelm's reserves could come to the rescue. The Corps of Observation avoided battle for nearly a week while Maj Gen von Coors sought the perfect battlefield. Anchoring his right flank on the River Blatz and his left flank by dense forest, he positioned his infantry and artillery on the high ground. His cavalry and grenzers blocked the main road that could force him to retreat yet again. As the Prussians deployed, they were hampered by the narrow valley and strong position of the Beerstein troops. After several hours of deploying, they had no choice but to conduct a frontal attack. The first brigade was repulsed with heavy casualties forcing the second line to regroup before they could attack. In the meantime, Maj Gen von Coors' cavalry counterattacked capturing a battery and destroying a Grenadier unit. As the second line advanced, Reich Duke Wilhelm arrived on the field behind the Prussians. Panic ran through the Prussian army as their second attack also failed. Maj Gen von Coors watch as his cavalry captured a howitzer battery and engaged the Prussian Cuirassiers. As the Prussians tried to retreat back toward their supply line, Reich Duke Wilhelm's re-enforcements closed in. The Prussian Commander, realizing he had no were to go asked for terms. With minimal casualties, Wilhelm captured 12 Flags, 4 Standards, and three batteries. Maj Gen Kieth and his dispirited troops were paroled on written promise that none of the officers or troop would participate in any further hostilities against The Reich Duchy of Beerstein. For his courage, valor, and tenacity, Reich Duke Wilhelm invested Maj Gen von Coors into the Military Order of the Golden Crown, proclaimed him Baron von Blatzberg, and presented him with a local estate. Major Honking Thirst was recognized with a battlefield promoted to Colonel. General MacKay's artillery severely punished the advancing Prussian lines and was recognized for his exceptional skill. The unparalleled efforts of these heros presented the Reich Duchy of Beerstein it's greatest victory. Reich Duke Wilhelm proclaimed five days of thanksgiving and rejoicing! Photos of the battle are posted on my site.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fragment of Note Retrieved by Imperial Agents...

...from the fire grate of the Wiener apartments of Msgr. Baldesar de Chiaroscuro, S.J.

"...reports from our sources in Kognat indicate that a Gallian intervention into the current conflict cannot be ruled out. Nebbio has been dispatched to Versailles to ensure that our sources in the Petticoat's apartments keep close tabs on de Charade's deliberations..."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A letter to Georg Franz

My Brother in the Faith and perchance in matters of Statecraft too!
Greetings from Rome .
I write briefly as I have much to concern myself with this day. Firstly please provide with an intinery for my forthcoming visit and directions of how and where to travel to.I require knowledge of accomadation provided for me and my entourage. Secondly please remember that my father, Duke Karl Frederick of Tradgardland, is a friend of Gallia and may be sympathetic if approached. Finally I require a candid , yet brief, account of the ruling household and their sympathies with regard to Church and State.
with Apostolic blessings
Cardinal Max

Monday, July 28, 2008

Reply to His Eminence von Roskilde

From Georg Franz, unworthy servant of God to the diocese of Kognat to His Eminence the Prince Bishop von Roskilde, greetings and the peace of Christ to you.

Whilst the secular clergy of Kognat are indeed well-acquainted with the abusive casuistry unfortunately coincident with Jesuitical laxism, we are confounded by the persistent threat to the Church in this land of the depredations of the heretical Prinz von Waldreck from making any but the most careful and precise preaching, lest such correction lead to a crisis within the state and the triumph of von Waldreck's apostasy.

We are well aware of those lights within the court of Gallia and other Princes of Christendom who have begun to take steps to curb the arrogance of the black robes, but without their more direct assistance we cannot see a way to the same end ourselves while this imminent threat of dispossession and disgrace to the Church persists.

We are therefore eager to confer with your eminence privily to obtain your guidance on such challenges to our flock.

Another letter to Reverend Georg Franz Schonbrand-Birkenstock, Bishop of Kognat,

Dear brother in Christ,
Many thanks for your recent letter which we read with great care and interest. We write back to express our pleasure at your evident loyalty to the Holy See. Such loyalty is a sign of ,shall we say, future patronage and preferment.
We write also to express our outrage at the lawlessness sweeping your land like pestilence and thank you for your timely warning. We also write to ask if you are representative ( in matters of loyalty ) of the clergy at large. If so , are there any possibilities of them being harnessed to act at God's instrument of judgement upon your Jesuit led Household? I speak , of course, entirely unofficially yet in Gospel earnestness.
For we seek your aid in the overturning of this Household of Sodom and Gomorrah, this Babylon of Europa.
Write by return and may God speed your reply!
Cardinal Max

Letter to His Eminence the Prince Bishop von Roskilde

The Kognatdom, the Feast of SS Joachim and Anne, Anno Domini 1758

Georg Franz, unworthy servant of the Lord, to his Eminence Maximilian of Roskilde, grace to you and peace from God our Father.

The words of our Lord are a constant comfort to me in all adversities: "Beati estis cum maledixerint vobis et persecuti vos fuerint et dixerint omne malum adversum vos mentientes propter me."

Whilst your Eminence of Roskilde must be aware that the household of His Grace the Duke of Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn is entirely under the guidance and influence of the Society of Jesus, I, God and His Holiness' unworthy servant, welcome the visit to Kognat of any representative of the Holy See.

The canons of the Kognatdom would welcome the opportunity to concelebrate the Feast of the Assumption with your Eminence. It is understood, as well, that the Ducal household plans to offer thanksgiving at the Kognatdom upon the anniversary at that time of their deliverance from the catastrophes surrounding the debut of the Prinzessin Sophie-Vittoria last year.

I must caution your Eminence, though, to exercise the greatest caution while traveling the highways between the Mosel and Kernerfluss. Banditti and highwaymen have become a plague on the countryside since the outbreak of the lamentable war between the armies of his Grace the Duke and the Prinz von Waldreck.

Indeed, a new species of bandit, called by the locals the Chauffeur or Garotteur, after the Gallian fashion, preys upon innocents even in their bedchambers at night, breaking into homes and inns and forcing victims by threats of immolation or strangulation to reveal their treasures.

May God protect you on your journey to our humble diocese; the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

A letter to Reverend Georg Franz Schonbrand-Birkenstock, Bishop of Kognat,

Rome , Feast of St Victor.
My Dear Brother
Fraternal greetings from the Holy See and from the Bishopric of Roskilde
I write expressing my own personal concern and ,of course, that of the new Pontiff regarding certain rumours concerning your diocese. Word has come slowly and quietly ,over some considerable time , concerning a lack of sound leadership and example set by yourself to the Ruling House of your land.
I am hereby charged by His Holiness to come and make a pastoral visitation to your Diocese directly and am writing in order that arrangements may be swiftly made.
I await your reply directly
Cardinal and Prince Bishop of Roskilde

Saturday, July 26, 2008

In Rome

The son of Duke Karl Frederick, Max (Prince Bishop of Roskilde, ambassador to the Holy See and Cardinal) is once more in Rome. Having fallen out of favour with the previous occupier of the throne of St Peter, Max kept a low profile and busiest himself in vital yet obscure tasks - for example being the chief procurer of salted herring for the Swiss guard.

Today Cardinal Max finds himself summoned to meet the new Pope in his apartments. Max is waiting in the vast corridor outside and has been doing so for hours. At last a functionary opens the door and asks Cardinal Max to enter. The wait is at last over...

Thursday, July 24, 2008


The Gala evening has drawn to a close. The guests leave the evening contently in small groups of two or three or more. All have enjoyed the hospitality and the celebration of the Duchy's heroes.
Duke Karl Frederick retires to his study having bid a goodnight to Alisona and Liv. A servant brings a mug of mulled ale to stave off the chill of the night. Before his studies begin, he looks heavenwards and sees the hand of the Creator once more displayed for all to see. Two hours should see him complete his self imposed task then Compline will be said prior to retiring for the night.

Those summer nights - tell me more,tell me more...

Summer continues in the Duchy of Tradgardland. Tonight the Duke and Duchess held an evening of diversions musical and culinary in the palace gardens. The event was to celebrate the recent and glorious victory of the Jacobite forces in Scotland . Toasts were drunk in celebration of the Tradgardland hero, now recovering in hospital- Von Bergmann, whose family was present at the gala evening.
Alisona was noticed to have returned to the court where she held courtiers spellbound by recounting her recent adventures.
A message from the Duc de Padirac was read out to the assembled gathering who toasted him in absentia...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Mass of Thanksgiving at the Kognatdom

KOGNAT, July 24--The Most Reverend Georg Franz Schonbrand-Birkenstock, Bishop of Kognat, today celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving in the historic Kognatdom in gratitude for the news just arrived from Rome of the election and installation of His Holiness Clement XIII as successor to the Throne of St. Peter. It is hoped by many in the ducal court that His Holiness will be able to relieve difficulties consequent to the sharpening tensions within the Church between its ultramontane factions and the more conciliar--some might even say Jansenist--points of view holding currency within many of the royal courts of Christendom.

His Holiness' approach to the current disputes over the status of the Society of Jesus in the lands of the House of Braganza and especially of the Jesuit reductions in the Americas will provide an immediate insight into the likely direction of the Holy See on these questions under His Holiness' reign.

General von Coors and Major Honking Thirst keep a close eye on Prussian maneuvers

Major General Adlolph von Coors and Major Honking Thirst have been monitoring Prussians maneuvers near Hopsberg. General von Coors believes the Prussians are making final preparations to reinvade Beerstein. He has sent an urgent appeal for Reich Duke Wilhelm to bring all possible reserves immediately. His plan is to pin the Prussians and allow the Reich Duke to enjoin the battle in the Prussian's flank. Speed and stealth could mean victory!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Confusion at Carmudgeon or a Campbell's Revenge

After a swift passage from the shores of Scots-Land, the following letter was read by Major General Seamus Campbell, currently in the service of the Margrave of Carpania.

My Dear Cousin,

By now you should have heard of the action between the government forces of Brittania and the Jacobite rebels at Carmudgeon. Siegfried and I had a close-up and personal view of the battle - with the Jacobite forces no less! How we ended up there is a long but interesting story.

After our landing on the coast, Siegfried and I began our journey to find the Brittanian forces so that we might offer our services as instructed by the Margrave before we left. Along the way, we encountered Fiona MacGillicuddy, a distant cousin on my mother’s side of the family. We always called her “Frivolous Fiona” as she was such a flitterby. Fiona offered to guide us on our way, but no sooner had we started than we ran across a small group of Tradgardlander jagers. It seems that the Duke of Tradgardland had sent them at Colonel vonn Bergmann’s request to aid the Jacobites. Not wanting to cause a commotion with dear Fiona in our company, I told their leader, in my broken German, that we were also on our way to Prince Charles’ camp. They invited us to accompany them, which we reluctantly accepted. Our journey proceded apace and soon we arrived at the Jacobite encampment. Prince Charles was overjoyed to see the jagers, having been expecting them. In order to hide our real identities Siggy and I both assumed aliases. Since Colonel vonn Bergmann was already assigned to lead a force of Highlanders, the Prince asked that Siegfried and I serve as his liaisons to the Tradgardlanders! Needless to say, Siggy and I were disconcerted by all this attention from the Jacobite leader. Not wanting to risk arrest, we both agreed and joined the expedition to Carmudgeon, hoping to escape to the government troops in the confusion of the coming battle. We were extremely fortunate that the Prince also kept Count Mikhail Pavlov, from our arch-enemy, the Duchy of Courland, is his immediate company during the battle, although Pavlov’s batman was attached to the Tradgardland jagers. Luckily for us, the batman was rather incurious and accepted us as fellow supporters of the Prince!

Dear Fiona made such as impression on the Prince that he invited her to accompany his suite. Fiona demurely accepted, with a malicious grin in our direction. Later that evening she arranged to visit us. We then found out that she was spying for the government and wanted to borrow Hans, Siggy’s batman, to deliver a message to the government troops in Carmudgeon. Well, Siggy, always willing to grant the wish of a beautiful woman, agreed and poor Hans was given detailed directions. He left shortly after dark and returned before dawn, his message delivered.

The next morning the government troops were ready for the Jacobite attack, no doubt warned by Fiona’s message. Siggy and I so thoroughly confused the Tradgardland jagers who were on the far left flank of the Jacobite army that they only got off a few shots at the government defenders. They were able to occupy a recently abandoned block-house, but since it was empty, we didn't discourage them.

With confusion reigning the night after the battle, Fiona, Siggy, Hans, and I were able to slip away and join the government forces. We thoroughly reported our doings to Colonel Nicholson, the government commander. Now we are where we were supposed to be all along. Please pass our felicitations to the Margrave and let him know that with our aid, the government forces should be victorious in the coming campaign to put down the Jacobite rising.

Your affectionate and devoted cousin,


[Note: Due to a slight misunderstanding, my three Carpania adventurers were inadvertently attached to the Tradgardland jagers for the battle of Carmudgeon. After the exchange of several e-mails, Jim Purky and I decided upon this “back story” that also includes a little bit of skull duggery by Frivolous Fiona and those stalwarts - Alistair Campbell and Siegfried “Siggy” Hapnich. I’m sure we’ll hear more about both of them in future battles with the Jacobites before they return home to Mississippi.]

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am Whaling...

After his adventures upon the island of St Kilda Aeneas and his fellow natural philosophers have sailed to join the Tradgardland Whaling vessels as they go about their business in the Artic.
He hopes to see the great sea leviathans for himself as well as probe the legends of the local indigenous people which tell of blond sea farers arriving long ,long ago. He hopes to pin down further the journeys of his Tradgardlandian fore bearers...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Cardinals At Versailles

Narrator: If the reader will forbearantly beg my pardon, I am about to press the red button on the incredible machine beside me. It has the ability to warp the space-time continuum as I may please. You don't believe me? Well.... Let me first place in the desired date: April 25, 1758. Specific time: 02:00pm. Location: Versailles, Gallia, Earth; specifically the Rectory of Cardinal Richelieu. No, no, the world will not end. You will not feel even the slightest quiver of the planet nor will you see nearly three months of sunrises/sunsets pass in the blink of an eye. As I press the button....
Cardinal Richelieu: "My dear Tradgardland brother in The Faith! I welcome you with ardent friendship and pleasure. Enter. Come in and sit there. Allow me to offer you a glass of Chevert wine."

Cardinal of Tradgardland: "Thank you Your Excellency. I am indeed honored to be welcomed in your country and to be here. Yes, I am in need of refreshment. .... Ah, the best I've tasted in many a year."

Narrator: After discussing issues related to The Church and the unfortunate falling away from The Faith of too many of humankind desiring to pursue immoral lifestyles to their unknowing disadvantage, both turn to the true subject at hand.

Richelieu: "As you know the King desires that his nephew marries. From our previous correspondence I am led to believe your Duke may have a marriageable daughter. However, I perceive she was widowed some months ago.

Cardinal of T: "Yes. We speak of the strikingly beautiful Alisona. Her mourning period should be respectably ended this year. An unfortunate incident in New Tradgardland took her dear husband from her before his time, some might say. However, as we know, there is a season for all things. His winter, so to speak, found him passing into the next life."

Richelieu: "Tragic!"

Cardinal of T.: "Yet Alisona begins a new season for herself and the Duke hopes the same for Tradgardland itself. A marriage with your King's nephew, Lt. Gen. Pierre de Galantier would be a good diplomatic tie between our two nations in these troubled times."

Richelieu: "Galantier is indeed our most eligible young man of means. He served in The Carnatic discombobulating the Britannians there as best he could. Recently he was with the expedition to The Shetlands where he barely missed making Alisona's acquaintance by perhaps no more than a day. Now he is here again, but about to pack to join de Broglie in Germania. Near Frankfurt Am Main if I am not mistaken."

Cardinal of T: "What is our next step my dear Richelieu?"

Richelieu: "Let us ask the young man what he thinks of it all. I am led to believe the portrait of Alisona shown to him before embarking for The Shetlands intrigued him. Not only that though.... He also remarked about her courage to journey and live in The New World where so many mysterious perils exist. If I am not mistaken, he considers her to possibly be energetic, brave and loyal."

Narrator: You see. Nothing happened to your world after I pressed the red button. It only now remains to listen to the words to be spoken by the two Cardinals and Galantier himself. We will meet again soon. Meanwhile, I shall press the green button to reverse polarity and return you to your normal existence. Click.
Votre Serviteur,

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jacobites Score Another Win

News is travelling rapidly across Caledonia of the Jacobite victory over the Government garrison at Carmudgeon on July 12, 1758. Woodcut drawings will be posted later in the evening showing scenes from the battle.

Prince Charles surprised the the garrison inside Carmudgeon two days ago and drove them back into nearby Curmudgeon Castle, which they were unable to take. Lord George Murray offered generous surrender terms to the garrison, but the British Colonel refused until at least the formality of making a breach in the walls was made. Hence a formal seige has commenced.

I should inform everyone of the gallantry of one adventurer from Tradgardland, a Colonel vonn Bergmann, who led a clan regiment at the bequest of the Prince. Von Bergmann captured 4 British cannon and was appointed master of the artillery park in recognition of his efforts. All were briefly concerned when vonn Bergmann suffered a blow to the head that rendered him unconscious for awhile. But he recovered (saving roll of '6') and continued to lead his regiment on the second day of the battle.

The Clan Cameron regiment captured an important redoubt, spurred on by the inspiring pipes of Pipemajor MacLeod. Another adventurer, knownn simply as The Blade, also showed considerable valor leading a foot charge into a body of Government dragoons.

Again, stay tuned for pictures this evening and tomorrow.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Maj Gen Adolph von Coors to Command the Corps of Observation

Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein appoints Maj. Gen. Adolph von Coors Commander of the Corps of Observation. He will lead this force to the area of Hopsberg, where it is reported the Prussians are again mobilizing. His Corps will consist of the Auerbrau, Carlesberg, Lowenbrau, and Pabst Musketeers; the Landbier Grenadiers and Miller's Lite Grenzers; the Killians Cuirassiers and the Holstein and Isenbeck Hussars; and the Sharp's and Kronenberg's Batteries. Maj. Gen Coors aide will be Major Honking Thirst. Major Honking Thirst has been a valued member of our officer's mess and has proven to be just the sort of man Reich Duke Wilhelm admires. He was invested into the Order of the Goblet upon arrival at court and has been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to face the dreaded Prussians.

Things afoot...

Things afoot on the wargaming front at The Duchy of Tradgardland- I would very much value your comments and input! Thanks in advance!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

De Broglie's Plan - A die will decide it.

Gallian Marshall l'Duc de Broglie left Frankfurt Am Main as reported here last week bound for the celebrated Fulda Gap. His Advance Guard has arrived with the Main Body one day's march to the southwest and closing fast. To the northeast lies Hesse-Seewaldt. To the north is the capital of Hesse-Kassel, the city of Kassel itself. In his rear is the magazine and substantial garrison commanded by l'Intendant Bastille at Frankfurt Am Main.

None of us know de Broglie's Plan de Campaign - including me. So.... I will throw
1D6s in a moment to decide what he will do. Options are:

1-2: Advance Guard waits for The Main Body to heave into sight and thereafter leads the Army into Hesse-Seewaldt. Very bold.

3-4: Same as 1-2 but heads north to storm Kassel. It's a walled town if I remember correctly. I just built sixteen scaling ladders so....

5-6: Advance Guard waits for The Main Body to heave into view and marches one day northeast with screens out in all directions. The Main Body then commences building fortifications in the Fulda Gap. Why? Well, let's see? Oh, yes. To be close to Frankfurt Am Main just in case it needs to be grilled, to provide a hard right flank for later operations known only to de Broglie's next D6 throws or fate.

Okay, I'm going to go and get a 1D6 now.


Okay, I have a Las Vegas green die with no funny rounded edges. I threw it until one result came up twice. The throws were:

One result was to go for Kassel. Then....

Two results were to stay in the Fulda Gap and... well you can reread it above.

Votre Serviteur

PS I'm going to comment about this in a moment. This works out very nicely and you'll read why in a moment.

out of character

A few embarrassing notes:

First, During one night last week, one of our multitude of cats knocked down the package with my figure for the Scottish battle ... of course, I stepped on it during one of my bathroom trips. Fortunately, the figure survived fine ... but getting a new package made up and into the post office from my isolation will make his arrival for the next battle impossible.
I will still send it, as Bill and Alte Fritz et al have been so kind to me in the past.
Ah well ...

Second, I've tried to find a listing for the key folks and places in Hesse Fedora, as I think it logical for the anti-Gallian resistance to make an attempt to forge diplomatic links there.

Third, given that there are multiple interest groups in Frankszonia, it makes sense that somebody is going to point out to the Gallians that Frankszonia, in spite of providing troops and material for the Gallian effort in supposed loyalty to the Imperium, is constantly fighting against Vile Stagonia, Hesse Hamburg, and other local Gallian / Imperium minor allies. Furhtermore, senior military officers, NCO's, and crack troops all deserted en masse a couple of years ago ... and signed into the Germanian / Hesse Seewald forces. The Burgermasters are going to try to insert a wedge between the Hurtshog and the Intendant Bastille ....
Ought to make for a spicy Frankfurter ...

A meeting...

After an uneventful voyage the Duc de Padirac and his jaegers have arrived at Leith . They have taken over the White Hart Inn in Edinburgh's Grassmarket. The building was put up around 1740 and is filled with the members of the Legione Tradgardland to bursting point.
The Duc has met up with his old comrade in arms Vonn Bergmann. Vonn Bergmann has been training with his Highlanders and has become acquainted with the art of fencing with the highland broadsword.The two heroes have caught up with the recent events in Scotland and Tradgardland. Time too has been found to talk of their natural philosophical concerns, books being written and artifacts sought.
The members of the Legione have taken the opportunity to clean their rifles and prepare themselves for the battle which will come very soon. Long into the night the good people of Edinburgh hear the singing of Tradgardland folk songs sung by soldiers and peasants since the dawn of the Duchy herself. They tell of golden herring, sweethearts left behind and a green and pleasant land. Their haunting tunes ,on voice and hurdy gurdy, fill the still night air...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nobility gather to honor wounded generals

Nobility gather at the Reich Duke's hunting lodge to honor wounded generals.
Duchess Lynda is regaled with the recent adventures of General Picklemany and Maj. Gen. Blutundedonner, Baron von Alesgarden.

The Day thou gavest...

After an exhausting day Duke Karl and the Court dine in style. Course after course are laid before them . All are lost in the summer reverie and the evening ends with music upon the terrace as the twilight ends another day in Tradgardland.
Across the Duchy the high and low take their evening ease - fine German wine or ale flows until the darkness descends and all wend their weary way into the arms of Morphus...

Who's where....

As the summer continues I felt it might be useful to myself, and perhaps to others, to say the whereabouts of certain key individuals from the Duchy of Tradgardland. So here goes:

Von Bergmann- in the Scottish capital - Edinburgh awaiting the next battle for the True King.He divides his time between training his highlanders and reasearching the local flora and fauna.
Duc de Padirac - at sea off Leith harbour, Scotland, awaiting the disembarking of himself and members of the Legione Tradgardland prior to the next battle for the True King.Hopes to find palaeographic curiosities for his cabinet back home.

The Cardinal - enjoying the Gallian hospitality at Versailles. Currently dividing his time between quiet diplomatic activity with the Gallian Cardinal and writing a pamphlet upon the ordination rotes of the Melkite Church. Hopes the subject of betrothal may be raised once more.

Aeneas Todsheim - an 18 year old polymath and prodigy of Von Bergmann. On St Kilda ,having been recently rescued from a subterranean burial chamber after a landslide. Recovering in an island black house prior to planning the next part of his voyage. Hopes to find yet more facts regarding the voyages of his Tradgardlandian forebears.

Alisona- Daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Tradgardland. Currently disguised as a serving girl and engaged upon a mission of espionage in the woods betwixt Skogsmork and Tradgardland. Her task is coming to an end and the Court awaits her news.

Duke and Duchess of Tradgardland- Karl Frederick and Liv are currently enjoying some time away from the city- enjoying a heady mix ( with the Court ) of Tennis,banqueting,hunting, reading and discreet meetings with the Inner Council.Enjoying the Sun when he is here.

Duke Wolfgang of Skogsmork- currently taking up the reigns of day to day running of the Duchy and planning his next move ... A letter to his cronies within the Reichs-Executions-Armee might well serve in these dark days.

Generaloffizer Mackay - currently deployed in the Reichs Duchy of Beerstein, acting ( along with his staff) in the capacity as artillery, engineering and pyrotechnic advisor. Hoping to be allowed to celebrate a victory with a fireworks display and a portrait painted by a local artist.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Gallia,Saxe Raschstein and Prince Charlie News

Gallian Lt. General Chevert though losing the recent battle at Oberon near the Bohemian frontier was observed to disappear into Bohemia (Saxe-Beerstein if my memory serves) afterwards. His second in command, Prinz Wilhelm of Saxe-Raschstein (Saxony), may have ridden on ahead with a brigade of Saxe-Raschstein cavalry. Rumor has it the whole contingent is headed for Silesia. Chevert is considering requesting a contribution from the Saxe-Beersteiners and the keys to the capital given the contrary attitude of this government. Thumping them for treating the Stagonians so poorly is on his mind too. We shall see.

Translation: Back in May I placed the Corps of Chevert at Eger in Bohemia. To continue the story, the Thursday evening game at Historicon hosted by Der Alte will be in snowy Silesia. I am never-minding the impossibility of snow nor the campaign season. This makes no difference to us. Summer or winter, is the same - somehow. This way Der Alte gets to use his gorgeous snow coverings and snowy buildings. Please stop by to marvel! The above cavalry are my Saxon cavalry units. The Rutowski Chevaulegers (48) who historically rode big horses rather than the lighter ones associated with chevauleger type units. The other unit is the newly forming von Brühl Dragoons. Twelve are done. I hope to double this for H.Con. I wish it would really snow at Lancaster, PA for H. Con. Very hot there I think.

Marshall Broglie has departed Frankfurt Am Main and is marching to the Fulda Gap.
His mission is to breach the gap and thence head north into Hesse-Seewald or turn slightly to the left for the town of Kassel.

Translation: Our Friday evening game at Historicon is a Bring Your Own Soldiers game. Are you bringing any? The Saturday morning game is Hold Until Relieved. De Broglie will be in command for both - not Chevert.

In a totally contented state of mind I am oddly commanding Britannian forces this coming Saturday. Bonnie Prince Charlie is coming by to storm a castle to secure arms, munitions and what nots to feed his rebellion - ah restoration. I spent this evening building lots of scaling ladders for the game. We'll just see if the Highlanders can scale my castle walls!

Freiherr Yelch departs for Scotland

* Reich FreiHerr Franz Yelch:
This young (26 year old) soldier of fortune is the fourth surviving child of an impoverished noble seeking to establish his fortune in the path of honor. A cheerful, optimistic prankster, he views himself as a kind of gallant knight errant. As an Hauptman in the Infantry Regiment Von Hottatrot, his energy and initiative sustained that corps’ conquest of the key redoubt in the Battle of Bad Tannes after the Margrave was wounded. As a reward, Franz has been promoted to a Major de Battalion in the Sage Guard. Since he has distant cousins (in-laws of an older brother) among the Stuart and Frazier clans, he volunteered to represent Frankszonia in the restoration of the true kings of Scotland.
Though he obviously is ambitious and talented as a military officer, his ultimate dream is to establish a horse breeding farm in America, far from the barbaric Prussian / Germanian hordes. While he avidly attends horse races, he doesn’t really gamble (having barely adequate funds anyway) but instead studies the breeding lines and characteristics of the outstanding beasts. In quiet interludes, he plays on the organ or attends local operatic productions; pining away for the lady singers whose company he never can afford.

(Inspired by my own ancestor Yelch, who did immigrate from around Frankfurt to get away from the Prussians right after the American revolution and who is thought to have brought the first organ down the Ohio into the Northwest Territory. His estate was established near modern Bloomington, Indiana and endured until the 1950's. One tradition is that as a child he was usually fed burnt toast lest he eat more bread than the family could afford ...)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Beerstein "Beer and Pretzel" Rules

Beerstein's "Beer and Pretzel" rules are posted on the Beerstein site. Please note the two charts, Movement and Fire, did not space correctly. Line up each column under its heading and all will be right with the world. Also the game sequence is: artillery fire, infantry fire, movement, combat, and recovery. Nothing new or original here, just simple and easy to play. We use 2" for 100 paces, but 100 paces can be any distance you want depending on the size of your table. No rebasing is necessary as long as each type of troop is mounted on the same frontage. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance

As part of the celebrations marking the new Duke's reign these magnificent chariots took part in the ceremonial triumph through the streets of the Duchy's capital.

The crowd was divided over wether these were up to the usual high standard of taste observed upon such occasions.

The entire populous was served at an open air banquet in the city square where bread and ale was consumed in quantities not seen for a generation.

Duke Wolfgang...

In a ceremony as old as the Duchy itself, Wolfgang was crowned King of the ancient city state of Altenskogsmork and declared Duke of Skogsmork ( in place of his recently murdered father) - the former title being being mere show and pretension, as it ever was.

All proceeded with due baroque splendour and all fine day was had by all - rich and powerful alike...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Impressive WSS Page


"Steve-the-Wargamer" has updated his "War of Spanish Succession Projects Page" . . . and I think that it is worth a look:

"War of Spanish Succession Projects Page"

Steve isn't into Imagi-Nations, but his blog is still one of my favorites. Enjoy!

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beerstein Boys Defeat Dreaded Prussians at Alesgarden

Gen der Brigade Lothar von Blutundedonner named Baron von Alesgarden and invested into the Military Order of the Golden Crown, our highest honor awarded to Generals for victory, gallantry, and daring do on the field of battle. Although seriously wounded he will forever be known as "Blutundedonner of Alesgarden." Generaloffizer Mckay and General Picklemany were also invested into the Military Order of the Golden Crown for their gallant conduct which ensured our victory. Major General Adolph Coors offered his resignation after the Grenadier Brigade failed to advance for more than three hours. Reich Duke Wilhelm would have none of it! Just the threat of a fresh Grenadier Brigade weighed heavily on the Prussian Commander's morale as his army was soundly routed. Photos will appear on the Beerstein blog. Enjoy!

On the occasion of the visit of the great King of Germania

His Excellency Landgraf Bogey von Hesse-Fedora honored the visiting King of Germania, Markgraf von Brandenburg, etc. etc. with a review of the entire Landgraviate's regular army.*

The Landgraf, five Generals, seven squadrons of Horse, four regiments of Foot with their grenadiers, the Jagerkorps, and the Artillery brigade with all four pieces were inspected by His Majesty on the Platzgrund this evening.

Our engraver captured the moment as the Landgraf waived his hat to the men of the army, signalling three cheers for the King. Note the presence of Lieutenant General Linus von Larrabee, Minister of War at Our Landgraf's right hand, and the special Color Guard from the Leib Regiment (the colors, however, are still furled at the Landgraf's order pending revenge for the Battle of Olmosbach).

*Pundits will remark on the absence of the Landgrafin's Fusiliers. Technically, they are not part of the army. However, while the entire army was concentrated, it was deemed necessary to deploy the Fusiliers, wearing nothing but their white undercoats, to the borders to keep an eye out for Homburg mischief.

I am sailing...

The Duc de Padirac ( accompanied by members of the Legione Tradgardland) has left for Scotland by fishing boat. They will provide a small unit of specialist light infantry for the True King at the next campaign battle. They are rifle armed and of high morale.
Jim- they are in the post by airmail and will be with you in a week or less...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Great Map


I was looking at a new blog, Il Deste Fanto, from a fellow in the Chicago area who has Napoleonics and is thinking of starting an 18th century army.

Anyway he has a link to a wonderful map. Click on any sector and it brings up that sector . . . click again and you see a very large image. The road networks would be wonderful for those who like to use such maps.

I should make you go to his blog (and I hope that you do), but here is the link.


-- Jeff

Postings and Appointments

To His Grace, The Reichsherzog von Beerstein

Your Grace,

Please forgive the informality of this brief note, and indeed any impropriety in raising the matter at all.

I have just been informed that my Master, His Grace of Hannunter and Britannia has seen fit to detahc to your service Gen der Brigade Blutunddonner. While in no manner do I suggest that the good general is unfirt for service, I strongly urge that Your Grace do his utmost to prevent any meetings between the General and Our Ambassador to Your Court, Graf von Zelle.

The two gentlemen, although, I repeat, most worthy of their positions, have a history of mutual discord and dislike, and consequently contact between the two should be, where possible, most rigorously avoided. In the case of such meetings being unavoidable, I most strongly suggest that the two gentlemen never be allowed to meet in private.

I apologise, once more, for bringing such a trivial matter to Your Grace's attention.

I remain, Your Grace's Most humble servant.

Given under our hand and seal at Hannunter, this day

Chancellor and Bursar