Sunday, November 30, 2008

Battle of Pickelhaubewicz Rages


Zichenauer forces under the command of Major Wolfgang von Hirschbiegel (aka Jonathan Broadus) have encountered those of Colonel Hans Peter von Grundig (aka Stokes Schwartz) at the southern Stollenian village of Pickelhaubewicz.

Even now battle is raging between these two forces. Frequent updates may be found here:

Readers are urged to scroll down and read the turn accounts in an ascending order. This encounter is being waged under "Charge" conditions according to the Grant Battlegames Teaser #14 . . . and is further described as a "play by email" format.

The artwork accompanying this report have been "stolen" from the Stollen blog (although I'm sure that Stokes won't mind). As usual 'click' on each to go to a larger version.

Better yet, go to the Grand Duchy of Stollen blog and read all about it.

-- Jeff

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Froehliche Neuweinsfest

Gentle subjects of all the Imaginations of Christendom are invited to the opening feast of the week-long Neuweinsfest of Hunsruck, newly restored to the patronage of Herzog Ignaz in celebration of the Imperial victory at Steinkreisdorf. The banquet will include the award of various decorations and honours associated with the late victory, as well as the formal announcement of the betrothal of the Prinzessin Sophie-Vittoria to his durchlaucht eminence Prinz Friedrich von Waldreck, to be attended by both principals.

"Cantate et psallite in cordibus vestris Domino, gratias agentes semper pro omnibus, in nomine Domini nostri Iesu Christi, Deo et Patri."

"Sing and play music in your hearts to the Lord, always giving thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another invitation

Louys of Monte-Cristo would like to invite those Brother Rulers of Urope who so far refrained from officially entering our circle.

Monte-Cristo is a quiet, remote and unimpressive place to make your debut: you would be welcome to announce here the nomination of an ambassador to Monte-Cristo, or even better your intention to honour our little Country with a personal visit. As our honoured guest you would discover our fair climate, pleasant sightings, quiet and simple atmosphere and the benefits of our "enriched" thalassotherapy.

(such a sibylline text needs to be explained in a comment below).

An invitation..

For herbal and surgical diversions you are invited to visit the Duchy of Saschen -Vindow blog directly...

King Ludwig exercises his Bavarian troops

King Ludwig of Bavaria has offered the Reich Duchy of Beerstein the service of his army should British and Hanoverian forces invade the Barony of Brewswick.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Battle Streamer Awarded to Timofievich Cossacks

Please see ColCampbell's Barracks for an account of the awarding of a battle streamer to the Timofievich Cossacks by Duke Pavlov of Courland.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Hello Everyone,
Jeff would you please link the following?
This is the 26th. annual Seven Years War Association Convention site. There will be many mid-18th Century games. It is also the venue for a large annual BAR game next March. Imagination leaders please take note and check the site from time to time.
DATE = MARCH 20-21, 2009
Given the success of the Texas game so successfully orchestrated by Ed, here is your next opportunity for a really BIG game. Bring some soldiers along too. More details will follow in the coming weeks. Plus I will be writing a short article on packing toy soldiers and airport security as I recently happily experienced. No problems.
After March 2009, the next opportunity will be Der Alte's 4th Annual BIG Battalion game in the Chicago area in the autumn - October probably.
We are hopeful some EvE members will drive/fly to the show.
Votre Serviteur,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Skirmish at Jungsteindorf

On the evening before the Texas Big Battalions game at MilleniumCon, Ed Youngstrom and Bill Protz held a tutorial game for some of us who would be playing the next day. Please see ColCampbell's Barracks for a brief report of that action.

A Germanian battalion (foreground) gets into a firefight with an Osterreicher battalion (background) outside the small village of Jungsteindorf.

Maj Gen Adolph von Coors watches allied maneuvers

British, Hanover, and Dutch troops are exercising near our protectorate, the Barony of Brewswick. Maj Gen Adolph von Coors, Commander of the Corps of Observation has arrived on the scene and is keeping a close eye on his potential adversary!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ein Appeal zu Der Volk

A personal message from the Hurtshog Stanken Fahrtz v. Frankfurter to the Deutsche Adelborn (German nobility):

My dear Cousins:

It has come to our attention that some consider Frankszonia to be an imperialist, aggressor state. This seems to have arisen due to our campaign to create a Super Sized Fry Stadt.
Ironically, this mis apprehension devolves from our desire to create a less plastic situation in which the dignity and freshness of our Folk is swallowed up by some six million strong ogre. Indeed, even though we in Frankszonia are ourselves perforce occupied by the Gallian hordes, one may notice that our struggles are often with our soi distant allies therein who have been caught undermining the autonomy of a local franchise.
Indeed, unlike other self proclaimed defenders of the Deutsche Mark, almost before the furor of conflict has fallen silent, the leaders of our neighbors have found themselves in the Frankfurter Bun, with the flavor of their office and authority enhanced rather than reduced.
Come, the Kreis are sounding for the defense of the Empress and our Graftsen. We are one Folk. Let us all go together in one Folk’s Wagon!

Hzg. F v Frankfurter

Honours Granted

Fahnrich Brad von Austin, for his valorous and intrepid conduct in the service of the Imperium and Reichsarmee in the late action at Steinkreisdorf, is hereby inducted into the Obersaynische Haus-Ritter-Orden vom Heiligen Ignaz. He is priviliged therefore to the style of Ritter von Austin, and all of the privileges and prerogatives appurtenant thereto. His grace will be pleased to award the decoration at the honours banquet at Schloß Moritzburg on the first evening of the Hunsruck Neuweinsfest this Friday.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Battle of Streinkreisdorf - Part 2

A partial report (from my perspective on one flank) on the afternoon action has been posted on ColCampbell's Barracks .

On the near corner is the mercenary cavalry brigade from Weisspferdheim - 96 Spencer-Smith plastic cavalry, half heavy horse and half hussars. Read the report to see how well they performed!

Report on Battle Of Steinkreisdorf - Part 1

Part 1 of the report on my participation in the Texas Big Battalions game is now posted on ColCampbell's Barracks

Markgraf Hapnich of Carpania and his entourage watch the battle.

Part 2 will hopefully be posted tonight.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Battle To Save Frankfurt


MC1: The beginning! The left side was controlled by The Imperium (Austria), Gallia (France) and Loyal Allies! Players from left bottom clockwise are Paul (properly attired in a jacket), young Brad age 13 who swept all before him in two BAR games, Giles, Ed (red shirt), Clay, Chris, Jim (Col. Campbell) and Paul. The empty spot between Brad and Giles is where I (Bill/Chevert) was posted.

Set-up commenced between 8-10am and I think we were underway at 10am. Many many thanks to Ed and his friends for getting the game set up and troops posted. Amazing agility and attention to detail. He also kept the game going with speedy efficiency.

Fortunately, Ed and Chris had played BAR previously and others (Jim in particular) had read the rules in depth. Also fortunately we had a great group of savvy historical miniatures players and by Turn 3 most people were moving units and conducting combat all on their own. BAR is an easy game to play.


MC2: The game has moved along nicely. There are probably 2,000 soldiers deployed. Most cavalry regiments were two squadrons strong at 24 miniatures total. Infantry battalions were normally 48 strong though there were a few larger up to 60 and even 66. Some infantry was based on 3/4" x 3/4" individual bases while others were based on 1"x1" individual bases. There were also some multiples on bases. No problem.


MC3: The following sequence of photos is where Jim and I slogged things out in game #1. I had roughly 120 medium cavalry and Jim had 96 infantry. We both won some and lost some and Jim's blue coats were stalwart opponents and darn tough! I found myself in the same situation as Contades at Minden. I had only cavalry to oppose a strong and competently led infantry force. Well! There was nothing to do except charge and that is what Jim and I experienced in game #1. I charged, charged and charged till the cows jumped over the moon. Follow the next pictures sequentially to get some sense of it.


MC4: Jim = Colonel Campbell here on EvsE.








MC8: It's just before 2pm when game #1 ended. Jim and I are at the edge of the table. We were both reduced to a very low number of soldiers. It was a good and friendly combat. Let's do this again!

For details about BAR: Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763, see:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Frankfurt is saved for the Empress!

This just in via courier:

Steinkreisdorf, November 15, 1758

To Graf von Kaunitz, Vienna

Your Excellency, per your instructions to report on progress to you, I am able to proclaim a victory for the army Her Imperial Majesty has entrusted to my care.

Frankfurt is saved!

The Imperial army and its allies, ably assisted my M. Chevert-Protz of His Gallian Majesty's service, defeated the Fedoran pretender and his lackeys near the town of Steinkreisdorf. Not only were the Imperial forces able to seize all of the tactically significant terrain features, but they were also able to inflict severe casualties on the enemy.

In particular I would like to mention the Leib-Kürassiere of the Herzog von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn and the Timofoevich Cossacks from Courland.

But the most special mention must be made of Fahnrich Brad von Austin. This young lad of only 13 summers took over a brigade of our allies, made up of Saxe-Jungbach and Gallian infantry, and stormed an important fortified farm complex on our right flank. At terrible cost, his troops dispersed no less than three regiments of Germanians, including one of grenadiers, and then the Fahnrich led the Gallian regiment of Conde into the farm and took it from its defenders--causing the notorious Landgraf of Hesse-Fedora to order his army to retreat. It was a glorious sight!

My dear Graf, I would also be indebted to you if you would mention to his family that Generalmajor Stein stayed at his post by my side for the entire engagement, providing useful advice from beginning to end.

I am, sir, your most humble and obedient servant,

From our agent in the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) in Delft.

Several barges arrived in Delft recently from the Frundsberg Frei Stadt. In addition to the regular deliveries of armaments for the VOC, there were at least a couple of squadrons of hussars who trans-shipped onto sea-going vessels.

I attempted to investigate their destination, but all I could discern was they were en-route to a cold wet location but that the pay was good.

The vessels seemed to have been chartered by Tradgardland merchants via a third party.

Monrovia - the Army of the East deploys

Tensions are rising along the border between Wittenberg and Monrovia; fuelled by the deployment of their 'Army of the East' in the province of Lower Belgravia. The Monrovian army assembled at Freilingen for a review before dispersing to their forward positions.

[a full description of the army of the east can be found at]

The Monrovians say that their deployment is in response to the presence of the Wittenberg Boldovian army corps in Upper Belgravia. Both Wittenberg and Monrovia are close to breaking the terms of peace of Witzend; so far neither side has moved any troops within 10miles of the border along the river Oudear, apart from the observations corps and border guards permitted under terms of the treaty.

Gallia, the Imperium and Prussia who forced the implementation of the treaty of Witzend have sent ambassadors to both sides in order try and defuse the situation. Their prime interest is to prevent the disruption of important trade routes.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This date, the Reich Duchy of Beerstein Reichstadt affirms F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm's decision to mobilize all military units. Maj Gen Reich Graf Adolph von Coors, Baron von Blatzberg, from the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein is appointed Commander of the Corps of Observation. His Corps to consist of two brigades of infantry, one brigade of heavy cavalry, and two artillery batteries is to march to the Barony of Brewswick immediately. Maj Gen Ludwig Third Baron of Brewski is appointed Commander of the Corps der South. His Corps of one infantry brigade, one heavy cavalry brigade, and one artillery battery is to support Prinz Geoffery of Cavenderia should he seek our assistance against the dreaded Dey. F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm will assume personal command of all remaining troops to be deployed at his discretion.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pigeon post 2

Another post by pigeon arrives.Out of breath and in a state of collapse the bird releases its note:----------My Dear Duke,The expected battle of the 8th instant at Carmugeon Castle did not occur. The Prince did not attack.Your Obt. Servant,von Bergmann.
Duke Karl Frederick finds a scrap of parchment and begins to write:
My Dear Von Bergmann,it is good to hear of your safety yet vexing that the long expected battle did not occur. Has the Prince gone into exile or is he planning so to do? Has he no longer service for your good self, your men and the Duc ?I await your answer with interest. All is well here in the Duchy and our friend in Saschen-Vindow works with haste.God be with you ,Karl Frederick
The parchment is fixed to a pigeon's leg and it is sent heavenwards towards Edinburgh...

Imperial Sea Lords sends squadron to Dalmatian Coast

Imperial Sea Lord Hoptadt has promoted Capt Needa Morebeer, late of REICH DUKE to Rear Admiral. He is directed to move his flag to the EMPRESS and prepare his squadron for operations against the dreaded Dey along the Dalmatian Coast. His Flag Ship EMPRESS boasts 100 guns, the REICH DUKE, a stately 74 gunner is commanded by Capt Karl Biergarden, the agile 64 gun GRENZER is commanded by Capt Karl von Grapp, and the new commissioned 44 gun HUSSAR is commanded by Capt Wilhelm Slitz. The squadron is to support Prinz Geoffery of Cavenderia and to clear the Adriatic of all Islamic shipping. The Imperial Sea Lord has appealed to the Commander of the British Inshore Squadron not to interfere with fellow Cristian nations against the Muslims.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein toasts victorious heroes

Our beloved brother, General Reich Graf James von Beerstein, recently led a successful expedition in support of Elector Ulrich von Luftberg’s campaign against the Kingdom of Aschenback. In recognition of the stout defense of our infantry during the Battle of Althirschburg, Reich Graf James was awarded the newly instituted Luftberg Order de l’Ananas.

Be careful what you wish for.

Word of the threat reached Prinz Geoffrey during a tremendous banquet, the banquet at which he was to award the distinguished David.Linienblatt the Prinz’s Merit Award for artistic service in designing Cavenderia’s new colors. During the secondi a green-coated soldier interrupted the meal bellowing like a crisp north wind, “I beg his lord’s forgiveness but I have information which his grace will most certainly wish to hear.” The Prinz immediately recognized the uniform of infantry regiment Jung which was garrisoned along Cavenderia’s southern coast in Spilt. Geoffrey thought, “Could the rumors be true, could the Bizerrcans be sailing into Cavenderian waters?” Geoffrey was unaware he was staring when he felt a hand at his wrist; it was Detlev, his closest advisor who whispered “such information would be best digested in private, my lord.”

The Prinz was escorted into a private setting room where his most senior advisors and the green-coated soldier awaited him. Geoffrey’s stomach sank as he was told of a half dozen red-sailed Xebecs appearing on the horizon near Spilt, of the Dey’s ultimatum and finally of the defiant rebuttal of the port’s elders; which according to the soldier had only been issued after Colonel Jung had shamed them for being less than men having considered capitulation.

The Prinz took pride in his familial history. His great-grandfather had fought for rebellion, his grandfather for independence and his father for coin, but all had fought a civilized enemy; an enemy who knew “the rules” of warfare. Geoffrey thought, “Our army is just prepared, but our navy is weedy and ours will be a desperate defensive battle”. The Prinz had the enviable ability to mask his emotions behind a polite smile, but his news certainly was testing that ability. Fear began to assault Geoffrey’s senses, he screamed in his mind, “Where were her majesty’s ships? How could the Dey’s fleet arrive in Cavenderian waters unmolested? Surely this Dey must be powerful.”

The soldier summarized the coastal defenses and delivered his Colonel’s papers requesting additional troops. Upon completion of the soldier’s tale all eyes were affixed upon the Prinz, eyes yearning for encouraging words from their lord. The stares assaulted Geoffrey like a torrential rain. Geoffrey’s pulse raced, his hands were noticeably tight upon his seat and then at the apex of his fear a calm resolve washed over him, almost as if his ancestors had poured courage into him from a ghostly carafe.

Geoffrey’s feelings become more aggressive almost malignant, he thought, “well, if a nefarious, ignoble privateer such as Jung can show courage in the face of such an adversary, world be damned!!! if he of noble birth, with the blood of so many honorable soldiers flowing through his veins would display anything other than ardent bravery.”

The Prinz stood and with a focused look ordered everyone, save Detlev, out of the room to await his address. The Prinz raised his hand before his advisor could speak and said, “We believe there to be no deliberation or need for consul on this matter, surely war is upon Cavenderia and we shall teach this pagan to respect our might by casting his forces across the sea. Cavenderia is now at war with the Dey and Cavenderia shall prevail.” Detlev responded, “This fight will surely test the peoples resolve and Cavenderia’s resources but your decision is just and true, my lord”

Geoffrey took a deep breath, adjusted his wig and nodded to his advisor to open the doors. The ever-present smile of the Prinz appearing on his face as he strode into the hall to address his subjects. Behind the calm demeanor of the Prinz, self doubt crept into Geoffrey’s thoughts, “Prinz Geoffrey the Bold, Prinz Geoffrey the Just or Geoffrey the Fool, what will they call us?”

Monday, November 10, 2008

Announcement from the Kammerer-Amt


10 November 1758

The Herzog and Herzogin von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Sophie-Vittoria to Friedrich, Pfalzgraf von Waldreck.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

On a hillside southeast of Frankfurt

Feldzeugmeister von Blei-Sammeln has taken the opportunity of his main column passing through a defile to review his troops. Twelve battalions, 28 squadrons, and 10 guns pass in review: troops of the Empress, Gallia, and Saxe-Jungbach on their way to rendezvous with M. Chevert to save Frankfurt.

Here can be seen the Saxe-Jungbachers, fresh recruits from the County of Eureka, with the Weisspferdheim Cavalry behind them, and Gallian troops and Imperial dragoons in the distance. Further descriptions were taken by a local village lad, who has sent them on to Hesse-Fedora.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Empress Maria Theresa recalls Admiral Graf Hopstadt

With the untimely death of the Imperial Sea Lord and the incursion of the Dey's Xebecs along the Dalmatian coast, Empress Maria Theresa ignored her advisers and has recalled Admiral Graf Rupert von Hopstadt to Vienna. In a private audiance, the Empress returned the Admiral's sacred sword and his many medals and decorations which she had keep for just such an occasion. Much to the chagrin of her advisers, the Empress invested Admiral Hopstadt with his long denied Order of Maria Theresa and appointed him her new Imperial Sea Lord. His first assignment is to reorganize the fleet and to secure the Dalmation coast. Imperial Sea Lord Hopstadt was seen smiling as he passed the bowed advisor who had plotted against him.

Courland Marches off to War

After receiving marching orders and the rendezvous from General Chevert, commander of the Gallian Corps of Bohemia, Duke Pavlov puts his forces into motion to join the Gallians and the Reichsarmee in their upcoming battle with the Germanians and their allies.

You can see the departure log at:


Friday, November 7, 2008

Grand Duchy of Kolanhomm

Damen un Herren

Greetings from the ancient and Grand Duchy of Kolanhomm.

Recent events on our Northern coast have forced the Duchy to choose sides in the upcoming war. Our armies will be marching to support Greater Germania in it's struggle with the Empire, but not before a little local difficulty with out neighbours in Gross-Knickerhof has been attended to.

To follow these campaigns please use your modern technologies to visit this ancient and honourable state here.

In Edinburgh...

The events of dinner the other day are forgotten by Vonn Bergmann and the Duc de Padirac. The noisy intervention of the very large piper and the strange woman have been consigned to memory. The Tradgardlanders and other visitors - (adventurers and followers the True King some may say) are busy getting organised. Swords are being sharpened, muskets checked and gunpowder drawn from the stores. Talk everywhere is of the forthcoming siege and the battle to be won. Men write to their loved ones in Tradgardland and pay their debts. They are prepared and waiting...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sachsen-Wachsenstein Marches off to War

After receiving its marching orders and rendezvous from General Blei-Sammeln, commander of the Imperial Reichsarmee, the Contributory Kreis Regiment from Sachsen-Wachsenstein conducts its final parade before departing the duchy enroute to participate in the Texas Big Battalions game at MilleniumCon on Saturday next (Nov. 15).

[Note: please click on the picture for a larger image.]

You can see the entire departure log at ColCampbell's Barracks .

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Carpania Marches to War

The army of the Margraviate of Carpania, responding to the call of arms from Elector, marches forth from the capitol of Potzdorf. Led by General der Infanterie Baron von Stuppe, this small, but highly trained force consists of a musketeer battalion, a fusilier battalion, a small converged grenadier battalion, a jager korps, a freikorps company, a small dragoon regiment, and accompanying artillery.

You may view the complete photographic log at ColCampbell's Barracks .

The Army of Carpania has departed Potzdorf. We will next see them at the Texas Big Battalions game at MilleniumCon in Round Rock, Texas on November 15.

The inhabitants of Carpania wish their little lead heroes the best of luck in the coming battle!

Duchy of Strackenz

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen.
It has come to our attention that the Duchy of Strackenz has not yet made its mark upon this great continent. I feel this is about to change. To find out why, please visit this ancient and honourable state. Here you will find several diverse characters all of whom are working to please the new Duchess Irma, who has just taken her position at the head of government.

Frundsberg Dragoons needing employment

Baron Wilhelm is enjoying a glass of fine Frundsberg Apfelwein from an orchard near Sonnenbad..

Flunky: It's the chief auditor sire!

Wilhelm: Very good, send him in, it had better be serious at this time of evening.

Flunky: Von Trapp, sire.

Wilhelm: Well Von Trapp, what is the problem now? It's not electoral irregularities at this late hour is it?

Von Trapp: No sire, the votes are all counted and the boxes sealed, you will be re-elected tomorrow as usual.

Wilhelm: Excellent, so what is the problem?

Von Trapp: I regret that we have found another irregularity in the accounts, sire.

Wilhelm: Not the Stadtsbank!!

Von Trapp: of course not sire, our recent trading agreements have ensured adequate funds, even given the promissory notes drawn on dubious funds in Neue Frundsberg.

Wilhelm: So what has happened?

Von Trapp: It's the recruiting agents, they are out of control. I have found that in addition to the Hussars they have also recruited more dragoons than we have contracted to supply.

Wilhelm: Thank you for this information Von Trapp, please continue your vigilant auditing of the Stadt's affairs. It seems that I need to contact other rulers with an offer they may accept.

The troops in question are the Revell SYW Austrian Dragoons - 4 packets - mint in box

Interested parties should contact Will_McNally at h0tmail dot com


Monday, November 3, 2008


Fellow Rulers and Gentlemen of State.

Our recruiting sergeants have been extremely zealous in their tasks and have succeeded in recruiting a large number of hussars over and above our contract requirements. In line with the Frei Stadts ethical trading policy, I wish to offer you all the opportunity to participate in our good fortune and contract at our usual advantageous rates for these fine specimens of the human race.

As always sealed bids will be accepted and total confidentiality is assured (should this be desired)

Baron Wilhem
Chairman of the Stadtrat

The troops in question are the Revell SYW Prussian Hussars

Interested parties should contact Will_McNally at h0tmail dot com


Marching off to War

Please visit ColCampbell's Barracks over the coming week as I post pictures of the armies of the Margraviate of Carpania, Duchy of Courland, and Duchy of Sachsen-Wachsenstein leaving for the Champs de Mars at the Texas Big Battalions game in Round Rock.