Saturday, November 15, 2008

Frankfurt is saved for the Empress!

This just in via courier:

Steinkreisdorf, November 15, 1758

To Graf von Kaunitz, Vienna

Your Excellency, per your instructions to report on progress to you, I am able to proclaim a victory for the army Her Imperial Majesty has entrusted to my care.

Frankfurt is saved!

The Imperial army and its allies, ably assisted my M. Chevert-Protz of His Gallian Majesty's service, defeated the Fedoran pretender and his lackeys near the town of Steinkreisdorf. Not only were the Imperial forces able to seize all of the tactically significant terrain features, but they were also able to inflict severe casualties on the enemy.

In particular I would like to mention the Leib-Kürassiere of the Herzog von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn and the Timofoevich Cossacks from Courland.

But the most special mention must be made of Fahnrich Brad von Austin. This young lad of only 13 summers took over a brigade of our allies, made up of Saxe-Jungbach and Gallian infantry, and stormed an important fortified farm complex on our right flank. At terrible cost, his troops dispersed no less than three regiments of Germanians, including one of grenadiers, and then the Fahnrich led the Gallian regiment of Conde into the farm and took it from its defenders--causing the notorious Landgraf of Hesse-Fedora to order his army to retreat. It was a glorious sight!

My dear Graf, I would also be indebted to you if you would mention to his family that Generalmajor Stein stayed at his post by my side for the entire engagement, providing useful advice from beginning to end.

I am, sir, your most humble and obedient servant,



Bluebear Jeff said...

We eagerly await images from this redoubtable field of Mars.

-- Jeff

ColCampbell50 said...

Of course as a participant from the Elector's side, I must say that it was a hard fought battle that was great fun. Fahnrich Brad commanded my composite brigade of Courlanders and Sachsen-Wachsensteiners in the morning fighting and performed admirably against Baron Paul and his command of Hesse-Fedorans. There will be more pictures later today on Col Campbell's blog.

Gallia said...

Dear Ed,
I had a wonderful time, you and everyone were great weekend companions and I greatfully appreciated ALL the loving work you put in to pull off two great games! From conception to promotion, planning, correspondence with potential attendees, getting soldiers ready, negotiations with the convention staff, logistics for the show, the scenario, orders, last minute adjustments for inevitable changes, setting up, running the game and take down. All this IS a lot of work for all concerned. I want you to know I sincerely appreciate all you did and please pass along my compliments to all your helpers. Congratulations for a superior job and it was FUN!
Sincerely yours,

Frankfurter said...

The Hursthog breathes a sigh of relief at this news. Especially as he finds that the blasted Cheezers have managed to field another brigade of infantry ... hopefully of low quality!

Martin said...

'Twas A Famous Victory!

Congrats to all who took part. Win or lose, both sides looked the part. I hope everyone had a good time and a safe trip back home.