Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grafin Keira von Ritterfeld ,

and her escort and  parasol bearer, the dashing  Leutnant Orlando von Blume of the Witzboldfeld Chasseurs

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emperor Charles VI 15mm Galatan Guard

I've posted at my painting blog some photos of my just finished 15mm Royal Galatan Guards. I've also taken advantage to accordingly update my Imagi-Nation's WSS Army page with some of them.

The painting blog itself is written in Catalan language, although you can use the attached Google translate gadget to try for a not always accurate, but ever funny translation!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beimbach-Schönau celebrates!

I was please to see that on Wednesday night my blog surpassed 10K hits.  Not too shabby for an enterprise only 4 months old!

I would like to thank all my readers for their support and can assure you there is much more to come.

The world of ImagNations has proven to be inspiring and enjoyable and I do not see this enthusiasm lessening!

Thank you all for a lively community.

A query...

Some while ago someone posted on their blogspot (one affiliated to EvE) a picture of a model of a young(ish) lass taking a bath. Unfortunately, I have forgotten upon which blogspot it was shown, and a lengthy trawl through recent traffic hasn't unearthed the thing.

Can someone tell me who posted it? I would like that person's permission to use it for an 'Age of Unreason' strip I have in mind.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some 15mm Galatan characters

I've just posted at my painting blog a couple of pictures on my recently first finished 15mm individual characters. To be honest, I'm far from being sure what are these miniatures going to be useful for -but I loved painting them, so that here they are! The female figures at each side are from the Peter Pig's Caribbean Pirates range, originally intended to depict female pirates. I've customized both a little bit by addition of a tricorne hat, also from Peter Pig. The one at the left has been painted as if belonging to Lady Elisenda Folc de Cardona's own regiment -while the status of the other one keeps to be quite ambiguous, in spite of the added headgear...

The three miniatures in the middle are from Blue Moon, and might represent almost any outstanding character of my Imagi-Nation -or any of their friends & foes... Maybe a King & Emperor in his youth along with His recently married wife -or a tight-close Galatan friend perhaps? As for the peasant girl, who knows?

Sorry that, unlike my Imagi-Nation's own site, the painting blog itself is not in English!

The Duchy of Hoche-Affeburg Birthday Honours

A Special Parade Birthday Colour for the Foot Guards..a  present to the Duke's Foot Guards   upon His Birthday  today from   (the now newly enobled)  Graf David von Linienblatt .
19  guns fired in Salute

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Action at Lobrau

My apologies to readers: I accidentally posted under this title the story of the first major action of the Ulrichstein campaign. Having transported the thing to the Archduke Piccolo blogspot, I discover that links to this site still mention this title. I do regret the inconvenience to readers and contributors to this spot.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A New Campaign Is About to Begin

Frederick II addresses his generals at the Prussian field camp.

All efforts to resolve the Germanian- Imperium conflict via diplomacy have come for naught, so once again Friedrich II of Germania readies his army for another campaign in 1761.

The Prussian camp is alive with activity: field forge from Berliner Zinnfiguren, blacksmith set from Hovels, and field bakery scratch-built by Ed Philips. Prussian artillerymen repair the cannons (to the right).

Meanwhile, the men hone their marching skills on the parade ground. Minden Miniatures, painted by Der Alte Fritz. Buildings by H.G. Walls (Herb Gundt).

And what ever happened to Lady Catherine, the companion of the traitorous Lady Pettygree, who was captured several months ago? The answer to that question, alas, is shown above.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Clove-Hamhock Cuirassiers

I decided that I wanted to re-base most of my lace wars figures so that I could use them for other rule sets in addition to Volley and Bayonet after our club fought a game using Koenigs Krieg.  While doing this I also set up two opposing battalions engaging each other at a distance of fifty yards.  The figure ratio is about 1:4.  The figures are all Heroics and Ros 1:300 scale figures.  At this scale 1mm is about 1 foot.  The two lines are separated by about 160mm.  I still have quite a few more infantry to finish re-basing along with the Dragoons and Hussars.


Two views of infantry battalions about 50 scale yards apart.  160 miniatures per battalion on a scale frontage of 131 yards.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eighteen Squadrons of Death - Winter Warfare

Bill P. and Chuck L. inspect the Prussian heavy cavalry (click or double click to enlarge the view) deployed to attack the Great Redbout held by the Russians.

On January 29, 1761 (2011) the Germanian army of King Friedrich II met the allied army of Austrians, Russians and Saxons near Breslau in Silesia. Follow the link for after action reports on the Germanian victory at the Battle of Protzberg.

Both here:

And here: