Friday, February 29, 2008

A considerate conference

At the Intendant's offices; an aide enters with the card of Herr Eberhard Kunegunde who wishes to speak with the Intendant. As Bastille knows that this man is rumored to be the head of the Hurtshog's secret police, an audience is quickly granted!

Bastille: Good afternoon, Msr. Kunegunde. What brings you out on a blustery day like this?
Kunegunde: Ah well, in February, a clear day is to be appreciated, and one enjoys talking over affairs with trusted comrades.
Bastille: (thinking, since when did we every trust each other?) May I offer you some hot chocolate or a good cup of Coffee?
Kunegunde; Danke. A warm cup would be appreciated.
Bastille: (and he doesn't even have a taster with him? this must be important)Rubberdeux, my aide, will quickly provide us with a good pot, no?
The aide takes the prompt and leaves.
Bastille: (walking over to check the door)Bien. Now, Kunegunde, what's this about?
Kunegunde: We are quite concerned over the developing situation between Hesse Homburg and Hesse Fedora, sire. The involvement of greater powers threatens to draw in Frankszonia.
Bastille: Gallia is quite pleased that it can rely on Frankszonia, no?
Kunegunde: Such reliance is touching, especially as we notice that you are establishing a new base not two days quick march away from your stronghold here.
Bastille: Ah, but this is simply to counter the Germanian foothold in Hesse Fedora. That's clear on the other side of the Tannesberg!
Kunegunde: Ja, das is richtig, aber ... Homburg sets upon the eastern flank of our northern fields quite this side of the Tannesburg.
Bastille: Now really, Msr Kunegunde! You're being quite paranoid.
Kunegunde: In such times, when one sees a neighbor suddenly being built up to power by outside forces, paranoia is probably quite contagious. Moreover, in spite of the complications involving Germania and the Imperial court, the Margraf von Fedora and our own Hurtshog have long been amicable. Now, we see the Hurtshog's opponents clustering to the court of Homburg, and that notorious scoundrel, Roquefort as well?
Bastille: Do not concern yourself, Msr. Kunegunde. You can assure the Hurtshog that Gallia will keep things in control.
Kunegunde: Actually, m Lord, the Hurtshog is most anxious that Gallia does not intrude its proboscis into the affiar.
Bastille: M'seur! (shocked and angry)
Kunegunde: (sternly) We have information that Limburger is building up to drive us back over the Tannesberg hogback. This Homburg / Fedora affair would provide an excellent screen for their nefarious plans. Given the influence of the vile Stagonians in certain Gallian circles and the machinations of Roquefort, Frankszonia would prefer that there would be no chance of Gallian casualties providing any raison de entre for further complications.
Bastille: (even more sternly) Hesse Homburg is now an ally of the Gallian monarchy. We will respond most forcibly to any assault upon them from ANY source.
Kunegunde: (sardonically) what a reassuring reply. Surely, Gallia would be just as eager to defend allies of even longer standing, even if they happen to be unpopular with the Wiener court?
Bastille: M'seur! You insult the Gallian Crown!
Kunegunde: But not its self interest, m'Lord. And, after all, we are speaking of a most worldly prince. Gallia is nowhere nearly as vile as its apparent client, Stagonia, Danke Gott. As a fellow Cathlic, I'm sure you're aware of what trust one can propose in any prince.
Bastille: (disdainfully) I've not seen the Hurtshog be any less worldly than any other prince.
Kunegunde: Nor does he pretend to be. However, given the Roquefort always seems to have access to funds that Frankszonia can't match, and that he is probably offering the assistance of Cheezer troops to Homburg even as we speak, it seems that another four cornered conflict is about to break out.
May I remind you that Frankszonia has already spent blood in your cause? I'm sure that our Reichsarmee contingent will be as good when it is tested.
Bastille: (grunts)
Kunegunde: The Hurtshog and his officers are confident of Frankszonia's abilities in any affair that is PURELY local, my Lord. We are hoping to ensure that the Hat war and the more cheesy affairs will be kept separate, but we have experienced the perfidy of our foes to often to ensure that the young Princess and her court will be immune.
Bastille: So, what do you propose now?
Kunegunde: We are repositioning our forces, sir. But we definitely have ruled out any sort of pre-emptive action against Homburg. At the moment, we're going to focus on securing our internal lines of communication and maintaining a close eye on the movements of the Limburgers.
All we want is an assurance that any Gallians who happen to be in the line of fire this time are strictly observers, in return we can assure you that our generals are not foolish enough to start shotting at a lion when a mad dog is bearing down on them from the other side!
Bastille: Ah, i smell chocolate! (opens door) Rubberdeux, man, did you have to go to America for the beans? Come in. Msr, you will find that his blend is most delicious ...
(the meeting devolves into small talk about trade on the Rhine) ...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Hurtshog embarrassed

much to the chagrin of the court and politicians of Frankszonia, a ditty has appeared in the Frankfurter taverns:

Oh pity the princess in stuffy old hats,
Whose lateral lines make her look so fat.
Though royal her powers,
And covered with flowers,
No prince for her homely and that is all that!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hesse-Fedora's view of the Empire and Urope in general

My dear Hurtshog,

As Ambassador Extraordinaire of the Court of Hesse-Fedora, I would like to tell you that our beloved and benevolent Landgraf Bogey wishes only peace and happiness to the brother nations of Urope.

However, despite the Landgraf's legal exercising of the patents granting his family the right of independence from Homburg, the Imperial court in Vienna has declared a Reichsexecution against Hesse-Fedora and provided armies, funds, and a certain General von Blei-Sammeln to the court of Hesse-Homburg.

Under these conditions, our esteemed Landgraf has no other option but to welcome the peace-loving soldiers of Germania and her allies within our borders. If this leads to unpleasantness with our neighbors, and especially those with Gallian tendencies, that is unfortunate.

Oh, look! The Landgraf's new army is assembling for inspection. I must therefore close for now and take my place in the reviewing party.

I am sir, your humble etc etc,

Lorre, Graf
Ambassador Extraordinaire of the Court of Hesse-Fedora

A response to the Hurtshog

I am instructed by Her Excellency Princess Ulrike Louise von Solms-Braunfels, Regent of Hesse-Homburg to deliver the following to the Hurtshog of Frankszonia,

The Regent notes with regret that the Hurtshog has not taken into account the wretched condition of the delivery service between his besotted postmaster and the gout-stricken excuse that my dear departed and much-lamented husband foisted upon his son and regent.

Although our cleaving to the Empress' bosom is in no way connected to the Hurtshog's questionable motives, we find it interesting that he so quickly contacted the rogue so-called Landgraf of Fedora, who is known to have at least a brigade of the Markgraf of Brandenburg's troops quartered with his own rebellious legions. Perhaps the Hurtshog's declared love of the Empress is but a vile strategem to penetrate the secrets of Her Imperial Majesty's true adherents?

If the Hurtshog is indeed sincere in his request for a rapprochement with Homburg, we have recently replaced the previous Homburger postmaster and invite a reply.

In the service of Her Imperial Majesty and the Regent of Homburg,
Blei-Sammeln, Feldmarschallieutenant

Brother against Brother

The situation is desperate and confused in the extreme. Some troops remain loyal to Von Olsen ( who was given a heroes funeral by his men) whilst others have declared for Karl Frederick. Skirmishes are breaking out across the islands and Alisona is in hiding in the ruins of a cottage. She is alone and concerned for her life. Her eyes scan the horizon and sees a group of men coming towards her - uniforms and faces unrecognised by her.......

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Clash Along the Hochwald Reported

NIEDERSOHREN, Aug. 16--A bloody collision is reported along the Hochwald frontier between the Pfalzgraftum von Waldreck and the Herzogtum von Pfalz-Kognat-Obersayn. Hunsrucker Allgemeine Zeitung correspondents report the rumble of artillery and the shriek of maddened horses echoing down the Rohrbach valley. Fierce cavalry skirmishing throughout the morning has not yielded a decision as the two commanders struggle for position along the Niedersohren crossroads to secure or deny passage of needed supplies to the Waldrecker forces besieging Festung Dolmen. More details available, as they are reported, at:

Friday, February 22, 2008

On Shetland....

Von Olsen sits alone in his tent. He has awaited messages of support from Europa for too long now. None have come . He holds his head in his hand and looks at the pistol lying on the desk. He can see no way forward. ....

The sentry outside hear a pistol shot and runs into the command tent. Von Olsen is slumped over the desk. The dream died with him?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another envoy+ Hesse Fedora

By the hand of a handsome, young, cavalry colonel ...

Given the nonresponsive nature of the court of Hesse-Homburg, Frankszonia is very anxious to determine the diplomatic policies of Hesse Fedora, towards whom Frankszonia has always been favorably inclined.
What Frankszonia needs to know quickly is what is the attitude of Hesse-Fedora viz a vie Gallia, Hesse Seewald, the Imperium, Germania, the Soweiter League, Stagonia, and of course, Frankszonia itself.
Frankszonia is alarmed by the sudden build up of forces in Hesse Homburg, and though we've sought regular assurances from Hesse Homburg, they have apparently spurned our overtures .... Moreover, Frankszonia has little taste for seeing a friend like Hesse Fedora be suddenly consumed by misapplied troops raised by subsidies intended for a totally different conflict.

So, what's to do?

Your friend,
Hurtshog Stanken

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Battle of Unter-Schweingau disptaches!

A detailed account of the battle from the Arnold forces lines can now be found at:

MurdocK's MarauderS

Monday, February 18, 2008

Battle of Unter-Schweingau

First report is that Asgar's forces succeeded in extricating the Council from the trap that Arnold set -- earning a tactical victory although suffering significantly more casualties.

However the ultimate outcome of the battle remains to be seen . . . it may well turn out to have been a strategic coup for Arnold.

More details to follow in due course. Be sure to check the Landgraviate of Ober-Schweinsberg News as well as the Murdock's Marauders Report and the Saxe-Bearstein Times over the next few days for more detailed accounts and analysis of the battle.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mission to Hesse-Homburg

Guiles, Count l'Beauphaup presents his credentials to the court of Hesse-Homburg.

He presents an assortment of premier beverages, including some rare and unobtainable Gallian vintages. Also, of course, he brings a wagon load of the new, improved Frankfurters, bratwurst, and so forth from the new factory in Frankfurt.

He also brings a letter from Hurtshog Stanken Fhartz v. Frankfurter to the effect that as both entities are loyal members of the Empire they would profit by establishing various agreements.
a non-aggression and non-interference pact, as in spite of being putative allies in the greater scheme, on the local level there is a confusion of old relationships and obligations ;
Also standard agreements for equitable treatment and passage of commerce.

Sorry, for the blandness, the bewitching Dame Edith demands my attention ...


A Petiton in Offenbach

A wealthy resident of Offenbach, Master Guildsman Meine Grossbutten, petitions the Offenbach Stadt Council that it offers sureties to Frankszonia that Stagonian troops will neither be quartered nor granted passage through Tsenbukgiach (the region in which Offenbach is the primary town. This, he argues, will alleviate the irritation of Frankszonian "inspection points" which now seem to have appeared all around the region.
He notes that absolutely now legitimate Offenbach commercial operations were stopped, but some expensive delays have necessarily occurred. He also notes that Stagonian individuals, though closely questioned have not been held and that shipments of tubas to or through Stagonia have not been stopped.
Yet the presence of over 5000 Frankszonian line troops within site of the Offenbach church towers is quite perturbing to closing business deals throughout Urope.

At the same time, there are rumors that lucrative offers have been offered to key journeymen and lower masters at the Tuba Works ... in both Gallian and Imperial coin...

Tipplebruder, UPDATE

Sunday, February 17, 2008
Tipplebruder, UPDATE

First of all, there were some errors in the Quick Comments post ... please check the corrected post ... examining the photos, I see that the Misthuafen Freikorps was NOT eliminated, but broke after sustaining very heavy casualties .... also I did not report the casualties to the Jaegers on both sides ...
Also. V. Bruin is injured and out of action for a while (I passed on a survival roll because I'd already declared he'd survived ....)

Also, the casualty rate to the Stagonians did not include the post crisis collapse notes ... but given that Stagonia had to leave anyway, it seemed inappropriate to hurt King Maurice any further. That would be just too vile!

Wait a minute, what am I saying?!?

Oh well ....


While I will be bringing them to this blog eventually, I've posted the picture albums on the Koenig's Krieg Yahoo group (Hey, I'm a moderator there, after all, and I did use mostly K.K. rules). If you're too eager to wait, Edie did a very nice job.

Regards and all that ....

David Linienblatt Inducted into Waldrecker Chivalric Order

Friedrich the Fourth, by the Grace of Providence Pfalzgraf von Waldreck, Herr von Dolmen, Defender of the Augsburg Confession et cetera and Sovereign of the Most Noble Order of the Golden Bull, to our Trusty and Well-Beloved

David Linienblatt

We the Sovereign of the said Most Noble Order of the Golden Bull, being desirous of evincing Our Noble Favour by admitting you into the Fellowship thereof by virtue of the Sovereign Power inherent in Us do now by these Presents nominate and so declare you a Knight Companion of Our Most Noble Order of the Golden Bull and do hereby give and grant unto you full power and authority to wear the habit and use the insignia and all other ornaments belonging to Knights Companion of Our said Most Noble Order and to sit in the Stall that shall be assigned unto you in Our Noble Chapel of Saint Francis of Wycombe at Bruttig between this time present and the time when you shall be formally invested and installed in as full and ample a manner as if you had already been so invested and installed.

Given at Our Court at Bruttig under Our Noble Sign Manual and the Great Seal of Our said Most Noble Order this Sixteenth Day of August in the year of Grace 1757: in the twenty-ninth year of Our Rule.

By the Sovereign's Command

[signed, von Hutten]

Chancellor of the Most Noble Order of the Golden Bull
[Great Seal of Waldreck]

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Battle of Unter-Schweingau

The ongoing civil war between the brothers Asgar and Arnold looks to heat up this coming weekend.

Yet another proxy battle will happen.

The troops have been paraded by MurdocK and will enter the fields of MARS at Jeff's.

An after-action report will (of course) be forthcoming, with suitable announcement here at EvE.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Somewhere Off the English Coast....

Having sailed through Tradgarland with stops only for freshest possible provisions at the main harbor on the coast, the Hesse-Engelburg squadron set sail across the English Channel, making little attempt to disguise its course. Now, the squadron is moving northwards, generally, staying a little ways off the English coast as it sails.

On board the flagship frigate, Colonel Freidrick von Heiner sits at tea with the squadron commander, and another officer in a rather ornate coat of an off-white shade, matched with blue pants and waistcoat. A nearby bench serves seating for two aides, one in civilian attire of red and gold, the other in the Hesse-Engelburg naval pattern. The squadron commander is the first to speak.

"Gentleman, a toast to Their Graces." After an appropriate pause, he clears his throat, "I had a report from the duty watch that a sail was sighted briefly on the distant horizon, but soon disappeared. Nevertheless, I thought it wise to alert you. It is possible we are being shadowed. We have no enemies in these waters, so there is relatively little concern, but it is best to remain alert. Still, my suspicion is that it is an English ship trailing us to see what our intent is."

Colonel von Heiner nods, dabbing his lips with a napkin before speaking, "Their Graces indicated they felt it likely we would be shadowed at some point on the journey. I will leave the matter in your capable hands, Captain, save to remind all that our orders are to avoid engagement unless necessary. We are a diplomatic mission, for the present."


Draft battle report in four installments on the Frankszonia blog.
Remember, in reading blogs, the last IS the first ....
Also some pictures of the sample figure Frank sent me from Minden's ... painted in the colors of my Sage Guard, but I broke off its musket during painting (yes, as the figure should show, I am half blind and shaky, LOL)


Monday, February 11, 2008

A letter to His Majesty's goverment London

I write to you from the isles of Shetland. Your excellent intelligence agencies will no doubt inform you of the recent developments regarding the Frei Stadt Shetland. I write as leader of that new state seeking support against my enemies and yours - The Duchy of Tradgardland and those who are in maelevolent league with her. I await your offers of friendship and mutual aid .
Von Olsen
Frei Stadt Shetland

Hesse-Engelburg Warships in Tradgarland?

A small Hesse-Engelburg squadron comprising three frigates and two smaller vessels has reportedly been noted entering Tradgarland through the river which joins the two countries, sailing north at best speed. Several observers have indicated that one of the smaller vessels is a dispatch cruiser bearing the state flag and the personal arms of Colonel Freidrick von Heiner, previously known to have been engaged in delivery of diplomatic messages to such nations as Vulgaria.

With the non-agression pact between Hesse-Engelburg and Tradgarland on the one hand, and the recent declaration of a free state by the former Tradgarland forces on Shetland, speculation is rampant as to the squadron's intent, but by all present appearances it is making for the sea.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A stagonian Disaster?

Retreating from Tipplebruder, the forces under Gen. Drednoz encountered a brigade of Frankszonian cavalry which had apparently been carefully moving over mountain paths to shadow their movements. The Gen. feels that his withdrawal at Tipplebruder possibly enabled him to escape a desperate Frankszonian trap.
Before the forces can engage, however, dreadful and unseasonal storms break over them. The Stagonian wagon train suffers horrific damage, but the Frankszonian cavalry is also dicomfeted and disappears back into the mountains.

(Okay, the tornadoes missed the farm (Arkansas Ozarks, but every parish around us has taken horrible damage ... and as music minister and so forth, I've been rather unable to take the huge time uploading images requires ... I do have the CD's and, Lord Willing and the Creeks don'trise, I'll get this all finished next week).

A copy of letter sent to the Courts of Europa

To the Crowned ( and otherwise ) Heads of States of Europa,
I send greeting from the Isles of Shetland. I write to you as Von Olsen- a former officer in the army of Tradgardland and now ruler of the Frei Stadt Shetland. I write as one wronged greviously by Duke Karl Frederick and his accusations of treason which I deny now as before. Pushed to the edge of extreme melancoly by such lies I have no choice but to remove myself and my men from the Duchy. From this day we stand alone against lies and decit. I ask for recognition from you my fellow head of states and allies in my struggle against Tradgardland. I await your reply. As my guest I have the Duke's daughter who will remain with me for the foreseeable future.I guarentee her safety here with me.May God defend me and my enterprise!
Von Olsen
Frei Stadt Shetland
10th February 1758

Friday, February 8, 2008


Alisona sits on the beach thankfully contemplating her survival. Her galley lies sunk in fifty fanthoms off Shetland - a victim of the shore battery of Von Olsen. Thankfully most of the crew were able to abandon ship and pull for the shore in ship's boats. And so they gather wearily upon the shore,grasping what supplies and weapons they could save.
Alisona raises her eyes to the dunes and sees a party of armed Tradgardland infantry coming towards the soaked and shivering survivors.....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Off Shetland,,,

Alisona is awoken from her slumbers by the sound of shouting and splintering wood ,followed shortly by moaning and the sound of running feet. Her Chaplain enters and hurridly explains that the galley is under fire from the shore battery on Shetland. Cannon fire booms out again then an unnatural silence decends. Alisona realises that Von Olsen ,commander upon Shetland, has been forewarned . Her mission will be a great deal harder than she thought....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

On board the galley it is Ash Wednesday. Alisona is marked with ashes by the Chaplain along with all the crew. Like them she is reminded of her mortality, but also of the promise of eternal life. Alisona remembers her husband and lays him before God in her prayers. The wound is still deep yet Alisona feels a life alone is not for her. However she must concentrate, in the coming days, upon the task in hand - the delivery of a letter of withdrawl for the commander on Shetland. He is to return to the Duchy to face charges of treason. A new commander is not forthcoming and Alisona is to command ( calming nerves and bruinging concord to all ) in the interim on the behalf of her father. The news will upset many but Alisona , who has seen so much joy and sorrow, will meet the task again with fortitude...

Monday, February 4, 2008

A galley sails...

On a bright sunny morning in the Duchy of Tradgardland a galley pulls out of Althavn harbour under oars. On board is Alisona , daughter of Duke Karl Frederick, who is setting off on a mission of great delicay and importance . She is accompanied by her lady in waiting who will be her companion on the long voyage. Alisona is aware of the importance of this mission and the letter she is to deliver...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox?

How about the religious leanings of our different countries? A couple have been interacting with Rome recently, and one has its own set of religions such as the Later-in-the-day Saints. But I thought a thread regarding the religious leanings of our populaces might be useful.

Hesse-Engelburg is primarily a Protestant principality, however it has some Catholic population, particularly in and around the city of Nonnenzuflucht ("Nun's Refuge"), where a number of Catholic nuns were given refuge after their convent in a neighboring state was threatened during Protestant-Catholic fighting in that state.

Ober-Schweinsberg is a patchwork, especially due to the number of mercenaries of various nationalities.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Diplomatic Status

I thought, with things finally heating up, that it would be worthwhile for us to start a thread into which to post the diplomatic sentiments of our various principalities towards the various other powers.

Feel free to add comments, and remember your secondary nations!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Updated Gallian Pesonage List And A Little More

Here is an updated of list of personalities created for the War in Germania with Der Alte along with others created by members of this BLOG, notably Arthur and Alan, as they interact with Gallia. I believe some have been missed. This all started small enough in 2005. Now look what we have! It is Featherstonian and Hyborian I suppose and oddly I have enjoyed watching how the personality of each interacts differently and true to form as circumstances arise.

Gallian King: l'Roy Louis XV
Brother: Comte de Provence (Brigade des Carabiniers)
Brother In Law: Prinz Wilhelm von Saxe-Raschstein (Saxony)
Prinzessin Mercedes: Louis XV's Sister, Prinz Wilhelm's Wife (Saxony)
Imperium Empress: Maria Theresa
l'Comte de Albany aka Charles Edward Stuart
Gallian Foreign Minister: Prince de Charade
Charade's Secretary: Bernard
Gallian Minister of War: l'Duc de Formidable
Gallian Diplomat: l'Comte de Legerdemain
Gallian Diplomat: l'Comte de Rapprochement
Rapprochement's Doorward: Pierre La Port
Saxe-Raschstein Prime Minister: Graf von Bruhl
Imperium Foreign Minister: Count von Kaunitz
Gallia: Col. Enigma (??)
Governor-General/Fortress of Louisbourg: l'Duc de Silhouette
Intendant: l'Comte de Bastille (Frankfurt Am Main Magazine)
Lady Diana Pettygree (from the Britannian Channel Island Pettygree)
Pettygree's Maid: Catherine
Pettygree's Valet: Henri (missing in Germania in 1756 now returned)
Lady Cherish Masquerade
Lady Belle Silhouette
Master Pastry Chef Jacques Torres
Gallian Marshall l'Duc de Broglie
Gallian Lieutenant General Chevert
Gallian Lieutenant General l'Duc de Poyanne
Gallian Lieutenant General Audace (Audacious cavalry commander)
Saxe-Raschstein General Major von Nostitz
Saxe-Raschstein General Major Graf zu Solms
Imperium Marshall von Browne
Imperium General von Schwarzenegger
Brig. J.C. Fischer (Fischer Legion)
Col. Mirage
Col. Bercheney (Bercheney Hussars)
Rittmeister von Schill (von Schill Hussars von Saxe Raschstein)
Leutnant Blitzen: ADC (Prinz Albrecht Chevaulegers von Saxe-Raschstein)
Lieutenant Gardier: Officer in charge of Pettygree's cavalry escort
Capitaine Acheron de Vinnie (Compagnies franches de la Marine)
l'Capitaine: Captain of 40 gun figate l'Vengeance
Enseigne Bargot: Ensign aboard l'Vengeance
Lieutenant Gregorie: Lieutenat aboard Gallian galley at Le Havre
Henri l'Comte de Ste. Germain: Port Admiral Le Havre
Bernard-Louis: Admiral Ste. Germain's Secretairie
l'Capitaine Briege: Captain of Rhapsodie 36, burned in Tradgardland harbor
THAT WOMAN: Mysterious, one-eyed, elderly and peasant dressed offering advice to Pettygree. She appears at propitious moments and vanishes in an instant.
Gallian Ships
l'Vengeance (40) VERY FAST!!!
Rhapsodie (36) sunk in Tradgardland Harbor at anchor
Alerte (20)Dispatch vessel
Rascalle (12) Packet Ship
A Galley (?) on the Seine between Le Havre and Versailles)
Col. von Bungle
Gen. Schwerpunkt
Lt. Gen. the Marquis of Granby
Maj. Gen. Frye
von Bergmann: Diplomatic Mission to Gallia
Captain Anders (Ny Tradgardland Diplomat
More as they are created.........

Unused Names:
Cursarius (Runner/Raider)
von Bluster
von Blunder