Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A man observes a surprise. More soon from Frankfurt Am Main!

(Off Topic) Jeff's Computer is Down


The problems I've been having with my computer are more severe than first thought. It now looks like the hard drive will have to be wiped clean and a new operating system installed.

I'm writing this from a friend's computer because mine can no longer connect to the Net. So for perhaps the next week or so I will be unable to address any "moderator" issues that might arise.

Furthermore this will delay my game with Stokes. And prevent the awful nastiness resulting from the Vile King's encounter with the Duchess from coming to light for a while . . . who knows what evil lurks in their hearts?

Sadly we will have to wait . . . because right now my job is to try to copy all of the files I need before my poor machine is wiped.

-- Jeff (as Owner-Moderator)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another headache for l'Intendant Bastille

A deputation from the Resistance has contacted the Intendant.
They wish to establish an exchange / ransom program for his captives in the new prison.
The trouble is they are all foes of the Hurtshog who would probably object to freeing these captives ...
Details on the Frankszonia blog

Friday, March 27, 2009

Temporary Lodging - His Majesty's forces have taken up residence on the Frankzonian border (in truth, we have never agreed with the exact designation of where one country begins and the other ends. C'est la vie!). Here, officers deliberate over the upcoming campign to deal with the zombie problem. We ask the Frankzonian royalty to be patient. We will return their country to them in short order.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Battle of Viehdorf.

The Battlefield of Viehdorf.

Gentlemen, may I direct your attention to the overture of the Battle of Viehdorf, which is to be recounted in five parts in The Hetzenberg Chronicles.

We've Passed 1000 Posts


I happened to notice that we have passed one thousand posts here on EvE -- this is post number 1,006 since May 14, 2007. . . . And, for those who are curious, we have 63 member authors.

So let us give ourselves a tip of the tricorn and a nice pat on the back.

-- Jeff (as
EvE's Inhaber)

Monday, March 23, 2009

In Saschen-Vindow...

Image issues resolved! Please click on the picture to see the events occurring after the Duchess's escape to Stagonia...

Greetings from Bestonian New Prime minister

Dear frends and foes!

As you may know there were electons in our country and the elections were won by Central Party. As the chairman of the party i was appointed by our Great king primeminister. I cincerly hope that you all agree that gendre is not problem. I hope that in time when i am prime minister then we all became frends


Annabel Hoffmann

Primeminister of Bestonia


Naval 'Proxy Battle' Request


Cavenderia requested that someone fight out (or fiction out) a naval battle for which he does not have the proper ships. As far as I can tell, his post was quickly followed by several others and no one took up his request . . . so here is it again:

"Hear ye, Hear ye, Cavenderia is in need of some assistance. It seems that Prinz Geoffrey has managed to have Colonel Jung hire several Venecian Privateers to stage an attempted rescue of the infamous Buccaneer Spyridon Ducas.

Our company of players at the moment do not possess the models to enact this scenario and I am soliciting an impartial member, or partial if pro-cavenderian, of EvE to proxy the encounter.

I can submit details of all of the ships involved if needed. The scenario does not even actually need to be played out if one is willing to write a nice fictional report of the battle. I am leaving for the SYW Convention tomorrow and will not be back until Monday if anyone would like to run this scenario for us that would be great. Leave a post on the Cavenderia blog or contact me via email. I will reply early next week.

thank you for your consideration of this matter

Please go to the Cavenderia blog to leave your replies.

-- Jeff

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Gallant (?) von Mack and The Duchess

Raubenstadt Frei Hussaren. Colonel von Mack has lost his busby.

Hussaren! Spread out. The Duchess ist da! (is there)

Capitan Kreutzer parlays with von Mack. An agreement is reached to pay von Mack's hussars 10 talers per man to help escort the Duchess to Stagonia.

Captain Kreutzer departs for the village while the Raubenstadters spread out in a protective screen. There is looting, shooting and confusion in all directions.

The Duchess is led out by the Captain Kreuzer's Loyal Nobles. Colonel von Mack engages the Duchess in conversation. "My Lady I am honoured to assist in your escape from this cauldron. No Colonel, It is I who am honoured." Von Mack briefly (more than briefly) agonizes over a posible coup but realizes he has suffered no casualties, is to be rewarded and perhaps live to fight another day as gallant helpers to the Duchess or as fate allows.

When another threat appears, von Mack deploys his men to counter.
"Who the devil are those people," he roars. No one knew but they fled without so much as a by your leave, the cowards!

The Duchess escapes over the stream and the frontier into Stagonia.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Frankfurters at Neu Isenberg

Murdock informs me that he will begin resolution of the Frankfurter / St. Maurice affair this week.
I'm quite glad to have provided a good excuse for a game.
Of course, the Gallians will probably abruptly intervene just as things get interesting in order to preserve their maneuver and supply lines (besides, m'lord the Intendant Bastille is surely convinced it's all a nefarious plot by the Frankfurter Bundt anyway)

Looking forward to the fun!

After the Crooked Kobold ,many,many miles away...

Friday, March 20, 2009

News From The Crooked Kobold

The Duchess heard a commotion on the stairway and the sound of gunshot rang throughout the little town. She pulled a brace of pistols out and leveled them at the entryway. A knock on the door. A voice cried out "open the door!"

She did not reply, hoping that the intruder would think the room to be empty and go away.

Another knock. This time the voice said, "please your Grace, tis I Captain Kreutzer, let me in, you are in great danger."

The Duchess recognized the voice as one belonging to Captain Ewald Kreutzer, one of her loyal retainers. "The door is unlocked, open it yourself."

Just to be sure, she kept the pistols leveled at the door and held her breath as the oaken door creaked open. A smile spread over her face as she realized that indeed, it was Ewald Kreutzer. He had come to rescue her.

The game was fairly fast paced and we had 7 or 8 players, each with different agendas to fulfill. I will post more about the game on Sunday, when I get home from the convention, and post the pix that I took.

Basically, the Sachsen-Vindow loyal nobles managed to reach the Inn first, just inches ahead of the dragoons sent by Duke Peter to kidnap his evil wife. The band of nobles ran into a party of highwaymen on their way to the inn, but the road agents were more concerned with capturing loot (some errant cattle) and so the rescue party continued to the inn without a challenge. The crafty Captain Kreutzer made a pact with the Raubenstadt Frei Husaren to work together. They paid the hussars 10 talers per man to join their party. So they hustled the Duchess out of the inn and made a mad dash to the Stagonian border.

Von Mack of the Raubenstadters was riding alongside the Duchess as they cantored to the border and safety. For a brief moment, he considered the possibility of grabbing her reins and riding off in the other direction, but the thought of payment for helping out helped him remain true to his word.
A company of Stagonian border guards had crossed the border to see what the commotion was in the town. They were informed that the rescue party had the Duchess, so they too joined in rescue of the Duchess and escorted her back to the Stagonian border post.

A party of hunters forgot their mission and engaged the town militia in a firefight, eventually deciding to scamper out of town, what with it suddenly being full of armed men. So the only party that was really making an attempt to capture the Duchess was squadron of Duke Peter's dragoons. they lost a few men in a short fire fight with the Loyal Nobles and retired from the village. That left the Black Legion of Lady de Winter to contest the Duchess' passage to Stagonia.

The Black Legion pursued the ever growing escort of the Duchess, losing quite a few of their band in a firefight with the Stagonian border guards. A certain lady riding a horse had a close call with a bullet, which clipped her coif, causing her riding hat to fall off of her head. She gave a signal to the commander of the Legion to retire, and he did so. Thus the Duchess was safely in the domain of the Vile King Ludwig. What will happen next?

The Sad tale of a hussar

The hussar panted.

His breathing came heavily. Clam down, calm down he thought.

His black and maroon uniform was dusty and torn, from his flight through the scrubs.

A wetness was expanding on his left thigh. Must stop the bleeding he thought.

He grabbed his saber and used it to cut a strip of cloth from his tunic. He then tied it around his thigh above the bullet wound. He could still walk, so no bone was shattered, but the bleeding was bad. Keep low he thought. Keep low and they won’t find you. Don’t think about what happened, focus on keeping yourself alive...........

for more go to http://phdleadhead.blogspot.com/

At the sign of the Crooked Kobold...

Click on image and enjoy...

Street riots has broken loose in our great capital

The Bestonian Evening News:

"Today morning a large scale street riot has broken loose in our great capital. . . . (for more information, go to the Republic of Beastonia blog).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A request for Proxy

Hear ye, Hear ye, Cavenderia is in need of some assistance. It seems that Prinz Geoffrey has managed to have Colonel Jung hire several Venecian Privateers to stage an attempted rescue of the infamous Buccaneer Spyridon Ducas. Our company of players at the moment do not possess the models to enact this scenario and I am soliciting an impartial member, or partial if pro-cavenderian, of EvE to proxy the encounter. I can submit details of all of the ships involved if needed. The scenario does not even actually need to be played out if one is willing to write a nice fictional report of the battle. I am leaving for the SYW Convention tomorrow and will not be back until Monday if anyone would like to run this scenario for us that would be great. Leave a post on the Cavenderia blog or contact me via email. I will reply early next week.

thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reich Duke Wilhelm leaves Morea without young Basil

Reich Duke Wilhelm leaves the Principality of Morea without ever meeting young King Basil. When the Morean cavalry escort did not arrive for more than a week, Wilhelm decided to by-pass Morea and withdraw his ambassador. Everyone is looking forward to the hospitality of Maj Gen Campbell, the Margraviate of Carpania and the Duchies of Courland and Sachsen-Wachenstein.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Members of the SYWA prepare to leave home soon for their annual gathering...

The Duke of Tradgardland wishes them a safe journey and a superb time upon arrival !

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Duchess Game

OK guys, I'm starting to get a lot of angst over running this game and a part of me doesn't want to do it at all. It is difficult keeping track of all of the parties and I am definitely NOT going to paint up extra miniatures for this game. So I will have to shoehorn in the various parties to match up with the figures that I have available for this skirmish game. To the best of my ability, I'd like anyone having cavalry figures to also have dismounted versions of the same so that they can dismount an enter buildings. Otherwise, most of the figures may have to be on foot.

Here is what I have:

[1] von kliest horse grenadiers and 12 dismounts

[2] Black hussars and 12 dismounts

[3] another group of Black hussars and 12 dismounts

[4] Lady de Winter's foot guards - the Black Legion

[5] Lady de Winter's Irregulars (Pirates) could be "smugglers"

[6] an endless supply of Croats (3 units of 24 figures, but I'm only using 12 figure units)

[7] von Kliest Green Croats

[8] Jagers

[9] various Prussian infantry could be used for the Stagonian border guards

[10] endless number of hussars and dragoons, but no dismounts are available for these

[11] Randy or Bill might allow me to borrow some of their Chasseurs de Fischer with dismounts.

I could see having 6 to 8 players in the game, each with about 12 - 16 figures each as this is the optimal number of figures to use in Woodland Wars (Croat Terror). Perhaps since this is Alan's baby, he can decide on which factions to portray in the game. The game judge will probably control the movement and decisions of the Duchess, whose goal is to make it safely to the Stagonian border or at least to hook up with some "friendly parties" who can help her.

My aim is to keep it simple. Any suggestions or helpful ideas will be appreciated.

Oh, and I have to get a bunch of British figures ready for our regular BAR game at the convention. So I'm a bit overwhelmed right now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Months Ago At Versailles And Now....

The 1759/2009 Campaign In Germania is underway. For the latest photo news see:

Votre serviteur,

"Duchess Scenario" & SYWA Convention


As was mentioned today on Der Alte Fritz blog, this next weekend will see an EvE game at the SYWA Convention:
"The annual Seven Years War Association Convention is coming up this next weekend March 20 and March 21 at the Holiday Inn Downtown in South Bend, Indiana. I plan to host a small skirmish game on friday to resolve the predicament of the Duchess of Sachesen-Vindow from the Elector vs Empire group. Then on Saturday afternoon, Bill, Randy and I will be hosting a French versus British SYW game using our BAR rules."
While many of us (myself included) are too far away to attend, I heartily urge all who can attend to do so. After all, Friday night's game will determine the fate of an interesting story line . . . and, with luck, may see some vile Stagonian casualties as the Duchess of Saschen-Vindow attempts to reach Koenig Ludwig and avoid the troops of her estranged husband, Duke Peter, as well as a number of other forces.

But fully aside from that, all that I've heard over the years is what a wonderful gathering this convention is. Attend it if you can.

-- Jeff

For the vexed amongst you...

Worried about Von Trimbach and Duda? Find out more at-

Introducing Lt Tobias Ludwig...

The Duke of Tradgardland's great- nephew is delighted to have been considered. He is brave ,educated in the art of war and available for service. His name is Lt Tobias Ludwig. He is an accomplished flautist and comes from a long line of pork butchers. You see a man for all seasons...
His character ( in reality ) is as follows: Gloomy in general disposition,Vicious in morals, Generous tendency in generosity,Dutiful in loyalty,repulsive in appearance,Universally detested in popularity,Very Intelligent,Lazy,Martial aptitude - average as with average political and martial experience for one of his age and rank…
P.S Many thanks to Tony Bath’s book for giving me a chart to roll. I think he will be a most interesting character…

Friday, March 13, 2009


My apologies to some of you! I have been waiting for my digital camera to start working again but it has not. I was wanting to post photos of the new recruits to The Ducal guard of Tradgardland. Two splendid fellows arrived last weekend - one with upturned arm and purple sash/turn backs and the other with kettledrums. They look great - picture to follow asap and thanks to the senders!
best wishes

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Letter To Tradgardland

To his grace the Duke of Tradgardland,


My thanks for your recent suggestion that your nephew, the Lt Tobias Ludwig, be allowed to seek his fortune in the field with the Army of Luftberg. I have the honour of accepting the suggestion, and will eagerly receive the gentleman upon his arrival at my headquarters. I am aware that his appointment here is part of the Elector's desire to have closer relations with your country, and I am glad to do what I can to facilitate this. Obviously, your recommendation and his noble birth are adequate to prove Lt Ludwig's suitability - but may I ask for any details you can send me on his general character, temperament, and experience?

I have the honour to be, etc. etc.

General Felix Von Hentsch
(Commanding, Luftberg Army)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some more information on the army of the Principality of Morea

I have posted some more complete information on the Latinikon and Nafplioton Regiments, as well as information on the Pezonauton regiment at


People interested in naval scenarios will find the info on the Pezonauton regiment helpful.

Reich Duke Wilhelm enters the Principality of Morea

Reich Duke Wilhelm takes a very minutes rest after crossing the frontier and entering the Principality of Morea. A cavalry escort is reportedly on the way to lead Reich Duke Wilhelm's party to the capital.

Cavenderia - Loose lips sink ships.

Captain Greco placed his hands on the sturdy ship railing of the Sagittario and took in a deep breath. The slight breeze presented smells of jasmine and oil. The night was cool and the ship gently ebbed in the Bizerrcan harbor. Captain Greco studied the scorched walls of the Presidio, The imperial ships sure shot this place to hell, sneaky bastards.

The captain heard voices and turned from the ruined building to see some of his crew returning to the ship, his bosun, Amilcare Campari, had a body slung over his shoulder, this was not in itself an unusual site aboard the Sagirratario, sailors who drank too much were often carried back to the ship by their mates, however the captain did not recognize the man en tow, which made him very pleased.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My probs with EvE /snail mail writing

I trust you are all having a good weekend! I am having probs with EvE and previous posts page. Could you leave a comment here if you were one of the folk interested in pen and paper corresponding. Others are welcome to add their name here too..
best wishes

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A nice day for a braodside eh dear King?

The guns of the ship of the line Morea roared into action, bleaching fire and smoke from the port broadside of 38 guns. Vice-Admiral Mikhail Morthonios felt the deck shake from the powerful blasts. This was good, very good. The crews would get used to the sound and din of battle if not the ghastly sights............

for more please be visit http://phdleadhead.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something's In The Air

Something is going down, (or is it up?), in the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales.
You are invited to my Blog to see what King Phillip I has up his sleeve to check the recent cross border raids being inflicted by the RNS

Reich Duke Wilhelm departs Raubenstadt for the Principality of Morea

Reich Duke Wilhelm was deeply gratified by the generosity of the people of the Margraaf of Raubenstadt during his visit. The fishing was absolutely memorable! Next stop is the Principality of Morea, where it is hoped young King Basil will join the Grand Tour.

King Hendriks speech to his people

In my place you can see what his higness has told to his people after hearing wonderfoul news about destruction of slave trading post.

Bombartment of Pirate bay

To our gentle readers please read Admiral Collys letter to his higness the king please read blog. http://republicofbestonia.blogspot.com/2009/03/bombartment-of-pirate-bay.html

RNS troops embark for Europe.

After a letter suggesting that the British government may allow Republic troops to be based on the Isle of Guernsey, pending their employment on the continent, the Parliament has made the following decision:

We will send the 6th Brigade, the 4th Dragoons, Kaufling's Battery, three companies of the Jäger and a company of pioneers. They can hire train troops on arrival, if they are needed. For service in England we will send the Dragons d'Cooma. They will be commanded by General-Major Altarsch.

Once again the Republic's troops leave to fight in foreign wars. Or at least the Parliamentary Cabinet hopes!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Job Opportunity


A gentleman qualified and experienced in the military life to take up a long-term or permanent role with the Luftberg army, with immediate effect.  Candidate should be skilled in commanding a brigade of infantry, fond of the outdoor life, reliable at carrying out tasks in an independent manner, and loyal.  Excellent promotion prospects & health insurance scheme.  GSOH irrelevant.  

Any gentleman adventurer of sufficient breeding, willing to put his fortunes to the test, can apply for consideration to General Felix Von Hentsch (currently on campaign in Spitzplatz) at http://konigundkaiser.blogspot.com/

Wittenberg's Ambassador Robbed

Count Wilhelm Hatzof, the Kingdom of Wittenberg's Ambassador to the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein and his military attache, Major-General Heinrich von Bose of the Duchy of Fenwick were accosted and robbed while passing through the Kingdom of Stagonia.

The Count (pictured at left in the gray coat), flanked by Maj. Gen. von Bose (in the red coat) recounted their harrowing experiences to the Cavendarian ambassador, Monsieur Dashiell Jeansonne (in the brown coat), while the Lutelande grenadier, Nils Norberg (green uniform) listens in.

For details of their harrowing experience, read more at the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein blog.

-- Jeff

Who's Who in New Wales!?

To assist the reader, I have published a list of "Who is Who" (or Who is Was), in the Holy Mormoan Kingdom of New Wales.
All The main "Characters" are there!
You're invited to visit my Blog to inspect the list.

Old School Corresponding...

I have been much preoccupied of late by a sense of missing Old School correspondence. Do not get me wrong- I have really enjoyed the world of E vE and the spin-off associations/ideas and fun- not to mention the fantastic photos! I do,however, miss the pleasure of stamps from this and other countries, paper, and envelopes and all associated with this dying art. Of reading other’s hand and writing mine. Those who sent me a figure (many. many thanks to one and all) also started me thinking about this too. Some of you include letters- some modern some charmingly 18th century. Enough of this waffle – anyone interested in quill (sorry pen) corresponding…