Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Happens when a Big Army wants to move through your tinpot Imagi-Nation?

This occurred to me yesterday when writing up a game we had recently, where my small Imagi Nation of Saxe-Märchen faced a part of the Prussian army . Now my lot (by my narrative) are currently a contingent in the Franco-Imperial army, and faced off a part of a Prussian army which had clearly moved through one or more of the various Hesse-Hatlands.

In the Seven Years War the Various Hesses are (nominally) on the Prussian side, so maybe then they give them passage while guarding their daughters, ducats and livestock - but what if the Prussians want to move through your tinpot state and its nominally on the Other Side?

(I'm thinking of a storyline here for my Imagi-Nation btw....)