Sunday, May 29, 2016

Building scale ships

Some hopefully refreshing pictures of my first ever serious painted sailships:

If curious to see some pictures else, please click on the caption above.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Wars of Stagonian Aggession

Finally after years of painting (and not playing enough), my friend Rob and I have begun a series of early 18th century battles between the vile Stagonians (Rob) and those much-beloved Saxe-Bearstein troops (me).

We are trying out the "Black Powder" rules (and making mistakes of course).  So far we have fought two battles:

The Battle at Bittewasser (clicky) and The Bridge at Kronstadt (clicky).

Early action at Bittewasser.

Early movement at Kronstadt.

And a bit to my surprise, I have been liking the "Black Powder" rules . . . so we hope to fight more battles as my health permits.

Future encounters can be found at "The Wars of Stagonian Aggression" blog (so you might want to bookmark it).

-- Jeff