Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friends reunited

It is three days since Von Bergmann returned to Scotland . Thanks to the intervention and medical skill of his Gallian hosts he has recovered almost completely.

Accompanied by his friend the Duc de Padirac , Vonn Bergmann has made a trip into the hinterland of Edinburgh. The brave duo have wandered to the village of Corstorphine and sit under the autumnal sunshine beside a small church.

The Duc listens as Von Bergman outlines his plans for a survey of ancient ecclesiastical buildings in the vicinity. He hopes to also draw them and publish his efforts in portfolio form accompanied by extensive notes...

After a fine lunch in the graveyard of Corstorphine Church talk moves towards Jacobite plans and the two friends wonder when they will next lead Tradgardlanders, highlanders and others into battle .

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Council of War

Having sailed across the Mediterranean undetected, Admiral Hopstadt’s squadron finally arrived in the area of operations laid out in the Empress’s secret order. It was now time to share the details of his mission with his captains. Summoning his flag signalman, the admiral ordered him to hoist a message for the captains to dine aboard the flag ship and to prepare for a Council of War!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Any Port after a Storm

For the next day and a half, the Pharaon beat trudgingly to windward against the refreshed Tramontane winds from the north. Having been blown completely off course by the scirocco squall, Captain Correteaux calculated his latitude at 43°10' immediately after the battle with the Barbary chebec, but, of course had no good way of determining his longitude without reference to a reliable pendulum clock. Calculating the ship's probable location as approximately halfway between the Côte d'Azur and the buccaneering island of Corseta, Correteaux elected to bear north by northwest, toward the Gallian or Genuouan coasts, depending on their actual current position. Either would be a friendly shore at which repairs could be made and crews refreshed.

During the dog watch of the second day after the gun battle, lookouts on the jury-rigged foremast's improvised crow's nest--a barrel lashed atop the mast--sighted land and shortly afterwards multiple masts of fishing feluccas headed out to sea which promised a nearby harbour. Running alongside the nearest felucca, the Pharaon hailed the vessel, and was answered by its captain in a gruff Provençau whose provenance even the Savoirard Captain Correteaux could not determine.

"E ben, monsur, are you in need of aid?"

"We are well enough; we need to put in to port to refit. Where is your harbourage?"

"Merda! You are turned about! Monte Cristo-la-Ville lies just around the headland to the west."

"Many thanks; good fishing!"

"Pah!" spat the waterman against the evil eye, and hove back towards the open water.

Tacking to port, the Pharaon made much better time; within an hour they had rounded the headland, and the peninsula of Monte Cristo came fully into view.

Captain Correteaux came below to address the ecclesiastics. Uncertain of their knowledge of the peculiarities of the tiny presipality, he began gingerly:

"My lords, we have reached harbour, but there are some particular regulations we will need to observe while in port. Are you familiar with any of the laws or customs of Monte Cristo?"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Law of the Gun

Seeing the makeshift mainmast topple, Captain Correteaux ordered the helm hard over to starboard. The inertia of the falling mast continued to carry it on the southerly course, and it crashed over the port side gunwales into the sea below. Seeing the sloop's new course, the chebec swung hard to port to run alongside. The crews could see each other plainly across the few yards that separated them, the sloop's crew seeing its worst fears confirmed in the moorish habit and complexion of the chebec's crew. Musket fire from both ships broke out, and the chebec's crew began casting grappling lines over the sloop's damaged port gunwales to draw the two ships close enough for them to board.
The Pharaon's deck crew dashed from grapple to grapple with cutlasses cutting the lines as quickly as they were thrown over, as the momentum of the two ships carried them past one another. Both ships loosed another broadside at point-blank range, and the concussions and smoke rendered the ships nearly invisible to one another.
As the smoke began to clear, the two ships continued to separate, and Captain Correteaux could see that his crew had indeed succesfully severed every one of the dozen grappling line the corsairs had thrown over. Tacking back to port, he was able to put the chebec, slowing now to attempt to come about again on the Pharaon's stern, once more into range of his port broadside. His portside guncrews again unleashed their fire into the chebec. While it had been difficult to gauge the damage inflicted in the first broadside, it could now be seen that all of the guns of the chebec visible on either side of the waist of the chebec were now blown off their carriages.
The chebec indeed made no effort to return the broadside, but instead made one final tack to port, which, when matched by the Pharaon's continued pivot to keep the corsairs in view of its broadsides, resulted in the chebec's acceleration of its cadence, bearing away to the northwest. The crew and officers of the Pharaon cheered loudly as the chebec's mainsails fluttered back up and its stern retreated steadily from view. Correteaux viewed the shrinking profile of the chebec with satisfaction.

"Barsanio, a tot of grappa for the crew, and two tots for the gun crews are very much in order, I believe."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Break Out

For four days the Austrian Squadron inched it way down the Italian Peninsula with the British Inshore Squadron on its heels. Admiral Hopstadt was a man in agony. How could he carry out the Empress’s Orders under such scrutiny? How could any man? However, in his despair, he saw salvation in the storm brewing on the horizon. He knew, as prudent seamen, the British would be reefing their sails and making ready for foul weather. Although Admiral Hopstadt was also a prudent seaman, he was a man on a mission. He would face the storm and not give an inch. There was concern, yes fear, on the faces of many, but none dared say a word. As the British faded from sight, Admiral Hopstadt ordered his squadron to turn due south into the vast Mediterranean. Throughout the storm and the moonless night, the admiral maintained his vigil on deck for all to see. At first light, both the storm and British were gone. There was a new confidence and pride on the faces of the exhausted sailors. Their admiral had risked all and had delivered them from the storm and the British. Now he would strike below to sleep the sleep of a man who knew his destiny!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coming to Grips

Captain Correteaux made no visible reaction to the raising of the pirate ensign, other than to order his First Lieutenant, "Load all guns chainshot."

The chebec now also opened its gunports, and set full sail in pursuit

For the next five minutes the two ships maintained their northerly courses, the corsair gaining steadily on the Pharaon as Captain Correteaux urged his crew on to catch every possible ounce of wind in their makeshift rigging, dividing his attention between gauging the speed of the corsair behind and watching the flutter of the sails before him. To Cardinal Maximilian, who had remained on the quarterdeck, he confided in a low voice, "The pirates don't want a gunfight; they want to board. If we can slow them down with the chain, they'll cut their losses and seek easier prey."

Cardinal Maximilian was about to reply when the captain, noting an eddy in the breeze, suddenly barked to his helm, "Giulio, the wind is shifting; bring us onto broad starboard beam!" The wind indeed shifted to the southwest, and the ships, now perhaps a mile apart, separated slightly as the corsair took a minute to match the change in heading, while also striking most of its lateen sails and switching to oars. Seeking to press the separation, Correteaux order another four points to starboard, onto a due easterly course.

In short order, though, the chebec swung back onto a northeast heading, and the steady sweeps of the corsair's oars closed the distance between the two ships. As the Pharaon remained on its broad reach, its jury rigged sails could not stop the steady approach of the corsair, to within half a mile.

Without warning, the wind took another sudden shift, blowing back now into a tramontane from the north. Looking for some sign of separation, the Cardinal and the crew were dismayed to see the chebec tack directly into the wind and continue its stately sweep of oars to the north.

With a grimace and an ejaculation perfectly suspended between prayer and blasphemy, "Ste. Devota!" Captain Correteaux ordered his helmsman to keep the broad reach by tacking once more to starboard, and then commanded the gunners to reload with round shot.

The corsair, now in danger of finding itself overrunning the Pharaon, slowed its cadence for a few minutes, letting the Pharaon run its broadside safely past at a furlong's distance, daring Correteaux to fire first at that distance. Feeling the noose tightening about his neck, Correteaux crossed himself and, regarding the Cardinal still on the quarterdeck, recommended, "Your Eminence, I think it best that you retire to my quarters now.

Turning to the helm without witnessing the Cardinal's reaction, he barked, "Helm, four more points to starboard."

The ship swung now onto a due south course, at ninety degrees to the corsair, now separated by less than a furlong. The commander of the chebec, seeing the range closing, now committed himself.

With a roar, the port broadside of the chebec spouted flame and smoke, and the tell-tale whistling shriek communicated clearly the intent of the corsair commander.

With a smashing splintering of wood and shredding of linen, the corsair chainshot collided with the laboriously constructed jury rig of the Pharaon, cutting shrouds and sheets and splintering yards. Cardinal Maximilian, just having reached the companionway hatch, looked up to see the patchwork mainmast, really a spare topgallant lashed to the old stump, teeter again, and with a creaking groan sag and topple towards him, blotting out the sun with its rippling, shredded sails as it fell...

I Hear It's Lovely in San Marco This Time of Year

"Well, Don Rafael, so the Thanes have assented to your appointment as Ambassador of His Majesty to the court of Duc Alfonso," said Don Diego Halfdane de la Chevrolet-Vega to Don Rafael Vidkun de Cerveza.

Cerveza inclined his head. "I owe you a debt of gratitude, Don Diego. Your guidance was invaluable."

de la Chevrolet-Vega bowed likewise. "You give me too much credit, Don Rafael. If you were not eminently qualified to represent the interests of His Majesty, there would have been little I could have done with the Thanes. Have you given thought as to whether you will travel by land or by sea?"

"Land, I think, Don Rafael. It will be a longer journey, but good weather should last some time yet, and it will give me an opportunity to acquaint myself somewhat with the lands that lie between La Union Real and San Marco."

De la Chevrolet-Vega smiled and nodded, clearly pleased. "A wise decision, Don Rafael. You see, His Majesty chose well. If you will permit me, I wish to send my man Schwinglein in your escort. He is a most capable individual with a variety of skills, and you may find him useful on many occasions, by the time you reach Duc Alfonso's holdings.

"In addition, I believe that Major Havelocke has asked His Majesty for permission to accompany you at least part of the way. Although his purposes are ever shrouded, I believe he is trustworthy, and it might be well for you to develop an acquaintance with the gentleman. It is entirely up to you, of course, but your assent would make the High King's a mere formality."

Naval Warfare in the Era of Beerstein

Agamemnon sails straight, Revenge tacks to port, Defiance turns to starboard

Each ship completes movement by moving the back of stand to the movement arrow

The squadron assesses the situation and is ready for the next movement card

Enemy in sight, Beat to Quarters, maneuver for action

Agamemnon crosses the "T" and fires on Intrepide at close range (2 hits)

Defiance and Indomptable both fire at long range (1 hit each)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Worst Fears Confirmed

"Tap tap, roll, tap tap, roll."

The boatswain's mate beat out the call to action stations, and the ship was immediately swarming with activity. Having already cleared the weatherdeck and gundeck, the off-watch crews moved immediately to their battle positions. The gun crews quickly made ready to run out the guns, and some of the crew on the port side anticipated the order to open gunports, permitting themselves a view of the threat before them.

The crew of the chebec evidently observed the action, because it tacked back to port, returning to the same heading as the Pharaon, and ran down its obsolete Scandalusian ensign. After a moment, the confirmation of imminent action was received, as the mysterious vessel ran up the blood red banner of the buccaneer threatening no quarter to any resistance.

Action commenced at 1530 hours, 10 August 1758, at a distance of one-half league; wind southerly at 10-15 knots.

Grand Mappe 7 addenda


For those whom have sent their corrections, I shall be working on an update, eventually.

For those whom have commented about the detail level, I can send you a copy of the map file in Photoshop 7 format or bitmap. I decided to post the version (see post below) that I used here as a .jpg so that it was not too large for the blogger system to accept.

Simply drop me a line (via the email system in blogger) and I will forward the copy style you request.

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein hosts farewell dinner for our heroes

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm gratefully accepts the toast of his Generals. Maj Gen Reich Graf Adolph von Coors Baron von Blatzberg from the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein, Maj Gen Reich Graf Lothar Blutundedonner Baron von Alesgarden from the Elector of Hunnunter, Generaloffizer Reich Graf Picklemany of Frankszonia, and Gen Reich Graf Mackay of the Duchy of Tradgardland were the guests of honor at this farewell dinner. All of Beerstein rejoices in the triumph of these heroes and wishes them well on their journeys home. Wihlhelm asked each General to express his deepest appreciation and affection to their sovereign for sending such distinguished officers to aid the Reich Duchy of Beerstein in our hour of need!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Reply from the Divan of Driss Dey

To the faithful and illustrious Grand Vizier, fragrant tulip of the ever-victorious Mustafa, right arm of the caliph of Allah and Commander of the Faithful and pillar of Dar al Islam, from the divan of Emir Driss Khal-al-Waw Dey, scourge of the Infidel and Lord of the Southern Isles, greetings.

We place entirely at the disposal of the ever-victorious Sultan all our loyalties and determination, as well as our prayers for his swift triumphs as Allah wills.

The five hundred ships of the worthies of the Dey range across the Western Sea to discomfit and humiliate the infidels, placing the burdens of jizya upon them until their stiff necks finally bow in submission to the will of Allah.

A letter...

To his magnificance, metor of the night sky, sweetmeat of sweetmeets, so called Lord of the southern isles -Emir Driss Dey of Bizercca,
Greetings from the Grand Vizer !
My master, the Sultan ,sends his warmest greetings to his brother in the faith and asks that he gives full account of his plans and actions and his willingness to place his fleet at the Sultan's command. A reply of substance and quality is expected soon!

An invitation...

Duc Alfonso of San Bruno (a small state of mountains, lakes , forests and of course vineyards) sends his compliments to his fellow rulers within the bounds of Europa and beyond. Those wishing to establish cordial and fraternal relations with the aforementioned Duchy are invited to submit their ambassador's name and details in order that a proper and full invitation may be extended to them.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grand Mappe Version 7


After much examination and puzzling, I have worked out a mappe that covers most of the Imagi-nations here.

I admit that a number of new names have arrived since the last incarnation of this mappe, and that some have not yet *placed* themselves in the grand scheme of things.

Please note that this map is a large file...

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein accompanies Empress Maria Theresa to Trieste

From the Bell Tower of the Cathedral of Trieste, Empress Maria Theresa and F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm review naval maneuvers of her newest squadron. The Flag Ship EMPRESS boasts 100 guns and is commanded by Rear Admiral Graf Rupert von Hopstadt. The REICH DUKE, a stately 74 gunner is commanded by Capt Needa Morebier, and the agile 64 gun GRENZER is commanded by Capt Karl von Grapp. From a distance, the British inshore squadron is also monitoring the Empress's entry into naval warfare.

After a triumphant dining in celebration aboard her Flag Ship, Empress Maria Theresa gave Rear Admiral Graf Rupert von Hopstadt his secret orders to be opened once at sea. F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm told the Empress if he had the fire power of the naval squadron, he could conquer all of Europe in her name. As the Empress's squadron takes to sea on it's first mission, the British inshore squadron can be seen on the horizon.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Scourge of Infidels

Seafaring Imaginations whose vessels must dare the perilous transit of the western Mediterranean will be gratified to learn of a new source of intelligence on the nonpareil of Barbary Pirates, the dread Emir Driss Dey of Bizercca, collected from escaped galley slaves recently rescued from certain death of exposure at sea by the Monte Cristan corvette La Petillante.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Crippled and Wary

The sail, probably four leagues off, assumed a course more or less parallel to that of the limping Pharaon, wavering slightly first towards and then away from the crippled sloop. The hull and lower masts of the lateen-sailed vessel remained below the horizon for over two hours, during which time it gained steadily on the Pharaon, drawing nearly abreast of it on their common northerly course.

Just before yielding the weather gauge, the trailing ship took a broad reach onto a starboard tack, halving the distance between the ships in an hour. Coming well into spyglass view, the approaching ship was revealed to be a chebec flying Scandalusian colours and showing 6 guns on its bearing gundeck.

Captain Correteaux, taking the air with the Cardinal on the quarterdeck when the ship came fully into view, lowered his spyglass with a relaxing grip. "Hein, a fellow storm petrel who seems to have had a better of the storm? Coming to render aid? Nonetheless, we must not seem completely helpless..." Reflecting a moment, he shouted out to the boatswain's mate, "Barsanio, clear the decks, and clew up the mainsail. Helm, bring us two points to port."

To the Cardinal, Correteaux volunteered his first unsolicited aside, "We cannot outrun anything in our current state, but we can at least keep our broadsides bearing to make sure our new amis remain, hmm, respectful."

Troublingly, the chebec soon tacked sharply to the east, tracking behind the Pharaon, and out from under the view of the Pharaon's port gunports. Cardinal Maximilian solicited the use of Correteaux's spyglass. Recalling the rather extensive correspondence with which he had engaged with nearly the entire Iberian episcopate during the preparations for the papal conclave, his Eminence paused a moment upon spotting the ensign trailing from the chebec.

"Captain, is it not the case, that the Scandalusian naval ensign, like the other royal standards, was altered by his Highness Joern Carlos XI? I believe the necklace of the Order of the Holy Sudarium was removed from the royal seal after l'Affaire de la Parure Noverrese? This ship seems to be flying the old ensign."

The captain pondered a moment. "Barsanio, beat the men to quarters!"

Reich Duchy of Beerstein appoints new Ambassadors

F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm applauds the Reichstag's decision to appoint four new Ambassadors to our allies. He has long sought their action on behalf of the Duchy of Tradgardland, the Markgraaf of Raubenstadt, and Frankszonia. These realms have sent us generals in our hour of need or have supported the University of Pabst. Elector Ulrich von Luftberg's support for Empress Maria Theresa certainly justifies our recognition and assistance. Our Ambassadors are: General Count Ulrich von Carling appointed to the Duchy of Tradgarland, General Count Rupert von Brewmister appointed to the Margraaf of Raubenstadt, General Count Wilhelm von Corona appointed to Frankszonia, and General Count Ludwig von Warsteiner appointed to the Rheinstadt der Luftberg. General Count von Warsteiner is to present Elector Ulrich von Luftberg his investiture into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard upon reporting to Court. The Duc d'Au Contraire is to inducted into the Order of Goblet upon his arrival at our Court. F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm recognizes the contribution of these distinguished heros and wishes each new ambassador well during this phase of service to the Reich Duchy of Beerstein.

Electorate of Luftberg

As the Elector von Luftberg is currently engaged in combat with his neighbours, he has recently decided that you can simply never have too many allies. As such, the Rheinstadt der Luftberg has recently overhauled it's diplomatic relations and, following an invitation, dispatched the noted raconteur and diplomat the Duc d'Au Contraire to the court of the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. Hopefully he can drum up some sympathetic contacts there in order to further the elector's interests...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The lightning had struck the mainmast, which had seemed to explode from the deck plates and then fallen into the foremast. Working in the driving rain, the crew was able to hack the shrouds of both masts and jettison their shattered remains. With neither the mainsail nor storm jib flying, though, the ship was at the mercy of the storm. Tumbling over the waves and rolling chaotically, the strain on the ship became terrific, too much for the remaining mizzenmast, which let go less than an hour later.

The ship now bobbed like a cork through the storm, pitching and rolling throughout the rest of the night. Captain Correteaux, with only the single curse "Putain, la mer," spat through his sodden moustaches, sent the off-watch crew back below, but remained on the weather deck with the helmsman and lookouts through the rest of the night.

By mid-morning, the storm had eased into a steady rain as the gales died down to a steady southerly wind. Cardinal Maximilian and his attendants ventured onto deck as the rains finally ended around noon, as much to fight the nausea which persisted as to inspect the damage to the ship, which they were powerless to redress. As the sailors laboured to clear the remnants of the old shrouds and jury rig a block and tackle to raise a replacement mainmast prepared by the ship's carpenter, the clerics recovered themselves in the fresh air above decks.

As the sailors eased the new mast into postition, and prepared to winch it vertical, the stern lookout cried out, "Sail two points to port quarter!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prayers to Ss. Erasmus and Devota

The wine-dark sea smashed incessantly against the ship throughout the night, tossing the ship about in random pitches amidst the pitches and rolls of the ship ascending and then diving with the frothing waves whipped up by the howling gales. On deck, Capt. Correteaux and his crew struggled to keep control of the helm while maintaining the closest possible haul into the wind. With all but the mainsail furled, and it reefed three times, and a spitfire jib set, the Pharaon worked to windward, keeping its bow into the frothing waves crashing over the decks.

Belowdecks, the crew worked the pumps without cease and sought what off-watch rest they could find, clinging to their hammocks as they were tossed about by the groaning and heaving ship. Many, finding their consciences as restless as their bodies in the heavy weather, found their way back to the captains's quarters, and Cardinal Maximilian's attendants found themselves hearing confessions through the night as the storm raged.

Six bells into the middle watch, the ship entered what seemed to be the heart of the storm. The lightning and thunder was nearly incessant, and the ship rolled routinely through forty degrees. The groaning of the ship increased in volume to a steady growl, for minutes seemingly stretching into hours. Seasickness belowdecks was nearly universal, and most below could do little but cling to the bulwarks and seek to keep all items in the cabins stowed and secured.

A lightning flash acccompanied by thunderclap resounding like a cannon report through the ship was followed by another cracking, groaning and crash. The boatswain's mate of the watch opened the companionway hatch in a flood of seawater and bellowed down for all hands on deck for dismasting recovery.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Duchy of San Bruno

The Duchy of San Bruno is situated in the North of Italy where it finds itself at the centre of an ongoing struggle betwixt The Imperium and Hispania. Duc Alfonso and his subjects find themselves caught in the middle of a conflict not of their making...

The Tempest

A red dawn gave way to steadily darkening skies as the scirocco gained strength througout the day. Pushed ahead by the southerly winds, the Pharaon outran the storm for most of the day, but as the ship tacked to the northwest to attempt to run abeam of the storm, the ominous thunderheads overran first the ship and then touched the northern horizon.

Captain Correteaux, who had ordered nearly every scrap of linen aloft to attempt to keep ahead of the storm now barked orders to his crew to furl sail and clear the decks for the inevitable pounding his ship was about to receive.

Cardinal Maximilian and his attendants huddled in the captain's quarters, which Correteaux had piously surrendered to the Cardinal Prince upon his embarkation, and read Compline early that night, all pausing somberly upon the concluding prayer:

"Protect us, Lord, as we stay awake; watch over us as we sleep, that awake, we may keep watch with Christ, and asleep, rest in his peace.

We beg you to visit this house and banish from it all the deadly power of the enemy.
May your holy angels dwell here to keep us in peace,
And may your blessing be upon us always.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

"May the all-powerful Lord grant us a restful night and a perfect death.


"Loving mother of the Redeemer, Gate of Heaven, Star of the Sea,
Assist your people who have fallen yet strive to rise again.
To the wonderment of nature you bore your Creator,
Yet remained a virgin after as before.
You, who received Gabriel’s joyful greeting,
Have pity on us poor sinners.

Monday, August 11, 2008


In the Duchy of Tradgardland all is peaceful. The summer sun beats down upon the Duke and his people. The good people go about their business under Heaven as usual. Soon the crops will be ready to harvest as the year turns once more...

Reich Duchy of Beerstein College of Honors posts Honorees


F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein
Wilhelm II Baron von Brewswick
Gen Reich Graf James Louis von Beerstein
Sir David Linienblatt of Tippelbruder
Roi Louis XV of Gallia
Herzog Frederick von Hesse-Seeland
George August Elector of Hunnunter
Furst Bruno von Ursa of the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein
Duke Konrad of the Duchy of Mieczyslaw
Furst Guntram Blauerwolf of the Principality of Hesse-Engleberg
Margraf Johannes I of Margravite of Nord Westfalen
Duke Karl Frederick of the Markgraaf of Raubenstadt
Hurtshog Stanken Fhartz von Frankfurter
Karl Frederick X of the Duchy of Tradgardland
Grand Duke Karl of the Duchy of Hetzenberg
Elector Ulrich von Luftberg of the Rheinstadt der Luftberg


F.M. ReichDuke Wilhelm von Beerstein
Wilhelm II Baron von Brewswick
Gen Reich Graf James Louis von Beerstein
Sir David Linienblatt of Tippebruder
Professor Marcin Odlianicki-Poczobut of the Duchy of Mieczyslaw
Professor Heinrich Altman of the Principality of Hesse-Engleberg
Professor Ludwig von Striff of the Margravite of Nord Westfalen
Professor Iago Knappenburger of the Duchy of Hetzenberg
Ritter von Meltzer of the Markgraaf of Raubenstadt
Colonel Honking Thirst of the Markgraaf of Raubenstadt
Graf William von Zelle, Ambassador of the Elector of Hunnunter
Duc d'Au Contraire, Ambassador of the Rheinstadt der Luftberg
Archbishop Gunter von Drunk, Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Ludwig von Boozewick, Amb Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Gunter von Biergarden, Amb Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Heinrich von Hops, Ambassador Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Kurt von Barley, Ambassador Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Rupert von Pilsner, Ambassador Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Wilhelm von Ales, Ambassador Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Ulrich von Carling, Ambassador Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Rupert von Brewmister, Amb Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Wilhelm von Corona, Ambassador Reich Duchy of Beerstein
Gen Graf Ludwig von Warsteiner, Amb Reich Duchy of Beerstein


F.M. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein
Gen Reich Graf James Louis von Beerstein
Maj Gen Reich Graf Lothar von Blutundedonner Baron von Alesgarden
Maj Gen Reich Graf Adolph von Coors Baron von Blatzberg
Generaloffizer Reich Graf Picklemany of Frankszonia
Gen Reich Graf Mackay of the Duchy of Tradgardland
Gen Reich Graf Joffery Baron von Lista
Gen Ludwig third Baron of Brewski

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sighting Montecristo

Setting sail on the evening of August 7, the Pharaon and its ecclesiastical passengers exited the harbour of Civitavecchia with the evening exodus of the city's fishing fleet, headed out on the coastal breeze which arose as the sunset cooled the shore. As the fishing vessels spread out along the coastal waters, the Pharaon tacked northwards toward the Tuscan archipelago. By mid-morning, the rocky outline of the southernmost islands of the chain, Giannutri and Giglio, came into view.

By mid-afternoon, the sloop cruised under the looming gaze of the forbidding island of Montecristo, and the crew kept sharp watch to all quarters, since the desolate rock was the reputed rendezvous for smugglers, pirates and other cutthroats operating from Sardinea, Corseta and other places still unsubjected to definitive control by the Gallian, Genovese or Pimentese navies.

The sailors on deck paid most attention astern, though, as a persistent haze in that quarter throughout the day was regarded with misgiving. A scirocco blowing across the Mediterranean would mean a strong southerly wind to be sure, but also augured gales and the strong likelihood of storms before the wind reached the Genovese coast.

Into the Tyrrhenian

After a brief consultation with his almoner, Cardinal Maximilian instructed his valet de chambre to obtain passage on the Pharaon, clearly the best-armed of the three open-water ships departing for southern Gallia on the morrow. Commanded by Captain Hugo Correteaux, a dark, taciturn Savoirard with over 20 years plying the dangerous waters of the Mediterranean, the Pharaon and its 24 guns seemed well able to deter all but the most suicidal pirates.

Having already loaded its cargo, the Pharaon awaited only the boarding of the ecclesiastics to kedge about and make for the open waters of the Tyrrhenian.

Extract from Orders for the Army Nr 14

Postings and Appointments

Oberstleutnant Schwartzstokke, of the Grossherzogturm von Stollen, is appointed in that rank to the vacancy of Regimensoberstleutnant of Dragonerregiment Nr 1, the appointment to take effect from 17 Marz 1701.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Addition to Courland Army

The Courland army has a new addition - the Pandur Battalion Tamnii Narod.

ColCampbell's Barracks


Harbour Arrangements

Descending from the customs house down to the waterfront in search of berths to Marseille, Cardinal Maximilian's valet de chambre took just under an hour to assess the situation. Whilst more than a dozen of the smaller feluccas in port could be hired to coast as far as Marseille, or even directly into Arles, the commanders of such vessels are notoriously weather-shy, preferring to row from headland to headland and only unfurling sail in the most favourable skies. While the persistent tramontane winds of late summer argued in favour of passage by oar, what could be merely a three or four day passage with favourable winds could easily stretch out over weeks if poor weather threatened.

The felucca--ubiquitous in the Ligurian Sea, but of marginal seaworthiness out of sight of shore.

The sloop Pharaon bound for Toulon, belonging to the Marseilles firm of Morrel & Son, and a chebec, the Indiscret, and a polacca-chebec, the Serpent, both bound for Marseille, also lay in harbour, all able to make good headway against contrary winds and large enough to be fairly safe in open water, but the passage was certain to be far dearer.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Arrival in Civitavecchia

Two rattling days by caleche over indifferently maintained roads through the desolate countryside of the Roman campagna brought Cardinal Maximilian and his party to the principal port of the Papal States, Civitavecchia. As in Rome, the passage of time has left a deep stamp on the city, founded in the time of the Good Emperors and enduring, since the silting of the Claudian harbour at Ostia, as the chief port of the Eternal City. Welcoming the bracing salt air as a blessed relief from the malarial vapours of Rome in the summer, the clerics entered the city, stopping briefly at the Church of the Confraternity of Orazione e Morte, famous for its organ-loft balustrade fashioned from the prow of the flagship of the Papal fleet at Lepanto, to render thanks for their successful arrival and to pray for protection from the Barbary pirates on the next leg of the journey.

Proceeding through the archetto, the customs gate separating the city proper from the harbour and waterfront below, the Tradgardlanders could not help but be struck by the contrast of the maritime vitality of the port with the languour of the towns of Latium, fiefs of the Orsini and Odescalchi, through which they had passed. With the conclusion of the papal conclave, the port was even busier than usual, with departing dignitaries of various stripes competing for stevedores with various Venetian gentes expecting to profit from the rumoured favouritism of the new pontiff for his countrymen.

Reaching the customs house, the clerics were set upon immediately by a number of servitori de piazza, offering their services in the argot of Mediterranean watermen with the most disagreeable importunity. As the douanier proceeded through the baggages of the party, Cardinal Maximilian's valet de chambre engaged in a spirited debate with these supplicants, finally inducing most of them to seek other patrons before descending to the waterfront to seek passage on or hire of one of the larger feluccas or chebecs bound for Marseilles.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cardinal Max's Grand Peregrenation...

Yesterday Cardinal Max began the journey outlined below. He is accompanied by an entourage of servants and minor clerics- twelve in all. He hopes to be with the canons of the Kognatdom on Wednesday 20th August. That is assuming the journey is uneventful...

Overland from Roma to Civitavecchia-2 daysBy seaCivitavecchia to Marseilles—3 daysBy Coche d'eauArles to Lyon by coche d'eau—3 daysLyon to Chalons sur Saone—2 daysChalons sur Saone to Montbeliard—1 dayOverland from Montbeliard to Basel—1 dayBy Rhein bargeBasel to Kognat via Bad am Bingen—1 dayArriving on the eve of the Assumption, his Eminence will be greeted by the canons of the Kognatdom for Vespers, prior to the High Mass on the morrow. The balance of the feast day will be in meetings with the Bishop of Kognat and with the Duke's court in attendance with the Ducal household. On the following days, a journey to the Augustine monastery at Kloster will be followed by a meeting with the abbot, as well as a trip to the hospice at Bad Sankt Nikolaus.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Royal Families

I've just posted the pictures of the royal families of the Margraviate of Carpania and the Duchy of Courland, my main antagonists in my little portion of Imagi-Europe. I hope you enjoy them.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Empress Maria Theresa's Grand Victory Ball

A Grand Victory Ball was held at Schonbrunn Palace to honor the newest heroes of the Austrian Empire. It was an opportunity for the Empress to introduce them to Viennese high society and to formally recognize them before the court. The honorees were Field Marshal Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein, Prinz Wilhelm II von Beerstein Baron von Brewswick, Maj Gen Reich Graf Adolph von Coors Baron von Blatzberg, Maj Gen Reich Graf Lother Blunderdonner Baron von Alesgarden, General Reich Graf Pickelmany, Generaloffizer Reich Graf Mackay, General Reich Graf Joffery Lista Baron von Lista, and Colonel Honking Thirst.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kreis Konferenz, Part 2

After the initial shock of seeing Britannian and Gallian officers walking with the Prince-Bishop, the room full of officers settled down into their seats to wait for an explanation.

Adalbert Heinrich was an astute enough orator and politician to know when he had the advantage, so the Prince-Bishop dispensed with the planned elaborate ceremonies and cut directly to the point.

“My lords, generals, and gentlemen: may I introduce two distinguished, but uninvited guests? I have spoken with these two generals about my planned remarks, so do not be surprised if I sound the part of an ungracious host.

“This is Major General Sir Harald Dawes of His Britannic Majesty’s service. And this is General Louis Renault, Comte de Maison-Blanche of His Gallian Majesty’s army.

“Each of these officers commands the vanguard of their respective armies. They are drawn into our Kreis by the presence of the armies of Her Imperial Majesty and those of the King of Germania. And, doubt not my lords, for the sake of feeding their armies off of Our rich lands!”

The Prince-Bishop’s voice rose suddenly and dramatically with the last sentence, and he glared accusingly at the representatives from the warring parties. Norris showed no response at all, even as the heads of assembled officers turned to look at him. But when Adalbert Heinrich’s gaze turned to von Blei-Sammeln, the Imperial general blanched, and then tried to recover his composure with his practiced sneer.

“It has ever been Our policy to support Our beloved Empress. Yet it has also been Our policy to keep the peace within the borders of Mittel-Nirgendwo.

“I am not a lawyer, but I am the titular and spiritual leader of this Circle. I ask the leaders of Homburg and Fedora to reach an agreement and end this quarrel before the blood of any more of our young men is spilt, and before the spectre of war stalks among our green fields.”

Many of the assembled generals wondered if any such agreement were possible. Even if the two Hessian states did end their conflict, the general war was sure to engulf the region. Germanian and Britannian armies were not going to cease their struggles with their Imperial and Gallian counterparts at the request of the ruler of a tiny corner of Uropa.

They were right. Feldmarschallieutenant von Blei-Sammeln rose and bowed to the Prince-Bishop.

“Your Eminence, when the Germanian army withdraws from the lands of my sponsor, the soldiers in revolt lay down their arms, and the rascal so-called Landgraf Bogey and his henchmen are turned over for justice, then and only then will the Imperial and Homburg soldiers march home.”

The silence was immediate and utter. Generalmajor von Stein, sitting by von Blei-Sammeln, visibly shrank away from his chief with a look of disbelief writ large on his face.

The eyes gradually turned back to the Prince-Bishop, who sadly brought his attention back to Norris. The others all did likewise.

Norris rose as if church was over. He bowed to the Prince-Bishop and marched from the hall. As Norris reached the doors, a scraping noise jolted the room’s inhabitants.

It was the chair of Duke Wilhelm Heinrich von Welf-Este. He also bowed to Adalbert Heinrich and followed Norris from the room. As he did so, the other Welf-Este soldiers, as well as those of Germania all rose and filed from the room.

The War of the Fedoran Seccession had not been stopped by the Konferenz…it had been expanded.

After Sir Harald murmured his apologies to the Prince-Bishop, the Comte de Maison-Blanche did likewise and both left the stage. Feldzeugmeister von Dithmarschen was left with his disconsolate ruler, and asked:

“What are your orders, Your Eminence?”

To His Grace, Prince Ferdinand, commanding The Army of Observation

My dear Prince,

In accordance with your orders dated the 14th of July, I have moved my brigade to Mittel-Nirgendwo and contacted the Landgraf of Hesse-Fedora. While there, I attended a very interesting meeting with the Prince-Bishop of Mittel-Nirgendwo. A full report is being despatched via cipher, but I can confirm the presence of a Gallian force under the weasally Comte de Maison-Blanche.

As per margin, I have reviewed my brigade and these splendid fellows will undoubtedly uphold the service of my gallant King, who has so generously put them under your command.

I am, Your Grace, your humble and obedient servant,


Major General in His Britannic Majesty's Army on detached service.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Extract from der Schloss-Neuhaus Allgemeine Zeitung

A Divine Service has been ordained in order to acknowledge and Give Thanks for the protection afforded to our Sovereign Lord, His Highness Margraf Albrecht von Schwerin, by Almighty God on the occasion when the hand of a madman directed an Infernal Device at His Highness' Carriage. The Service is to take place at the Kirche von Sankt Marthinus at Eleven of the Clock ante meridian on the 17th day of this month of Marz in this Year of Grace One Thousand Seven Hundred and One.

The Service will be conducted by the Reverend Elder Domini Paulus Zimmerman and will include prayers in Memoriam in respect of those Gallant Heroes of His Highness' Army who lost their lives in the defence of his person on that tragic occasion, and for the swift recovery of those injured in that most heinous attack.

The Margraf will attend this Service in Person. He is to be accompanied by Her Highness, The Margrafin Katerina and his household. Other prominent personalities expected to be in attendance include the Generals of His Highness' Army and the ambassadors of Tradgardland, Hannunter and Saxe-Beerstein, together with the military attache of His Britannic Majesty.

God Save the Margraf!

Empress Maria Theresa summons Reich Duke Wilhelm to Vienna

Empress Maria Theresa summoned Reich Duke Wilhelm, his son Wilhelm II, and the heroes of the Battles of Alesgarden and Blatzberg to Vienna. During their presentation, Empress Maria Theresa promoted Reich Duke Wilhelm to Field Marshal, invested him into her newly constituted Order of Maria Theresa, and proclaimed him "Lion of the Empire." Duchess Lynda was heard to say, "Thrice a knight at his age is something to behold."

Wilhelm II was elevated to Prinz and Baron von Brewswick. Maj Gen Adolph von Coors Baron von Blatzberg, Maj Gen Lother Blunderdonner Baron von Alesgarden, General Pickelmany, Generaloffizer Mackay, and General Lista Baron von Lista were all invested into the Order of the Golden Fleece and named Reich Graf (Count of the Empire). Colonel Honking Thirst was also invested into the Order of the Golden Fleece and presented a regiment of his choice.

In a private audiance, Empress Maria Theresa explained that the Barony of Brewswick is a very contentious province. Austria, Prussia, and Russia all have claimed the mineral rich area and her appointment of Wilhelm II as Baron will no doubt raise the ire of Berlin and Moscow. Since Wilhelm II is still attending the University of Pabst Field Marshal Reich Duke Wilhelm will serve as "Reich Protector" against all adversaries!

Who's Who and What's What - has moved

Due to some re-arrangements of the library at the monastery of Alt-Wittendorf, we have had to move the "Who's Who and What's What" compendium of the states of Europa, to another shelf this is now located at

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