Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Duke Otto

In the Ducal Palace in the Duchy of Skogsmork , Duke Otto has been honing his fencing skills in the company of his sycophantic cronies. As ever he wins bout after bout - never satisfied until at least a drop of blood is spilled.

The Duke has a plan upon his mind which could change everything for the Duchy. He regains his composure and awaits his next opponent...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pigeon Post

Vonn Bergmann looked out of his room high up a the Royal Mile tenement. He scans the sky with hopeful eyes. Two dots grow in size to become pigeons. One alights upon the window ledge . Strapped to it's leg is a piece of rolled parchment. Vonn Bergmann unwraps it and reads as follows:

Vonn Bergmann,

The Legione Tradgardland are at your disposal. Seventy riflemen will rendezvous at Althavn soon. They will proceed by fishing boats to the port of Leith. I shall accompany them in person.

Duc de Padirac

Out of Character:A photo of the Legione has been posted on the Duchy of Tradgardland Blog...

A Giant Departs

"Sire, it is true. The giant is leaving Saxe-Bearstein now . . . just before we're to attack Stagonia."

Furst Bruno looked up from his maps, "What? The giant is leaving? For Heaven's sake, why?"

He says that the true king has returned to Scotland . . . and that he'll need a pipe major.

"Doesn't he realize that we could use his strength against Stagonia?"

"Aye, sire. But he says that he's a Scot and that Pipe Major Sean MacLeod will be needed by King Charles more than we'll need him against Koenig Maurice the Vile. . . . Besides, who wants to try and stop a man who stand 6' 7" tall and weighs 'a score of stone'* (whatever that is) without an ounce of fat on him?"

"Hmmm, yes there is that. Well, we'll let him go with our blessings then . . . the ladies will be glad to be rid of his bagpipes anyway. But I imagine that his music will raise the morale of any unit he's with."

"Aye, sire. Either that or the fear that he'll break anyone in two who tries to run."


Yes, it is true. Pipe Major Sean MacLeod is journeying to join the forces of Scotland against the Britannic Usurper. A true giant, he's 34mm tall from ground to crown and should inspire the Scots with his bagpipes.

Also being planned is a Saxe-Bearstein offensive against those vile Stagonians. Rumor has it that June 15 will see action around the town of Wollmitz.

(This will be a thinly disguised battle using the Mollwitz terrain and OB from Charles Grant's "The War Game". We will, however, be using our own forces and my own "Tricorne Wars" rules. So expect photos after mid-June.)

* 'a score of stone'
would be 280 pounds

-- Jeff

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A letter to the Duc de Padirac in the Duchy of Tradgardland

My Dear Friend ,

I trust this finds you in excellent health

. I write this letter from the summit of Arthur's Seat . I can see the ships within the Firth of Forth and I dream of the day I sail from Leith to the Duchy once more. Yet there are tasks to be accomplished here before I can return. You have , no doubt, heard about the great victory in these lands of recent weeks . Yet I do not think it will be too long before we are called upon to fight once more. The sun shines upon this fair city of Edinburgh yet I remain vexed for the True King. He has many loyal and brave men fighting yet lacks the presence of jaeger to hold the woods and to scout before the army.

And so ,my dear Duc, I write asking you to send a detachment of the Legione Tradgardland, across the water to Edinburgh. We need woodsmen and jaeger - men who are of good courage and eye armed with rifles- air or gunpowder. Please reflect upon all I have said. Greet your wife and family warmly from me .

God speed your reply

Vonn Bergman

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Prince's Troop Depot

For anyone wishing to send a personality figure to fight in the Jacobite Rebellion, either for Caledonia or Britannia, then send them to my agent at the following address:

Der Alte Fritz *
67 W Mallard Lane
Lake Forest, IL 60045

*insert my correct name, I just don't want it posted all over the internet forever

Friday, May 16, 2008

Abbot's Field

The encounter was broken up by rain in the 8th inning.
Full report on Frankszonia site when I get film back in a week or two ...

Key points ... the Resistance had its Old Retainers battalion wiped out ... but we lost a battalion too. Frankszonia captured some artillery, one of the Resistance nobles, and recovered a battered Bischof (our artillery pitched a lot of balls, but found out that while we could hit the broad side of a barn, getting the guys behind the old stone walls was a very different matter ... sigh).

Messengers are being dispatched to report a "victory" to Intendant Bastille and Gen. Broglie, but a private note from Oscar Meyer warns them that the whole raid had been a diversion to clear the way for a column of renegades from Hesse Homburg led by Frankfurters opposed to Gallian occupation who are linking up with Cheezers out of Limburger near Russelville. The Brats intend to either harass Broglie's flank if he returns north or "to liberate" Frankfurt should he leave the depot unprotected.
While Frankszonia is rushing forces north in hopes of intercepting the columns before they unite, we'd appreciate some Gallian support here ...

from the Hurtshog ...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do Ye Wish To Join The Rising?

The Duchy of Tradgardland has sent a representative of its country to join the Stuart cause in Caledonia. We have a Colonel von Bergmann in the ranks of the Jacobites (shipped to the States by Alan). It occurs to me that others in the EvE world might like to paint up a single character (mounted or on foot) and send them to us here in the USA so that the figures can fight in our table top battles.

So whether you support The King Across the Water or stand fast with Hanoverian George, please feel free to paint a character (for either side) and send him to me or Bill and we will place the figure in the rest of our Jacobite Campaign games. So become an honorary clan regiment chief or an honorary colonel in one of the Government regiments by sending in your painted figure. All figures will return to their home countries after the conclusion of the campaign.

The next game in the campaign will be in early July, so there is still plenty of time to join the rebellion or help to crush it.

I am currently working on a 30 figure regiment in the Atholl Brigade of Lowlanders and new recruits are flocking to the Prince's banner after news of the great victory at Prestonpans.


Against better judgement, and in spite of earnest pleadings from Duke Karl Frederick and Duchess Liv , the Skogsmork spies were executed at first light today. The vote of the Inner Council was unanimous apart from the Ducal couple. The Council members invoked an ancient Tradgardland precedent to be used in times of dire emergency in the Duchy. It allowed for the execution of spies without trial or recourse to Civil Law. The Duke absented himself from the grisly affair and agreed to write to the Duke of Skogsmork upon the matter...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Should Charles Do?

Now that the possibilities for Prince Charles Stuart of Caledonia are expanding, he is contemplating several courses of action. Should he remain in the Edinburgh area and consolidate his power/grow his army? Should he take out any remaining Hanoverian forts in the Highlands and secure their weapons stashes? Or should he embark on a raid or invasion of the northern counties of Britannia. What do you think?

The next battle will be in early July.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On the Border.....

In the dark woods , that mark the boundary betwixt Tradgardland and Skogsmork ,figures can be observed quietly making their way forward towards the border. They have come from the deepest woods out towards where the frontier post lies. They are observed by a Tradgardland soldier who opens fire. Figures scatter , only to regroup some time later....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Prince Wins His First Battle

Prince Charles greats his victorious troops after the battle. From left to right, the Lifeguard, Stewart of Appin standard, Frasers, Camerons, MacDonnells, the Royal Standard, the Earl of Talisker, and Lord George Murray. All figures painted by Der Alte Fritz, mostly Front Rank figures.

Prince Charles Stuart, the rightful heir to the throne of Caledonia, won a glorious victory over the Hanoverian army today at the Battle of Prestonpans, just outside of Edinburgh. The forces of the Prince, numbering just over 2,300 men, utterly routed the Government forces 2,170 men, under the command of General Sir John Cope. General Cope was last seen running for his life and headed toward his base at Berwick.

Special mention for valorous service on the field of battle goes to a mysterious mercenary officer from Tradgardland, a Colonel von Bergmann, who lead the MacDonnell of Keppoch clan into battle. Von Bergmann was outnumbered 2 to 1 in a melee with the 46th Foot, but routed the redcoats off of the field, personally capturing both of their standards in the process.

The Earl of Talisker also deserves the laurels of battle for his decisive attack on the Government's right wing, routing all of them off of the field of battle.

The Jacobite right wing fared nearly as well under the command of Lord George Murray, although it took them awhile to get going. It seems that the Camerons could not be coerced to attack the 60th Foot (until the third turn) for awhile, but once they decided to pitch into the redcoats, they too swept their foe from the field. Murray's other regiment, the Appin Stewarts successfully repulse a spirited attack by the Government cavalry brigade under Brigadier General Mosteyn. The clan Fraser regiment was routed by Mosteyn's dragoons, but they eventually rallied under the watchful eye of Lord George Murray and returned to the fight to mop up.

Pictures and a more complete desciption of the battle will be posted tonight or tomorrow on the Alte Fritz Journal, but I wanted to spread the news here first.

The Jacobite army will now return to Edinburgh and link up with the French regiment Albany, the Fitzjames horse and numerous other Highlanders, who no doubt will flock to the Prince's banner now that a victory has been achieved.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Re dispositions...

Further details of the Duchy of Tradgardland's colony upon the Nicobar Islands can be read ( with accompanying map) at