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Back To 17 July 1758/2008

Posted originally on 17 July 1758:

Narrator: If the reader will forbearantly beg my pardon, I am about to press the red button on the incredible machine beside me. It has the ability to warp the space-time continuum as I may please. You don't believe me? Well.... Let me first place in the desired date: April 25, 1758. Specific time: 02:00pm. Location: Versailles, Gallia, Earth; specifically the Rectory of Cardinal Richelieu. No, no, the world will not end. You will not feel even the slightest quiver of the planet nor will you see nearly three months of sunrises/sunsets pass in the blink of an eye. As I press the button....
Cardinal Richelieu: "My dear Tradgardland brother in The Faith! I welcome you with ardent friendship and pleasure. Enter. Come in and sit there. Allow me to offer you a glass of Chevert wine."

Cardinal of Tradgardland: "Thank you Your Excellency. I am indeed honored to be welcomed in your country and to be here. Yes, I am in need of refreshment. .... Ah, the best I've tasted in many a year."

Narrator: After discussing issues related to The Church and the unfortunate falling away from The Faith of too many of humankind desiring to pursue immoral lifestyles to their unknowing disadvantage, both turn to the true subject at hand.

Richelieu: "As you know the King desires that his nephew marries. From our previous correspondence I am led to believe your Duke may have a marriageable daughter. However, I perceive she was widowed some months ago.

Cardinal of T: "Yes. We speak of the strikingly beautiful Alisona. Her mourning period should be respectably ended this year. An unfortunate incident in New Tradgardland took her dear husband from her before his time, some might say. However, as we know, there is a season for all things. His winter, so to speak, found him passing into the next life."

Richelieu: "Tragic!"

Cardinal of T.: "Yet Alisona begins a new season for herself and the Duke hopes the same for Tradgardland itself. A marriage with your King's nephew, Lt. Gen. Pierre de Galantier would be a good diplomatic tie between our two nations in these troubled times."

Richelieu: "Galantier is indeed our most eligible young man of means. He served in The Carnatic discombobulating the Britannians there as best he could. Recently he was with the expedition to The Shetlands where he barely missed making Alisona's acquaintance by perhaps no more than a day. Now he is here again, but about to pack to join de Broglie in Germania. Near Frankfurt Am Main if I am not mistaken."

Cardinal of T: "What is our next step my dear Richelieu?"

Richelieu: "Let us ask the young man what he thinks of it all. I am led to believe the portrait of Alisona shown to him before embarking for The Shetlands intrigued him. Not only that though.... He also remarked about her courage to journey and live in The New World where so many mysterious perils exist. If I am not mistaken, he considers her to possibly be energetic, brave and loyal."

Narrator: You see. Nothing happened to your world after I pressed the red button. It only now remains to listen to the words to be spoken by the two Cardinals and Galantier himself. We will meet again soon. Meanwhile, I shall press the green button to reverse polarity and return you to your normal existence. Click.
Votre Serviteur,

A Letter from Sachsen-Wachsenstein

By swiftest couriers, copies of the following letter hurry their way to the Reichsarmee and to Mssr Chevert:

TO: Feldzeugmeister von Blei-Sammeln, commander of the Imperial Reichsarmee

TO: Lt Gen Chevert, commander of the Bohemian Corps of the Army of His Most Christian King, Louis XV, le bien aime

At the direction of the War Ministry of Her Highness, Maria Teresa, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, the Sachsen-Wachsenstein contributory kreis regiment will march to the vicinity of Wurzburg to join your illustrious armies. Please provide guides in the vicinity of Wurzburg to direct this corps to its assembly point. Composed of a battalion of musketeers, a battalion of fusiliers, and their accompanying grenadiers and artillery, the contributory kreis regiment will be lead by the most honorable undersigned,

Remaining your humble and obedient servant,

Siegfried, Duke of Sachsen-Wachsenstein

[This is the third, and last, contingent marching from Mississippi to Texas for the Texas Big Battalions game at MilleniumCon.]

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Someone is always the last to get the word

Landgraf Bogey tugged at his ear while reading the dispatch, then looked up at Major General Norris.

“So Monsieur le general Protz has agreed to join Feldmarschallieutenant von Blei-Sammeln? Blei-Sammeln must be getting desperate, or devious. How many others know about this?”

“Your Excellency, judging from the number of intercepted letters and newspapers my men have collected, it appears we may be the last in all Uropa to find out. And, if I may, Your Excellency, it has been announced that the, uh, “gentleman” to whom you refer is now Feldzeugmeister von Blei-Sammeln. We suspect that it has been done to help him work with General Protz.”

Feldzeugmeister Blei-Sammeln? And I suppose that the creature Stein is still his lackey?”

“I believe the Homburgers refer to Generalmajor Stein as ‘Sammeln’s Rock,’ Your Excellency.”

Bogey turned to his map. “Let’s get back to the point. So, de Broglie is defeated, here, and is retreating on Frankfurt. The Erbprinz is pursuing, but we’re closer. But Feldzeugmeister von Blei-Sammeln has somehow managed to bring his army together, here. How in the world did that idiot manage to put himself in the one place that protects Homburg, threatens Fedora, menaces the Erbprinz, and allows access to de Broglie, Chevert and Protz?!”

Norris stood silently.

Bogart looked sheepishly at his former spymaster, and still closest friend. “All right, so he beat us at Olmosbach. If he’s an idiot, I’m a dolt. Say it.”

“Your Excellency, did you note the passage on M. Protz’s escort? Although small, we expect it will be of the highest quality and not to be dismissed lightly. And may I also note that General Protz is quite renowned in the latest techniques? You yourself prescribed his regulations for your army.”

“Yes, I know all that. Who else has Feld—Blei-Sammeln—managed to bring together?”
Norris produced a sheaf of notes. “He has an impressive number of Imperial contingents, under half a dozen different generals. Courlanders under their Duke Jakov Alexandrovitch, with possibly some Saxe-Wachsensteiners. He has a pair of Saxe-Jungbach musketeer battalions—which are those excellent recruits from Eureka, by the way. The Weisspferdheimers have joined him, as well as the Gallian contingent, of course.”

“What? No Frankfurters? And our force?”

“I am happy to report that in addition to the strong Germanian force already attached to Your Excellency’s army, other Germanians from Festung Wörth are marching south parallel to an Imperial contingent, and other Germanians are coming from both east and west. Carpania has sent a brigade that should at least match the Courlanders. A Welf-Este brigade has arrived within the week, joining our Britannic corps.”


“Yes, Your Excellency. You may remember the recruits from Venture, in the Ost-Iowa country?”

“Ah, of course. Two big battalions, four squadrons of cavalry, and guns. They will help us get across this verdammt river. Just think of it: redcoats and bluecoats chasing that Blei-Sammeln all the way back to Frankfurt!”

Spilt Decision

The dawn's first rosy light revealed to the fishing vessels returning to harbourage in the Cavenderian fishing town of Spilt the crimson lateen sails of a half-dozen xebecs flying the two-bladed sword banner of the feared Barbary lord Driss Dey of Bizercca. Before the harbourmaster of Spilt could sound the alarm, the lead xebec raised a flag of truce and oared swiftly into the harbour.

Thrown into confusion by the flag of parley, the assembled throng along the waterfront watched in silence as the xebec rowed along a vacant slip along the harbour's outer piers. A member of the crew cast a leather satchel onto the pier, and the xebec backed water and came about, rejoining the other xebecs in formation just outside the mouth of the harbour.

The harbourmaster dispatched a boy to the pier to retrieve the satchel. Opening it, he found inside a parchment sealed with the Osprey seal of the Deylicate of Bizercca. Breaking the seal, the harbourmaster opened the parchment and read:

For the atrocities of the Imperial fleet at Bizercca on our defenceless subjects, and her Imperial Majesty's unbecoming disregard to the demands made in the name of the faithful of all of Dar al Islam for just punishment of those responsible in the review of those actions, the fleet under the orders of his eminence the Dey has been authorized to deliver a signal chastisement, by the destruction of the shipping, navy, storehouses, arsenals and harbourages of her Imperial majesty and of her subjects.

As his eminence does not war for the destruction of inoffensive inhabitants of her Imperial majesty's realm, his eminence is unwilling to visit the personal cruelties inflicted upon his subjects onto the subjects of her Imperial majesty detained in his eminence's bagnio or onto her Imperial majesty's subjects here unduly, and therefore charges you to deliver in ransom of your citizens the sum of five thousand sequins or the equivalent of your local currency.

If you receive this offer as you ought, you will fire three guns from the harbourage before noon of this day, and the failure to make this signal will be understood as a refusal and his eminence's fleet shall commence operations against the aforementioned properties of her Imperial majesty at its own convenience.

I have the honour, &c.
Sidi Mohammed Ibrahim
Wakil al kharj of his eminence, Driss Khal-al-Waw Dey

A Letter from Carpania

TO: Major General Norris, commander of the forces of Hesse-Fedora

(AKA Ed Youngstrom)

Knowing that you require reinforcements to support our brother’s campaign to rid the Frankfurt area of the papist Gallians, I have been instructed by General Kuhster, Minister of War for Friedrich Hapnich, Markgraf of Carpania, to assemble the armies of Carpania and march to join your command. I will bring the following forces to the campaign, to wit: a battalion of musketeers drafted from the Regiments Zweibieren and Teutonica; a battalion of fusiliers drafted from the Regiments von Stuppe and Paulaner, a small battalion of grenadiers from all four regiments, a strong detachment of the Jager Korps Staffeldunkel reinforced by the Freikorps Warsteiner; two squadrons of the Dragoon Regiment Hapnich, and accompanying artillery. I eagerly await the designation of the army assembly area.

Please pass this news to Landgraf Bogey and also pass the felicitations of Markgraf Hapnich to his brother monarch.

Respectfully, your most obedient servant,

Jacob Baron von Stuppe, General of Infanterie

(This is the second Mississippi contingent for the Texas Big Battalions game at MilleniumCon)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hesse Seewald Garde Jager Regt Formed

The Hesse Seewald Jagers attack the Irish Regiment Bulkeley in the flank at Freiberg. Another section of jagers also contest the Zimmerwald, to their right.

His Excellency, the Herzog George Ludwig has announced the addition of a battalion of Jagers to the Hesse Seewald Garde establishment. The Garde currently consists of two battalions of grenadiers, but based on the brave and outstanding performance of the Jager battalion at Fulda and Sittangbad in 1757, and again in the Zimmerwald at the recent victory at Freiberg, the Herzog has decided to promote his Jagers into his Household Garde, effective immediately.

Henceforth, the battalion of Jagers shall be named The Battalion of Garde Jagers. All marksmen who have participated in at least two campaigns are encouraged to apply for membership to this most prestigious unit in the Hesse Seewald Garde.

Who Hates Cavenderia ???

Fellow Monarchs,

It has come to our attention that the Imagi-Nation of Cavenderia lacks an enemy. Indeed it is said that Prinz Geoffrey is seeking one so that he can 'exercise' his army.

While I am somewhat unsure as to which 'neighboring' states might covet some of Cavenderia's provinces, I would hope that someone will soon visit the land of Cavenderia and perhaps provide their army with its desired 'exercise'.

-- Jeff the Blog Inhaber

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Frundsberg - Lagerburg trading observed.

Our Spies have observed movements between the Frundsberg Freistadt and the Duchy of Lagerburg-Slobbovia, which seems to be trade between these states involved in defeating the evil Turk. Grenadiers were seen heading towards Lagerburg and a matching number of infantry returning accompanied by some senior officers.

(thanks to Allen for a successful trade)

Currents on the Main

First, on the Frankszonia blog, I've updated the lists and profiles of folks who are supporting the Elector versus Gallia inside Frankszonia.

About this time,Baron Wiffen Fhartz von Inkblot zu Grossen and General Braunschweiger should show up in the Germanian headquarters seeking an audience with the Elector and the duke of Hesse Seewald.

Also, while Gen. Broglie and the Intendant Bastille are in conference, they are interrrupted by a commotion. An officer barges into the room with a sergeant and an old Moustache. The enlisted men's uniforms are spattered with blood.

"Report!" barks Broglie.
"Sire" the officer salutes clumsily, "there's been an poison attempt. These clods killed the poisoner before we could question him."
"Pour Certament!" exlaims Bastille.
"No! No!" the Moustache pleads.
"Sire!" the sergeant complains, "we caught him in the act of dosing the officer's mess kettle. We took him alive in spite of his struggles, but as we were forcing him into the hall, his blood suddenly spurted all over us. None of my men had so much as drawn a bayonet!"
"This note was found upon the assasin, my Lords," the officer contiued.
Gen. Broglie takes the scrap and reads, "Die Reine geffallen am der Main."

Bastille chokes for a moment as he wonders, is this the hand of the infamous Stille Fhartz or another nefarious bit of Frankszonian politics?

Meanwhile, the Hurtshog with his main forces is almost a day's march to the northwest, approaching Ginnheim. They hope to disperse the concentration of Resistance, Cheezers, and Hang Overians who are in an entrenched camp in the woods near Russelheim.

A Letter from Courland

The following letter has been dispatched by swift courier:

TO: Lt Gen Chevert, somewhere en route across Franconia from Bohemia to Frankfurt.


I am deeply honored to be able to make available for your use in the coming campaign to repulse the heathen Germanians and their syncophantic allies from our fair domains, the contributory forces of the Duchy’s portion of the Kreis Franconian contingent. I have at my disposal, which of course means that they are at your disposal, a battalion of grenadiers composed of drafts from the Grenadier Regiments Pavlovski and Severinski; a battalion of musketeers composed of drafts from the Musketeer Regiments Ducal Liebgarde and Livlandischer Orden; a regiment of dragoons composed of drafts from the Dragoon Regiments Constantine and Mavromichalis; a battalion of Pandurs; and accompanying artillery. I myself will be leading these forces to rendezvous with your army at any place you so designate.

May I ever remain, your humble and obedient servant,

Jakov Alexandrovitch, Duke Pavlov of Courland

(these forces are for the Big Battalions in Texas game in 2 1/2 weeks.)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

1758/2008 Summering In Germania

If this is uesful, the recent backstory involving Der Alte and myself was/is/will be:
June 1758:
Gallian Lt. Gen. Chevert marched eastwards from Frankfurt Am Main (magazine) to Bohemia. The plan was to be in Silesia in July for Historicon. It is unknown what forces Chevert took on his march.
June-July 1758:
Marshall de Broglie marched into Frankfurt Am Main replacing Cheverts Corps there. Afterwards he marched northeastwards and then north in the general direction of The Fulda Gap and Kassel.
July 1758:
Three battles at Historicon. I don't remember any more who won what. It may be that we did not merge these into our campaign since we had so many players who were learning the rules. Check Jim's blog, if needed.
August 1758:
We took the month off after the Historicon trip and three BAR games there.
11 October 1758:
The Army of Hesse-Sewald commanded by Der Erbprinz (Der Alte actually) soundly defeated de Broglie north of Frankfurt Am Main at Freiberg. De Broglie began a retreat to Frankfurt Am Main. The Erbprinz elected to pursue. De Broglie detached a corps from his Army as a rearguard to slow Der Erbprinz.
25 October 1758
The afore-mentioned detached corps under Lt. Gen. Saint Germaine stopped the Hesse-Seewald pursuit with a victory at Taberberg.
Where are these forces?
Gallian Main Army:
At Frankfurt Am Main.
Corps de Ste. Germaine:
Remains at Taberberg on the Frankfurt Strasse waiting to see if Der Erbprinz wants to bring up more units to force the way open to Frankfurt Am Main. I doubt it actually since we have no plans for this locally. Taberberg is not on real maps BTW. It is supposedly near Bergen.
Corps de Chevert?:
Hmm. Last seen in Silesia. Very likely now withdrawing back into Moravia, Bohemia and thence back to Germania. But we've not thought that far ahead.
The Future:
(God willing of course)
8 November 1758:
We are returning to Scotland to finish the storming of The Government magazine at Carmudgeon Castle.
6 December 1758:
Lady de Winter and Lady Diana Pettygree will be in Germania amidst snow, a large village, forests, ridges and hundreds of light troop forces.
If Chevert marches back through Bohemia into Germania again, he could march to Eger, the fortress in the western tip of Bohemia first. Afterwards he could enter Germania and the territories of lots of petty states marching via Bayreuth, Bamberg, Würzberg and so forth to the westward to gain Frankfurt Am Main again. In the SYW Frederick II did not get into this region much if at all. It was frequented per Duffy by The Imperial Army of little contingents from across The Empire. I do not remember this very well but Prinz Henry, Fred's brother, operated not too far away.
Cordially yours,
Bill P. (Chevert)

Edinburgh ,Scotland around ten past ten pm...

Carefully smoothing the parchment Vonn Bergmann read the note to the assembled gathering:

"Please forgive the unorthodox delivery of this message, but your guards on the outer perimeter would not let me pass through. Perhaps its more dramatic arrival will cause you pay closer heed, than if I delivered it in person.While you sit, and sup, and discuss various natural theories of this and that, Fat George of Hanover is straining every bit of his considerable weight in sending another army to the North. No quarter will be given to any man, woman, or child who supports the Pretender and his foreign adventurers. No quarter will be given to anyone taken in battle bearing arms against the House of Hanover.The scourge of uttermost war comes closer to you with every moment. Consider well your options.A Friend"

A gasp went up from the assembled throng followed by mutterings of shame and embarrassment. Just seconds later a heavy thud was heard followed by the sound of boots upon the stair. The maid servant's cries could be heard amidst screams and shouts. Vonn Bergmann drew a pistol from his coat pocket and the Duc de Padirac brandished his candelabra aloft, taking his place at his friend's side. The door burst open and the assembled gathering observed.....

Well gentlemen, over to you now .Please add your comments to what happened next...

Friday, October 24, 2008

First Sachsen-Wachsenstein Unit

As more conflict threatens in Imagi-Urope, Duke Siegfried von Sachsen-Wachsenstein announces the completion of the first part of his Imperial kreis contributory regiment. This regiment will soon be marching to central Texas to participate in the MilleniumCon "Big Battalion" game.

Texas Big Battalions Blog

Please see my blog for more details and pictures of these very nice Eureka Saxons.

ColCampbell's Barracks


Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Colours Shining...

Duke Karl frederick has presented the first of the new Colours to the Court and Army today. To find out more:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lady de Winter's Black Legion

Black Scorpion's 32mm Pirates and Marines figures painted in the de Winter livery of black, red and straw yellow.

The notorious Milady de Winter is noted for terrorizing the friends of Gallia throughout every nook and cranny of Europa in the 18th Century. Milady recently decided that she needed a formal looking personal retinue of bodyguards, clad in black uniforms, red facings and straw colored waistcoats and breeches. You can view her handy work in the picture above. The Black Legion Infantry are from the Black Scorpion range of Royal Marines (painted black for our purposes, rather than British crimson).

There are also times when events call for the use of more discrete behind the scenes evil doing, and for that purpose, Milady has also hired a band of cut throats from the Black Scorpion range of Pirate figures.

So the Marines represent Milady's personal body guard, while the Pirates and Privateers represent her hired thugs, brigands and naer-do-wells who serve her beck and call. Be afraid, be very afraid. For the Black Legion may be in your neighborhood soon.

for more pictures, go to my blog at (click on the link at the right of this page and be sure to click on the pix to enlarge the view.

More dastardly deeds will be recorded within these pages over the next several days. Stay tuned.

Trouble Signing New Members


We have a number of folks who want to sign up . . . but they've not been able to.

I have added their emails to Blogger (just as with all of you); and their 'Invitations' get to them (just like you got yours). But when they use their invitations to 'join us' they get the following message from Blogger:

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Find help

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If you don't get any results for that search, you can start a new topic. Please make sure to mention bX-b0uqh3 in your message.

This is a problem . . . has anyone else encountered this? If so, how did you overcome it? I'm certainly NOT a very 'technical-type'. I'm not a nerd . . . so I haven't been able to help these new fellows join.

Can you help?

-- Jeff the Inhaber

Monday, October 20, 2008

Edinburgh,Scotland around 10pm...

Scene- A fashionable New Town house in Edinburgh,sometime after dinner...

Von Bergmann and the Duc de Padirac are dining with members of the Edinburgh Society - a similar gathering of gentlemen of a Natural Philisopical mind similar to The Ducal Society in the Duchy of Tradgardland.

Wine flows and the talk is a heady mix of Politics, the forthcoming engagement against the Prince's enemies and technical matters pertaining to the manufacture and storage of gunpowder. The convivial atmosphere of this supper party within an elegant house is shattered when the window explodes into a thousand shards of fine glass. The gentlemen dust themselves down and discover no one is injured. Von Bergman walks towards the window and picks up a large stone. Around it is tied a sheet of parchment. He carefully unties the knotted twine and places it into his pocket for reuse. Carefully Von Bergman smooths the parchment and reads....

Dear reader it is up to you now . I look for your suggestions for what is written upon the parchment. I will read them and continue the story accordingly. I now await your ideas...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Request for advice

If the gentlemen of the mess have a spare moment, I've got a few questions open for suggestions regarding figure purchase on the Hesse-Engelburg blog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Celebration in Luftberg

News arrives of the recent end to the hostilities between the Electorate of Luftberg and the Kingdom of Aschenbach, which has concluded in a decisive victory for the armies of Luftberg under the Elector Ulrich. A celebratory fireworks display will be held at the palace, and all ladies & gentlemen of good repute are welcome to attend (wood engravings of the event, of similar liveliness, are available for those too distant to attend.)

The Secret Unit's Identity Is Revealed

Prussian CR10 Gens d'armes - all 60 of them - Crusader Miniatures from the collection of Der Alte Fritz. (click the pix to enlarge)

It can now be revealed that Hesse Seewald recently raised a new regiment of cuirassiers - CR10 Gens d'armes. This is the Secret Regiment that was subject to much speculation throughout Europa and the Empire. The regiment was kitted out at the Crusader Miniatures cavalry training school and painted over the course of 7 or 8 weeks, one squadron at a time (12 figures per week).

Not to be outdone, those Perfidious Gallians set about raising a secret regiment or regiments of their own, in response to the Hesse Seewald armament. The Gallians recruited a regiment of Gardes Suisses (60 figures - Front Rank) in time for the recent battle at Freiberg, and I hear tell that a three squadron regiment of heavy horse (cuirassiers) were also raised in Minneapolis, in the North Borders region of Gallia. Obviously the Gallians were feeling some sense of shame over this dastardly act of recruitment, because the Gardes Suisses spent the whole battle guarding the baggage camp, or something like that. They were not committed to the battle, even though they were well positioned to stop the Germanian break through in the center. The Erbprinz was perplexed by this misuse of troops, but equally as glad that he did not have to face them in this particular battle.

Meanwhile, there are reports of Gallian and Imperium troops streaming back into Frankfurt after their defeat, just miles north of the city. Perhaps the liberation of Frankfurt is at hand as the Germanian army of the Erbprinz Freidrich advances towards the city.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Grimsby MegaLead Game

Fellow Rulers,

While not a battle of our Imagi-Nations, this weekend the Grimsby Wargamers (in the UK) put on a huge "big battalion" game.

Over 2500 28mm WSS figures were on the table. Opponents were the French with Bavarian and Spanish allies on one side . . . and a British-led force (including Dutch, Hanoverian, Imperial and Piedmontese units) on the other side.

Click on the photo for a larger version to see some of the cavalry action on one wing. (Photo by Paul Robinson)

For pictures and an account of this game, go to Grimsby Mariner's blog (and scroll down past the football post) . . . I was eight time zones away, but I would have liked to have taken part in this game . . . wouldn't you?

-- Jeff

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Preview of the Old School Big Battalion Game

Prussian Garde du Corps (C13) runs down the Royal Deux Ponts regiment defending the high ground near Remstadt. To their right, the Prussian Buddenbrock (C1) regiment over runs a French battery of 12-pounders. Click the picture to enlarge.

Here is a little taster showing some of the action at yesterday's Old School Big Battalion Wargame hosted by Der Alte Fritz. We had ten players pushing some 1,200 infantry and 400 cavalry per side across two 6ft by 30ft tables, running parallel with an aisle in the middle. The game commenced around 10 AM and concluded after ten turns around 7PM (inclusive of a break for lunch and afternoon snacks).

The Prussians won a hard fought, but in the end, convincing victory, having held all of their terrain points and capturing the vital high ground in the center of the table (Remstadt) that was worth 10 points, as well as Leopoldau (5 points) which was well in the rear of the French lines.

Light infantry action in der Zimmerwald in front of Leopoldau on the French left flank. Foundry and Perry Jagers take on Eureka Arquebusiers de Grassin while assorted hussars clash on the road

The action was hot from the get go, especially on the French left where the Grassins and the Prussian Jagers fought the whole game for possession of the Zimmerwald and the town of Leopoldau. The Grassins managed to hang onto the woods, but Leopoldau fell to the Prussians when the Protzdam Garde punched its way through several French battalions and held sway in that sector.

I will post more pictures on Der Alte Fritz Journal tomorrow along with a more detail after action report. In the meanwhile, here are some pictures to enjoy.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Possible Savory Book Reprinting


Nigel Billington is investigating the possibility of a reprinting of Sir Reginold Savory's book, "HIS MAJESTY'S BRITTANIC ARMY IN GERMANY DURING THE SEVEN YEARS WAR". See his blog, Painting Wargames Figures (listed amongst our 'Other Blogs of Interest') for more information.

The above-mentioned book is THE source in English for the "SYW in the west" . . . and copies are very dear -- so contact Nigel if you are interested in seeing a reprint of this book.

-- Jeff

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A new venture...

Gentlemen please join me for a new venture...

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Letter to the Empress

To Her Imperial Highness,

It was with great distress that I read of the extreme disparity in forces between Your Highness' troops and those of that warmongering Elector [Note: see ]. After conferring with my minister of war, we have decided that the stake of the Empire demands that we march to Your Highness' aid. My army, small though it may be, will be at your disposal in the upcoming campaign. You may expect a composite regiment of grenadiers, musketeers, fusliers, and artillery led by myself to be marching soon to Your Highness' side.

Respectfully, your very obedient servant,

Sigfried, Duke von Sachsen-Wachsenstein

[Posters note: The Sachsen-Wachsenstein force will consist of 24 musketeers, 24 fusiliers, 12 grenadiers, and two guns. See further details at ColCampbell's Barracks.]