Monday, May 5, 2014

Ladies Pettygree and Silhouette At The Gallop

Date: May 3, 1757 (2014)
Location: Hamelburg, Westphalia (fictional)
Situation: In The Midst of A Battle
Lady Belle Silhouette in a radiant adaptation of the Bercheney Hussars
Lady Diana Pettygree wearing her striking interpretation of the Royal Carabiniers
Ladies Maid Martha adorned modestly
Prince de Soubise wearing his Marshall's uniform
Lieutenant Général l'Duc de Fitzjames in the uniform of senior generals 


Prince de Soubise: "I am sorry my dears, but you must depart Hamelburg. The enemy approaches rapidly and as you see -- this village has suffered already from their long shots. Ride south along the road where you will see our cavalry and infantry approaching."

Lady Belle Silhouette: "Certainement Monsieur l' Maréchal."

Lady Diana Pettygree: "We shall. Merci."

Martha: "My hat is...."

Lady Belle Silhouette: "There in the distance - our horsemen are arrayed in line of battle."

Lady Diana Pettygree: "Oui! --- I see them too. Ride at the gallop! HA!"

l'Duc de Fitzjames: "My ladies, what are you about?"

Lady Diana Pettygree: "We've come from l'Prince de Soubise."

Lady Belle Silhouette: "He remarked the Allied Army approaches fast. Hamelburg is already under fire of their cannons. You must ride to the sound of the guns! I wish we knew more."

Lady Bell Silhouette: "What about you --- dear reader? What do you know?"

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