Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reviving ....

End of May 2010 catch up post.

Due to life intervening (which has turned out better than expected at the moment, thanks be to God), I’ve been off the computer for weeks. Moreover, my figures and terrain materials are in temporary storage. The only figures I’ve got out for painting are the Revell Prussian Hussars ... and they’re giving my limited skills fits!! LOL

This has left me with a whole series of planned scenarios which can’t be resolved until later in June at the earliest, so I’m looking for proxy battle volunteers who can field at least a good brigade of infantry and several squadrons of horse – all with artillery support for each side.
It would be nice if the officers, etc. of each army are given a sort of role play reaction to the events on the table .... as many know, there are short files on all of them down to battalion commanders! (Grin)

Anyway, it is necessary to update things as swiftly as possible.

V. Mack and most of his party survive ... Beauphaup is wounded and two of his aides are killed. The assassins are hirelings who’ve been paid with Gallian coin ... but the contact information one carries connects to a known Stagonian smuggling ring. With the return of the Hurtshog, Princess Stuftliana is able to extend official hospitality to the Beerstein party.
An envoy is dispatched to the Kingdoms of St. Maurice. We’ve come across some corrosive salt and pepper mixtures which damage zombies and cause them immediate distress when fired from shotguns ....

The Sultan of Swat has acquired a new staff officer, Hauptman Heinrich der Alte. He has an endorsement from the Trucks and Turbines for his service with light infantry and cavalry.

An envoy is dispatched to Hesse Fedora requesting them to expel the Frankszonian Resistance and Cheezers from their territory.

An envoy is dispatched to Hesse Hamburg, requesting that they do not violate Frankszonian territory in their internecine dispute with Hesse Fedora..

Unsubstantiated and malicious rumors report that Frankszonian officers are reconnoitering the intervening terrain between the two Hesse Hats. That such rumors are fallacious is obvious. After all, prior to the Gallia / Hesse Seewald war, Frankszonia was very actively asserting its influence in that area.
Hans Muckiethaler, the financier involved in the Frankszonian Resistance, has offered to loan Hesse Seewald a treasure apparently of Hindu origin.

Baron Bastille, has recently found himself the target of the attentions of two Fraulein. One has a dragon lady widow mother (who has also hinted at her loneliness, unfulfilled desires, etc.), and the other is staying with a tipsy uncle.
Gen. Hottatrot is seeking some hoboists to play in his regimental band.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A proxy skirmish?

Gentlemen, would anyone be interested in fighting a proxy skirmish for me? A situation has arisen where light forces of Hetzenberg and Dunkeldorf-Pfühl have clashed during a raid far from the main battle front. In terms of numbers the forces concerned amount to no more than three companies, one of which is militia, and a representation of four gunboats. A bit of a clue, there!

It's a scenario that could have a sizable impact on the war - and certain characters featured in the Chronicles. The results will be written up and posted on my blog, and published later in the third volume of the Chronicles with a full acknowledgement for the player(s) concerned. First come, first served.

Monday, May 24, 2010

With Clive in India


I know that a number of you are interested in the events in India during our 18th century.  As it happens, I am currently reading G. A. Henty's "With Clive in India", which I can recommend.

While it is much of a "boy's own adventure" and very politically incorrect, it does paint a very vivid picture of many of the events of interest to us.  There are a great many battles described . . . many of which might find a place on the table top . . . and it is quite easy reading.

Besides this, you can read it online (or download it) for free, since it and most of Henty's works are available on Project Gutenberg.  An examination of the titles associated with this link will allow you to read other Henty titles of interest.  But for With Clive in India, go here.

-- Jeff

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A new Imagi-Nation, about to be born

I'm glad to let you all know that a new Imagi-Nation is close to share a space in the Emperor vs Elector community map. Exact date for birth is unknown yet, for it largely depends on the result of a mini-campaign set in the late War of Spanish Succession -when this new What-if-Nation is supposed to be born-, so that some of its "future" features are still a matter of speculation. However, I believe that Principality of Galatea is the most likely name it will be given (Nationals, to be called Galatan, pl. Galatans), and it's geographical location is between Gallia and Spain, by the Mediterranean shores.

The wargaming campaign itself is based on a real WSS episode, so that I've chosen to keep real names while the campaign is still runnning, and switching to imagi-names once it comes to an aftermath (so that you won't be reading "Galatea" anywhere in my Imagi-Nation blog yet:

It might seem a little odd choice to let my What-if-Nation be born some 30-40 years before Europa's "current" time, but I've thought it nice to actually game it, instead of writing a long, epic, and presumably boring story on my blog -which would have proved too difficult for me, for English is not my native language, so that I hardly would be able to produce a nicely written enough story...

Besides, I believed it exciting to leave you a real chance to muse with such an open window to your own Imagi-Nations near "past", so that you were able to plan any kind of imagined plots or diplomacies around my campaign and, by this, to actually influence my What-if-Nation "future" attitudes -and, besides, to add some supplementary background for your "contemporary" policies and conflicts. So that I formally invite you, not just to follow my campaign but to actively participate in it, the most fun way you believe.

Well, it's a mistery to me where is all this going to, but it was worth to be given a chance! I am still uncertain about a date for the campaign start but, at present, I've already finished an hex grid map and a campaign rules draft -which can be checked at my blog- and my next step will be producing OOB's and characters.

Wish you find it fun!

Part four of the Spencer Smith collection


for your enjoyment: even more Spencer Smith units.


Some SYW game photo's

While I haven't been doing much with my Imagi-nation, I have been working on my historical SYW 18mm armies and even managed to get a couple of games going.

There's some more photo's on my blog.