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The Earl of Bute Reflects

Back in his chambers on Leicester Square, the Earl of Bute recounted the day's interview to his advisor and family tutor.

"So, to sum up, Ferguson, Pitt means to expose Hanover to the tender mercies of the Gallians."

"Then your fortune, it would seem, is made, milord," replied the tutor. "Once the Gallians make their march into Hanover, his majesty will cashier anyone associated with the disaster.

"So long as your lordship makes sure that the Prince of Wales is correctly positioned, the entire Grenville coalition will be put to flight, and the Prince's true friends will be brought to the fore."

"You appreciate the situation perfectly," replied the Earl. "But the Gallian terms for Hanover will certainly include the cessation of the Seewald subsidy. How can we position the Prince both in favour of this American adventure and yet minimise the negative consequences of termination of support to Hesse-Seewald?"

"It must be thought on," replied Ferguson meditatively. "The Whig papers will thump the tub of the Protestant Champion without cease, of course. So long as the unrest in Scotland continues, though, we can make the case that Hesse-Seewald must shift for itself."

"But what likelihood of that?" interjected the Earl. "The Young Pretender barely got away with his petticoats last time even with Oglethorpe's connivance--"

"T'was never proved, milord," interrupted Ferguson.

"Oh, aye, never proved; but the crypto-Jacobites have been put to the side in any event, and with the Gallians directly involved a new army bill will sail through Parliament."

"There is the matter of the Militia Bill," reflected Ferguson. "Were the bill expanded into Scotland, and the bulk of the effort against the Pretender entrusted to local forces, one might prolong the Pretender's useful adventures in the North almost indefinitely--certainly long enough to put one well clear of the Seewald subsidy."

"Ferguson, your perscipacity is always a pleasure. If we extend the Militia Bill we'll double our patronage in the North, and put us on the right foot for both the American project and in Hanover. We will have to compensate the Pelhamites out of the Militia Bill of course, but there should be patronage enough to go around between the Militia and a new Army Bill."

"If approached properly, one might find the Duke of Newcastle nearly as glad to see Pitt put to pasture as anyone. When will you apprise the Prince of Wales of his cleverness?"

"Oh, I should think we must let him enjoy Pitt's scheme for a spell. I shouldn't want to trouble him with the unfortunate prospects hanging over Mr. Pitt's head upon the fall of Hanover."

Ny Tradgardland

Captain Anders ,after a brief journey by Gallian boat, arrives at a point of rendezvous. Gallian,Tribal and now Tradgardland representatives gather to meet and discuss plans for the coming Spring.

Finally it is Anders turn to speak. He assures the company of the good wishes of the Duke,the willingness of Ny Tradgardland to field troops -200 men from the settlement assisted by 100 tribesmen. All are willing and awaiting instructions. Anders takes his seat and waits for the senior Gallian officer present to speak.....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Privy Council, in session:

"Mr. Minister Pitt, what is this plan of yours again?"

"Excellency, your navies will combine with an expeditionary force of some 14,500 men to transport them to our naval bases at Halifax." Opening his folder and running a finger down the lists, William Pitt resumed.

"From there these troop transports and escourts will re-provision then move on the French Fortress Louisbourg, there are no more than 3000 or so garrison forces that could possibly be called upon."

Clearing his throat while glancing at the First Lord of the Admiralty, Baron Anson of Soberton, whom nodded his approval both to him and the Prince,

"A detachment of fast sloops shall also proceed from Halifax to inform our land forces command in New York to proceed north into New France holdings. This will then form a two-wing 'pincer' attack which should reach the primary city of Quebec before the onset of winter either this year or next."

Minister Pitt then took a deep breath,

"Majesty, we shall not have any great success with continued action on the continent, France simply cannot be defeated by direct engagement. We may, however, be able to progressivly remove her strength by cutting off the French from their overseas holdings. The western approaches squadrons shall remain in place, the Biscay hunting squadrons have already departed and a new assault force which will take action in the spice islands is ready in Carolina. It may have already departed depending on the wind and tides along the coast regions."

Lord Admiral Anson was now grinning with a twinkle in his eyes that made Pitt shudder for a moment.

"Collectively these dispositions will bring about a total cessasion of trade and commerce for France outside of the continent. Given that France is currently engaged with many Uropean germanic regions and there is a threat that Empress of Österreich shall enter the conflict this year makes for far too much on the plate of King Louis XV."

"Indeed Mr. Minister Pitt, and for your opposite I should think to one Marquise de Pompadour!" The prince shouted back while thumping his hand on the table.

Many others were a bit less excited but all were showing a sort of proud smirk or smile while mulling over their own parts of this plan.

A review and preview...

These years since 1756 have been hard.

We have seen the happiness of 1755, when harvests were great and life was simple turn to ashes.

Many homes have been burned, many have been 'exiled' or simply put to death in raids by natives and colonists alike.

Whither will this 1758 bring?

Landgraviate Council to Meet...Trouble Expected

Rumors spreading from the Landgrave of Ober-Schweinsberg speak of the impending meeting of the council loyal to Prince Asgar, one of the competing brothers engaged in civil war over their deceased father's throne. The Landgraviate continues to be divided over the issue of succession, with each Prince having been crowned Landgrave by different bishops and supported by their own government structures.

Speculation runs high that this gathering of Asgar's Council will draw the attention of Prince Arnold, and that an expedition may be mounted despite the winter season to arrest the Council members. Already, some residents are reported to be leaving the small town of Unter-Schweingau in anticipation of bloodshed, while others stay, the mayor having called the town's militia to arms. As of yet, there is no word of the Council's arrival in the town, and rumors differ as to the exact date planned for the meeting.

It is thought that any move by Arnold's wintering forces will result in a battle of some size, as one of Asgar's divisions lies in winter quarters across the river from the town, and would likely be called upon to defend the town.

(and yes, this is a background post for the proxy battle I'm working up to be played out by Murdock's group)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gallian Ministére d'Guerre, 29 Janvier 1758/2008

Narrator: We are invited to The Gallian Department of War at Versailles. The Ministre d'Guerre, l'Duc de Formidable is host to His Majesty King Louis XV, the imposing Foreign Minister we know so well, the Prince de Charade and with dispatches, Lt. Col. Enigma recently returned from Germania.
Ministre Formidable: "Your Majesty, Your Excellency the Prince and Lt. Colonel, welcome. We are thankful Your Majesty for calling this meeting regarding the progress of the war in the first weeks and indeed months of the new year. Your Majesty...." {l'Duc Formidable bows his head in deference to the King}

The King: "Gentlemen, I am troubled with our indecisive operations last year. Though our armies won several successes to the glory of Gallia, Der Erbprinz expertly blocked us at every avenue. All we have to show for it is Lt. Gen. Chevert's occupation of the Fortress of Gemüden, somewhat east of that troubling magazine at Frankfurt Am Main. Bastille continuously writes he is in a perpetual state of agitation with the Frankzonians there. The Imperium signed an Armistice taking them out of the war. Finally Marshall de Broglie though initially victorious over the Marquis of Granby could not oust the Britannian from his position at Minden - during the entire summer and autumn. Messieurs?"

[Formidable nods to Lt. Col. Enigma to speak first.]

Enigma: "Your Majesty, I am just back from Germania to report of the success of Gallian forces under the command of Lt. Gen. Chevert at Mühlenberg, just north of Gemünden on the 9th instant. The new cavalry commander Your Majesty promoted. Lt. Gen. Audace, caused the Hesse-Seewald left flank to collapse opening up a route to work into the rear of the enemy whilst Lt. Gen Chevert battered and pinned the bluecoats in the town proper. Your brother in law's new Saxon cavaliers, the Rutowski Chevaulegers were particularly terrifying as they fell upon the black hussars with great execution. Revenge Sire was given to them. The blue coat infantry pulled out of the town as night fell making their escape. A victory Your Majesty to open the New Year."

The King: "Thank you for this news."

Charade: "Your Majesty. We have more. I received a report via the dispatch vessel Alerte that l'Comte de Albany landed safely in Scotland, met numerous clan chieftains and was persuaded that Edinburgh was ripe for a fall. Indeed, l'Comte after consideration, ordered a coup de main and Edinburgh fell without a shot. Your battalion of Royal Ecossais that accompanied l'Comnte de Albany was in garrison at Edinburgh as of last week, Sire."

The King: "We must support my friend Charles Edward Stuart better than the last time he landed in his homeland. This time though I condone only the revival of the Scottish Monarchy and nothing more nor mischief south of Hadrian's Wall."

Formidable: "Oui Your Majesty. He understands this well. The fall of Edinburgh was unexpected this quickly, if at all. Yet there it is. I suggest we dispatch the other Scottish battalions of Ogilvy and Albany bringing our infantry commitment up to some 2,100 men including the battalion already there."

The King: "Make it so. Yet this is insufficient it seems to me."

Charade: "Indeed Sire. It may be. Yet the clans must pass the test, as it were. Will they rise to defend the inevitable counterattack by George II or will they remain home? L'Comte de Albany, I know has plans to raise loyal lowlanders. Indeed there are reports of defections.

Narrator: At this point dear reader we pause seeking the assistance of Jeff of Stagonia, if it pleases him. Would you please throw a 1D6 to determine the number of lowlanders that flock to the banner of The Pretender? - Charles Edward Stuart that is? You may use the floor modifier described on page 45 of Batailles de l'Ancien Régime (BAR). (Cement hard floor, die must not hit anything except a hard wall per p. 45.)

1 = 250
2 = 500
3 = 1,000
4 = 2,000
5 = 4,000
6 = 8,000 (yes this is the jackpot!)

Charade: "And Sire Britannia is over committed. Tradgardland has taken The Shetlands, the Marquis of Granby remains idle in northern Germania and there may be action in The New World with some kind of military combination involving our forces at Fortress Louisbourg and allies from Ny Tradgardland."

Formidable: "Finally Your Majesty, I have word the Armistice will fall to pieces by July. Thus the white coats of the Empress will march again to discombobulate the foe. Lt. Gen. Chevert is well placed to assist her at this moment." De Broglie will march against Grandy again too."

The King: "I rise to these plans Messieurs and salute you. 1758 appears promising!"

Formidable: "A toast!. [All raise their glasses of fine Chevert wine.] Confusion to our enemies!"

Narrator: The meeting ends. Fate learns the plan for her destiny.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Breaking News -- Allies Win at Tippelbruder

Information is sketchy at this point, but preliminary reports claim that the Allies defending the Town of Tippelbruder have prevailed against the Stagonian army.

As reported to the OSW Group, the allied artillery was the deciding factor, pummeling the invaders who were bogged down in the muddy morass of the soggy fields surrounding the town.

Further information should become available from our key reporter, Arthur of Frankszonia, who was there to document the battle . . . however, due to the difficulty in getting out of Tippelbruder, the report may not be posted for a few days yet.

Nevertheless many are cheering the thwarting of vile Stagonia's efforts to halt the uniform design efforts of David of Tippelbruder.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ny Tradgardland Rendezvous...

A cold yet sunny day off the coast of Ny Tradgardland. A representative of the Colony - Capt Anders sails towards the Gallian Territory nearby . He hopes to rendezvous with his Gallian counterpart in order to plan a joint operation for the coming year.

As ever Ny Tradgardland is committed to her Gallian allies here and in the Old World. The chance to co-operate against Britannia fills Anders with pride in his skills and a desire for Ny Tradgardland to show her talents in field craft and light infantry tactics. The local tribe will muster too - loyal to their White Father -Karl Frederick. It has been a hard Winter but that is behind them . Anders spys a boat approaching and hails her skipper.....

Monday, January 21, 2008

Proxy Battle Central


Please use the comments of this post to either . . .

A) Let us know that you have a battle that you'd like someone to "proxy fight" for you

B) That you are willing to host and fight such a "proxy battle" for other gamers.

And, I should let you know that Arthur and his Wife have begun the Tippelbruder battle. It has been set aside for the moment because Arthur is quite limited in the amount of time that he can sit up. He did indicate that his efforts on behalf of Stagonia were so far having a bit of a rough go (due to his poor initiative rolls).

I'm sure that all of us feel very sorry for those vile . . . I mean . . . oh, heck you know I really do mean 'vile' Stagonians. Perhaps someone (besides Koenig Maurice) even wants to see Tippelbruder burned down.

As for me, I'm hoping that Arthur's wife rolls her usual good dice; and that we soon get to read of the salvation of Tippelbruder and its Uniform Template Works . . . as well as the defeat of those vile sniveling scum masquerading as soldiers.

Meanwhile, please list those battles that you'd like to have fought by proxy.

-- Jeff

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Unexpected Tidings

Landgraf Bogey frowned and looked up as a disturbance in the reception chamber to his office intruded on his thoughts. The noise of voices rose to a crescendo, followed by thumps and bumps, and then the door to his office burst open. A large overcoated man, hat pulled down low over his face and carrying a large package lurched into the room. Servants and officers attempted to hold the man back, but he shrugged them off and stumbled toward the Landgraf.

“You’re…eeka…” the man mumbled, dropping the bundle onto the desk with a thud and collapsing into a nearby chair. Bogey was on his feet, moving to the man and gesturing to the crowd at the entrance.

“Shut that door!” he commanded.

Fräulein Effi, one of the ladies of the court, quickly pushed the door closed, but with herself still in the Landgraf’s office. She placed her back against the door and turned to Bogey, who was peeling open the wet coat of the stranger.

As she realized that the wetness was the man’s own blood, Effi sharply breathed in, making an “Ohh!” sound that she tried to stifle with her hand.

Bogey, shot Effi a stern glance, and turned back to the man. Or rather, he turned back to the body. Reaching inside the inner coat, covered in blood and worse, the Landgraf plucked out a folio of soaked papers, then turned to the frightened young woman.

“He could not have come far with all those holes in him,” Bogey stated matter of factly, gently peeling the red-stained papers apart before tossing them in the fireplace. “Why could he not live long enough to tell us something?”

Bogey strode to the desk and tore open the cover to the bundle. Effi, despite herself, could not resist crossing the room to her Landgraf’s side to look at the contents: toy soldiers, dozens of them, painted in white with various trims. Some kind of bill of lading lay beneath, but she could only see a few letters that read, "..eka Miniatures, Victoria..."

“Do you know who he is, Your Excellency?” Effi asked in a hushed whisper.

“Ja. He was Herr Jakoby, master of the ship Der Vogel.” Bogey lifted one of the soldiers and then glanced at the lists beneath. More to himself than to Effi, the Landgraf muttered, “So, Saxe-Jungbach is contracting with Herr Robson to raise an army, eh?”

Bogey rolled the bundle together and thrust it under his arm. He grabbed Effi by the arm, causing her to wince. “Forget all about the bundle. You got that? You can tell anyone about what happened here, but don’t mention the bundle!”

Effi twisted painfully, “You’re hurting me,” she cried.

Bogey released her arm. “You’re an angel, Fräulein. Now get me General Norris.”

All Quiet along the Lesser Zwischen. . .

A recent dispatch from the Stollenian frontier region on the northern back of the Lesser Zwischen River indicates that the two armies have gone into winter quarters following the Zichenauer victory at Zollamtstadt a few weeks ago. The Zichenauer troops, under General Philip de Latté, have set up camp in and around that town and its key bridge, busying themselves with off-season socializing among the town society (in the case of the officers) and outright debauchery among surrounding rural population (where the enlisted men a re concerned). Stollenian farm girls are so easily impressed! Or at least that’s the popular wisdom among members of polite society in this political and social backwater of northeastern Europe

For its part, the army of Stollen has retreated along interior lines to the vicinity of the capital Krankenstadt, where Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II (dressed in a winter version of his famous lobster costume) and his generals have busied themselves with shaking out and reorganizing the badly disorganized and shaken troops. Word has leaked from the palace that a new campaign may commence in late May or June, in which the Grand Duchy of Stollen attempts to deliver a serious counter blow to the pompous and overly confident Electorate of Zichenau. It is hoped that additional recruits and mercenary troops will be available to the Grand Duke and his generals by that time.

Katrina-Bettina von Heffelfinger, Die Krankenstadt Tageblat

Holyrood Palace -Edinburgh

After a difficult and tiring journey Von Bergmann ( that special agent /ambassador - celebrated by Tradgardlanders everywhere) finally arrives at the Palace of Holyrood in Edinburgh . The final leg of the journey by donkey has left him saddle sore and exhausted. Thankfully the French guard upon the palace gate took pity upon him and ushered him into a room with a huge fire and welcoming food. After refreshing himself Von Bergmann is delighted to be shown into the office of a rather imposing French Officer . " Well Monsieur,tell me of the current military situation and of those in charge here in this beautiful and historic city! "........

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Puzzling Contact

As the Intendant Bastille returns from his morning inspections, a swarthy workman carrying a hod of bricks stumbles and dirty, snow-melt water splashes onto the Intendant's boots. The laborer, with a frightened glance at the victim of his clumsiness and the escort flees quickly down a small, twisting alley.

But, his hat is lying upside down among the scattered bricks. A trooper dismounts, and, when he sees the inside of the hat seems to contain fancy papers, hands it to the Intendant. Upon arrival at his headquarters, the Intendant finds the papers to apparently be from some minor official in Limburg. Their content, however, is very interesting.

"If Hesse-Seewald and its allies were to come to Giesen by either route, they could pass between the Gallian concentrations fairly safely. Then by striking across Wetzlar and marching down the river to us, they would be in Ems in few days. From there, they'd be in an excellent position to threaten Coblenz or to strike north to their Britanian allies or even to come upon Frankfurt from behind.
The Munster cabal agrees that this is possible and wonders if Roquefort could also participate."

The Intendant is dubious about this intelligence, however. He had already endured several clumsy hints from the Frankszonians about the Cheezers and their cheesy plots ....

A letter from the Holy Father to Duke Karl Frederick

My Son
This letter pains me to write . Pressure has been brought to bear upon me by my loyal and faithful servant the Empress Maria Theresa and the diplomatic corps of the Imperium. Their secret and vigorous assaults upon my person - in terms of legal argument and appeal under heaven, has led me to a painful and sad conclusion which I must share with you this day. I hereby revoke for all time your claim and sovereignty over the land known as Schwartz - Tradgardland. The Land will be without rulers or authority until I hear the appeals of the crowned heads of Europa.They will make fit and proper representation to the Holy See for sovereignty of the said land.
Once more my sorrowful thoughts are with you.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A courier brings a royal package..

His Majesty Augustus von Lettow, Duke of Saxe-Huack, Margrave of Bittburg, Baron of Charmont, rightful Prince & ruler of Ostenburg, sends,

To all who shall see these presents, greeting. After a long and serious illness, Duke Augustus has ascended again to the eagle throne of Saxe-Huack. In commemoration, his grace has sent to you all fine bottles of wine from his own vineyards and novelty jewelry easter eggs of immense value and worth, all borne with the inscription, "Augustus caused me to be made."

At a grand ball at Fortenbras Palace the Duke made a simple yet most eloquent speech, "I am most glad to be among you all again."

New Imperial Voice

I have observered that there are a number of members here with "Imperial" opponents, or aggressor states in or near their 'primary' imagi-NATION, (Duchy, Barony, Kingdom etc).

While we may not have a 'single' entity that can 'act' as the Imperial aggressor, this is not a problem for the Österreich Über Alles can function as the same as the Aulic Council of the Austrian Empire.

I have started this blog with the intention of inviting many here at EvE with a 'white coated' army to use as a vehicle to promote 'actions' which should spur on the sort of engagements or battles or story telling items between the EvE contributors "outside" of thier own notion-state or imagi-NATION.

Please contact me at:
for the invitation to join in this 'opponent' blog roll...

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One Snowy Night....

On a snowy star-filled night with the moon peeking through racing clouds the sentry at the Edinburgh Main Gate observed an old woman tottering towards him, burdened by a large basket of firewood upon her back. His heart went out to her, for she was the very image of his dear old mother not three years in the grave! He, with foolish abandon ,laid his musket on the frosty ground and unlocked the gate with a massive iron key. The gate swung open and the soldier went forth to offer succour and to lend a hand.
The old woman produced a broadsword from within her petticoats,dispatched the unfortunate guard,threw back her hood to reveal the grim visage of a red bearded hairy highlander.
Two hours later…
The streets of the old town were full of the Jacobites and their French allies. The town guard had fled , taking many of the town worthies in their wake. The good people of Edinburgh huddled in their homes, many unaware of the coup de main upon the very streets of Edinburgh
Dawn came late to the winter city. The burghers awoke to a new flag flying from Holyrood Palace and a newly proclaimed King in residence. A new Golden Age was coming in with the first rays of the sun.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yet Another Mappe?

This time the Fredrich game board.

Be warned this is a very LARGE image.

You can also play this via a little app called Cyberboard.

The full details are here.

I think that while this is a good map for a concentrated effort revolving around Prussia (or Altmorania as I have termed it in my Imagi-nation), the total area covered is too small to encompass the whole of what EvE players are 'up to'.

Better would be something more along the lines of Sport of Kings or Empires in Arms, as they cover the whole of the continent (or more) with 'gameable' results possible.

Clove-Hamhock prepares for war

The Duchy of Clove-Hamhock has added several regiments of foot in preparation for the upcoming campaign season. The army will be ready to take to the field shortly.

Location of Clove-Hamhock

The Duchy of Clove-Hamhock is located in Northwestern Germany near Hannover.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gallian's Wintering In Germania And Elsewhere

Narrator: Snow and cold weather in western Germania brought military operations between Gallia and Freyburg versus Hesse-Seewaldt and Britannia to a halt. As we begin 1758/2008, it may perhaps be useful to recall....

Germania (See the “Friedrich” board game map, if you please):

Koblenz, Gallian magazine of:
10,000 Gallians.

Frankfurt Am Main, Gallian Magazine of:
15,000 Gallians commanded by l'Intendant Bastille.
Bastille released some Frankzonian prisoners for Christmas.
Frankzonians were grateful and impressed.

West of Frankfurt and Koblenz, west of the Rhine:
Winter Encampment of l'Duc de Broglie and l'Duc de Poyanne's Army.
de Broglie is in Versailles. De Poyanne temporarily left the Main Army to inspect the Koblenz garrison, also under his command.
Large Main Army, 20,000 estimated soldiers.

Gemünden, Fortress of:
Lt. General Chevert has encamped his entire Army here refitting for the Spring Campaign. Some think he will be ordered into Bohemia (Saxe-Bearstein) when the Armistice between The Imperium and Germania falls to pieces. Should there be trouble in Frankzonia he is within two days march of Frankfurt Am Main, the latter to the westward of the fortress. Estimated to have 15,000 soldiers.

In Scotland:
Charles Edward Stuart landed with a battalion of Royal Scots in mid December. There he met with clans loyal to his family and merged clan forces into what he hopes will be an uprising to recover Scotland and the throne - at least in Scotland. The Prince and the Royal Scots were brought by a Gallian naval squadron, the latter returned to Gallia. Can we expect more soldiers to be sent? Well dear reader we must await the results of the meeting of l'Chevalier du Nord with the Gallian Foreign Ministry. Du Nord had previously been on Shetland and then was with the Prince in Scotland. Finally scouts have looked in on the nervous garrison of Edinburgh reporting disconsolations and trepidations among the troops of George II, fearing a Clan Uprising - again.

On Shetland:
No Gallian presence there once l'Chevalier du Nord was wisked away to Scotland in a clandestine but fraternal voyage. However, Gallia supports Tradgardland's occupation and we may presume Tradgardland may be happy with the above diversion to Scotland to keep Britannia discombobulated. Perhaps there is a political combination we have yet to learn about, eh?

Fortress of Louisbourg, New World:
Governor Silhouette is marooned by the ice in the harbor. Plans are afoot for the Spring thaw. Is there something cooking with Ny Tradgardland to vex the Brtitannians nearby?

At Versailles:
Parties and more parties. There we see our dear ladies, Lady Diana Pettygree, Lady Cherish Masquerade and Lady Belle Silhouette. Marshall Broglie is in residence too along with all the other Gallian personalities not already mentioned.

We may imagine Gallian soldiers enjoying the fireplaces in their barracks, singing songs, dreaming of home, manning outposts, awaiting plodding supply trains from home while sentries walk their posts peering into the distance for the unlikely appearance of Der Erbprinz or the Marquis of Granby. Patrols are periodically sent out in search of mischief. Nothing so far. The foe must also be enjoying the respite.

Campaign Plans...for the coming 'proxy' season?

Fellow gentlemen of the Imagi-nations of Urope.

I am curious about the plans of action for the coming campaign season for those 'nations' with a 'notion' of exploring some storytelling through tabletop game play, yet do not yet have enough troops to 'take the field' or a live opponent with which to play against themselves.

I ask this now as 1758 is a busy year, historically, and likewise should be busy here at EvE.

Nothing 'concrete' needs to be decided now, only what sort of movements are likely, then where they are going to 'cross' can be 'thought-out' by that possible battles between players whom have little chance to meet in the Real World ™.

The Real World ™ timing part of these battles is also the reason for wanting to look ahead to the coming campaign season...

Off Shetland...

A mixed fleet of 4 vessels is sighted off Shetland today . It comprises both Danish and Tradgardland ships. Supplies are brought for the hungry garrison, letters to and from home, troops being rotated for their time of duty marking the Duchy's presence known on British soil.

On board is Von Bergmann.He refreshed by his time back home and he is ready to attempt another mission for the Duke. Von Bergman opens his sealed orders and reads that he is requested to make a clandestine trip to the mainland of Scotland in order to make contact with the Jacobites at Glenn Frey - where the eagles fly. He is first to liaise with the garrison and then to be on his way.

Von Bergmann sighs but as ever is willing to put the Duchy first. He wonders what ever happened to that French officer who went to Scotland......

Monday, January 14, 2008

Where Goeth the Kingdom of Leder Hosen?

The links to this site seem to no longer work. I fear that Frank is no longer blogging. Anyone have any news?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A cartoon...

Gentlemen ,

I trust you all had a good weekend. I thought you might enjoy this cartoon about very small German states. Even my beloved Duchy is larger than the one depicted!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A question of poxy ... uh .... proxy! ethics ....

This post sounds ten times more maudlin than I feel, just late and I'm tired.
Also, I will delete this post next weekend or earlier, as frankly it's a tad off topic and personal.

Dear friends,

First of all the many messages of encouragement to my wife and I during this illness have been very, very welcome. Though I'm clearly out of any immediate danger now, the infection seems to be a resistant one, and it'll be still a couple of weeks before I'm supposed to sit up longer than a couple of hours (to be honest, that's one rule I broke the day I was home ... it hurt, all right, but moving around and doing things made me feel a lot better anyway!).

Now here's my dilemma. Edie knows where the bogs are (after all, she is playing Tipplebruder) and I don't. Edie knows which infantry forces and cavalry forces are really under those cards ... and I don't. Now, if I resolve the battle from bed, it would be in 12 figure battalion scale, and she would only be able to take pictures and not play out her side. Given that her dice rolling and the barriers she's got in place, she has a real chance (as usual, alas) to give Stagonia a real bloody nose.
So, I'd really like to wait until we can set the game up in the living room and see what she would do.

ON the other hand, I've several minor scenarios in mind for the Ancient Nations blog, and those plastic ancients are already in the bedroom.

So, should I wait for Edie to feel comfortable with me sitting at the table for the four hours set up and play may take, meanwhile playing with my toy soldiers in bed, or resolve the scenario (which after all involves other gamers) first, or simply wait .... I feel bad playing new scenarios while an unfinished battle remains.

I'll tally up, and play SOMETHING dad bang it, next weekend.

Your servant

By sea and land!

From the pages of the Frundsberger Zietung, source of the latest news from the Frei Stadt and beyond.

Is there nothing that our brave Frundsbergers cannot achieve? According to the latest censored reports from France our boys have led the attack on an enemy held coast, driven off superior numbers of enemy troops and taken a battery threatening the invasion fleet. We await further detailed reports.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

An open letter to the Heads of State of Europa..

Your Majesties , Excellencies all!
May I extend an invitation to you to join ( with suitable train ) the Duke and Duchess of Tradgardland and Schwartz - Tradgardland for a week of celebrations ( at Candlemas ) to banish the Winter darkness and illuminate the lives of all! Accommodation will be offered and hospitality assured to those who give due notice . Notification of intent to come should be by letter by four days hence at the latest !
God save their Majesties!
Erik von Althavn- Trezbisond
Newly appointed organiser of Extravaganzas Secular and Profound to the Court
p.s All gifts of a fitting nature will be welcomed and adored!
p.p.s An itinerary of events and masques will be issued along with diverse details in due course.

Art for Art's sake....

Having worked through the night for days ,kept awake by arcane medicines and mushrooms, the Ducal Court Painter of Tradgardland - reveals ( to his studio and close friends ) his masterpiece - "The enthronement of Duchess Liv." Duke Karl Frederick will receive the painting officially in the Palace tonight.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An idea for pacification

I have an idea that might help restore peace to our ravaged lands.
I notice that women from Gallia, Scandalusia, Italy, and so forth are highly praised for their romantic qualities.
Perhaps, if we could induce them to travel North, it might mitigate the effects of being overrun with so many Hessies .....

A letter to the King of France

Karl Frederick picked up his pen and began to write:

Your Majesty

May I send our humblest greetings to you at this season of rejoicing. I write firstly to enquire of your health and secondly to invite you and members of the Court to make a State Visit to Tradgarland at this time of celebration. As your majesty knows the Duchy has recently grown due to the benevolence of the Holy Father. Also I have been joined,under God, in my sacred task of administering fair and worthy Rule by my wife Duchess Liv. In order to celebrate the aforementioned Ducal events and to further cement concord between our countries I bid you come and join in our week of celebration commencing upon the feast of Candlemas.

Karl Frederick

The Duke sealed the letter and gave it to be taken by fast courier to the Gallian Court.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Formal Proclamation regarding Vergoldeten

See the Hesse-Engelburg blog for details....

Hesse-Engelburg Riders seen in Krankenstadt

While the celebration of the Spanish Holiday went on, another less festive but no less colorful presence made its way through the streets of the capital, in the form of a five man detachment of hussars from the Garde du Corps Prinzessin Gertrude. It is said that the hussars presented themselves at the palace, and one, an officer, presented credentials and has requested audience with the Duke himself as an emissary representing Their Graces, the Fürst and Fürstin. One of the porters was later to swear to his companions at the local source of inebriation that the officer admitted was none other than the same Major Rudel who delivered gifts from Hesse-Engelburg in the orignal diplomatic contact between the two countries.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the palace, a Major dressed in pink and purple awaits the convenience of the Grand Duke....

News from Somewhere......

Good readers all !

Tradgardland has a new ruler - see the Duchy of Tradgardland Blog for details.....

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Holy Father Speaks....

In the Vatican today an announcement was made public concerning Duke Karl Frederick of Tradgardland. The Pope has commended the Duke for his loyalty to the Holy See in 1757 and in past years. As a result His Holiness conveys to him , in perpetuity, dominion and sovereignty over the former territory known as Schwartz Wald See . The Duke's brother Max will be invested as Cardinal of the Dukedom as well as his previous titles. His presence will be required immediately in Rome . From hence forth Schwartz Wald See will be known Schwartz - Tradgardland. May God bless the Duke and his people in the Future and always!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Field report from the Tipple-Bruder Swamps ....

Actually, the weather had been very unstable at Tipple-Bruder ... and it seems the Stagonian General has fallen seriously ill as a result and thus has only made dilatory moves.
There has been considerable skirmishing around the convent of St. Mary Hildegaard Kunegunde of the Holy Rose Water. Since it is in range of the Tipplebruder artillery, however, Stagonia has not made a serious effort to storm the place, in spite of the alleged presence of virgins still sheltered in its walls. There are at least two battalions of Allied infantry in position to rush to the defense of the light infantry who are enjoying shelter within the cloister.

However, in his defense, the frequent rains have prevented the ground from drying out enough for him to employ his superior cavalry well.
However, the Tipelbruder forces have been driven in to their outer defense line ... as soon as the ground dries enough for the cavalry to sweep around their flanks, the affair should come to a conclusion.
The Stagonian intelligence service has planted rumors of bands of rogue cavalry in Stagonian service in the mountain flank, thus pinning some of their better forces in the hills and out of the main line of our advance.

Major Edsel ....

Two Score!

Fellow Rulers,

We've "scored" twice. Yes, 20 + 20 means that we now have 40 members in our "Emperor vs Elector" group blog. The Grand Duchy of Kitschberg is the latest entry to our group.

-- Jeff

12th Night

A Happy Epiphany and 12th Night to you all when it comes. As the decorations are taken down may you gradually replace their colour with steadied ranks of painted tin soldiers. For those whose holidays are coming to an end I trust that they were all you wished for and may you have a good return to work.

Friday, January 4, 2008

A PostCard from Monrovia (a spy's report)

Count Hermann of Munster (chief of Wittenberg's spies) examined his morning mail. He spotted a postcard. It said,

Monrovia Dec 12th. Having a lovely time, the beer in the local tavern is great, looking forward to the christmas celebrations, may see you in the new year, signed Roger de Lodgerly.

The Count looked at the post card and carefully peeled back the corner and removed the picture side of the PostCard.

On the inside hidden from view was the following, written in very small script. Count Herman examined it carefully with his magnifying glass and read :
To: Count Hermann of Munster, Wittenberg

I have been gathering information as requested. I have managed to gain access to the King of Monrovia's palace.

Recently I was able, after bribing some of the servants, to get into the King's rooms and overheard a conversation between the Chancellor and the King Francis III of Monrovia which mentioned alliances with other states, including Stagonia, and the readiness of the their army

I will send you further updates via the usual channels.

From: The Whistler

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Raid into Tradgardland

For details of my BAR game today see the Duchy of Tradgardland and The Imperium Blogs - enjoy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Somewhere in the court of an ImagiNation of Urope:

Toadying Flunky: “Sire, have you seen the news?”

Overwhelmingly Pompous Ruler/Commanding General: “Flunky, I have already told you that I am NOT responsible for Frau Liebmilch’s condition…”

TF: “No, Sire, I mean about the new army in Hesse-Homburg and Princess Ulrike’s request for general officers to lead it?”

OPR/CG: “Flunky, I already have a job, and while you do also I could change that…”

TF: “Of course, Sire, but I don’t mean for either of us. This is a perfect opportunity for us to unload that incompetent General X. I’ve heard that there has not been a single respondent to the request. All we have to do is dress up his resume a little and voila! He’s gone!”

OPR/CG: “I’ve got a better idea, Flunky. Send along General X’s resume to the Homburgers and they will pick him up and we’ll be rid of him!”

TF: “Brilliant, Sire. I will send it along to this unsuspecting Clerk, Herr Youngstrom, at once!”