Saturday, June 30, 2007

NEWSFLASH -- Battle Seems Immient

Reports from the eastern Baltic point to what seems to be an impending clash of arms. Two forces are marching toward each other in an area claimed by both.

From the west, an army of Duchy of the North troops led by Count Major General Sturri Pal Wrede seems fated to collide with a Mieczyslaw force led by Duzy Uderzyc Klarnowo.

If we can believe reports, the armies seem to be of comparable size, but do not have the same mix of troops. Most specifically, Wrede seems to have several squadrons of dragoons; while Klarnowo has more light horse and lighter artillery.

Unless something unexpected occurs, it appears that battle will be joined sometime Sunday.

-- a "Tricorne Wars" reporter

Friday, June 29, 2007

Banat of Torgaras

Those wishing to become aquainted with the newest arrival upon the stage of Europa should go to

A Stollenian Who-done-it?

Yesterday, in the aftermath of Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus' semi-public (and long overdue) removal from his crusty lobster costume and bath, a pie fight ensued around the luncheon table outside the east wing of Krankenstadt Palace. A small detachment of Leib Grenadiers under Colonel von Spasticus was finally called in to restore order after 45 minutes. Read all about the details in yesterday's edition of Die Krankenstadt Tageblat at:

Please Don't Neglect your Personal Blogs

Fellow Bloggers,

I try to check everyone's blog or website every day . . . and many of you have been neglecting your personal blogs. They are still useful for many things (such as rules, painting, purchases, designs, etc.)

Remember to post there as well as here.

-- Jeff

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dastardly deed afoot

Having concluded his imperical business in Berlin and Brandenburg, Bob XXII and retinue take to the river system of Europa again making their way down the Havel to the Elbe and into Hamberg. While in Hamberg Bob will hire a schooner to send for his small fleet both lurking off the coast of Tradgardland and recalling Admiral Sailfast from Tradgardstadt. When assembled the retinue will pack themselves on the ships and make for the Dutch ship yards in Leeuwarden then to Aberdeen ship yards to pick up his commissioned fleet from the Dutch and Scotish yards for his new home fleet. Bob will sail back to Constantinople leaving his trade delegations in Alzheim and Stollen.
Bob consults with Admiral Sailfast and Admiral John Opsokion Admiral of the Blue (Home) Fleet for one last attempt at sowing mayhem among the dastardly Franks who burn his capital in the 12th century. "Admirals I want you to pick a crew for a secret mission taking a fishing boat up the Seine to as close to Paris as possible. Then into Paris to burn the city to the ground. So the men you pick must have some working knowledge of pyrotechniques. Please inform me when the men have set sail. Now on the the details....."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In the Courts of the Morning.............

Karl Frederick limbers up upon the Tennis court. He is awake,refreshed and ready for the fray. He awaits his esteemed guest. Karl Frederick muses upon the fact he loves the smell of linseed oil in the morning and then hears footsteps coming onto the court. He smiles with anticipation at the thought of a glorious game and discussions leading to a united,powerful and mighty northern Europa!

Practical Jokers Afoot in Imaginary 18th Century Europe?

A few days ago, a large package arrived by courier at gates of Krankenstadt Palace. Upon examination, it was found to be for Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II from the Graf Maurice von Hirschbock of distant Stagonia. Graf Maurice presented Irwin-Amadeus with a costume lobster claw, to replace the missing left claw of the original costume.

Unfortunately, Irwin-Amadeus now wears his costume with TWO (yes, that’s correct, TWO) right-handed claws. Stollenian ministers and advisors are concerned that this apparent mistake -- some openly suggest that a practical joke has been played on Stollen and its ruler— will only cause Irwin-Amadeus to lose the slight grip he has left on reality even more quickly than has been the case in recent weeks.

Given the serious nature of the current situation developing just over the frontier in the Electorate of Zichenau, and the need for rapid, informed decisions, those around our Grand Duke are troubled to say the least. For his part, Irwin-Amadeus seems terribly pleased with his replacement claw and sends his deepest gratitude to the Graf von Hirschbock.

Stollenian ministers and advisors are not as thrilled however. Since recent summer weather has been quite warm here in the Grand Duchy of Stollen, the atmosphere surrounding Irwin-Amadeus II in his lobster costume has become, to put it delicately, fetid. There is even talk in the palace of forcibly marching the Grand Duke at the end of a three meter pole into one of the fountains in the palace formal garden for a good soak and scrub down.

Of course, that cat has yet to be belled! However, a certain source in the palace reveals that the job may fall to the ultra-proper and reserved Minister of War, Herr Heinrich-Schatzi von Pelznikkel. Offiering his comments on the circulating rumor, the Prussian ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Stollen, the jovial Herr Heinz von dem Salat, chuckled, shook his head, and said, "Now that I would like to see!"

Others closer to the Grand Duke have stressed that this piece of gossip is just that -- gossip. Keep in mind that practical jokers may be behind this bit of information too. If Herr von Pelznikkel has, in fact, been informed that he is to bathe the Grand Duke publicly, he has yet to issue a public statement about it. We at Die Krankenstadt Tageblat do, though, have a difficult time picturing Herr von Pelznikkel engaged in washing down the stiflingly ripe Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus! As more details unfold in this developing story, you can read about them right here.

-- Katrina Bettina von Heffelfinger, Die Krankenstadt Tageblat

Bill's New 18th Century Miniatures Tabletop Rules

Batailles de l'Ancien Régime 1740-1763 (BAR)
Battles of the Old Regime
Author: Bill Protz (me)
Retired Seven Years' War Assn. editor
Self-published: March 2007
15-40mm miniatures1-2-3-4 ranks deep (your choice)
No rebasing
Lots of photographs.
See Hesse-Seewald, Gallian and Imperium soldiers some in color.
Multi-brigade level game.
No skirmish abstractions.
No grand tactical abstractions.
Drill manual.
You need to know how to maneuver.
You'll learn. It's easy.
Brigade wargaming IS different than skirmish and grand tacticalwargaming.
Two sets of Quick Ref. Charts.
One for larger wargame tables and numbers of miniatures.
The other for smaller wargame tables and numbers of mininatures.
No rosters.
No orders.
Use D6s only.
Select from many optional rules like a buffet.
Lots of ways to organize units.
Too much to explain in emails.
Most people do not need to rebase at all.
Commentaries about wargaming and wargamers.
People say they love reading BAR.
Website under construction.
Look for advertising in Battlegames #8 magazine.
$35.00 USD incl. postage.
Personal check payable to Bill Protz is fine if you are in the USA.
$37.00 via PayPal.
The extra $2.00 is to replace the PayPal cut.
Write to me at oldregimerules@...and the PayPal people will prepare a fast and easy invoice back to purchasers.
I normally get orders out in 1-3 days.
Thank you.
Votre Serviteur,

Submissions for Who's Who (Europa) ...

Brother James is busy researching for the second edition and will be glad to use any information supplied.

For those who wish to send submissions to Brother James for the second edition, please send them to

james*[a] ( *[a] => @ )

Herr Hermann Schickler
(editor, publishers - Marschalk and Lufft of Wittenberg)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Point of Information and out of character for a Mo

Dear Group
I have in recent past, before this blog, set up a timeline to follow for my own campaigns. When this all started I dismissed it for the joy of the game, so to speak, but would seriously like to put this in perspective for my own gaming as it adds quite a bit. This is so especially since I solo game this.
I have seen both 1755 and 1756 spoken of as past times in this blog, I think that this correct. That would indicate this is 1757? If this is so than Bob the XXII is in the right place in Europa, if not than I have made a major blunder and need to correct this by withdrawing Bob, but not his ambassadors.
Can we have a concensus on the year?

Monday, June 25, 2007

From Fiskby Abbey..........

Dear Brother James
I was wondering but neglected to mention it in my previous communication if your venerable and ancient library contains any manuscripts pertaining to the ancient claims Tradgardland had to the lands of Byzantium . Legend tells us that a vangarian ancestor was adopted as the emperor's son but died soon after. Let me know what you find.
The joint Abbots of Fiskby

Matters Ecclesiastical..........

To brother James
I send you greetings from the Abbey of Fiskby. I enclose a manuscript for your consideration to print.It concerns Tradgardland and may be of service to those upon the grand tour and sundry others.
Fraternal greetings
Abbot Ingmar

(text may be found as a comment on 1st edition of who's who post)

Europa Rex v1

Here is the latest iteration of the map. I am unable to place in all of the minor combatants due to space requirements. The original drawing is in Visio and I'm glad to forward it to anyone that would liek a crack at it. I find it easy to just remind myself that all of the combatants surrounding Stollen for instance and contyrolled by Stokes are in the bubble marked Stollen.

Dispatch for Alte Fritz

A dispatch rider in the livery of Byzantium arrives at Sans Souci with a message for Alte Fritz

In camp, Konigs Wusterhausen
24th instant

My Dear Alte Fritz
I arrive in your vicinity in a day or two at the most and have news of interest to you.
I beg an audience at your earliest convenience.
Yr Obt. Servent
Bob XXIIst
Emperor of Byzantium

Greetings to the Duke of Alzheim

A note arrives at Alzheim Palace

My Dear Duke of Alzheim
On behalf of Bob the XXI of Re-constituted Byzantium, Protector of the Divine Mistress, I extend the sincerest and most heartfelt wishes to you and your subjects. Our Emperor trusts this letter finds you in good health. As you know I am travelling with a small retinue in search of Princesses for Emperor's Sons.
I am here to discuss the current affairs of Europa, trade between our two nations, and of course heirs to our throne.
I await at your convenience.
Yr Obt Servant
Ali Oli Oxenfrei
Grand Vizer
Beloved of the Moon Goddesses and Nanny to the Royal Horde

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Resistance Brews ... scene one

The Resistance Brews:

Late Evening ... L Comte Bastille’s office ... lamps and candles illuminate the room as the count and a few others are viewing various drawings and plans of construction.
A soldier enters and hands a silver platter to an officer. The officer takes the platter to the count who glances quickly at the card.
Bastille: Gentlemen, we’ve been working hard hours, perhaps you would all like to retire to the smoking room for a bit of brandy?
A bespectacled small fellow working on a drawing in the corner fails to join the general exodus, until, at a glance from the count, one of the aides quickly takes his elbow and leads him out.
The count watches them leave and then taps on a side door. A darkly, but richly dressed person enters quickly.
Bastille: Well?
Dark: The Dilbert affair does not seem to be connected to this current problem. That was all merchants, and this seems to be primarily nobles.
Bastille: Primarily?
Dark: Somebody has to be bankrolling it.
Bastille: So, the fat little duke thinks he can just putz by again?
Dark: No, my Lord. The funds available to the Fahrtzen are fairly limited, and we’ve been able to trace most of it ... pretty standard stuff and not enough to threaten a good Gallian division.
Bastille: But these rumors of a coup!?!
Dark: The real professionals who were dissatisfied seem to have left after the Dilbert affair. The barracks are tense with rumors, but nobody seems to be actually involved among the Frankszonian forces.
Bastille: So why all the furor?
Dark: The Duke’s men suspect that external forces are reacting to your .... ah ... construction project as well as to the annexation of Nidda, my Lord. They are hoping that your own militia’s vigilance will protect them from infiltration, so they’re looking just outside their own balliwick.
Bastille: Still, all the rumors inside the walls are suspicious, be sure the depot guards are doubled. Get the sergeants to really ride them to be alert.
Dark: I really can’t pass such an order myself, my Lord.
Bastille: But you can pass an invitation to some especially pleasant guests, no?
Dark: At once, My Lord (exeunt)
Bastille: (goes to main door, and tells sentry to get the staff back)
Soldier: My Lord, there’s a lady caller here now.
Bastille: Yes?
Soldier: The Lady Rosenschnauz, sir.
Bastille: Excellent, have her come in immediately!
(Aides and staff enter, laughing with a pleasant, but not ravishingly, pretty woman)
Lady R: ... and then she said, “but my pussy has no tail!”
(more laughter)
My Lord, Bastille! I do apologize for such a late interview, but I thought you’d want to know ...
Bastille: (smiling politely) yes?
Lady R: The Ladies Pettygree and Masquerade have been lodged in Nidda. Should we provide an Hussar escort or do you want to bring them up to Frankfurt by the river?
Bastille: My staff and I will consider the problem and give you our decisions in the morning, my Lady.
Lady R: Very good! but, my Lord?
Bastille: (maintaining a pretense of politeness) yes, my Lady?
Lady R: Will you be attending the fete in person or as an officer of guard?
Bastille: Most likely as both, my Lady.
Lady R: Then we will need your measurements for your costume!
(she suddenly pulls a tape measure from the lace of her sleeves and snuggles up to the Count while measuring his chest ... the aides quickly hide their grins and stifle their sniggers)
Bastille: (trying to pull back) Costume? My Lady! Surely this isn’t necessary!
Lady R: Oh, but Mslle. Masquerade insisted, she wrote of you as her white bunny!
Bastille: (finally managing to dodge free as Lady R. tries to get his inside seam) Alas, my Lady, but this night must be spent on sterner measures ... my comrades are in the field already and we’ve rumors already of battle!
Lady R: Oh, you men! Well, I’ll send some of our maids over at lunch to finish ... See you later, my Lord. (exeunt ... the staff still hiding hilarity).
Bastille: All right, gentlemen. (sudden sobriety strikes all), we’ve some urgent things to accomplish by morning ... the architect staff can be dismissed .... speaking of which, where IS the architect?
An officer: He went to his quarters, I believe sir.
Bastille: You believe?
Officer: Yes, sir. He said something about wrong measurements on his way by and said he’d have to wait for morning to get them right.
Bastille to an aide: Bring him back, I need to know about these measurements.
Aide: Yes, sir! (Exeunt)
Bastille: Draw up orders to double the supply and depot guards, I want an alert to be set up but quietly, less we draw the attention of the local spies ...
(the officers fall to writing quickly, and some show their drafts to Bastille, who initials the papers and sends the officers out).
Aide: (entering) Sir, the architect is not in his quarters, sir.
Bastille: What?
Aide: One of the guards said he saw him meet with one of the servant girls, and they went somewhere together.
Another officer: Well, I hope he gets the measurements right!
(General hilarity ... until Bastille, looking over at the architect’s table, snatches up a draft sheet)
Bastille: Find him, gentlemen! Now!
(exeunt all but Bastille and sentry) .

Arrival of the Burgraf von Waffenschmidt in the court of Duke Karl Frederick

(follow-up to Dispatch to Hesse-Engelburg and its comments)

Narrator: A coach draws up outside the residence of Duke Karl Frederick, bearing the coat of arms of Hesse-Engelburg upon its side and escorted by a small party of dragoons clad in azure blue coats. A keen-eyed man with powdered hair and formal attire of matching but civilian azure blue cloth emerges, and makes his way into the residence, following a servant to be led to his meeting with the Grand Duke. A single dragoon accompanies him, carrying a leather satchel bearing the same coat of arms, serving as an aide.

Somewhere in Lagerburg

A letter, delivered by courier at night, along with a small package.

My dear Fritz,

It is with some concern I have heard from friends of the tensions between the Duchy and your Slobbovian neighbors. Things are nearly as on edge as they were when we served together in the freikorps in the last war, are they not? I thought it suitable to write you informally about a little tender inquiry I have been making of late. I think it would be possible, were you to wish it, for me to arrange an audience for yourself or some other representative of the Duchy to speak with the Trade Minister and/or the Foreign Minister regarding beneficial trade agreements. Enclosed, I believe you will find an excellent sample of the product of our recently discovered rich gold vein, the which I encourage you to examine and keep for your mineral collection. I thought that perhaps the division of such a fine mineral sample to some in your acquaintance might help to demonstrate the benefits of trade.



Aboard l'Vengeance

Dear Reader, if you please, repair to the half dozen entries commenced 20 June entitled "On a Galley...." Only afterwards, I would be obliged if you would take up that story with its continuance below. Thank you.
l'Capitaine de l'Vengeance
"Deck! Deck there. She is the Invincible."

Gallian Diplomat l'Comte de Rapprochement on the quarterdeck lee rail:
"We've heard of her before my dear von Bergman. She is trouble and, if I am not mistaken, means to distress us, if it is within her capitaine's power. I do not know much of her other than in the year 55 she crippled a small ship of the line of 50 guns off Cape Breton in the fleet action there. We lost several transports and warships sailing en-flute filled with soldiers en-route to Canada. I believe one transport struck her colors to Invincible."

von Bergman:
"Well then, the game is perhaps now known. Invincible I should gather intends to take us and prevent our further diplomatic discourse at Versailles. A traitor is likely in my home country. I have a notion of someone too. He opposed my mission to Gallia and may desire to ruin our chance for joint efforts mon tres cher l'Comte. Wait though, your Capitaine has arrived back on deck.

l'capitaine de l' Vengeance:
Messieurs. My compliments to you. I may beg to ask you to go below to sick bay should things become hot. It is the safest part of my ship. However, there is no need now. Invincible is encumbered by barnicles and weed unless recently removed. I observe we are faster with the wind amidships and she only has a soldier's wind coming from aft. Though our courses will intersect, we will pass through the intersection first. Now, if you will excuse me, good morning to you both and I would be pleased to have you join me for coffee and eggs within the half hour unless the requirements of the service interevene.

von Bergman:
"A polite capitaine, he is."

l'Comte de Rapprochement:
"Oui and confident too."


Enseigene Bargot:
Monsieur l'Capitaine, the foretopgallant mast is down hanging all ahoo. We are slowing....

Who's Who (Europa, 1st Edition)

A compendium of the States of Europa by Brother James of Alt-Wittendorf has been published, you may obtain your copy from

Brother James hopes you enjoy his work.

Herr Hermann Schickler
(editor, publishers - Marschalk and Lufft of Wittenberg)

[I did it as a pdf for ease of reading, size is ~650k, if you want other formats then let me know and I see what the publishers can do - Brother James]

An invitation ,delivered by hand to the Grand Duke of Davidsberg.

Greeting ,fraternal and cordial, To my fellow Duke!
May I extend our midsommer greetings to you and your illustrious family!
I pen this with my own fair and tired hand. I am personally extending an invitation for you and your Ducal train to come and visit Tradgardland with a view to trade and military alliance. It is time that we Northern nations joined together for mutual defence and the furtherence of our Ducal glory. Hesse Engleberg is considering her position and I trust amassadors from North will join us sooner or later.
Write soon brother,tell me of your country and your wise thoughts!
Karl Frederick

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mid sommer in Tradgardland- A proclamation !

Amidst the midsommer poles which bedeck the whole Duchy, the good people ofof Tradgardland celebrate the longest day and St John the Baptist too.
On the heath, amidst the pavillions of blue and rose,the golden herring banners are waving easily in the breeze. The shooting contest is over,the splintered wooden boars lie on their sides and the pulley crews take their ease Outside the largest pavillion the crowds gather,silence falls as Karl Frederick climbs onto a table to address the throngs.
"My good people.Let me give you joy of this day,joy of Midsommer to one and all! ( much cheering and hats thrown heavenwards)
Today we have seen fine sport with boar and rifle. Today I welcome back my prodigal son,see him shoot as the best of all contenders and will soon kill for him the fattened calf!
Good people the night of merrymaking awaits so I will be but brief, I shall detain you but a little longer.
I have three announcements to make . Firstly my son and heir is be colonel propritor of The Gamekeepr,s regiment by virtue of his markmanship In his honour the regiment shall now be known as the Midsommer Regiment. Secondly we enter a period of everlasting peace and felecity with our neighbours of Hesse -engleberg . (gasps and mumuring....)
Together we stand like pillars supporting all that is good and against all that is evil. Thirdly as we speaks agents of the Duchy are making agreements of concord with Gallia which shall see us into a new golden age.The Arts - spiritual,temporal and martial will flourish as never before and (Karl Frederick's words are drowned in a cacphony of noise)
Postmaster, may a record of my words be sent to the four corners of the kindom and nailed upon the door of every church in the land!"
The Duke is helped from the table and back into the tent. The midsommer night awaits his presence. The cheering subsides, the crowds drift away to give themselves over to celebration. Post riders set off with the proclamation in a flurry of hooves and dust

Europa: Who's Who (draft edition)

Brother James at the cistercian monastery of Alt-Wittendorf has been compiling a lsit of the states of Europa with their rulers and other supplementary information.

He requests your indulgence and invites you to read his first draft and hopes that you will inform him of any errors or omissions and provide him with information to complete his opus [any unknown entry information is shown as ??]

Country: Ruler , Other Titles[Other Info]

Bishopric of Uber Gruntshuffen : ?? , ??

Britannia(Britain): ?? , ??

Byzantium: Emperor Bob XXI, Protector of the Divine Mistress, Lead Worshipper of the Moon Goddesses.

Duchy of Alzheim: Friedrich August II, ??

Duchy of Lagerburg-Slobbovia: ??, ??

Duchy of Mieczyslaw: 'vacant', ??

Duchy of the North: ?? , ??

Duchy of Tradgardland: Karl Frederick, ??

Electorate of Vulgaria: Donislov I , ??

Frankszonia: Hertzhog Stanken Fahrt, ??

Gallia(France): l'Roy Louis XV, ??

Germania : ?? , ??

Grand Duchy of Stollen: Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II, ??

Hesse-Engelburg: Fürst Guntram, ??

Hesse-Fedora: ?? , ??

Hesse-Seewald: ?? , ??

The Imperium(Austro-Hungary): Maria Theresa , ??

Noverre: Grand-Duke Douglas , ??

Saxe-Bearstein: Furst Bruno V , ??

Saxe-Huack: Duke Augustus von Lettow, Crown Prince of Ostenburg, Margrave of Bittburg, Baron of Charmont, Fidei Defensor.

Saxe-Raschstein(Saxony); ?? ??

Scandalusia: ?? ??

Soweiter League : ?? , ??

Wittenberg: King Leopold IV , Count of Gerundia

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Commentaires Par Moi

Commentaries by me about the blog.
No criticism intended or inferred at all.
Just obervations for those who may or may not need them and for me too.
1. The opportunity for multiple posts/comments telling a story in the form perhaps of a one-act play was commenced by Tradgardmaster and Gallia on 8 June 2007 entitled Off The Gallian Coast. The initial post was followed by 13 comments or follow-ups stopping on 19 June I think. You may want to go back to 8 June and read the whole thing - 14 posts.
2. On 20 June 2007 Tradgardmaster continued Item #1 reconfiguring things with a new initial post entitled On A Galley, etc. It is a resumption of the story or play.
3. Item #1 allowed a continuous and perhaps seamless story which I liked. As time went by from 8 June to 19 June, the initial post and its eventual 13 comments dropped lower and lower in the postal standings (newness). Does this make the story go out of sight and therefore out of mind for the rest of us? Does this kind of thing make it harder for us to follow a story without having to remember that somebody's post has 3 comments and then only look in if a fourth appears. I don't think I can remember that kind of detail with all the wonderful stuff going on and I know I don't want to reread everything.
3. Item #2 brought the story back to the top or front page, as it were. This post will drop it into second place. As time goes by should the thread continue, it will drop lower and lower.
4. So perhaps it is a good idea when a thread is resumed as Tradgardmastare did on the 20th instant, that some reference is made in the form of a narration to go back to the earlier thread so the story does not have a confusing gap. The two of us kept things going for a long time and I guess thought it was personally fun. I suppose one purpose to do these kinds of things is to spread it around for those so interested. Thus opening the same storyline with a new headline is where we ought to go in the event a story gets longish like ours.
5. One thing I would like to see on a regular basis is the map at the top of the heap every couple of weeks.
6. Now it looks as if Tradgardmaster and 'Comte de Rapprochement are off to the capital of Gallia, but I have yet to write about this.
Votre Serviteur,

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On a galley ,off the Gallian coast ,at 10pm..........

Von Bergman:
And now gentlemen we have enjoyed a most glorious repast. We have talked as men of refinement and as men of honour.The hour is getting late.My master the Duke had instructed me,before the voyage began,to make contact with representitives of Gallia. This I duly accomplished.I spent time,most esteemed time, in your company . Now as the hour gets late and Midsommer approaches I ask you to tell us how Tradgarland can be of service to you and what we shall gain in return. Speak plainly Sir, I am tired and need to rest. Let us complete the matter this very night. All open for discussion!Come Sir will you not speak your mind and heart?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who IS Who

Gallian King: l'Roy Louis XV
Brother: Comte de Provence (Brigade des Carabiniers)
Brother In Law: Prinz Wilhelm von Saxe-Raschstein (Saxony)
Prinzessin Mercedes: Louis XV's Sister, Prinz Wilhelm's Wife (Saxony)
Imperium Empress: Maria Theresa
Gallian Foreign Minister: Prince de Charade
Charade's Secretary: Bernard
Gallian Minister of War: l'Duc de Formidable
Gallian Diplomat: Comte de Legerdemain
Gallian Diplomat: Comte de Rapprochement
Rpprochement's Doorward: Pierre La Port
Saxe-Raschstein Prime Minister: Graf von Bruhl
Imperium Foreign Minister: Count von Kaunitz
Gallia: Col. Enigma (??)
Lady Diana Pettygree (from the Britannian Channel Island Pettygree)
Pettygree's Maid: Catherine
Pettygree's Valet: Henri (missing in Germania in 1756 now returned)
Lady Cherish Masquerade
Lady Belle Silhouette
Master Pastry Chef Jacques Torres
Gallian Marshall l'Duc de Broglie
Gallian Lieutenant General Chevert
Saxe-Raschstein General Major von Nostitz
Saxe-Raschstein General Major Graf zu Solms
Imperium Marshall von Browne
Imperium General von Schwarzenegger
Brig. J.C. Fischer (Fischer Legion)
Col. Mirage
Col. Bercheney (Bercheney Hussars)
Rittmeister von Schill (von Schill Hussars von Saxe Raschstein)
Leutnant Blitzen: ADC (Prinz Albrecht Chevaulegers von Saxe-Raschstein)
Lieutenant Gardier: Officer in charge of Pettygree's cavalry escort
Capitaine Acheron de Vinnie (Compagnies franches de la Marine)
THAT WOMAN: Mysterious, one-eyed, elderly and peasant dressed offering advice to Pettygree. She appears at propitious moments and vanishes in an instant.
Col. von Bungle
Gen. Schwerpunkt
Lt. Gen. the Marquis of Granby
Maj. Gen. Frye
More as they are created.........
Unused Names:
Cursarius (Runner/Raider)
von Bluster
von Blunder

The Map

Map Request:
(if you please)
Britain = Britannia
Saxony = Saxe-Raschstein
Austro-Hungary = The Imperium
According to the military history of the war between Gallia and Hesse-Seewald for several years now.
Votre Serviteur,
l'Comte de Legerdemain
of the Gallian Foreign Ministry

an urgent dispatch.......

To Burgraf Heinrich von Waffenschmidt

Minister of State

We are delighted to agree matters of trade and honour. We are delighted also to see a ray of light amidst the clouds of Mars. As two great nations may I call for you to agree a treaty of mutual benefit of the gravest concorde. In the event of an abhorrent invader desecrating either of our sacred soils may we pledge to send oneanother martial aid at the soonest convience.By doing thus may we continue to trade well and prosper together!What say you? Reply at your earliest convience that news may be broken at Midsommer!Of matters mercantile all is open to discourse if it be fair.

Duke Karl Frederick


Across the green the sound of industry is heard. The midsommer pavilions are being erected. They stand ,in Ducal colours of blue and rose,proudly upon the heath. A little way off the wooden rails are laid for the boar targets to traverse,the blocks and tackles to move them are hauled from waiting wagons.
In the greatest pavillion of splendour the duke and his entourage settle into their summer quarters-theirs until the midsommer day has passed. The Duke tears another sheet of parchment into myriad pieces.The midsommer speech does not come easily to him this year. The clouds of Mars are gathering and obscuring his other thoughts. With whom lies the safety of Tradgardland?Who will stand against the coming chaos........
A breathless messenger enters the tent and presents a sealed paper to the Duke . He opens it and intently reads....................

Monday, June 18, 2007

David's 18th Century Uniform Templates

We would like to call attention to an exciting new service for 18th century imagi-Nations. Lord David Morfitt has commissioned some of Europe's finest uniform designers to provide templates for a number of uniforms.

His shop can be found at:

Furst Bruno von Ursa (prince of Saxe-Bearstein) has offered him an appointment to his court . . . but so far this has not been accepted . . . and all are free to seek out his designs.

-- Jeff

Peace in our Time?

Grand-duke Douglas Stewart, heir actuelle to the ducal throne, on the sudden death of the Arch-duke Charles of Noverre requests admittance to the council of Urope and invites you to send your champions in all the Arts of Gentlemen to the forthcoming midsommer celebration games. For too long we have remained a hidden backwater, now with the forerunners of war marching through our lands is a time to sit awhile, enjoy the local brew of Cidre de pommes, or the more potent Cavladros, and discuss as gentlemen the future of civilisation.If we can meet on the field of sport, perhaps we need not meet on the field of battle.
I remain Gentlemen,etc.

Grand Duchy of Stollen Hopes for Peace between Kingdoms, Principalities, and Minor Territories of Imaginary Europe

18 June 1768

To the Rulers of 18th Century Apocryphal Europe,

Gentlemen, it is with great urgency that we assure you of Stollen’s most profound wish for peace above all. We have no desire to be caught in the middle of a general conflict between the Emperor and the Elector, although our sympathies rest largely with the latter, thanks to the recent influx of trade and commerce from Europe and the Near East.

Unfortunately, our most immediate political troubles can be found closer to home. As you might know, rumors persist about the presence of enemy agents in the Grand Duchy. Indeed, some sources suggest that the very government of Stollen itself has been infiltrated by spies from the Electorate of Zichenau. As a result of these rumors, paranoia and fear increase daily among members of the Stollenian ministry, the bureaucracy, and the general population here in Krankenstadt. We are also concerned because it is widely known that Zichenau has allied itself with, and agreed to make its troops available to serve in a larger coalition army under the leadership of, the Emperor should the military situation in Fictitious 18th century Europe warrant it.

Equally troubling is the military situation unfolding at our doorstep. Our own scouts report that a large regiment of white-coated grenadiers has been spotted on maneuvers uncomfortably close to Stollen’s frontier. Nearby villagers report seeing armed foragers, presumably from the same body of troops, who have apparently strayed onto our side of the Lesser Zwischen, the river separating Stollen and Zichenau. A detachment of dragoons and household infantry under Colonel von Spasticus has been sent to region, to observe and ascertain whether there is any truth to these stories.

If these two items were not troubling enough, word has reached Krankenstadt today that a large mercenary regiment of heavy horse has been hired by Zichenau and is now en route from Berlin. It is thought that these troops could be in place on the Zichenau side of the Zwischen by early July. Whether our neighbor to the south intends these troops as a simple corps of observation or as the core of an eventual invasion force remains to be seen. Hopefully, our own Colonel von Spasticus can determine the precise nature of the situation.

So far, our ruler Irwin-Amadeus II has not seen fit to call for a general mobilization of Stollen’s small army – despite advice to the contrary. His rather circumspect way of handling these recent political and military developments notwithstanding, recruiting by the Stollenian army continues. However, it will probably be several months before our forces are fully prepared to take the field against Zichenau, to restore order and stability along our frontier.

With these issues in mind, we wish to stress yet again our wish for continued peace and prosperity in the imaginary Europe of the mid-1700s.

Most Sincerely,

Herr Udo Dirkschneider von Pfeffernuβe, Foreign Minister

Herr Hans Karl von Wilkowiczeske, Senior Member of the Stollenian Cabinet

Herr Heinrich-Schatzi von Pelznikkel, Minister of War

Finally, pictrures of Bad Tannes

At last! Got some of my wife's nice pictures to upload:

Despatches for Frederick and Alte Fritz

A courier arrives in Berlin with a message for Frederick, while one arrives in Hesse Seewald with a similar note for Alte Fritz.

Emperor Frederick of Germania
Friendly Greetings !
I have crossed your borders sailing down the Oder River from Alzheim with a small fleet of rivercraft containing my retinue. Since I was not welcome in Alzheim.
I am looking for marriagable partners for my eligible children.
I look forward to a friendly discussion with you and your ministers, and anyothers you might deem interested parties about Europa diplomatic matters. I have sent a rider to Hesse- Seewald with a similar message.
Yr Ob't servant
Bob XXII, Emperor
Re-Constituted Byzantium

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More, well-armed, neutrality

The Duchy of Mieczyslaw supports our neighbor, Alzheim in the presentation of a strong armed front against aggressors connected to this madness of the Emperor or the Elector.

To that end a brigade of Infantry and Cavalry with galloper guns stands ready to respond to any incursions into Alzheim from any aggressors.

The Duchy of Mieczyslaw has also posted an army of observation to the east to monitor The Principality of Boyardvina, whom we have learned is calling a muster and will likely support the Empress...

Batrachia Heading for War?

It has come to the attention of our agents in Batrachia that General Soleau has been urging King Leroy XIV (or is it XV? XVI?) to support Gallia in the impending war that seems all but inevitable. The King's advisor, Cardinal Gardelieu is one of the other major proponents of this course of action. The Duc D'Affy of L'Arange heads the opposing peace party, although that may be because he knows the season isn't right yet.

This concerns the Soweiter League knowing we would be the likely primary target of any Batrachian offensives. With that in mind the League is preparing to defend itself in the event of invasion.

Your humble servant,
Zurik Fitz-Badger,
Minister at Large,
The Soweiter League

Invitation to All Rulers

An invitation to all Peace loving Rulers in Europa:

In view of this recent Mania for the fields of Mars, Alzheim declares that all is Madness and opts for Armed Neutrality.

Any armed Parties found upon Alzheimer soil shall not be afforded free passage. They shall rather be ejected with all force. We remind any Parties intent on testing us that Alzheimer strength grows daily.

Any parties desirous of Peace will be most welcome in these lands.

Augustus II invites all Princes to join with him in the creation of a League of Armed Neutrality to present a united Front against all who would dare to disturb the Peace of this Continent.

Declare for neither Elector nor King! Declare instead for Peace and for Plenty!

Perfidious Albion,
Sec'y to HM Augustus II Rex
King in Alzheim

Lagerburg Declares for the HRE! (for obvious reasons)

As His Excellency the Herzog Albrecht received his title and holdings directly from His Imperial Majesty (the previous Imperial personnage), he can do no less than offer his services and forces to his successor the Empress. His Excellency instructs me to receive and forward all requests for negotiation or goodwill visits from allies (may your wells be ever clean and sweet), as well as to ingore or rebuff all threats or coercions (may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your undergarments).
Your Obedient,
Ali, Sheik Yerboudi
Personal Advisor and Representative to
Herzog Albrecht

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dispatch to Hesse engelberg

In light of the current concerns across the empire and beyond and with the forthcoming advent of Midsommer we take this opportunity to extend our fraternal greetings to our illustrious neighbour!
Our great countries share a border and it is our earnest desire to share more.I see a future where we may be joint pillars of the north supporting each other and allowing activity mercantile and martial to flourish.
This season of growth in the countryside around reminds that we too may grow and upwards as does the vine.As the evergreen wreath celebrates midsummer may we seize the long day and act together. What say you brother ?
Karl Frederick
Duke of Tradgardland

New New Map?

Or lets try this again.

"A gentleman caller! A gentleman caller!"

A trade delegation from The Reconstituted Byzantium approaches Krankenstadt on the Greater Zwischen River! In celebration and welcome, the newly designed orange and blue Grand Ducal standard flies above the royal place over the city as well as associated government buildings and many merchants’ houses and offices/warehouses along the river front. Despite advice to the contrary from his closest advisors, the Grand Duke Irwin-Amadeus II awaits on the quayside, wearing his well-known lobster costume minus the left claw, which was misplaced some weeks ago!

This evening, in honor of the establishment of formal trade relations with Reconstituted Byzantium, The Grand Duke will host a state dinner and ball at the palace for his guests. The guest list includes a virtual who’s who of Stollenian personalities as well as visiting dignitaries, diplomats, and members of polite society from other countries.

Of course, the stalwart Oberfeldwebel Klatschen will command a detachment of Leib Grenadiers, who will guard the palace and keep an eye out for enemy agents from neighboring Zichenau, still rumored to be operating in the city.

Indeed, it has been said that the dastardly French mercenary General Philip de Latté will attend the ball incognito. The nerve! The brazened audacity! The Gallic bravado! Why, it's a direct affront to our more reserved Teutonic souls!

Ali Oli Oxenfrei, Grand Vizer to Bob XXIst of Re-constituted Byzantium, approaches his Emperor and states "Your Highness, since the Duke of Alzheim has failed to respond to our request for a state visit might I suggest he is trying to remain neutral and we should perhaps continue sailing down the Oder River to Berlin. I am sure Frederick will welcome us in our quest, and it will bring us that much closer to Hamburg."
Bob, replies "I agree whole heartily, give the order to set sail immediately."
And so our intrepid band sails into Prussia for a state visit with Frederick in a search for marriage matches for the royal household's princes and princesses.
Meanwhile, up river from Riga the Trade fleet of Byzantium approaches the riverfront harbor of Krankenstadt, Stollen.

Midsommer draws nearer

" The people of Tradgardlard are beginning to prepare for the great celebration of Midsommer.In kitchens great and small thoughts run to the festivities less than 10 days away. Awaited too is the annual shooting contest to recruit the finest riflemen into the Gamekeepers regiment. Those who are confident enough will shoot at wooden targets depicting the great tadgargian boar propelled across the land by the korps of engineers with rope and pulley!
The Duke himself will attend and will use this great annual conceit to celebrate his kingdom and announce promotions in the army.This year he will break with tradition and speak of the storm clouds which are gathering across the kingdoms great and small.Sources close to the Duke reveal he will commit the Army and maritime forces to a course of action prior to the annual manouvres."
Does this read well your Majesty? No adjustments then-good,I shall take these scribbles of mine to the court printer that broadsheets may be prepared and sent to the five corners of the kingdom and beyond.................
Exit lackey with inkstained fingers,befuddled brain and a desire for Karlsberg in the "Boar and Bullet."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dispatches from Hesse-Engelburg

Dispatch to Tradgarland

In regards to your recent extension of offers to view your musterings, the Principality of Hesse-Engelburg offers to send Colonel Stieffer of our own Fuchshöhle Hussars, a fine officer whom we believe may be of use in the advising of your light cavalry in the proper manner of rapid negotiation of woodlands while mounted. We would also extend to your ruler the offer of the hospitality of our fine hunting lodge in the Fuchswald upon some fine eve, where he may enjoy the local sport of fox hunting and a respite from the weight of rule.

Ludwig Strasser, Social Secretary for Thursdays

Dispatch to Saxe-Bearstein

To our esteemed friend, Prince Bruno, greetings,

Being much disturbed by the recent focus of war upon your region, we thought it fit to write to you in our own hand and offer the return of your kindly loaned officer should you have need of him. We also regret to enclose evidence that the Stagonians may be providing financial support to the Bad Nachtschwein rebellion in our neighboring state of Ober-Schweinsberg. Your Highness will no doubt recognize the seal of a certain nobleman of the Stagonians upon the enclosed dispatch, which was capture amongst a recent Bad Nachtschwein convoy that attempted to sneak past our alert Hussars. If we may be of service with our small supply of iron to assist Your Highness in preparing his troops for the upcoming campaigns, we do hope it is known you need only ask.

In friendship,

Fürst Guntram Blauerwolf of Hesse-Engleburg
Penned by our own hand.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who's for the Emperor? Who's for the Elector?

Fellow rulers, as War seems to have been or about to be launched, it behooves us to know where we stand.

Who supports the Emperor . . . signified by Gallia and her allies in the current situation.

Who supports the Elector . . . signified by Hesse-Seewald and its allies as Gallian troops move east?

We ourselves do not know where we stand. If battle comes to our peaceful Saxe-Bearstein, we will certainly defend our lands. But if it is only on neighboring lands, we are unsure. We would like to have some idea as to what nations support which side.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein, at the direction of . . .
His Highness, Furst Bruno von Ursa of Saxe-Bearstein

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Search

The Duchy of the north has just come out of the worst and longest winter in the past hundred years. Now the Grand Duke Nordic had much to contemplate as he looked out over the inlet that still had chunks of ice in it. His advisers have suggested that they sent out scouting parties to access the situation to the south. Also to send out emissary's to find husbands for his six daughters. One of his daughters would be the next Grand Duchess of his country.

He turns and walks back into the longhouse and calls for his advisors. He has much to do and little time to do it. He has to decide where he will send his emissary's.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Inside the palace

Inside the ducal palace preparations are underway for the grand military manouvers. Messengers come and go constantly from the offices of those planning the affair.

Field Marshall von Beck looks up fom his desk,his years of command amidst the dusty tomes of the War Council have taken their toll upon his health.

"No letters from our honoured guests again Erik!" he thunders prior to dissolving into a coughing fit. "None again Field Marshall and none, as far a we are able to ascertain,have arrived yet." Erik replys embarassedly.

Von Beck returns to his thoughts,his papers and memories of a life given in sacrafice to the Duchy.From his beginnings as a drummer boy in the ducal guard to the lonliness of his position today. He shakes his head and focuses on the myriad lists awaiting his composition

Greetings to Duke Karl Frederich

A frigate approaches the capitol of Tradgardmaetare flying the Byzantine flag and a white flag of peace. A ships boat with two highly bedecked officers ties up at the piers and hands a message to a young officer.

Greetings to the Duke of Tradgardmaetare Karl Frederick,
May peace be with you. We come to pay homage to our old friends who provide soldiers for the Emperor's Own, Varangian Guard.
By way of introduction I am High Lord Admiral Gustawind of the White Fleet of Re-Constituted Byzantium and bring greetings to you from my Lord Bob XXI Protector of the Divine Mistress.
I extend the sincerest and most heartfelt wishes to you and your subjects. Our Emperor trusts this letter finds you in good health. In our ultimate goal we are in search for Princesses for the Emperor's Sons. In our final orders we sail shortly to Hamburg. We would request that you provide us with fresh water and provisions for which we will pay in gold coin.
Your Obedient Servant
Gustawind Sailfast
Admiral of the White Fleet

Greetings to the Duke of Alzheim

My Dear Duke of Alzheim
On behalf of Bob the XXI of Re-constituted Byzantium, Protector of the Divine Mistress, I extend the sincerest and most heartfelt wishes to you and your subjects. Our Emperor trusts this letter finds you in good health. As you know we are travelling with a small retinue down the Oder River to the Elbe to Hamburg in search for Princesses for Emperor's Sons.
Currently, we are on your southern border and are requesting permission to cross the border and continue to your capitol.
Your Obedient Servant
Ali Oli Oxenfrei
Grand Vizer
Beloved of the Moon Goddesses and Nanny to the Royal Horde

Sunday, June 10, 2007

An Old School 18th Century Wargame

Greetings one and all,

By way of a brief introduction I am a 35 plus year wargaming veteran who cut his teeth on Charge! using unpainted Airfix Napoleonics. Over the years I have tried an enormous amount of rules for differing periods up and down the historical spectrum and if I have learned anything as a result it is that prefer the simpler rules, leavened with some knowledge of the period gained through research. It was with this in mind that I found myself looking wistfully at the Spencer Smith website and and the possibility of some enjoyable games using old fashioned rules. I always liked Charge!, not only for the rules but also for the vein of humour running through the book. Large regiments may no longer be fashionable (for which read cost and time to paint) but this is the essence of why I came into the hobby. Massed ranks of figures blazing away or trying to force a conclusion against their opposite numbers; great handfuls of dice and all the flam and paradiddle of a bygone age. I seem to recall from Charge! that the authors recommended the use of fictional armies to remove the element of bias and I guess in a nutshell that is why we are all here. My two fictional armies, which will be organised as per Charge!, will be the Grand Duchy of Artois and the Electorate of Kronenburg. These are French and German respectively and the units comprising these will be named after wines for the French and beers for the Germans. Initially, I am looking at a modest set up - each force will consist of 6 line companies, a grenadier and a light company for the infantry and 4 squadrons for the cavalry. I will add 3 guns and howitzer to each side as well.

I intend using Charge! for this project, perhaps with a smattering of The Wargame thrown in for good measure.

At the time of writing I have yet to order the figures but I have already designed the uniforms which will not look out of place on a historical SYW battlefield.

The beauty of using SSM figures is not onlythe cost but the simplicity of the figures themselves - they only need a simple paint job to be effective which means SPEED of finish. This is a major attraction for me as I am a notoriousy slow painter.

I will update the blog as the project progresses and as I flesh out the two adversaries.

All the best,


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Britannian Headquarters At Gütersloh Southwest Of Minden
The Marquis of Granby In Command
9 June 1757 (2007) Three Hours Before Dawn

Granby: Ah! Good morning Major General Frye. Welcome and sit with me for a breakfast and strong Alterra coffee from the Americas. Did you pass the night well?

Frye: Aye My Lord, I thank thee. The coffee I would love above all things and I am pleased to join thee for breakfast. We can thank the Gallian General de Broglie for a pleasant night. There was no racket to discombobulate our sleep [Pauses to sip coffee] and I dismiss sentry reports saying his campfires stretch for more than three miles to the southward over the hills and far away. My own spy tells me only his Advance Guard is up with him and so if true, tis a fine thing - on paper.

Granby: [Sips his coffee placing the cup on its saucer offering a plate of toasted cheese to his guest saying.] Surely de Broglie has not come this far and this fast without belief the forces under his command are ready for the task. Yet they have marched hard to arrive here. Perhaps they will be tired. Certainly they, I agree, were quiet as a tomb last evening.

Frye: Aye Zur. Quiet they were, though Col. Luckner and even Major von Scheiter had a hard time of it beating back here into the wind, as it were. My Lord, the toasted cheese is the best I've had.

Granby You are too kind. Luckner, true, was bedeviled and had a hard time though he will never admit to it. He suffered a light sword cut to the left shoulder but will not let that dissuade him from duty. Now tell me about your command, your situation, General Frye?

Frye: Aye Zur. The men are encamped in the positions assigned to them by your orders of yesterday. My right rests upon the ponds of Gütersloh. We stretch to the eastward with the village of the same name behind my right. To the eastward we have topped the low rising and undulating ground with the rest with the infantry and artillery. The Britannian and allied cavalry I am told are mounting and should be moving to their assembly areas well - now. The men and beasties are all rested and spirited. No desertion though the Germanians from the Mark of Wesel do not give me the full confidence I desire. Still, My Lord, we are ready for 'em.

Granby: Good. Good. Soon we must join our staffs but for a few moments more, would you be pleased to try a hearty plate of eggs and bacon cooked just this minute and steaming hot?

Frye: Aye Zur, I believe I would.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Meanwhile, on the Plain of the Plain Thanes....

I wish night would come, thought Don Diego Halfdane de la Chevrolet-Vega, or el Grapaduro Rojo.

Since the now-hot, now-cold war between Gallia (whose western border lay just the other side of the rolling frontier from the northeasternmost heorthwerod of the Union Real de Scandalusia y Cuatrofenia) and Hesse-Seewald, His Majesty the High King had been bending the ear of his minister to the court at Versailles--that would be de la Chevrolet-Vega--to simultaneously seek any advantage possible for the Union Real while keeping out of the war proper, owing to the rather parlous state of the army.

Meanwhile, de la Vega had it on good authority from the Foreign Minister (his own tio, Alejandro Thorgrim) that His Royal Highness, Prince Joern Carlos de Yayubetja, was agitating at court to get into the war on any side and by any means available.

This is why, de la Chevrolet-Vega mused as he lounged theatrically near the open window in the Scandalusian evening, I insist upon receiving my expense allowance from the Crown--long may His Majesty reign, if only to keep his mad dog of a son off the throne--in gold, rather than that dodgy paper. Experimentally, he bounced a small muslin bag, mouth tied with twine, in his right hand, testing its weight.

A soft knock came from somewhere in the middle of the wall, or so it seemed. Crossing to the wall, de la Chevrolet-Vega tucked the bag into a sleeve, put a hand to the pistol in his waistband and with hispressed a certain spot in the chair-rail, and the outlines of a door suddenly appeared in the brocaded wallpaper. The low, narrow door opened and a rather nondescript man ducked into the study.

"Ah, Schwinglein, my good friend, well met," de la Chevrolet-Vega said with an audible exhalation, slipping his hand from the pistol butt. "I feared that you had come to grief."

"Senhor is too kind," said El Grapaduro Rojo. "I believe I was followed for a time, and I had to make certain I had shaken my shadow before entering via the secret route down by the river. I am pleased that I did not have to shoot the fellow, as he was a mere baby and was, I believe, most likely in the hire of His Royal Highness. I grow old for this business, and do not care for the attention."

De la Chevrolet-Vega nodded, considering. "The Crown Prince? You are certain of this?"

"There is no way to be entirely certain, senhor, but I believe I recognized the lad from the corps of cadets de Lutefisque," El Grapadura Rojo replied.

"Then that is sufficient to satisfy me," said de la Chevrolet-Vega, holding up a hand. "I have had occasion to rely upon your unusual memory more than once." He twitched the muslin bag from its resting place in his cuff and handed it across to Schwinglein. "You have earned this, old friend. Now we know that the Crown Prince seeks almost openly to set aside the policy of his father the High King, long may he reign" (por favor Dios, may it be so). "Lodge here tonight--I do not wish you to be seen upon the grounds nor within the city. Tomorrow I have another task for you...."

Off the Gallian coast just before dawn

The Traggardland galley came in towards the shore. The look - out scanned the grey shoreline for signs of life. Finally he began to signal to the shore with his lantern in the vain hope of being seen by a vigilant sentry. The message said " Information of mutal benefit to impart.Signal back if you see this light!" The galley look out stained his eyes and waited, would anyone see the signal ..........

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Britannian Headquarters At Gütersloh Southwest Of Minden
The Marquis of Granby In Command
7 June 1757 (2007) Nearing Midnight

Granby: No word from Col. Luckner, eh?
ADC: None My Lord, but we do have the dispatch from Major von Scheiter.
Granby: Yes my Hanoverian mounted jäger, all good men. Let me read it again.
Meinen Lord Der Marquis von Granby,

Ich habe the honour to beg to acquaint you mit reports from my vedettes. Dis mornink we observed the Chasseurs A Cheval de Fischer mit Chasseurs A Pied of said body appear in force northeast of Hamm. Behind dem, ve could see a large dust cloud vhich I believe from its appearance portends the arrival of the Gallian Advance Guard you kindly informed me about in your last orders. This, I beg to say means Herr General von Broglie has passed the towns of Olpe, Iserlohn, Soest and now Hamm. He has not stopped except to encamp for the night and may be in the area of Gütersloh on the 8th but more likely the 9th instant.

We remain no more than a few hours ride on the main road southwest of your camp. Fischer has been disagreeable though we have given a good account of ourselves preventing him from passing us.

I regret to say I have no news of Col. Luckner though we heard carbine and musket fire around two of the clock this afternoon to the southeast. It vas desultory and ended in less than zehn minuten, Ich denke.

As I write I can see many evening campfires of the Gallian Advance Guard on the plain northeast of Hamm. I vould guess it to be zeveral brigades.

Meanwhile ve await dawn to begin again. I would be honoured to receive a reinforcement of dragooners to stop Monsieur Fischer, if it may be of service as I remain,

Your Very Humble and Obt. Servant
Major von Scheiter
Jäger zu Pferde von Hanover
At Freytag's Inn Zwischen Hamm und Gütersloh

Just joined

I just joine the emperor vs elector. I have to look at what has been posted then I will give you my view on things.


Corpus Christi Holiday
The good people of Tradgardstadt have assembled in square-a holiday mood prevailing. The ancient herald puffs his way round the exterior staircase and upon regaining his breath begins
" By order of Duke Karl Frederick, lord of the inner ocean,keeper of the faith,master of the silver shoals and guildmeister's guildmeister I announce that the aforementioned Duke extends the hand of his firstborn daughter Alisona in marriage to those who are worthy enough,wealthy beyond dreams and of good worthy root stock. Interest to be registered by letters containing referencences of good conduct and wealth!
God save the duke!"
With purple cheeks from loud proclamating the herald staggers down the well worn stairs and into the tower. His wheezing masked by mixed cheering and the odd stiffled laugh. The people disperse to church and then to diverse distractions.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Col. Lucker's 2nd. Dispatch to Lt. Gen. Granby

Britannian Headquarters Moved To Gütersloh South Of Minden

The Marquis of Granby In Command

6 June 1757 (2007)


ADC: My Lord. A second dispatch report from Col. Luckner arrived a moment ago.

Before opening the dispatch, Granby orders the ADC to invite Maj. General Frye to his command tent when convenient. The ADC departs for the latter's tent. Granby then opens Luckner's dispatch and reads,


My Lord Granby,

I have the honour and beg to inform Your Grace of my most immediate reconnaissance of Gallian forces commanded by l'Duc de Broglie. Trusting you will find some of this news of importance for the progress of the campaign may it please you to learn the following.

According to my last dispatch I called in all my hussars to myself to the number of sixty just north of l'Duc de Broglie's body of Gallians. Monsieur l'Duc having departed the magazine of Koblenz on the 29th ultimo proceeded to Olpe as mentioned previously and there established a temporary encampment with his Advance Guard awaiting the arrival of his Main Body, Rear Guard, train and bread ovens.

Yesterday morning long before sunrise my most forward vedette heard the unmistakable sounds of the Gallians breaking camp. Near sunrise a large body of Chasseurs de Fischer and Grassine Chasseurs A Pied greatly outnumbering my dispersed screens pushed us aside proceeding northwards in haste not caring more than a little to engage or pursue my small detachments.

Though greatly disordered by this unfortunate incident, we recovered in a wood to observe the beginning of the Gallian Advance Guard appear hard upon its march on the main road. Dust clouds of several other columns were observed to the southeastward and southwestward which I believe must be the Main Body and Rear Guard. Believing the time propitious I penned this dispatch in duplicate choosing my fastest riders to deliver this news to you whilst I hasten with the rest of my force to you at Gütersloh where I believe you may be at this moment.

I hope to arrive at your headquarters on the 9th instant as I remain,
Your Most Humbler and Obt. Servant
Col. Luckner
Hanoverian Hussars

Sailing to Byzantium.............

Feast day of St Norbert..

"There is no country for old men" mused the galley captain as he watched the seagulls circling overhead as they left Althavn. He was upon a mission of the utmost delicacy - to reestablish trading links with that most ancient of empires.
In the cabin below von Bergman shuffled his papers and reflected upon the Treaty to be proposed to God's holy sages upon arrival.
The watchman strained his eyes westwards -it would be a long journey , one never before undertaken by a Galley such as this. With a sigh he trusted himself,his mission and his soul to the one who burned with Holy fire..............................
(to be continued)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Private Memo to L’Comte de Bastille from the Hertzhog Fahrtz.

Private Memo to L’Comte de Bastille from the Hertzhog Fahrtz.

Please consider this correspondence private and confidential. On perusing it, you will soon notice that several parties would have an interest in publishing distorted versions.

Concerning the recent contretemps involving the former Minister of Commerce, Dilbert, and the rather unusual sausages provided to us, and then by us to your forces.
First of all, our medical experts have decided that the sausages are not necessarily toxic, but can be used as a sort of a fumigant bomb anyway. Their unusual ingredients, stolen from national stockpiles, did include saltpeter and certain sulfuric compounds ... which ironically act to preserve them and keep them healthy ... while rendering them both highly flammable and productive of noxious fumes.
Secondarily, while Dilbert’s activities seem to be of the classic war profiteer variety, there did emerge evidence of a treasonous combination aimed at disrupting the Gallian forces and presence. To distinguish between the various considerations, we offer the following short briefing:
Frankszonian politics seem to have three major factions: Ducal, nobility, and mercantile.
While the Ducal court was annoyed by the presumptuous invasion and occupation, it is neither suicidal nor inflexible and has acquiesced in the situation in exchange for Gallian understanding of certain Ducal ambitions.
The nobility, on the other hand, considers both the Ducal court and the Mercantile Guild Syndic to be usurpers of legitimate government. We’ve found evidence of much communication with agents of Hesse Seewald in this group. Major officers in their alliance appear to have led portions of their commands out of our country to coalesce into a “freedom” force in Hesse-Seewald’s army. As minor a force as they may be, the presence of numerous cousins among German noble houses may provide them with a pretext for dynastic war. Most important leaders among them are the following:
* Lt. Gen. Pepperoni who comes from Italy has been an adherent of the anti-Imperial party there. He’s taken several of the better mercenary officers and non-coms with him.
* General Braunsweiger has many connections in Germania and is an admirer of many things from Barline. He has managed to take a couple of small battalions of garrison troops with him. These forces, if combined with the experienced professionals accompanying Pepperoni, could prove a nucleolus for an excellent, if small brigade. The greatest problem, however, lies in the fact that Gen. Braunsweiger has extensive and intimate knowledge of most of the fortifications and defensive works in the area, not just those of Frankfurter itself.
The Mercantile Syndicate is itself split between the merchants and the craftsmen. Given the help and the gentility of Gallian experts which have been placed in our country, the craftsmen tend to be pro-Gallian. The merchants, of course, tend to follow the money, which has been adequate if a bit strained during this period of upheaval. However, their resentment and disdain of both the Ducal court and the noble houses from the countryside seems to have led many of them into treasonous activities. The election of Dilbert to Minister of Commerce seems to have been an attempt to embarrass the Duchy as well as to exploit the Gallian presence.
Unfortunately, the exposure of Dilbert’s activities has obviously forced him into the camp of the treasonous merchants. His flight route seems to be an attempt to reach a convoy under the command of * Brig. Hilligekine Brattmann: (0) a young athlete, got command via family connections. (Note: for those with little Deutschspraken ... Hilligekine is a lousy way to spell, Holy Cow). Brattmann himself is not a bad fellow, but being young, inexperienced, and obviously looking for a means of quick advancement may be quite vulnerable to Dilbert’s proven capacity as a salesman.
Since most of our actual production facilities were on the estates and in the outlying villages, the loss of the old Sausage factory will not impede our continuing to supply you with materials, but it does remove our stockpiles of necessary materials. You will be given a list of our major and higher quality producers whose operations you may wish to garrison against further sabotage.
Also, in order to sustain our commitments to you, we are going to have to take a much larger portion of the livestock than we had previously thought ... perhaps certain of your militia units could accompany the provender agents to ensure that the material is gathered efficiently and safely.
We would not ask this reinforcement from you normally, but since three of our best battalions have now taken the field with Gen. Chevert, such a presence might be providential, no?

In a further matter, in a couple of weeks, the grand ball / fete / masquerade will occur. Given the presence of Gallian ladies of high estate, you may wish to have personnel prepositioned among the staff. * Lady Rosenschnauz; lady in waiting for Stuftliana, has been quite useful for discrete messages and rendevous. On the other hand, she is quite romantic in nature and not the sort of tigress that allegedly acts on behalf of Germania and Hesse-Seewald, so some sensitivity in the degree of her involvement will need to be practiced.

Given the importance of the ancient sausage factory in our town, we’re afraid that most of our time will be taken with the work in rebuilding it. Under the situation, we believe that the syndics will not protest too loudly when special contributions are levied on them for this project ... which contributions should in part be able of offset the necessary expenses your personnel will incur. We are going to have to generate another local campaign to involve Gen. Phaulie, or he will be bound to interfere in the reconstruction project. If some of your excellent Gallian engineers could be lent not only to guide that project, but also to direct some reorganization of the works with which Gen. Braunsweiger is all to familiar, we feel that our mutual interests will be well served. Then, when Gen. Phaulie reports, the engineers could show him the works as if consulting with him (but actually explaining to him, if possible, the basic engineering concepts of which he remains woefully confused). This would placate him and the loyal faction of the nobility while creating a major faction of merchants whose welfare would be linked to your success.

His Highness Stanken,
Duke of Frankszonia and Admiral of the Frankfurter Main

New Map

Our map made no sense to me, so I created a relational map. The great thing about these is that anything can be done inside the establish border of the bubble and any connections can be made outside bubble to bubble. For instance we know that the Grand Duchy of Stollen has many fictional neighbors; in this system they all exist inside the bubble labelled Stollen. My own Vulgaria has borders with Alzheim, Russia, Austro Hungary the Ottoman Empire and Prussian concern, clearly this is impossible on a normal map; however, on a relational map it is entirely possible. The red countries are actual countries or those with long standing feuds that we are tying ourselves to. The blue boxes are seas and oceans and finally the little green boxes represent we the petty tyrannts of this land. Let me know if this makes more sense and I'll try to develop a better/clearer picture.

Major Poruchik
Intelligence Officer
Electors Staff
Schweingrad VU

The Duke speaks...........

Gentlemen ( and others)

His ducalness proclaims - see Tradgardland blog now!

A fishy tale?

News broadsheets in the port of Nyhavn proclaim the glorious slogan "Heer for Herrings?" Tales are being told of a new trade agreement to bring peace and prosperity to the Duchy of Tradgardland. Salted herrings will be exchanged for an elite addition to the army of Duke Karl Frederick. Sources close to the Mariner's defence guild are hopeful of a new dawn for all Tradgardland. Ingmar von Bergman was unavailable for comment .

Monday, June 4, 2007

Dispatch From Col. Luckner to Gen. Granby

Britannian Headquarters at Minden
The Marquis of Granby In Command
The first moments of 5 June 1757 (2007)
ADC: My Lord. A dispatch report from Col. Luckner arrived this quarter hour.
Granby opens Luckner's dispatch and reads,
My Lord Granby,

I have the honour to satisfy your orders to me regarding activities of Gallian forces at their magazines at Koblenz and Frankfurt Am Main. Several days ago three corps departed their encampments at an energetic pace headed deeper into Germania.

De Broglie's Corps left Koblenz on the 29th ultimo marching north and is now passing through Olpe. Corps bread ovens were dismantled and follow closely behind. Several brigades of militia have taken over the magazine at Koblenz replacing the regulars now upon their march. More regulars are expected to cross the Rhine near Koblenz and I must presume may follow the general. Should de Broglie continue on his march, he will arrive at Minden where your army is posted before too long. I can do nothing to slow his numbers or energy without the forces under your command moving south to intercept the Gallians.

A second corps detached from de Broglie commanded by someone I have not as yet identified left Koblenz on the same day marching to the northeastwards. It is now encamped at Wetzlar and could march north to support de Broglie or east to second Chevert.

The third corps under Lt. General Chevert, left Frankfurt Am Main on the 29th ultimo. It marched I am told directly eastwards on the excellent road and is now at the fortress of Gemunden which threw open its gates without pause. Even the townspeople scattered rose petals on the main road as Chevert entered the old fortress town.

I am advised the Gallian magazine at Frankfurt Am Main is now being held by several newly arrived brigades of militia including militia grenadiers under the command of the Intendant l' Comte de Bastille who was notoriously well-known in the last war for putting obfuscating, inveigling and turbulent merchants and government leaders where Gallian magazines were located some say in confinement to right ills of many kinds. I understand most Frankfurt government officials fled east to Bohemia and Saxe Bearstein to take the recuperative waters near Prague. Only those thought to favor the raison de guerre of Versailles and the Prince de Charade are said to have remained behind to assuage Gallian vexations. Apparently there was an unfortunate accident at the two-hundred year old Frankfurt sausage mill. Fires ran out of control and the entire complex burned to the ground. The smoke plume could be seen for miles. Our scouts saw enormous and long trains from Gallia proper enter afterwards. I also believe part of the Frankfurt Army revolted and left their officers in the night.

At Fulda, Gallian Col. Mirage continues to observe into Hesse Seewald.

I beg to say My Lord, it is obvious the war is now afoot. I am falling back before de Broglie's advance I presume to Minden hoping My Lord will understand my necessity to call in all my hussars and consequently lose track of other Gallians and their directions as I remain....

Your Humble and Obt. Servant
Col. Luckner
Hanoverian Hussars
Now north of Olpe, Germania
PS For those of you with the board game "FRIEDRICH", you will find all Gallian locations mentioned above in the southwest corner of the greater map of Germania.

Greetings to All!

To All Who Shall See These Presents, Greetings!
I am bid by my Master, Herzog Albrecht and her Serene Excellence, the Herzogen Lynnette, to extend his most Beneficent Welcome from the Duchy of Lagerburg-Slobbovia. His excellency, former commander of the Imperial Yacht, has been fortunate enough to have been granted the title and this land from the Emperor in Vienna, who wishes to provide greater security to this region. From our remote location on the Eastern Grenz (note from Allen: superimpose the Duchy on a map of modern-day Slovenia), we are frequently the beneficiary of numerous encursions from elements of the Sofa-n-Ottoman Empire. Through our access to the Donau, and also to the Adriatic, the Herzog may be called upon to conduct modest naval duties in both the blue-water and riverine arenas. Our neighbor to the immediate north-west, Slobbovia, is currently in the service of the Herzog; Prince Sergei Cherkinoff has been graciously allowed by the Herzog to retain his title and limited local self-rule. This state of affairs is not always so, and from time to time the Herzog must take the field to ensure the acquiescence of the Prince. Between the numerous breweries in the northern Pisswassere valley and several iron and silver mines in the Slobbovian region, Lagerburg has ample surplus to offer trade relations to interested parties. I am instructed to begin communications with you, our neighboring states, as well as potential allies or business partners. May the blessings of the Prophet be upon you!
With Great Regards I remain,
Sheik Yerboudi
Personal Vizier and Emmissary to His Excellency,
Herzog Albrecht
(p.s. for more background as to the history of the Duchy, as well as myself, go to:

Quietly the harbour awaits the ambassadors of many nations to come thronging into the city. Invitations are about to be issued to observe the grand manouvers of fleet and army next month. High upon the clerically placed
Watchtowers, the watchman’s guild keep up the vigils for shoals of herrings and the coming and going of the galley fleet .

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Greetings to all

Karl Frederick greets his fellow rulers
Amidst scenes of jubilation the Annual Seed Festival was celebrated in the gardens with the Ducal ceremonial planting of his new formal knotgarden accompanied by an open and generous extension to felicitous relationships with monarchs,dukes and the alike.His glorious Tradgardness awaits !

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Frankfurters anyone? :)

unconnected items noticed by Gen. Chevert’s aide .... in the daily paperwork ...

Decoded note found in basket of split peas delivered to household of M. Chevert.

Observed Frankfurter grenadiers practicing with items which looked identical to sausages currently provided to quartermasters by “Cut-me-own-throat Dilbert.”
The explosion of these devices did cause significant shrapnel wounding, but the smoke did seem to be extremely irritating to the eyes and skin. Individuals who got caught within the cloud seemed incapacitated and blinded and to be constantly coughing and gagging.


Report by Intendent of Gallian Magazine:
Mon General,
There has been a sudden cessation of all deliveries of supplies from Frankfurt area providers.
Visits to their shops have been intercepted by units of the Frankfurter Sage Guards.
Furthermore, a request to meet with their economic minister was unsuccessful. They claim that Msr. Dilbert has departed the district on an urgent economic mission and that an acting minister of trade and provisions has not yet been approved by the City Council.
Maj. L.Filbertte


To: Gen Commanding, Gallian forces at Frankfurt Am Main.
From: Prof. Rincewind, Minister for reduction of pestilential incidents
RE: Possible infestation of Gallian Stores

We have recently discovered a distinct risk of contamination of certain meat processing mills by an explosive (several words blotted out) outbreak of Rodentia. Given not only our responsibility for the health of our own duchy, but also for the quality of goods provided to your forces, we require access to examine and to test the stored goods already in your commissary.
This is an ongoing investigation, and it obviously creates urgent requirements for such investigation before the majority of your personnel take to the field..
At this early moment, we cannot discern whether this represents deliberate sabotage, treason, or just typical provisioning of substandard services and materials by war time profiteers.


Fliers scattered around town overnight:

Upset stomach? Indigestion? Diahria?
Try “Dilbert’s Green” mentholated absinthe and bismuth.
Guaranteed to reduce discomfort when used as directed.
(in small print on back of flyer)
Exceeding recommended dosage may cause dizziness, irrational behavior, hallucinations, and cause an abrupt, emetic response.
Over use of product may lead to addiction and in extreme cases expiration.