Friday, June 15, 2007

Dispatch to Hesse engelberg

In light of the current concerns across the empire and beyond and with the forthcoming advent of Midsommer we take this opportunity to extend our fraternal greetings to our illustrious neighbour!
Our great countries share a border and it is our earnest desire to share more.I see a future where we may be joint pillars of the north supporting each other and allowing activity mercantile and martial to flourish.
This season of growth in the countryside around reminds that we too may grow and upwards as does the vine.As the evergreen wreath celebrates midsummer may we seize the long day and act together. What say you brother ?
Karl Frederick
Duke of Tradgardland


Snickering Corpses said...

To His Grace, the Duke of Tradgarland, greetings,

It is my honor to express the pleasure of Their Graces at the receipt of your message, and their wish that we might settle into a comfortable accord of peace and trade. To that end, it is my intent to call upon Your Grace or Your Grace's ministers during the coming week, after I have resolved certain matters regarding the contentious situation in our southern neighbor.

I believe if we work together, we can ensure the free flow of trade upon the river known to us as the Hasenwasser, which I believe bears another name as it flows south through your own country?

It is my hope that we can encourage close relations between our two peoples, and perhaps discourse regarding the recent troubles to the south and the whisperings of fresh war in other regions.


Burgraf Heinrich von Waffenschmidt
Minister of State

tradgardmastare said...

I await your presence with us with great anticipation.I feel there is much to discuss and much for us to gain mutually!Hospitality awaits, gentlemen!