Friday, June 29, 2007

Please Don't Neglect your Personal Blogs

Fellow Bloggers,

I try to check everyone's blog or website every day . . . and many of you have been neglecting your personal blogs. They are still useful for many things (such as rules, painting, purchases, designs, etc.)

Remember to post there as well as here.

-- Jeff


abdul666 said...

We all know how intrusive "Real Life ™" can be.
Personal blogs are the place for, among other, publishing the history, traditions, flags and uniforms of your units. Perhaps also a tailor shop window, when still at the design stage, to submit your projects to public comment, specially when you hesitate between several possible variants (as the Soweiter League is curently doing). For those who bothered to design original uniforms, you blog is your showcase. No need to wait for your whole army to be painted to have it parading in such a spectacular Pass-in-Review as recently done in the Duch of Lagerburg - though of course all of us hope to do the same one day.While the painting, or just ordering, or merely planning is done, to create for each (actual or intended) unit an 'identification sheet' illustrated by 1 specific flag + 1 uniform (as currently done in an exemplary way by the ruler of Hesse-Engelburg) is probably the better way to visualize (for yourself, perhaps to try & test designs) and then to share with us the appeareance of your creations . Those ID sheets will still usefully complement photos of the same units 'en masse' once the painting done.

So easy to counsel, from one without even a blog of his own!
(runs for cover)

Fitz-Badger said...


Also remember, Google Reader is your friend. It allows you to subscribe to various blogs and let's you see which ones have been updated since your last visit. :-)