Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Col. Lucker's 2nd. Dispatch to Lt. Gen. Granby

Britannian Headquarters Moved To Gütersloh South Of Minden

The Marquis of Granby In Command

6 June 1757 (2007)


ADC: My Lord. A second dispatch report from Col. Luckner arrived a moment ago.

Before opening the dispatch, Granby orders the ADC to invite Maj. General Frye to his command tent when convenient. The ADC departs for the latter's tent. Granby then opens Luckner's dispatch and reads,


My Lord Granby,

I have the honour and beg to inform Your Grace of my most immediate reconnaissance of Gallian forces commanded by l'Duc de Broglie. Trusting you will find some of this news of importance for the progress of the campaign may it please you to learn the following.

According to my last dispatch I called in all my hussars to myself to the number of sixty just north of l'Duc de Broglie's body of Gallians. Monsieur l'Duc having departed the magazine of Koblenz on the 29th ultimo proceeded to Olpe as mentioned previously and there established a temporary encampment with his Advance Guard awaiting the arrival of his Main Body, Rear Guard, train and bread ovens.

Yesterday morning long before sunrise my most forward vedette heard the unmistakable sounds of the Gallians breaking camp. Near sunrise a large body of Chasseurs de Fischer and Grassine Chasseurs A Pied greatly outnumbering my dispersed screens pushed us aside proceeding northwards in haste not caring more than a little to engage or pursue my small detachments.

Though greatly disordered by this unfortunate incident, we recovered in a wood to observe the beginning of the Gallian Advance Guard appear hard upon its march on the main road. Dust clouds of several other columns were observed to the southeastward and southwestward which I believe must be the Main Body and Rear Guard. Believing the time propitious I penned this dispatch in duplicate choosing my fastest riders to deliver this news to you whilst I hasten with the rest of my force to you at Gütersloh where I believe you may be at this moment.

I hope to arrive at your headquarters on the 9th instant as I remain,
Your Most Humbler and Obt. Servant
Col. Luckner
Hanoverian Hussars


Gallia said...

On The Main Road North of Olpe.

l'Duc de Broglie, halted for lunch with his immediate staff observes a rider from the Chasseurs a Cheval de Fischer gallop in. He dismounts holding a dispatch for de Broglie's ADC.

De Broglie opens the dispatch, reads and afterwards remarks it is a captured report from Col. Luckner to the Britannian General Granby now at Gütersloh.

Broglie: "Merci Monsieur l'Chasseur. Lieutenant Pettygree isn't it? Ah yes, I know your mother and her father well. Please join me for lunch and a glass of Chevert wine. Then with a fresh mount return to your commander and give my kindest compliments and greetings to Brigadier Fischer. I desire him to investigate the enemy camp at Gütersloh where I intend to be on the 9th instant."

"Allow me to help you to a slice of Germanian partridge...."

Alte Fritz said...

I daresay those greedy Gallians will be wanting a slice of more things Germanian if we aren't careful.