Monday, June 25, 2007

Europa Rex v1

Here is the latest iteration of the map. I am unable to place in all of the minor combatants due to space requirements. The original drawing is in Visio and I'm glad to forward it to anyone that would liek a crack at it. I find it easy to just remind myself that all of the combatants surrounding Stollen for instance and contyrolled by Stokes are in the bubble marked Stollen.


tradgardmastare said...

Looks great to me. It would be good to have the minor nations in it somehow but a better man than me will be needed to accomplish the mapping task.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Just so you know, Stagonia (in all of its vileness) occupies the same space as Bavaria . . . only more vilely.

-- Jeff

Poruchik said...

I don't have the time, inclination or space in the drawing to put in everyone’s arch nemeses!

All of the historical players are there and should be, with as many different names as they are alluded to. All of the primary combatants are also there and as I stated earlier I'll gladly forward the original map to anyone that would like it; however it is a visio .vsd.

Bluebear Jeff said...


My intention wasn't for you to change anything . . . it was just to let everyone know where Stagonia is. ("you" is a plural form as well as singular -- and I was using the plural form.)

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Looks good, it would be nice to have the minor nations etc but I agree that they are best left being in the bubble of the state.

We also need bubble space for any future new countires discovered in Europa

Allan (Wittenberg)

abdul666 said...

Great & extremely useful work.
As for the minor nations within a player's 'bubble': if friendly to the major power, campaign-wise they are lust an extsension of it.
If hostile to the player's country (that's most generally the case; it seems), the will merrily let you cross their territory in order to invade their arch-enemy. Behind a veil of polite protestations - just in case you'll lose.

As for future countries entering the campaign... You can easily have for example 3 different 'Frances' : one facing to-day Belgium, 1 separated from 'Germania' by the Rhine, a 3rd having to cross the southern Alps, Piedmont & Venetia to strike the Empire by the South... Space is still far from being a problem.


Bluebear Jeff said...


When are you going to break down and join us?

You know you want to . . . and we'd like to have you too.

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Alzheim in "Europa Rex v1" : is it divergent strabism from me , or is Alzheim blessed with the gift of ubiquity? I see it both on the mediterranean coast –somewhere near Nice and Monaco (fair weather and princesses to marry, here), and in north-eastern Europe, close to semi-polish Mieczyslaw and ultra-Eastern-Orthodox (at least, ultra-something) Vulgaria (weather: brrrrr….). Now it was common for a given ruler’s real estates to be scattered across the whole Holly Empire, and I perfectly understand that the Alzheim ruling family prefers to pass the bad season close to the Mediteranean. Some hints from the Duke himself suggest that Alzheim (the heart of it, at least) , despite its saxon name imported by the ruling family, hovers somewhere on the south-eastern borders of France – but seemingly NOT as a coastal power (southern Alps, nortwestern ern Piedmont/Milanese ?). This would imply that (fleeing the Turks invasions ?) some ultra-eastern-orthodox Slavs had moved more westward than in our timeline, so that Vulgaria is actually somewhere north of the Serenissime Mercantile Oligarchic Republic of Zenicce ?