Monday, June 4, 2007

Dispatch From Col. Luckner to Gen. Granby

Britannian Headquarters at Minden
The Marquis of Granby In Command
The first moments of 5 June 1757 (2007)
ADC: My Lord. A dispatch report from Col. Luckner arrived this quarter hour.
Granby opens Luckner's dispatch and reads,
My Lord Granby,

I have the honour to satisfy your orders to me regarding activities of Gallian forces at their magazines at Koblenz and Frankfurt Am Main. Several days ago three corps departed their encampments at an energetic pace headed deeper into Germania.

De Broglie's Corps left Koblenz on the 29th ultimo marching north and is now passing through Olpe. Corps bread ovens were dismantled and follow closely behind. Several brigades of militia have taken over the magazine at Koblenz replacing the regulars now upon their march. More regulars are expected to cross the Rhine near Koblenz and I must presume may follow the general. Should de Broglie continue on his march, he will arrive at Minden where your army is posted before too long. I can do nothing to slow his numbers or energy without the forces under your command moving south to intercept the Gallians.

A second corps detached from de Broglie commanded by someone I have not as yet identified left Koblenz on the same day marching to the northeastwards. It is now encamped at Wetzlar and could march north to support de Broglie or east to second Chevert.

The third corps under Lt. General Chevert, left Frankfurt Am Main on the 29th ultimo. It marched I am told directly eastwards on the excellent road and is now at the fortress of Gemunden which threw open its gates without pause. Even the townspeople scattered rose petals on the main road as Chevert entered the old fortress town.

I am advised the Gallian magazine at Frankfurt Am Main is now being held by several newly arrived brigades of militia including militia grenadiers under the command of the Intendant l' Comte de Bastille who was notoriously well-known in the last war for putting obfuscating, inveigling and turbulent merchants and government leaders where Gallian magazines were located some say in confinement to right ills of many kinds. I understand most Frankfurt government officials fled east to Bohemia and Saxe Bearstein to take the recuperative waters near Prague. Only those thought to favor the raison de guerre of Versailles and the Prince de Charade are said to have remained behind to assuage Gallian vexations. Apparently there was an unfortunate accident at the two-hundred year old Frankfurt sausage mill. Fires ran out of control and the entire complex burned to the ground. The smoke plume could be seen for miles. Our scouts saw enormous and long trains from Gallia proper enter afterwards. I also believe part of the Frankfurt Army revolted and left their officers in the night.

At Fulda, Gallian Col. Mirage continues to observe into Hesse Seewald.

I beg to say My Lord, it is obvious the war is now afoot. I am falling back before de Broglie's advance I presume to Minden hoping My Lord will understand my necessity to call in all my hussars and consequently lose track of other Gallians and their directions as I remain....

Your Humble and Obt. Servant
Col. Luckner
Hanoverian Hussars
Now north of Olpe, Germania
PS For those of you with the board game "FRIEDRICH", you will find all Gallian locations mentioned above in the southwest corner of the greater map of Germania.

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