Saturday, June 30, 2007

NEWSFLASH -- Battle Seems Immient

Reports from the eastern Baltic point to what seems to be an impending clash of arms. Two forces are marching toward each other in an area claimed by both.

From the west, an army of Duchy of the North troops led by Count Major General Sturri Pal Wrede seems fated to collide with a Mieczyslaw force led by Duzy Uderzyc Klarnowo.

If we can believe reports, the armies seem to be of comparable size, but do not have the same mix of troops. Most specifically, Wrede seems to have several squadrons of dragoons; while Klarnowo has more light horse and lighter artillery.

Unless something unexpected occurs, it appears that battle will be joined sometime Sunday.

-- a "Tricorne Wars" reporter


Frankfurter said...

Rumors abound that Cut-me-own-throat Dilbert, observing the basically cavalry nature of the combatants, is hastening north in hopes of securing a cheap supply of meat for his sausages ....

MurdocK said...

Sadly only Norden Duchy horseflesh was badly mauled, and Mieczyslaw held the field.

Dilbert was only to find grisle for his use as the forces in the field feasted well on the lost horse from the North.

Frankfurter said...

Even gristle is a better ingredient than Dilbert is used to putting in his sausages!